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Welcome to our big beam bed test 2020, where we present you all the beam beds we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the web.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best beam bed for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. On this page you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a beam bed.

The most important facts in brief

  • The beam bed consists of a few individual parts. The parts for the beam bed are made from one piece of solid wood.
  • With the beam beds or solid wood beds the bed is made of solid wood. Since it is a natural product, natural cracks, notches, knots or structural differences are not uncommon.
  • Beam beds are of higher quality and are more durable. When choosing a bed, you should pay attention to whether the wood comes from native or exotic areas. Wood from areas where overexploitation is practised (tropical wood) is harmful to the environment.

Balkenbett Test: Favourites of the editorial team

  • The best beech wood beam bed
  • The best beam bed in pine wood
  • The best acacia wood beam bed
  • The best beam bed in wild oak

The best beech wood beam bed

The Krokwood solid wood bed with stable headboard is made of beech wood, which has been oiled. According to the seller, the wooden bed is 100% FSC certified and is available in different sizes. Furthermore, the natural-coloured beech bed is ecological and is made of a premium material.

Previous customers praise above all the prompt and simple delivery. Added to this is the fast assembly time, as the instructions for use are very good and easy to understand. Furthermore, the reasonable price and the good lying comfort speak for this beam bed.

The best beam bed in pine wood

The Homelux solid pine wood bed comes with a roller slatted frame and is ideal as a large single bed, double bed, youth bed or double bed. According to the seller, the bed is a real eye-catcher in every room thanks to its solid wooden frame, robust supports and modern design.

Previous customers praise above all the price-performance ratio and the high stability, which can easily carry even heavy people. Also the construction of the beam bed should be very easy and quick, according to satisfied customers.

The best acacia wood beam bed

The Woodkings bed measures 180×200 cm and is made of lacquered acacia and designed in a country house style. According to the manufacturer, the straight lines, the strong frame and the exclusive headboard make this beam bed look good in any room.

According to previous customers, the assembly is simple and fast. Satisfied customers would recommend the bed to anyone and praise its great looks. They mention that with the right slatted frame and the right mattress you sleep like on clouds.

The best beam bed in wild oak

This bed is made of solid oak beams and is naturally oiled. The finish is very rustic, cracks and small knots are intentional. The total weight is 130 kg. The bed is available in different sizes.

The design is special and appeals to many customers. If you are looking for a bed that is special and made of natural products, then this is exactly what you need.

Guide: Questions you should consider before buying a beam bed

In a beam bed made of natural wood you sleep healthier, it is robust and solid. Beam beds are more durable and of higher quality than a normal bed. It is scientifically proven to promote health and well-being.

A beam bed made of solid wood ensures better sleep quality and a better room climate. For allergy sufferers the beam bed made of solid or solid wood (untreated) is particularly suitable.

What is a beam bed?

A beam bed always consists of solid wood or solid wood. The look is raw and untreated. The beam bed is a bed composed of individual parts, the material is solid wood. There is no pressing or gluing of the parts, because the parts are assembled with a leaf or tenon joint.
With the beam bed, the living structures of the wood, i.e. the structural differences such as cracks or natural characteristics are preserved.

Beam bed the original – are there any differences between a beam bed and beds in beam look?

Yes, the beam bed is completely made of wooden beams (solid wood). However, this beam bed is also more expensive in price, as only large-sized, selected wood is used.
Solid wood is also used for the bed in beam optics. Here, however, only wood is used, which is smaller in size. Smaller pieces of wood are glued together to obtain the look of a solid wooden beam.
The quality of both is however very solid, as both are made of real solid wood. Today there are already combinations with other materials, such as metal legs.

Which wood is used for a beam bed?

There are different types of wood, hardwood or softwood. The softwoods include: alder, pine, larch, spruce, stone pine, lime and fir. Hardwood species include cherry, elm, oak, beech, service tree and walnut.
Whether it is a softwood or hardwood is determined by the density of the wood. Softwood species have a density of the wood below 0.55 g/cm³ and hardwood species above 0.55 g/cm³
There are many types of wood in the domestic forests and all over the world. Only a few hard and soft wood species are presented here. It will also be shown how many species there are of one tree species or what the species are used for.
Overview of the wood species:

Allergy sufferers should be careful when buying softwood beam beds. Sensitive people can react allergic to the natural vaporization of the wood (emission of natural terpenes).

Beam beds are usually made of spruce, wild oak, beech heartwood, wild beech, pine or Swiss stone pine.

