Bed Linen 135×200: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our big bed linen 135×200 Test 2020, where we present you all bed linen in the dimensions 135×200 cm that we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best bed linen for you in 135×200 cm.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. You will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy 135×200 cm bed linen.

The most important facts in brief

  • Bed linen 135×200 is a standard size in Germany and is the most commonly sold. You will find here the biggest offer in trade and online.
  • You should wash your bed linen every week, at the latest every two weeks!
  • If you want to enjoy your bed linen for a long time, pay attention to quality when buying.

Bed linen 135×200: Favourites of the editorial staff

  • The best bed linen for an optimal sleeping climate
  • The best bed linen for the whole year
  • The best bed linen with fashionable pattern

The best bed linen for an optimal sleeping climate

The Bierbaum bed linen 6277 in the color mocha, is an absolutely recommendable cotton bed linen at a relatively low price. The bed linen is made of pure cotton and comes with a weight of 1.3 kg.

According to the manufacturer, the bed linen ensures an ideal sleeping climate thanks to its breathable, temperature-regulating and moisture-absorbing properties. The model is available in several sizes. The customers are very satisfied with the price-performance ratio.

The best bed linen for the whole year

The Lumaland Premium bed linen is suitable for use all year round. In terms of price it is also absolutely in the middle range. It is available in three different sizes and 11 different colours. With a weight of only 821 grams the bed linen is a lightweight.

Customers rate the bed linen very highly for its good quality, strong colours and no annoying plastic odour.  In terms of comfort, price-performance ratio and quality, the bed linen shines with at least 4.4 stars each.

The best bed linen with fashionable pattern

The Bed Bedlinen is made of 100% pure cotton and has a weight of 921 grams. Like the other models, it is available in three sizes and you can choose from up to 6 colours and patterns.

The manufacturer guarantees a hard-wearing and concealed zip. As well as a 1-month right of return. Customers rate the two-colour design as very positive and exciting. And are convinced of the quality and soft characteristics.

Guide: Questions you should deal with before you buy a bed linen 135×200

For whom is a bed linen size 135×200 suitable?

Basically bed linen with the dimensions 135×200 is suitable for everyone! It is a standard size which is most common in our latitudes.

With the length of 200 cm this bed linen is suitable for people who are not taller than 180 cm and have “normal” weight. 135 cm width ensures that you are wrapped all around.

If you are taller than 180cm, you better use different standard sizes like 155×220 or 200×200!

What material should I use to buy135x200 bed linen?

Most important for a restful sleep is breathable bed linen, preferably made of cotton, as you lose on average one litre of sweat per night.
But cotton is not just cotton. There are different types of cotton ranging from beaver to satin. It all depends on your own feelings and the preferences of everyone.
Some like it a little warmer and others prefer a light and smooth bedding.
It is best to adapt your bedding to the season and use cosy materials such as beaver and flannel in winter. In the summer, however, linen or Renforcè, as these have a pleasant cooling effect on your skin.

An all-rounder is and remains satin. This cotton is suitable for the whole year and is traded as the Rolls Royce among bed linen. Therefore it is also a bit more expensive than conventional cotton bed linen.

What does bed linen measuring 135×200 cm cost?

Since this size is a standard size, there is already a wide range of low-cost models available. Depending on type and material, the price is between approx. 13 – 300 €.

With all the different offers of materials and manufacturers there are big differences and a price comparison is always worthwhile. But there are also big differences in quality in the individual product groups.

But if you calculate 60€ on average for a 2-piece set, you get the best value for money and you don’t have to compromise on quality and comfort!

Where can I buy bed linen 135×200

You can buy bed linen in retail stores, specialist shops and of course online. Many supermarkets also offer bed linen in their assortment.
If you are still unsure about size and material, it is advisable to visit a regional specialist shop.
According to our research the most popular online shops are the following:

online shop bed

All our suggestions are provided with links and you can start shopping right away!

Which bed linen 135×200 do I need in summer and which in winter?

Just as you change your wardrobe to warm clothes in winter and airy clothes in summer, you should also adapt your bedding to the seasons.
That means in summer you should choose materials that are light and cool, as already mentioned would be satin, linen or Renforcè.

Did you know that satin sheets are particularly popular?
Bed linen in satin is considered one of the most popular in Germany. This material is rather expensive, but of very high quality. The smooth, cuddly satin bed linen is especially suitable for the summer, as it has a temperature-balancing effect. Satin gives the bed a noble shine and lies beodners easily on the skin.

In winter, on the other hand, it may become a little warmer and more cozy, right? Preference is given to materials with a roughened structure such as flannel and beaver. This gives them additional warmth to the duvet.

However, it is not necessary to adjust the bed linen to the temperatures. It is important to use only breathable material!

What do I have to consider with a hypoallergenic bed linen 135×200?

Mites, house dust and pollen, which attach themselves to mattress and bedding, are the reason why allergy sufferers cannot get any rest at night. Therefore it is all the more important to use the right bedding!
The most important criteria for suitable bed linen for allergy sufferers include

The bed linen must be washable at 90° degrees
Good air and moisture circulation must be ensured
Good processing and quality are a must
The bed linen should bear the seal of approval “suitable for allergy sufferers
The particle retention capacity must be subject to the allergy criteria
The covers should offer soft and skin-friendly comfort

Silk bed linen is most similar to human skin and not only offers a pleasant and smooth feel-good experience, but also keeps mites from settling in. Due to their natural structure, no living space is offered.

