Anti-slip Mat: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our big anti-slip mat test 2020, where we present you all the anti-slip mats we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best anti-slip mat for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page which you should pay attention to if you want to buy an anti-slip mat.

The most important facts in brief

  • The materials, applications and price of anti-slip mats are very diverse. However, one thing unites them all: they ensure safety and help us to avoid danger and accidents.
  • The main functions of the anti-slip mat are: providing stability, damping noise, protecting the environment, damping oscillations and vibrations.
  • The TÜV mark provides quality assurance for anti-slip mats.

Anti-slip mat test: Editors’ favourites

  • The best anti-slip mat as underlay
  • The best cuttable anti-slip mat
  • The best anti-slip mat for the bathtub

The best anti-slip mat as underlay

The fleece anti-slip mat is suitable for all types of floor coverings. Its surface is coated with acrylate and thus ensures its slip resistance. The seller promises premium quality, which he justifies with the Öko-Tex 100 certification. The high quality is achieved with an average price.

Customers are very enthusiastic about the non-slip properties of the mat. They also appreciate the fact that it is suitable for underfloor heating. They also find it practical that the mat can be taken up and washed as often as desired with the cold hand wash programme.

The best cuttable anti-slip mat

Practical, simple and everything for a reasonable price. The anti-slip mat Filmer can be cut to size and can be used in various areas, such as: car, caravan, workshop, drawers, sports equipment and household.

Buyers of this mat emphasize that it can easily be cut to the right size with scissors. The anti-slip mat does not smell unpleasantly of chemicals. The price-performance ratio is rated remarkably good.

The best anti-slip mat for the bathtub

BliGli slide mat secures itself on the floor with its over hundreds of suction cups.  From the surface there are raised bubbles, which gently massage during use. The rubber mat is treated with anti-mildew substance. This keeps mould and bacteria away.

The owners of the product consider it a bonus point that the bath mat is easy to clean and that it can even be washed in the washing machine. The customers appreciate very much that the good performance is combined with a reasonable price.

Advisor: Questions you should consider before you buy an anti-slip mat

Anti-slip mats are an important part of everyday life around the home, garden, sports area and means of transport (car, motorhome), as they bring more safety to our lives.

They are therefore helpful for everyone. However, they are particularly relevant in a household where children and family members with limited mobility, such as senior citizens, live.

Their applications are as varied as their prices. They consist of different materials. So that you know your way around despite the diversity, we have collected the most important questions and answers for you.

What are the possible uses of an anti-slip mat?

The anti-slip mats can be used in a wide variety of areas. They are best known for use in so-called wet areas, such as showers, bathrooms, saunas or even swimming pools. If you have pets, you can put a waterproof mat under the pet food and water bowl.

Due to their ability to absorb sound and vibrations, they are often used in the washing room under the washing machine and dryer. This ensures that the lower neighbours are not disturbed and the floor is protected.

The flooring made of laminate, wood and other materials can be very well protected with anti-slip mats, which saves a lot of money. Among the difficult furniture, the big table, the sofa and couch as well as the refrigerator such mats are a must-have.

It is just as clever to classify the kitchen with it. How else are the plates in the drawers to be protected? Sliding kitchen utensils and crockery around also causes loud noises when closing. With an anti-slip mat you can easily avoid the noise.

If you have a baby in the house and are learning to eat, you can use an anti-slip mat or a combination of both as a table mat. This will protect your table top from the penetration of liquids and semi-solid food particles.

Your child will be grateful because his plate will not slip and you will save time every day because you will have to clean less.

You can avoid noise and even ensure safety if you provide the drawers in your workshop with non-slip mats.

For your car you can get anti-slip mats for the boot as well as for the dashboard (for storing your mobile phone, keys and coins) or motorcycle you can get an anti-slip mat.

During sports, such as yoga, gymnastics, anti-slip mats are also used for safety reasons. For the same reasons, stairs, entrance areas (outside and inside) can be secured with anti-slip mats.

Training equipmentFitness equipment
Sports mat

They will save you from an unpleasant slide in smooth and wet surfaces.

Why is it useful to have an anti-slip mat?

The most important task of an anti-slip mat is to ensure our safety. It protects us from slipping, falling, injury and dangerous situations.

Anti-slip mats make our lives easier and they accompany us protectively everywhere in everyday life, at any age and in any weather.

They ensure that we gain more independence, especially in our young and older age. With the help of an anti-slip mat, physical limitations play less of a role than usual and we can enjoy the small successes and developments in life.
What measures can be taken at home to make it age-appropriate? The following video shows simple but important preventive advice.

