Bath Tub For 2 Persons: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our big 2 person bathtub test 2020, where we present you all the products we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best bathtub for 2 persons.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. On this page you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a shower enclosure.

The most important facts in brief

  • Bathtubs for 2 persons are available in various designs. The important thing is that it offers enough space for two people, is symmetrical and the drain is in the middle.
  • In addition to the normal, oval bathtub shape, there are models in rectangular, polygonal, round or kidney shape.
  • If you would like to buy a bathtub for 2 persons, make sure that the conditions in your bathroom are suitable for your desired bathtub. It is best to consult a specialist.

The bathtub for 2 persons Test: Favourites of the editors

  • The best rectangular bathtub for 2 persons
  • The best freestanding bathtub for 2 persons
  • The best whirlpool tub for 2 people

The best rectangular bathtub for 2 persons

A very straight bathtub that fits into any bathroom and finds a comfortable place in a corner. Due to the durable sanitary acrylic, the duo tub has a light weight and is perfectly suited as an everyday tub for 2 people.

If you are looking for simple comfort and straightforward wellness, this is the tub for you. And it is also a real bargain!

The best freestanding bathtub for 2 persons

You’ll feel like you’re in a movie when you’re splashing around with your better half in this pretty freestanding bathtub for two. Not only does the bath have an extravagant shape, it also offers ultimate comfort, with raised headboards on both sides.

For a feeling like every day of your honeymoon it is best to buy this freestanding bathtub for 2 persons.

The best whirlpool tub for 2 people

Let yourself be pampered and switch off from stressful everyday life with this whirlpool bath for 2 persons. You will be gently massaged by the many bubble jets while the coordinated light contributes to a cosy atmosphere. In addition, you can extend your bath according to your wishes, as the tub also has an integrated heating system.

If you are a spa lover and would like to transform your bathroom into the ultimate wellness oasis, then this tub for 2 is the perfect solution.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a bathtub for 2

Who needs a bathtub for 2 people?

If you love to get into the hot water after a long day at work and relax, then you definitely need a bathtub. If you want to celebrate this with your better half, then a double bath is particularly suitable for this.
As the name suggests, the double bath offers double the space, so that two people can lie comfortably in it. It is also symmetrical, meaning that both ends have lying surfaces. In the case of the bathtub for 2 persons, the drain and the fittings are also located in the middle of the tub so that they are not in the way when lying down.

Which versions of bathtubs for 2 persons are available?

There is a wide range of variants for bathtubs for 2 persons. However, the most important factors are the inner shape, the amount of water in the bathtub and the location of the water drain.
Bathtubs for 2 persons either have two identical back parts so that both persons can lie comfortably; or offer space for two persons sitting next to each other.
Bathtubs for two people are therefore naturally larger and require more water to fill them. Exactly how big your bathtub should be, however, also depends on the space available in your bathroom and the physical conditions of the bathers.

The inner shape of the bathtub for 2 persons also plays a role in the bathing comfort. There is also a wide variety here; from triangular, square, hexagonal or octagonal, round, oval to the classic corner bathtub, all have their advantages and disadvantages and it is worthwhile to choose the one that is best suited to your needs.

Last but not least, there are many additional functions and accessories, especially for bathtubs for 2 persons, which further increase the bathing fun. Whether you decide on a normal bath or the special form with whirlpool function and extra headrests is up to you and your budget.

What sizes are available for bathtubs for 2 persons?

Bathtubs for 2 persons are not only available in many different shapes but also in different sizes. Which size is right for you depends on your bathroom and on how big you and your fellow bathers are.
Basically, the length of the bathtub corresponds to your height from feet to hips and the height of the tub corresponds to the length of your torso. However, it should also be noted that these dimensions vary depending on the angle of inclination of the lying surface. To ensure that you fit perfectly into the tub in width, you must make sure that this measurement is wider than your shoulder width.
Since double bathtubs are designed for two people, it is advisable to use the dimensions of the larger person as a basis.
Common measurements for double baths are:

140 x 140 cm.
160 x 70 cm
170 x 75 cm
175 x 80 cm
180 x 80 cm
185 x 95 cm
190 x 90 cm

Where can you buy bath tubs for 2 persons?

Bathtubs for 2 persons can be bought in DIY stores, furniture stores, from specialist dealers and in sanitary ware stores.
Or also online, for example at:

Since the installation of bathtubs often involves a great deal of effort, we advise you to consult a professional so that your bath remains undamaged and you can enjoy the pleasure of bathing without side effects.

How much do bathtubs for 2 persons cost?

The cost of a 2-person bathtub naturally varies fundamentally depending on the model, brand, mass and shape. In addition, it must be considered that the filling quantity also influences the costs. The larger the bathtub, the higher the costs for a full bath.
Especially the costs for special models made of special materials such as marble, cast iron, steel enamel, ceramics or other natural stones can be very different, because in addition to the purchase costs, there are also costs for the correct installation and possible upgrading of the bath

The standard models in sanitary acrylic or mineral casting are available from approx. 3200€ and 4000€ respectively. We have selected the following price guidelines for you:

Added to this are the costs for installation, connection and of course the costs per full bath.

Decision: What types of bathtubs for 2 persons are available?

Basically we distinguish between

  • Freestanding bathtubs for two persons
  • Built-in bath tubs for two persons

What distinguishes a freestanding bathtub for 2 persons, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Freestanding bathtubs are naturally the front-runners among the double bathtubs when it comes to romance. The bathtubs not only look stylish, they also offer cuddly bathing comfort for both.