Can beam beds be combined?

Each solid wood beam bed is unique. A beam bed in light colours rather underlines the country house style. For an elegant style (exotic touch) a dark beam bed is more suitable.
You can combine the beam beds with classic or modern furniture. Beam beds set accents in every room.

What properties do solid wood beds have?

Sleep is very important for everyone. The body recovers and gets new energy for the day. For a healthy and restful sleep the following things play a very important role: the bed, the mattress, pillows and duvet. A bed made of wood is particularly suitable because of its positive qualities.
There is a large selection of these. For example, floating beds, beam beds, stacking beds, Swiss stone pine beds. What is the difference with these bedsteads? The beds differ in design, stability, material and comfort height. A bed is usually also selected according to these criteria.
Beds made of wood, for example real wood beds (made of core ash, Swiss stone pine or core beech), oak beds (made of wild oak) or solid wood beds are particularly good for your health. Metal beds transmit electrosmog (from mobile phones or TV sets). This is not the case with wooden beds. This means that you have a healthy sleep.
Untreated beam beds regulate heat and provide a pleasant sleeping climate. By oiling or waxing with natural means there is no health risk. The grain and colours of the beam beds are different. The wood types are not all equally hard. Beech and oak are particularly hard. Pine and spruce on the other hand are soft.

Hardwoods should be used for children’s beds or double beds, as these are more stable and durable. These types of wood are also more suitable for allergy sufferers as they contain less resin.

Which points should be taken into account? Quality or price?

Workmanship, quality and value for money – when buying beam beds, you should not only look at the price. The quality and workmanship of the wood are important. It is worthwhile to dig a little deeper into your pocket.
Cheap models of beam beds are usually not so good in the quality of the wood or in the workmanship and therefore the durability is not so long. Sometimes they are then only beds in the beam look.
It is also important to decide whether it should be a floating beam bed, beam bed with drawer, beam bed with or without headboard, futon beam bed or a beam bed with light.

The types of wood and type of beam beds are reflected in the price. However, the price should not be the most important point. More important is the quality when buying a beam bed.

It should last a long time, i.e. be stable and robust, and perhaps be used over several generations. Everyone should feel completely comfortable in the beam bed.

Decision: What types of beam beds are there and which one is right for you

Basically one can distinguish between 5 different types / types of beam bed:

  • Futon Beam Concrete
  • Beam bed with storage space (with drawer)
  • Floating beam bed
  • Beam bed with or without headboard
  • Beam bed with lighting

What is futon beam bed and what are the advantages and disadvantages of futon beam bed

The Futon beam bed invites you to sleep and dream. What is a futon beam bed? It is adapted to the Japanese way of sleeping (near the floor). The secret is the low frame height. The height of the futon beam bed is about 30 centimetres.

Futon beam beds are therefore particularly suitable for low rooms with a low roof height or sloping walls. It is a perfect eye-catcher for the bedroom, due to the straight design and the rustic beams.


Timeless and suitable for low rooms or rooms with sloping roofs
Easy maintenance
Lifetime very long


Somewhat more intensive in price
Softwood beam beds partly not suitable for allergy sufferers
Very low

What is a beam bed with storage space (drawer) and what are the advantages and disadvantages of a beam bed with storage space (drawer)

Beam beds with storage space are not only suitable for sleeping, but also for storing various things. Especially in rooms where space is limited, beam beds with storage space (with drawer) are excellent.

The bed offers not only comfort, but also enough storage space in the drawer to store bedding, clothes, pillows, winter blankets, toys etc.


Plenty of space in the drawers under the lying surface, it is better to choose two drawers (extendable to each side) to get better access to the stored things
Few handles necessary to stow things away
Solid wood is known for a long life


Things that are stored in the back of drawers are hard to reach
Requires additional space for drawer extension
Very heavy due to solid wood

What is a beam bed – floating beam bed and what are the advantages and disadvantages of beam bed – floating beam bed

The wood structure makes the room appear unique. The floating beam bed has a linear design. With the floating beam bed, the base frame runs inwards. The bed has a robust and rustic look and provides a pleasant and optimal room climate.

If the floating beam bed is equipped with metal runners, it does not look too massive. The metal runners give the bed a floating appearance. You will get a modern and warm style of a floating beam bed with a solid wood beam bed floating in oak wood. The solid wood frame with a floating look offers stability.