Our wallet is protected in many ways thanks to an anti-slip mat and we can, for example, treat ourselves to a nice holiday.

An anti-slip mat helps us get away from the stress and relax at home. It protects us from the noise and strong vibrations of the washing machine and dryer.

For all these reasons, it makes sense to get an anti-slip mat. You get so much back for a small investment.

What quality characteristics can you see in an anti-slip mat?

When buying anti-slip mats, you should make sure that if life is at stake, it is safer to use high-quality mats.
Many mats have a certified seal of approval, such as the TÜV mark. Test seals guarantee hygiene, quality, suitability and safety. They are therefore highly recommended.
With rubber mats for use in wet areas you should pay particular attention to the workmanship. Does it adhere well? Are the nubs and edges in good condition? Ensures firm footing and adhesion even after prolonged use and by adding shower gel and shampoo?

It is worthwhile taking comprehensive advice before making a purchase. The quality of the anti-slip mat is essential to keep the risk of accidents as low as possible.

Anti-slip mats, which ensure safety in the household when transporting goods, also have important features. The thickness, slip resistance, tear resistance of the mat or the surface quality play an important role.

What materials are the anti-slip mats made of?

Most anti-slip mats are made of plastic or recycled plastic granulate. These are also available in self-adhesive versions. For the drawers there are mats integrated with a metal layer. They hold everything that is stuck with a magnet, e.g. glasses.
Especially anti-slip mats for securing loads, e.g. in the boot, can also be made of solid, vulcanised rubber. There are also mats made of solid cardboard. These consist mainly of waste paper and have an anti-slip coating.
Ecological and organic anti-slip mats made of renewable raw materials, such as natural rubber, are also produced in various designs.

What alternatives are available for anti-slip mats?

For the carpets, double-sided adhesive tape is sometimes used as an alternative. It is a simple emergency solution, but it only lasts for a short time.

Rubber adhesive

With small carpets the solution works best, with large carpets the placement of the adhesive tape is very complex. Another alternative is the carpet pad.

Instead of a bathtub liner, self-adhesive anti-slip stickers and individually cut anti-slip tapes are available in shops.

If you urgently need a solution and have all the shops, you can also put a towel on the bathtub. To prevent slipping, it is useful to mount handles.

To protect the drawers from dirt, newspapers or gift wrapping paper can be used as an alternative. Unlike a drawer insert, the noise is not muffled.

Where can you buy a non-slip mat?

You can find anti-slip mats (also yard goods) in shops such as OBI, IKEA, Jumbo, Bauhaus, Danküche, Möbelix and Hornbach. Occasionally you can also find anti-slip mats at supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl and Copp.
Anti-slip mats for the shower and bathtub are available at drugstores such as dm, Rossmann. Online shops also have anti-slip mats. For example at Amazon and eBay.
Anti-slip mats for cars are available at A.T.U. or at (authorised )garages or simple brand branches. Car brands such as VW, Opel, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Mazda, Nissan, Audi and Volvo produce anti-slip mats adapted to the car model.
Anti-slip mats can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

What does an anti-slip mat cost?

The price of anti-slip mats can vary greatly. This is due to the different main functions and the size of the mats.

Below is a summary table so that you can get a good overview of the different prices. The price of an anti-slip mat depends mainly on its intended use.

Decision: What types of anti-slip mats are available and which one is right for you?

We distinguish two main groups for furnishing in the house and apartment; the anti-slip mat for indoor and outdoor use.

Indoor anti-slip mats are unobtrusive, small, short, available in different colours and are visually attractive. In general it is valid that the anti-slip mats for outdoor areas are more robust, thicker and larger than the anti-rubber mats for indoor areas.

What distinguishes an anti-slip mat for indoor use and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Anti-slip mats for indoor use are diverse, but nevertheless some similarities can be identified.

Anti-slip mats indoors are visually attractive or unobtrusive, sometimes even transparent. They are neither too long nor thick. In terms of price they are rather in the low range (exceptions among sports mats). Anti-slip mats for indoor use are also available in grid form.

They are easy to care for and can be washed with a wet cloth or in the washing machine.  Their functions can be very different: no slipping, no noise, no vibration, protection of the floor and safe, comfortably padded sports.


optically beautiful
numerous functions
easy maintenance


short and sweet

What distinguishes an anti-slip mat for outdoor use and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Anti-slip mats for outdoor use are robust, durable and stable. They should be suitable for any weather. The maintenance of the mat is uncomplicated. However, it is very difficult to move it from one place to another because of its heavy weight.


for all weathers
easy maintenance


optically unattractive

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate anti-slip mats based on these factors

In the following we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate anti-slip mats. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular anti-slip mat is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Adhesion
  • Sound and vibration damping
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Pressure load
  • Elasticity

The main criterion of the anti-slip mats is: nothing may slip! The apartment should be furnished so that we are not exposed to any risk, any danger.

