Anti-snoring Pillow: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our big anti-snoring pillow test 2020, where we present you all the anti-snoring pillows we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best anti-snoring pillow for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page, which you should pay attention to if you want to buy an anti-snoring pillow.

The most important facts in brief

  • Probably the most pleasant and at the same time most effective aid against snoring is the anti-snoring pillow. The pillow ensures a calmer sleep and thus a more relaxed night’s sleep.
  • If the appropriate pillow is placed in the right place, the cervical spine can raise or lower the shoulders or the back of the head so that the mouth remains closed and the nose is opened, which is why you breathe through it.
  • More often there is hardly any visible difference to other pillows, but sleeping on the back should be avoided. The way in which this goal is to be achieved varies from model to model. You can buy everything from the simplest models to pillows with special technology.

Anti-snoring pillow test: Favourites of the editorial staff

  • The best anti-snoring pillow for side sleepers
  • The best height adjustable anti-snoring pillow
  • The best anti-snoring pillow with Visco foam
  • The best anti-snoring pillow with climate cover

The best anti-snoring pillow for side sleepers

The manufacturer Third of Life has developed a model that is perfect for side sleepers, i.e. people who sleep half on their stomach and half on their side. This automatically reduces the probability of snoring.

In addition, this pillow provides stability during sleep and also improves it permanently. Another special feature of this anti-snoring pillow is its butterfly shape, which offers space for the neck, head and arms.

The best height adjustable anti-snoring pillow

The pillow is with its 60×36×12/10 cm not very big, but it is quite high. However, it is characterized by a unique adjustable height design. Because of the different foam layers, which can be removed, it is equally suitable for side, back or belly sleepers. You can choose between a height of 12cm, 10cm, 9cm and 7cm.

In addition, thanks to the special material, the pillow adapts perfectly to your body while supporting your head and neck. The pillowcase is made of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo. Thanks to this composition, the air circulation ensures a cool sleep.

The best anti-snoring pillow with Visco foam

Thanks to the natural aloe vera extract in the cover, the pillow has an anti-inflammatory and skin-caring effect. Thus it provides beauty and skin care at the same time during sleep.

Because of its 4-position shape it is suitable for side, back and belly sleepers. Furthermore, the pressure-relieving memory foam prevents neck tension and neck problems. The viscoelastic foam with bamboo activated carbon is suitable for allergy sufferers and suppresses odours, as well as the growth of bacteria and mites.

The best anti-snoring pillow with climate cover

The GIANFAR is the ideal pillow for side sleepers. With the help of the specially developed neck arch and the ergonomic neck wave, the Visco pillow adapts perfectly to the sleeping position.

As with the other pillows, the memory foam provides optimal support for the neck and cervical spine, preventing back and neck pain. It is also naturally resistant to dust mites, making the pillow ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

The thermoregulating microcapsules in the cover and the ventilation channels incorporated in the cushion ensure not only optimum ventilation but also ideal temperature management. Which is why you sweat and freeze less when you sleep.

Advisor – Questions you should deal with before you buy an anti-snoring pillow

How does an anti-snoring pillow work?

An anti-snoring pillow always looks identical: the sleeping person is forced by the pillow to leave the supine position and thereby turns his head or even the whole body into the lateral position.

The lateral sleeping position should therefore be maintained permanently, so that snoring usually disappears as well.

This is due to the different construction of the cushions. Normally they are height adjustable, with one side being slightly lower than the other. Every anti-snoring pillow should fulfil this function.

Did you know that the heart factor risk is higher when you snore?
The sleeping position is usually the reason you snore.

Where can I buy a good anti-snoring pillow?

It depends on what kind of pillow you want. On the Internet there is a huge selection and at the same time many customer reviews, which you can often trust.
Big online providers:


In specialty stores, you can get advice from salespeople who have been dealing exclusively with sleep for years. So if you want to play it safe and have never tried a pillow of this kind before, you should fall back on it if in doubt.

How much is a good pillow?

The price range is very wide. The best rated product by the customers is 29.95 Euro. But there are also considerably more price-intensive ones, so that you can spend 90 Euros or even several 100 Euros for a high-tech model at a medium price.
So you should know exactly what you want for your money and then weigh it up.

What should I consider when buying?

It is important to pay attention to which side you sleep on most often and whether the pillow is designed for it at all.
For example, if you prefer to sleep on your back, you should not choose a side sleeping pillow, as this shape is not adapted to your sleeping position and you will probably not sleep better.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the pillow?

