Mounting Ceiling Lamps: 3 Tips For Mounting Lamps Correctly


Light makes us happy and is so important, but how do you get great lighting conditions in large rooms? The best and simplest way is to use ceiling lamps that make the room shine.

How you can attach ceiling lamps you will learn here with us, because not everyone is a born hobby craftsman. For your own safety, you should follow a few tips and tricks to bring light into every room.

The most important facts in brief

  • Safety is the be-all and end-all of DIY. Never work alone when you climb a ladder.
  • If you put the light sources in the right place you create a beautiful lighting concept. So install your ceiling lamps with great care.
  • If all else fails, you should work with an experienced or professional craftsman and electrician. That’s how you get the ceiling lamps.

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What are ceiling lamps?

Ceiling lamps belong to the group of electrical light sources that are mounted under the ceiling. Thus ceiling lamps differ clearly from floor lamps, ceiling floodlights, wall lamps or similar lamps due to their mounting.

Ceiling lamps are dependent on the electrical conditions of the room in question. That is why you should be well versed in installing the lamps, as you are in direct contact with the electricity before installing the ceiling lamp.

Backgrounds: What you should know about installing ceiling lamps

It is not always easy to work overhead and then to set every move correctly, if you have no experience with ceiling lamps and electrics it becomes even more difficult. But with a little more knowledge and a few tricks you can already decorate your apartment or house with lamps.

Because the right lamps in the right places can make a room look completely different. That’s why the correct attachment of ceiling lamps is also decisive for a beautiful, harmonious room concept.

Who will help to install the ceiling lamps?

To mount ceiling lamps you usually need a ladder, so it is advisable not to mount the lamps alone. This way you can be sure not to have a household accident.
If you want to be on the safe side, it is worthwhile to order a professional, because the electrician, janitor or building service is usually faster and safer when installing ceiling lamps.
The choice of services is quite large and can range from small business to large building services. It is important that you trust the craftsman and that your ideas are clear. That way you can be sure of a good result.

Which materials are needed?

As with any craft activity, the tool is crucial. You should pay attention to a certain quality when choosing your tools and other materials to attach to the ceiling lamp.
Because only then you can work safely and without problems. Some do-it-yourself gadgets are exaggerated or intended for real DIY professionals, others should be included in every toolbox. If it is a special tool, you can often rent it in a DIY store. That way you save the costs of a new purchase.

Phase tester
Luster terminal
Lamp socket
Light bulb
drilling machine

Then nothing can go wrong with these utensils. You can easily mount the lamps on the ceiling according to your preference and thus create a pleasant lighting concept.

What steps should you take to ensure safety?

As you work with Storm when installing ceiling lamps, you should make sure that some safety standards are observed, as most accidents happen in everyday life. Especially if you are an inexperienced craftsman.

Therefore it is important to know the basic rules for mounting a ceiling lamp. Often there are three cables protruding from the ceiling, which you will need for mounting a ceiling lamp.

If you are familiar with the cables, you should turn off the fuses on your power box so that there is no more power on the cables. To check this you need a phase tester. Only then can you start the installation. After you have finished your work, you can turn the fuses and the main switch back on.

Voltage Detectors

It is also advisable to use a safe ladder, which is free-standing. When working with a ladder, you should always have someone nearby who can provide extra protection and check the ladder’s position while you are working. The safest way to work

What to do to install ceiling lamps correctly: 3 tips for installation

Fitting ceiling lamps doesn’t have to be difficult, with the right help and a few important tips it can be quick and easy. You will get a beautiful result and let the rooms shine in new splendour.

Which tips are best suited for you or whether you would rather let a professional do it, you must decide. You just need to know what suits you, your interior design and your craftsmanship best.

Tip 1 Accept help: It works best with support

Safety in DIY is very important and as always emphasized, it is an advantage to work with someone when you have to deal with electricity. Especially if you have little experience with ceiling lighting it is advisable to learn from someone with more experience.

You don’t have to work with a professional, although it helps to get an experienced electrician to help you, especially in the case of an old building. But also many hobby craftsmen know how to do it right. Therefore it is good to work with someone who has already installed some ceiling lamps.

So you can follow experienced instructions, learn and become better and better. Because sometimes the installation of ceiling lamps is not so easy. So you need good success for further installations, because often you learn how to install the lighting correctly the first time.

Tip 2 approach: Proceed step by step

You shouldn’t rush things, act rashly and get cocky. This will cause mistakes or injuries, so it is better to bring the lamp up to the ceiling step by step.¬†With a step by step instruction it is easier and safer:

1st fuse – First of all, you should take care of the fuse that is located in the power box. The current flow must be turned off for you to work safely. After turning it off, you can check with a phase tester if there is really no current left on the line.

