Bedroom Furnishings: 5 Different Styles

It is very important to find the right furniture for your bedroom, as it should be an oasis of peace or a place to recharge your batteries, where you can sleep in peace, read a book or listen to music and switch off.

You need to escape the stressful everyday life in your bedroom and accordingly you need to feel comfortable in it. Personal well-being includes matching furniture, the right wall colour and the right decorative items that are eye-catchers for you.

In the following guide, we will show you how and with which furniture you can furnish the perfect bedroom for you, which different styles you can choose from and where best to buy both furniture and decorative items.

The most important facts in brief

  • The bedroom can be furnished in different styles according to your preferences and taste: modern, fancy, rural, classic or Scandinavian.
  • Ideally, the bed should stand against a wall, as this makes the room appear larger. In addition, standing the bed against the wall gives you security, as you can also see the door of the room.
  • At Ikea you will find everything you need for your perfect bedroom. You can buy countless decorative items as well as furniture of all kinds in different colours and materials for your room.

Backgrounds: What you should know about bedroom design

The right bedroom furnishings are particularly important for a restful sleep. You spend most of your time in your bedroom and therefore no amount of prior knowledge should be spared to place the furniture in the best possible position.

You should never let the bedroom furnishing go spontaneously. This can lead to space problems that nobody likes. Make a precise plan of where you want to put what and a list of furniture you want in your bedroom.

Since there are many furniture stores that offer a large assortment of bedroom furniture and decorative items, you can first inform yourself on the respective online pages of the manufacturers and thus get an overview.

How do I furnish a bedroom?

There are basically five different styles in which you can furnish your bedroom. These differ in their modernity, colours, amount of decorative items and cosiness.
Depending on your taste, you can find the best style for your bedroom in the solutions section.
You can furnish your bedroom as follows:

According to Feng Shui

In the bedroom section you will find countless inspirations for every taste.

Since your bedroom should be individually designed – after all, you and no one else has to like it – you should first question your own personality. What do you like? Are you more the reserved or extroverted type?

You can furnish your bedroom more in soft, quiet tones, but also in bright, colourful combinations.

In addition to the appearance, functionality plays an important role. You have to ask yourself what demands you have on your personal bedroom.

Do you also want to write your homework or work in general? So you have to save space for a desk. Is this room made for you to dress and sleep exclusively and only? You can choose a much larger bed and wardrobe.

Tip: Think in advance exactly what kind of furniture in which size you would like to have in your bedroom.

If you want to avoid unnecessary later space problems during assembly, we advise you to first measure your room and sketch the arrangement of the desired pieces of furniture.

How do I furnish a bedroom according to Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui, two things are decisive for a deep and restful night: the right bed position and a calming colour selection in rather soft tones.

Feng Shui in the bedroom – The ultimate guide

The following table lists the most important elements of the Feng Shui bedroom and their functions:

Which floors, wallpapers and wall colours are suitable for bedroom furnishings?

The type and colour of the floor, wallpaper and wall colours should be chosen individually according to taste. The size of your room and the amount of sunlight will also influence your choice.
For small rooms, you should choose a lighter wall colour, for example pastel colours, as these make the room look larger than it would be if it were brightly coloured.
In large rooms, on the other hand, you should choose brighter colours, as they fill the room optimally.
You should also consider whether you want to paint all the walls in the chosen colour, or whether you want to paint just one wall or even part of a wall. Depending on the size of the area you should choose different wallpapers and wall colours.

If you want to paint your entire room in one colour, choose more inconspicuous, lighter colours. If you only want to paint one wall or part of a wall, you can also use bright colours with patterns.

The next factor to consider when choosing a wall colour is the amount of sunlight. Sunlight can change the colour of the wall up to several shades.
Therefore, it is a good idea to paint a small part of the wall first, wait a few hours and then see how the colour actually looks on the wall.

For the time being, the floor must match the rest of the furniture in your room. Depending on your taste, you can choose a carpet, wooden or tiled floor for your bedroom.

  • A carpet is the easiest to replace, warms your feet and insulates the noise. However, it is the hardest to clean and dirt accumulates much more easily than on other floors.
  • The wooden floor gives your room a friendly and warm effect.
  • On the other hand, the tiled floor is the easiest to clean, it radiates elegance and coolness.

Whichever floor you choose, a good tip is to place a matching carpet in front of your bed. This should serve as an eye catcher when you enter your bedroom.

Which furniture store is best suited for bedroom furnishing?

Basically, you can buy your favourite furniture in the following furniture stores:

Danish bed camp

You should know that as early as 2018, the Swedish furniture store IKEA was way ahead of the others. It is still by far the most popular furnishing store in Germany today.

According to statistics (source:, IKEA was one of the world’s most valuable corporate brands in retail in 2018.

Turnover has risen continuously in recent years and most recently amounted to around 37.1 billion euros. Germany was the country with the highest turnover, followed by the USA and France.