Modern style and still made of solid wood
Easy to clean
High quality through genuine solid wood


Solid wood is very heavy
Different types of wood not suitable for allergy sufferers
Prices for beam beds very high

Purchase criteria: With these factors you can compare and evaluate a beam bed

In the following we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate beam beds. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular beam bed is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Personal needs
  • Care and cleaning
  • Spatial requirement
  • Matching mattress and slatted frame
  • Material, stability and design

In order to avoid costly wrong decisions, it makes sense to gather information before buying a product. In order to make the right decision when buying a beam bed, it can be an advantage to look at tests and customer reviews.

Here you will find information useful for the purchase of the product, in this case for beam beds. Tests show what advantages and disadvantages a product has, what quality is offered at the price and how satisfied the customers are.

Personal needs

Personal needs – first of all it is important to decide which bed you want. Should it be a single bed, a double bed, a bed for children or senior citizens. It is also important to consider whether great importance is attached to functionality or whether the bed should be more comfortable.

A decision should not be made in a hurry. A well-considered decision should be made, as a bed should be used for a long time.

Care and cleaning

Care and cleaning – for many people cleaning and care is an important purchase criterion. With beam beds made of solid wood, the care and cleaning effort is very low. Actually, wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient.

If you want to care for it more, you can buy a wood care set. It is a care oil, which is applied with a cotton cloth. Thus the surface is protected for a long time. Surfaces that are varnished or made of veneer often get dents or scratches that cannot be repaired.

This is different with solid wood surfaces. Dents and scratches caused by wear and tear can be repaired here. The surface is slightly sanded (gentle re-sanding) and later re-oiled. This creates a wonderfully smooth surface.

Spatial requirement

Spatial requirement – if you are looking for a beam bed, you need to consider a few things. Your physique, your character and the spatial possibilities for the new bed. The length and width of the beds must be considered.

For tall people it is usually not possible to stretch out in a standard length bed. The lying surface is calculated in this way: body height + 20 centimetres = length of the lying surface.

The weight of the sleeper should also be considered. The slatted frame must be coordinated with the mattress and the bed frame.

Older people need a bed that is a little higher so that getting up in the morning is easier. The premises must also be included. Beds with additional storage space might be a consideration.

Matching mattress and slatted frame

Matching mattress and slatted frame – the perfect bed frame includes a slatted frame and a comfortable mattress. Many people wonder whether the old slatted frame will be used for the new beam bed.

If the purchase of a new mattress is being considered, a new slatted frame should also be purchased. Why? Only the perfect combination of slatted frame and mattress will give you a good sleeping situation.

The purchase of a high-quality mattress is of no use if the base does not fit. The lying comfort should be comfortable. After all, we spend a third of the day in bed.

Are you now looking for a matching slatted frame? Then we have linked our test page with the best slatted frames for you here.

Material, stability and design

Material, stability and design – solid wood beam beds offer a natural charm. The grain and structure of the wood are different.

Each beam bed is unique. The bedroom becomes inviting and cosy with the beam bed. The beam beds are robust and durable and are very beautiful to look at.

Different variants of softwood or hardwood are used. Different models, whether a floating beam bed or with a drawer, can also be chosen. The surfaces of the wood can also be finished differently. For example, the surface can be oiled, waxed or untreated.

Beam beds can be purchased untreated, as this finely grinds the wood surfaces and makes the wood very smooth. For the production the material from local forests should be used.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the topic of the beam bed

Beam beds are particularly suitable for a comfortable sleeping experience. The beam bed is also available in the comfort height to ensure a comfortable sleep.

There is something for every taste, whether with or without headboard. The beam bed is almost always only available in the size of a double bed.

Beam beds are also available with bed drawers. These are particularly suitable for smaller rooms with little space. The bed drawers can then be used to store bed linen or clothing. If the furnishings of the room are rather modern, you can also choose a beam bed with a frame made of steel or wooden skid.

A solid wood beam bed also has other advantages. For example, in some cases no metals are used. Therefore there is no change in the earth’s magnetic field.

Electromagnetic influences are reduced, the influence of metallic earth or water veins is reduced and the wood can have a positive effect on health. Solid wood beam beds are definitely the choice. The beds have a positive effect on health, are durable and require little maintenance.

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How can you build a beam bed yourself?

You are full of energy and do not want to buy a finished beam bed?

Then we have found a video for you here, which explains step by step how you can build your own beam bed.

Part one:

Part 2:

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