We have collected five simple additional criteria for you to consider when making your purchase.


Adhesion can be checked by means of processing. In the bathroom, for example, the pimples and clogs should be in good condition.

Even during extended stays in the bathtub, the adhesion to the bathtub floor must not be reduced. Despite the addition of foam, bath oil and shampoo, the adhesion should remain firm.

TÜV marks stand for safety, suitability, quality and hygiene. It is therefore worthwhile to prioritize anti-slip mats with the TÜV mark when purchasing them.

A little tip: Press your anti-slip mat firmly just before adding your bath foam, shampoo, etc. Your mat will stick more firmly.

Sound and vibration damping

An important accessory for a tumble dryer, washing machine, loudspeakers and fitness equipment is an anti-slip mat suitable for sound and vibration damping.

The aim of such mats is not only to reduce the volume but also to prevent the machines from moving several centimetres in space.

The anti-slip mat can be combined with a vibration damper. One vibration damper is placed on each foot of the machines.

A high quality mat ensures that the vibrating equipment stands securely without slipping and for minimizing noise, while checking how thick and firm is the material.

Coefficient of friction

During a move, it can happen that you rent a larger vehicle to transport the furniture and other items.

Unfortunately many friction coefficients of material pairings are still unknown or have not yet been published. However, one can orientate oneself by reference values. For the calculation of the coefficient of friction it is advisable to contact the seller and ask for information.

Load securing can be combined with lashing belts, clamping beams, load securing nets, webbing nets and locking bars.

Pressure load

Cheap anti-slip mats cannot withstand high pressure loads. As a result of high pressure the mat tears.

High-quality anti-slip mats cost more, but last longer even under high pressure.


High quality processed anti-slip mats have an enormous elasticity. For this reason, there will quickly be no cracks in the surface when it is subjected to normal loads.

However, high-quality anti-slip mats are also characterised in terms of processing by the fact that when such mats are processed, the material (solid rubber) is not further compacted by a high surface pressure.

This means that they do not become stiff over time and retain their elasticity. With the cheap version, on the other hand, the mat becomes stiffer with each use.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about anti-slip mats

If you already have an anti-slip mat, you will certainly think of one or two questions about the mat. We have answered four frequently asked questions so that you can easily deal with the topic of anti-slip mats in everyday life.

How can you cut your own anti-slip mat?

It is possible to have the anti-slip mats cut to size. However, if you prefer to save this time and money, you can follow these steps for non-slip mats made of thicker material:

    Get a sharp carpet knife.
    Mark the cuts.
    Put an unneeded wooden board under your mat where you have your intended cutting edge.
    Use a ruler, spirit level or a second wooden board as a guide.
    Apply enough pressure when cutting so that the mat does not slip during cutting.

With non-slip mats made of thin fabric you can easily mark with a pencil, use scissors or a sharp cutting knife with a ruler. For very thick mats you can use a hand circular saw.

Circular saws
Hand circular saw

Please observe the precautionary measures.

How is an anti-slip mat properly cleaned?

The anti-slip mats can be cleaned with a cloth and water, or possibly vinegar, if slightly soiled.

If they are very dirty, you can wash the anti-slip mats in the washing machine without fabric softener at 30° C.

We recommend that you clean a bathtub liner daily. With the help of a brush, possibly a sponge and either soap or vinegar. This cleaning is important so that the mat lasts longer and even the mat remains hygienic. If the mat is not cleaned, many germs can settle down.

How to lay the anti-slip mat correctly?

    Before you lay your anti-slip mat, you should clean the surface.
    Do not leave any chemical or oily residues.
    Lay the anti-slip mats in the cupboard shelves and drawers with the knobs facing upwards if you want to achieve an anti-slip effect.
    If you want to achieve a smooth surface in your cupboard bottoms and drawers because you want easy cleaning, lay the non-slip mat with the knobs facing down.
    If you want to achieve the non-slip effect in the bathroom, place the mats with the knobs facing down.
    The rubber mat in the bathtub and shower should be pressed firmly to the floor before you use foam in your shower/bath. This keeps the mat firmly in place.

How to remove the adhesive residues from the anti-slip mat?

The self-adhesive anti-slip mats are especially popular with the carpet. However, adhesive residues remain after removal. You can choose to replace the entire floor, parquet or laminate, or remove the remains by other methods.

The methods can be divided into two main groups. Cleaning with household or chemical detergents/general methods. Below is a list with tips for different agents and methods:

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