2. luster terminal – This terminal connects the cables and is important for mounting a ceiling lamp. If you already have a luster terminal, you need to loosen the screws a little bit to adjust the wires.

3. wires – In order to be functional, the wires must be connected to each other. A mnemonic here is that colour belongs to colour. As already learned, each wire has its own colour and function, these must then be connected accordingly via the luster terminal.

4th lamp – Now the decorative piece is used. If the connections are correct, it is no longer difficult to install the lamp. Often there is a manual included with the purchase of the lamp, which you should follow.

5. light – To admire your work, you have to turn the fuse back on and turn on the light. This way you can see how the end product looks like and especially if you have wired the cables correctly.

Tip 3 Materials: The right technique for special substances

Depending on the structure of the ceiling, you will also need various aids for attaching your ceiling lamp. Each material needs different dowels or mounting tools.

Therefore you should check the condition of the ceiling before installation. A hammer and a fine ear are suitable for this. You should also check with the landlord beforehand whether you are allowed to drill in the appropriate places or not.

Rigips – plasterboard walls are relatively uncomplicated, however, you should use certain dowels when you mount something on these ceilings or walls. So-called cavity wall plugs. These are available in different designs and various load capacities. A kilo number of 40 kg should not be exceeded. This is the maximum kilo load of the sheetrock wall.

Concrete – Here you have to drill and accordingly you need a stable drill for the stable material. Especially at the beginning you have to be firm so that the percussion drill does not slip off. Also here you can get the right dowels, which are suitable for ceilings.

Inform yourself in advance about the characteristics of your blanket. Once you have adjusted to the appropriate materials, you will be able to attach your ceiling lamp without any problems. This way, the ceiling lamp will last a long time and will give you light and pleasure for a long time.

Battery impact drill

Trivia: What else you should know about installing ceiling lamps

Craftsmanship should be skillful and therefore certain investments of money and time are worthwhile. Only in this way can you install ceiling lamps safely and securely over the long term.

Here you can find out which hacks you need to know in order to attach the lamps according to your taste and whether it works without drilling. There has already been a lot of talk about the lighting concept, which is very important for many rooms, and drilling or not drilling is especially interesting for tenants.

How do you install the lamps for the perfect lighting concept?

How a room looks depends very much on the light sources in the room. Warm or cold light, many or few light sources. When creating a room concept, many such questions are answered.

That is why it is also worthwhile to think long and hard about the lamps you want to install on the ceiling. This is not only about a design factor, but also about the right mood that your ceiling lamps should convey.

The lighting concept of a room can therefore have a very strong influence on the mood. Therefore, you should consider in advance what is important to you personally in the room, how much natural light is available and where the artificial light should be used.

The decision should be made individually for you. When creating a lighting concept you can ask the interior designer as a professional, or you can have a concept created online. There are no limits to your imagination.

Is it possible to attach lamps without drilling?

You can also install ceiling lamps without drilling, because meanwhile there are many tricks to avoid drilling. Especially in rented flats it is advisable to avoid holes in the ceiling.

Apartments in old buildings also often pose a problem, as there are only a few layers between the apartment ceiling and the neighbouring floor. In addition, one often encounters debris and only little stable ground than one could safely install a lamp.

Adhesive hooks are perfect for this. This way you avoid annoying drilling, dowelling and a lot of renovation work when dismantling. Especially in a rented flat this gadget can save you a lot of trouble.

What is the best way to shorten or extend a cable?

Again, it is important that you know your way around and pay special attention to your safety when shortening a cable. Therefore, before shortening a power cable, inform yourself thoroughly and then take action.

This is not only for health reasons, but also the insurance company can ask unpleasant questions in the event of a cable fire, should you have taken action yourself. Working together with a professional is therefore a good idea.

Even when shortening a lamp cable, you should make sure that there is no current on the cable. So before handling the lamp, unscrew the fuse. Mark the specific spot and add a few centimetres, then you can shorten the cable.

Then you can take care of the insulation around the cable and work the wires of the cable accordingly. It’s easy and quick to do, but you should also pay special attention to your safety.


Installing ceiling lamps needs to be done skilfully, because light is important in every room and determines the general feeling in a room. That is why you should not be afraid to use the help of a professional if the work does not go well.

To have a great result during the installation you don’t have to be a professional, it is enough to know a few important steps to install the lamp correctly.

It is also important to know both the nature of the ceiling and to have the right tools at hand. Only it becomes also what with the assembly of the ceiling lamp. It is important to feel safe and to take certain precautions so that nothing goes wrong and then everything should work. Let there be light.

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