Advent Decoration: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our Advent Jewellery Test 2020 In this article we present you with various Advent jewellery with detailed background information on frequently asked questions and things to look out for when you are planning to buy Advent jewellery. We will also compare Advent decorations made of wood, glass and acrylic and show you their advantages and disadvantages. Finally you will also get some instructions so that you can make your own Advent jewellery.

With the help of this test we would like to support you in your purchase decision and help you with various questions and answers.

The most important facts in brief

  • Advent jewellery is suitable for outdoor and indoor use without breaking immediately. Depending on the materials, the application area of your decoration varies.
  • Basically we distinguish between Advent jewellery made of wood, Advent jewellery made of glass and Advent jewellery made of acrylic. All types are available in different colours and sizes and at different prices.
  • You can buy Advent jewellery in stores and online shops as well as make, sew or crochet it yourself.

Advent jewellery test: Favourites of the editors

  • The best Advent wreath made of wood
  • The best glass Christmas tree balls
  • The best Advent decoration made of acrylic for outdoor use

The best Advent wreath made of wood

The Mendler Advent wreath oblong is a wooden Advent decoration with four red candles, which is a good alternative to traditional Advent wreaths. The price of the Advent wreath made of the natural material “wood” is very good value for money. The stable body of the 50 cm long Advent wreath is especially suitable for indoor use, where the Advent wreath should be illuminated on Advent Sundays.

If you are looking for an Advent wreath made of wood, then this product is exactly ric

The best glass Christmas tree balls

A real eye-catcher are the Valery girls 16 pcs. 5,5-8 cm glass Christmas baubles in the luxurious colours red and gold. The noble Advent decoration made of glass is particularly suitable as Christmas tree decoration, on which the decoration can be attached in an S-shape with the metal hooks provided. The Christmas balls are hand-drawn and describe a typical luxurious Christmas spirit.

If you too would like to feel the luxurious Christmas spirit in your home and admire an alternative to traditional Advent decorations, we recommend buying this glass Advent decoration.

The best Advent decoration made of acrylic for outdoor use

A special Advent decoration made of acrylic, which is suitable for the interior as well as the exterior, is the illuminated Nipach GmbH reindeer. 120 LED lights make the animal glow. The 4.80 meter long cable helps to place the advent decoration exactly where you want it. You can easily fasten the reindeer with hooks in the ground so that it does not “run away”.

Are you looking for an acrylic Advent decoration that is not only suitable for outdoor use but can also shine? Then the reindeer is just right for you.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy an Advent decoration

What are Advent decorations about?

Advent decorations are used for the visual design of indoor and outdoor spaces during the winter months.
Depending on the available budget and taste, Advent jewellery can be purchased or made in various colours and different materials. Classic colours are red, pink, green or white. If you are more into luxury, we recommend golden Advent decorations.
Examples of indoor Advent decorations are Advent calendars, Christmas tree decorations, Advent wreaths or candlesticks and tea lights, which are specially designed for the Advent season.

Fairy lights, illuminated Christmas trees or illuminated Christmas motifs such as reindeer or sleighs are among the most famous outdoor decorations. The picture below shows an example of an outdoor area decorated with Advent decorations.

How much do Advent decorations cost?

For Advent decorations that require electricity to work and/or lighting, there are other small costs. The lighting of your Advent decorations for the entire pre-Christmas period until Epiphany (about 8 weeks) will cost you about 16 to 24 Euros.

Where can I buy Advent decorations?

You can buy Advent decorations in supermarkets, department stores, specialist shops, decoration shops or in various online shops.
We have selected some online shops where you can buy Advent decorations:

Is the Advent decoration suitable for children and pets?

Yes! You can also use Advent decorations if you have children or pets. However, you should pay attention to what kind of Advent decorations you use.

The danger with glass Advent decorations is that the glass can break. This can cause injury to children or pets. You should therefore use glass Advent decorations in such a way that children or pets cannot reach the decoration.

We also recommend that you decorate rooms where, for example, dogs or cats are left alone during the day with materials that do not cause any harm or leave them completely unadorned.

When can I start using Advent decorations?

Already in the pre-Christmas period, rooms, houses or streets are decorated with the different types of decoration and remain on average until Epiphany.
Advent decorations are available in most stores and online shops from October.

Which Advent decoration is suitable for Christmas trees?

There are many different ways to decorate Christmas trees accordingly with Advent decorations. Besides baubles and hangers in various colours and designs, you can use sweets for your Christmas tree. Other examples of Advent decorations on Christmas trees are tinsel and fir cones.
With fairy lights or candles you can make your Christmas tree shine. For safety reasons, you can also use monochrome or coloured electric candles instead of traditional candles to decorate your Christmas tree accordingly.
We suggest you use a Christmas tree top to round off the look of your Christmas tree and give it that final touch.

Decision: What types of Advent decorations are there and which one is right for you?

If you are planning to buy an Advent decoration, you can distinguish between three types:

  • Advent decorations made of wood
  • Advent jewellery made of glass
  • Acrylic Advent decorations

The various materials of which Advent decorations can be made are suitable for different purposes and each has different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you want to use the Advent jewellery for, a different type is suitable for you. In the following section we would like to make your purchase decision easier.

What distinguishes wooden Advent decorations and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Advent decorations made of wood are not only an optical enrichment, but also suitable for people who pay attention to sustainable decoration. Wood is a natural raw material that has a good environmental balance.


Hardly fragile
Natural raw materials
Can be easily done by yourself
Good for the environment


Wear and tear

Advent jewellery made of wood fits to every interior and every colour. It can also be used for indoor and outdoor use.

Whether at the table or on the wall, wooden Advent decorations are suitable for any place.