The pillow supports deep sleep in the REM phase. It also keeps the body healthy and thus prevents diseases that can result from sleep disorders. In general you breathe much more calmly.
Thanks to the more restful sleep, you are much more productive during the day. Your partner is also no longer disturbed by the loud noise level and you can sleep in the same bed again.
In addition, the anti-snoring pillow is comfortable to lie on, soft, washable, antibacterial and resistant to fungi.
The disadvantages of the pillow are quite manageable. Of course it is often a question of cost and some cheap models are completely unusable. In addition, you sometimes have to get used to the new sleeping option over weeks. In addition, some pillows are equipped with electricity.
Otherwise such a pillow can cause real wounds and you will never want to sleep without it again.

What are the special features of the pillow I want to buy?

Some snoring pillows also have a forehead and neck support, for example, which brings the spine anatomically into a correct and comfortable position and at the same time relieves the shoulders.

What alternative alternatives are there to the anti-snoring pillow?

There are other methods that you can use to control your snoring. These include certain plasters, sprays or even an anti-snoring ring.
You will probably have to try out a few methods before you find the one that suits you best.

Decision: What types of anti-snoring pillows are there and which one is right for you?

Basically we distinguish between these types of anti-snoring pillows:

  • Side sleeper pillow
  • Back sleeping pillow
  • Belly sleeper pillow

In the following we explain the different types and the respective advantages and disadvantages. With this we want to help you to find the most suitable anti-snoring pillow for you.

The side sleeper pillow

The lateral position is considered the second healthiest sleeping position. With a suitable mattress and pillow, your head and thoracic and cervical spine form a straight line. This neutral position relieves your back and additionally reduces the urge to snore.


The back can relax when using a suitable mattress because the spine maintains its natural curvature


If the pillow is too low or too high, the spine and neck can be severely affected

Side sleeper pillows are usually longer pillows and should be used as side sleepers for better posture during the night. However, they usually do not prevent snoring, which is why you should also use an extra anti-snoring pillow for side sleepers.

The back sleeping pillow

In general, the supine position is considered the healthiest sleeping position. It has many advantages, for example the head, neck and spine are in a relaxed, natural position to each other. In addition, the organs are relieved by the even distribution of body weight.


Back and neck are relaxed by a straight lying position
Blood can circulate freely, the organs are free and not pinched


There is an increased risk of waking up with heartburn in the morning

The big disadvantage is that the supine position promotes snoring. For this reason, snorers should rather get used to a different sleeping position, especially to avoid the dangerous apneas (breathing stops). Or get an appropriate anti-snoring pillow to continue sleeping healthily and prevent snoring.

The belly sleeper pillow

Sleeping in the prone position is the most unhealthy form. However, it is a good form to prevent snoring. Since the tongue and soft palate cannot slip down into the throat in this position, leaving the airways free.

The disadvantage is that on the one hand, especially with a soft mattress, there is a risk that the back will “sag” and this can lead to a hollow back with corresponding back pain.


Belly sleepers snore less often
certain problems in the back area can be prevented


Often not healthy in the long term
The natural curve of the spine flattens and is twisted by the lateral position of the head in the cervical area, which can cause pain

In addition, the lateral rotation of the head puts additional strain on the spine and neck area. This can lead to muscular tension in the neck and shoulder area. The pillow should therefore not be too large when you sleep in the prone position.

Purchase criteria – based on these factors you can compare and evaluate anti-snoring pillows

In the following we show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate anti-snoring pillows. This will make it easier for you to get an overview and to decide on a suitable and effective model.

In summary, these criteria are as follows:

  • Pillow shape
  • Pillowcase
  • Material
  • Price

In the following you can read what the respective criteria are and find out why it makes sense for you to purchase a device according to the criteria or not.

Pillow shapes

There are many different pillows, which can have a different effect on each individual. So it is not just a question of good or bad, but which one is right for you.

For example, if you sleep on your side, it will hardly make sense for you to buy a side sleeper pillow.


The pillowcase should be removable, i.e. replaceable, and also washable at at least 60°C.


There are anti-snoring pillows made of different materials. Memory foam, for example, is popular. Here it depends on your personal preferences.


The price for good simple models is between 25 and 30 euros. A more sophisticated cushion costs about 100 euros and so-called high-tech models can cost up to several hundred euros.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the topic of anti-shock cushions

What is the cause of snoring?

In most cases the cause of snoring is the sleeping position on the back. This causes the base of the tongue to slacken and the tongue falls back.  The snoring noise is caused by the narrowed airways.

It can even lead to sleep apnea, which means that breathing stops during the night. This leads to an increased risk of heart attack.

Snoring is therefore not only an annoying noise, but can also be harmful to your health for a long time. Therefore it is better to start looking for a suitable antidote.

The perfect anti-snoring pillow

Once you have found your suitable anti-snoring pillow you will not want to miss it anymore. A much more pleasant and peaceful sleep is the result of the pillow. Your partner will also thank you, because he can now finally sleep the night next to you without ear plugs.

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