Silk also has a healing effect on skin diseases like neurodermatitis. It is also suitable for the whole year, as it cools in summer and warms in winter.

Decision: What types of bed linen 135×200 are available and which one is right for you?

Basically there are all types of bed linen, be it the material, pattern or colour but the most important features are:

  • breathable cotton
  • Bed linen with zipper

A suitable bed linen can contribute a lot to your restful sleep. Therefore, choosing the right bed linen is as important as sleeping on clouds.

You will need bed linen to protect the duvet and headrest. Dead skin flakes and dirt on the skin are released during sleep and would contaminate your bed without covers if not protected.

In the following points we will deal with the above mentioned product types and show you the respective advantages and disadvantages.

What makes a breathable cotton bed linen 135×200 and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Cotton with its soft fibre provides a pleasant wearing comfort and nestles like a second skin. It is therefore not far-fetched that most bed linen covers are made of cotton.

Due to the night sweating, as already mentioned, it is recommended to choose breathable bed linen. Cotton is therefore best suited, is soft, skin-friendly and absorbent.

This material can absorb up to three times its weight and release it into the environment at the same time.

Due to its natural properties, cotton is extremely hard-wearing. It can be washed at temperatures of up to 95° C and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.


Increased comfort
Pleasant sleep
Avoidance of excessive sweating


Depending on material, very high costs
Long drying time
Creases easily

What are the characteristics of a bed linen 135×200 with zipper and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Over the years we humans have become more and more comfortable in all situations in life. This also applies to our bedding. A zipper prevents the blanket and headrest from slipping out.

Of course there are also buttons that achieve the same effect, but a zipper is faster to use and prevents the corners from slipping out. There are also differences in this area.

So make sure that the zipper is on the inside and can be covered with a fabric tape. This prevents injuries and provides a more pleasant comfort. After all, who wants to feel a cold zipper as they fall asleep?

The blanket or the pillow is stuck loosely in the cover has already become a rarity, because it is just annoying when something slips out again and again. And buttons always open and are therefore not as good as a zipper.

In addition, when you buy bed linen with a zipper, you should make sure that it is of high quality, as they are easily prone to jamming.

So before you buy, it is best to find out from which brand you should buy the bed linen.


Operation Comfort
Quick change of clothes


Easily susceptible
often deficient

Purchase criteria: With these factors you can compare and rate bed linen 135×200

In the following section […]

The following factors are summarised:

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Dryer suitable


Before buying, you should consider which material you prefer, it is different and individual for everyone. The price of the covers depends on this.

As already mentioned, cotton is the preferred material, but there are some differences in quality that you should be aware of:

  • Jersey bed linen
  • Polyester bed linen
  • Silk bed linen
  • Seersucker bed linen
  • Linen bed linen
  • Renforcè bed linen
  • Percale bed linen
  • Linon bed linen
  • Beaver bed linen
  • Satin bed linen
  • Flannel bed linen

Which material is right for you depends on your habits and of course on the season. As well as your personal feeling of warmth.

If you are looking for soft, cuddly bedding, flannel and beaver are best suited. If you are looking for a year-round bed linen that adapts to you and the warmth, satin and silk are recommended.


For many people the choice of colour also plays a major role. You should also feel comfortable with the new bedding and of course it should match the rest of the bedroom.

There are no more limits to colors and patterns, you can let off steam with the entire color palette.

You should trust your own taste!

Dryer suitable

Because bed linen is made of cotton or at least a main component of cotton, you can put almost any bed linen in the dryer. So your new favourite bed linen does not lose its soft and fluffy texture.

You should also make sure when buying that the bed linen dryer is suitable if you have a dryer at home.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about bed linen 135×200

How do I care for my bed linen 135×200?

To remove germs, mildness and everyday dirt, you should change and wash your bedding every week. If you wash them regularly, you will maintain the fresh, clean feeling when you sleep.

It would be best to wash the bed linen at 60° C to kill all bacteria.

Did you know that the luxury of bed linen was discovered early on?
In order not to have to sleep on pungent hay or uncomfortable hard ground, bed linen was used very early. But they only differed in one thing: the material. While the Egyptians used linen, the Romans mainly slept on furs and straw mats. The first bed sheet was designed in Egypt in the 17th century using linen. Only since the 19th century have other materials such as cotton, satin or silk been used.

Daily airing of the duvet helps the bed linen to dry.

In Germany the bed linen is changed on average only every 4 – 6 weeks. However, the capacity for fluid absorption is usually reached after 2-3 days and it should be washed afterwards.

To make you aware what happens to your bed linen and why you should change it more often than before, here is a little video:

During the night the body expels about 7000 pores and 1-1.5 litres of sweat. These are already large quantities that clothing and bed linen have to absorb, so it would be

98% of sweat is water, but the remaining 2% consists of common salt, urine, sebum and acids. If you know this, you may want to change your bedding more often in the future.

In addition, you can make sure that you keep the room temperature below 18 degrees and the humidity is not more than 50% to reduce mite formation.

How can I have my bed linen 135×200 printed?

You can have bed linen printed with all kinds of motifs.

Most popular are photo prints of family, friends or pets.  Polyester or microfibre is often used as material for these prints.

It is most convenient for you to order bed linen online, the following pages offer you the best value for money:


On these pages you can choose your size, from baby blankets measuring 70×100 cm to duvets measuring 240×220 cm. Only one side of the blanket and pillow is printed.

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