Wooden jewellery can be combined well. For example, wooden Advent decorations look very noble when combined with candles, natural materials such as fir cones, branches and mistletoe or with flower arrangements.

What distinguishes Advent glass jewellery and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Advent jewellery made of glass has a very noble appearance, especially when it is combined with corresponding other materials.

Popular materials for combinations with glass are candles, Christmas balls or natural materials like twigs, Christmas roses or fir cones.


100% recyclable
Insensitivity to wetness
Heat resistant
refined look


Easily fragile
Regular maintenance necessary
Often more expensive than Advent decorations made of natural materials
Not scratch-resistant

To avoid fingerprints and dirt, the glass Advent decorations must be cleaned regularly with a wiping cloth in circular movements.

What distinguishes acrylic Advent decorations and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Advent decorations made of acrylic are mainly used in illuminated form for outdoor use. It is best suited for sledges, reindeer or snowmen in combination with LEDs.

You can position the acrylic decoration not only outdoors, but also in the winter garden, in the Christmas room or at your workplace.


Suitable for outdoor use
Hard, therefore not fragile


Can be easily scratched
Often more expensive than Advent decorations made of natural materials
In combination with lighting costs for electricity arise

If you plan to position the acrylic Advent decorations in front of your house, for example, you must make sure that the power transformer and the plug are suitable for outdoor use. If this is not the case, you will have to get an additional DriBox.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate Advent decorations based on these factors

In this section we will show you which factors you can use to decide between the different types of Advent decorations.

You should compare the following criteria before you decide on a purchase:

  • Shelf life
  • Material
  • Colour
  • Suitability area
  • Power supply

In the following sections we explain the various criteria in more detail.

Shelf life

Depending on the materials used, the various types of Advent decorations last differently long.

In the case of Advent decorations made of wood, the first signs of consumption may appear after a few years of use. These can be corrected with the help of sandpaper, if the Advent decoration allows it.

If you don’t scratch your acrylic Advent decorations, this material, along with the glass, is certainly the Christmas decoration that lasts the longest. The low fragility of the material contributes to the fact that acrylic Advent decorations are a durable form of decoration.

If you prefer Advent jewelry made of glass, you should pay attention to the procurement of the glass. If your decoration made of this precious material falls to the ground and the load point is too high, the glass will break. Take care of your glass Advent decoration so that it lasts a long time. You can easily use the glass with warmth in the form of candles or outdoors without affecting the durability of the decoration.

There are dozens of different materials that come into question if you are looking for Advent decorations.

We would like to enumerate and explain some popular materials to you:

  • Natural materials: Advent decorations made of natural materials benefit the environment. These include wood, fir cones, straw, leaves, mistletoe, green plants or branches. These different materials can be combined well with each other and are also ideal for making your own Advent decorations. Some of the materials are not suitable for perennial use. Nevertheless, the use of Advent jewellery made of the aforementioned natural materials is recommended if you want to live sustainably.
  • Wool: Wool is used for example to simulate snow. In combination with other materials, wool can make a beautiful picture. The material is also suitable for the beard of gnomes or small Christmas trees.
  • Glass: A very noble picture gives advent jewellery made of glass. It can be used for different kinds of decorations. In combination with candles or natural materials, material is very suitable.
  • Acrylic: As already mentioned, acrylic is a very strong material, which makes it very durable. Advent decorations made of acrylic are especially suitable for outdoor use and can be combined well with LED lights.
  • Polyvinyl chloride: Advent decorations made of polyvinyl chloride are particularly suitable for the production of snowflakes. You can use these for your Christmas tree or for your windows, among other things. They are malleable and durable.


Typical colours for the Christmas season are red, pink, green, gold and white. Advent wreaths are a good example of the combination of Christmas colours.

Suitability area

You can use your Advent decorations for indoor and outdoor use depending on the material.

With the materials glass and acrylic you don’t need to worry if you want to place them outside your living rooms. Advent decorations made of glass and acrylic are both waterproof and do not wear out quickly.

If you would like to use Advent decorations made of natural materials, you must make sure that the respective composition is actually suitable for outdoor use. To be on the safe side, we advise you to use this Advent decoration more for indoor use.

Power supply

Depending on whether you want to provide your Advent decorations with electric lighting or not, you either need a power supply or not.

Keep in mind that the use of electric lighting causes costs for the required electricity.

If you use your Advent decorations outdoors, you should also consider whether your lighting is waterproof or waterproof. If this is not the case, we advise you to use a DriBox.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about Advent decorations

How can I make Advent decorations myself?

In this section we would like to show you a simple example of a self-made Advent decoration.

One possibility would be to make an illuminated fir tree yourself.

Materials: Scroll saw with wood saw blade, multifunctional tool, wood drill, chuck and sanding strips, plywood board in the dimensions 600 x 400 x 5 mm, LED light chains with about 250 lamps, paint roller, stirrer, white acrylic paint, scissors, pencil, wooden strip for suspension

How can I make Advent decorations with children?

With children, Advent decorations can be made in a lighter form. Here we recommend the following instructions to make a snowman out of paper plates:

Materials: a large paper plate, a smaller paper plate, a red cardboard, blue, red, green, black and gold acrylic paint, two wires

  • large paper plate with three buttons in the colours red, blue, paint
  • Cut the hat out of red cardboard and decorate with the colours blue and gold
  • paint a small paper plate with two black eyes, a golden nose and a red mouth
  • cut out an L from the red cardboard and paint it with green
  • stick the pieces together
  • stick the two wires together as hands

How can I crochet Advent decorations?

Also in this section it is our aim to provide you with a simple guide for your crocheted Advent jewelry.

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