In addition to the classic oval freestanding bathtubs with feet, there are also freestanding bathtubs that stand on the floor like monoliths and those that can be placed on a shelf construction, saving space for additional bathroom furniture.

Of course there are also versions of free-standing bathtubs with various additional functions such as armrests, headrests or whirlpool jets.

Because the freestanding double tubs should be placed in the middle of the room to make them look right, they need more space and are therefore only suitable for very large rooms. In addition, they hardly offer the possibility of being used as a shower.


Ultimately romantic
Stylish eye-catcher
Offers comfort to both bathers
Available in different variations


Only for really big baths
No shower option

What distinguishes a built-in bathtub for 2 persons, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The built-in bathtub for 2 people usually fits perfectly into a bathroom corner due to the right angles and still offers pleasant bathing comfort. Although the outside outline is usually rectangular, the built-in bathtubs are available in various interior shapes, from oval to round to polygonal. The classic corner tub in kidney shape is also popular.

In addition to the double bathtubs, there are also bathtubs that are designed for even more people and can thus quickly become family bathtubs. It is also possible to find shapes where both bathers sit next to each other on the same side.

Because the tub is installed in the corner, these models require less space in the bathroom. Moreover, thanks to the installation on the wall, it is possible to install a shower device, so that the bathtub can also be used as a shower. In addition, the range of variants here is much greater than in the free-standing version – especially with regard to the additional equipment.

Nevertheless there are disadvantages even with built-in bathtubs for 2 persons. Since the bathtub has to be permanently installed, for example, the installation is more complicated. Brick in, sealing and tiling require a lot of craftsmanship and cannot be done just like that. In addition, the statics and structure of the building may have to be checked.


Many different shapes available
Can be used as a shower
Fits even in smaller bathrooms
Simply more additional equipment available


Must be permanently installed

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors you can compare and rate bathtubs for 2 persons

In a moment we will show you which aspects you should consider when making your purchase decision.

The criteria that will help you compare the different variants include

  • Formular
  • Size & filling quantity
  • Material
  • Additional functions and extras
  • Montageart

In the following sections, we explain where you need to weigh up what suits you and your needs in terms of the individual criteria.


As already mentioned, there are many different forms of bathtubs for 2 people. The most common ones are rectangular and therefore fit perfectly in a corner of the bathroom.

But also more exotic shapes such as pentagons, hexagons or squares have found their way into the bathtub world.

Whereas the angular versions are mainly used for permanently installed corner bathtubs, free-standing bathtubs often have rounded and sweeping shapes.

Still popular are the corner bathtubs, which nestle into the bathroom corner in an oval or almost triangular shape and therefore do not require quite as much space.

Size & filling quantity

The filling quantity is of course directly related to the size. The bigger the tub, the more water is needed to take a full bath. You should definitely consider this if you decide on a particularly large bathtub for 2 people.

Because with the larger filling volume comes not only greater comfort and Roman bathhouse atmosphere, but also higher costs. Completely filled bathtubs for 2 persons hold between 240 and 300 litres of water. Normally, this water has to be heated, which in turn increases the costs for gas or heating. All these factors must be considered and weighed up when buying a bathtub for 2 persons.

Important to know: the prices for water and electricity vary from region to region. You will therefore only find the exact details from your local electricity and water supply company.


Bathtubs for two people are available in different materials. Here too, you must consider what is suitable for your bathroom and your requirements. From simple sanitary acrylic baths to exotic unique pieces made of concrete, natural stone or wood, there are no limits to creativity.

Which advantages and disadvantages the respective material brings with itself, you see in the table:

Additional functions and extras

If you want to build your perfect wellness oasis, you not only need a normal bathtub for 2 persons, but also attach importance to appropriate additional equipment.

Of course, such special requests are also associated with costs, but often less than one might think. If you already know exactly what you are looking for, it is best to orientate yourself on the existing offer. That is, if you already know that you want a whirlpool tub with LED lighting and a matching neck pillow, look for a tub that already has this. Retrofitting is often possible, but with much more effort and correspondingly higher costs.

You also have to think about where and how you want the fittings of the bath to be placed. These are available as classic wall fittings, chic and elegant mounted on the edge of the bath or free-standing, matching free-standing double bathtubs.


In general, there are different methods to install the bathtub for 2 people in the bathroom. On the one hand, it can stand on a wall and be permanently installed, on the other hand, it can also stand free in the middle of the room and thus become a cool eye-catcher.

Both variants require support from a professional. Be it to install the tub on the tub base and fix it to the wall or to find out first of all whether the bathroom is suitable for the desired tub at all.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about bathtubs for 2 persons

How to properly clean the bathtubs for 2 persons

Not everyone is aware of the fact that cold is simply removed efficiently with vinegar or citric acid. Far too often, aggressive cleaning agents are used in the household, even though nature has a remedy for stubborn dirt.

How to clean a bathtub for two people most easily, you can see here in the video:

Make bath additives for bathtubs for 2 persons yourself

Those who not only want to relax in warm water, but also want to do something good for their skin, can take a bath with bath additives. These do not have to be spiked with chemicals either, as honey, milk or sea salt are also very natural beauty aids.

A great recipe for bath additives is for example the honey-milk bath in Cleopatra style. Even the Egyptian queen loved to lie down in a warm bath of milk and honey and swore by the beneficial effects of natural ingredients.

And so it goes:

  • Warm up 1 litre of whole milk on the stove
  • Add 1 cup of bee honey to the warm milk and stir until the honey has dissolved
  • Pour the honey and milk mixture into the full bath tub.
  • Relax!

For those who prefer their bathroom to sparkle and glitter in colour, the video below provides even more inspiration for making bath salts:

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