Here we have picked out a video about bedroom furnishing by the furniture store IKEA:

So you can be sure that you will find what you are looking for in the Swedish furniture store. This is so popular because it has everything from children’s toys, high-quality and beautiful tableware, to any piece of furniture that should fill your kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom.

At IKEA you have a wide choice of colours for your bed. You can buy classic wooden beds as well as comfortable box spring beds in all sizes and materials (leather, fabric, …)

You will also find an innumerable assortment of decoration articles and pictures in different sizes and variations.

Bedroom furnishings: 5 different styles

You have listed five different options when choosing the style that suits you best for your bedroom from us. Depending on your taste and preferences, you should choose the one that suits you best.

Starting with modern eye-catching elements, over shrill and unusual patterns, up to a warm and cosy rural or Scandinavian style, you will find everything your heart desires.

Bedroom with modern style

A modern style bedroom is modern at the time of purchase, but the definition of a modern style is always changing. So you must be aware that your bedroom will not always be modern.

Even your personal taste can change. That is why it is recommended to buy a classic bed and also other larger pieces of furniture in a classic style, which are eye-catching.

You can then make the room modern with appropriate carpets, wallpaper, lamps or pictures.

You can basically decorate your room in a modern style with all things that are easily changeable or replaceable. So you have the possibility to adapt the room to the “new modern” at any time.

The white colour on your walls and generally the orientation of all furniture and decorative items in grey, white, black and antique pink correspond to the colours of the current modern style.

Bedroom with fancy style

Unlike a modern style room based on rather simple colours, there are no limits to your creativity in a fancy style room.

The rule is: the more colourful and louder, the better. There is no too crazy and unusual combination of colours or patterns.

This room type is suitable for you if a normal style is too simple and boring for you. You can let your creative vein run free. You should pay attention to the direct field of vision when falling asleep and waking up.

If you were to paint the wall directly in front of your bed in shrill colors and patterns, it would stir you up and reduce the quality of your sleep.

You can place a colorful striped bed linen and a fancy checkered carpet in neon colors in your bedroom.

Bedroom with country house style

In the country house style the essential components are wood and fire. A woodwork and fireplace or tiled stove must be found in your bedroom. Modern, white furniture is not used and creamy colours are used completely.

The country house style radiates cosiness and warmth with its soft textiles and creamy colours.

A built-in wooden wardrobe for your clothes is particularly popular, but candles on your bedside table can also significantly increase the comfort factor.

The decoration is not overloaded in the country house style and is kept rather simple, without striking colour combinations.

Bedroom with classic style

The classic style is subject to a timeless furnishing, which has a great advantage: This style never goes out of fashion and is always up-to-date. You will also find elegant designs in your bedroom.

Simple classics dominate your bedroom. You do without shrill colours and unusual patterns.

You also use colors like white, black and gray tones. These colours should create a harmonious environment and thus offer you your own oasis of well-being in your bedroom.

You should also keep the decorative elements in unobtrusive colours. For example, you can hang up pictures with a silver frame with sayings in black on a white background. This gives your room a touch of elegance and timelessness.

Bedroom with Scandinavian style

If you want to design your bedroom in a combination of country house style and the modern style, the Scandinavian bedroom style is the best for you.

In Scandinavian countries, a reduced design is the top priority and has priority over shrill and flashy furniture and colours.

Your bedroom primarily insists on the colours white and grey applied to a maximum of small areas. Furthermore, geometric form and the wood style are particularly important.

For example, you can put white or natural furniture in the bedroom, depending on your taste, and combine carpets in beautiful, warm earth tones.

Depending on your taste, you should keep the patterns as simple as possible and never combine the colours, but decide on a single one before furnishing your bedroom.

Trivia: What else you should know about bedroom design

Decorative items are especially important to give your bedroom even more of your personal touch.

You should also pay attention to the optimal position of the bed, as this can have a significant influence on the quality of sleep.

How can I decorate my bedroom?

You should select decoration articles in such a way that they only bring back positive memories for you. Especially for sleep it is important that no negative, subconscious thoughts influence it.

As more than two worlds of colour in one bedroom are not recommended, we advise people who would still like to bring colour into their room to hang up various pictures.

Don’t hang all the pictures you want all over the room on each wall, but place them in groups. This gives the overall picture more aesthetics and it looks tidier.

Another option for pictures would be to place them on the floor or on the edge of the headboard of your bed (provided it is wide enough so that

Curtains can also beautify your bedroom.

You can of course place them in front of a window in a matching colour to the wall colour, but they are also popular as bed curtains. You attach your curtain to a rail that you mount above your bed.

Other decoration articles that make your room an eye-catcher would be plants. Are you often not at home? This is the best way to use artificial plants. These always look beautiful and you don’t have the effort of watering them.

Other decoration ideas would be:

  • Striking carpets (special patterns, fur, …)
  • Exquisite Vasen
  • Light chains
  • Beautiful cushions
  • Bedspreads
  • Candles
  • Small glasses filled with sand or stones

Which is the best place for the bed?

Now that you have decided on a bed, it still needs the optimum space in the room to ensure maximum sleep quality. The larger your room, the more varied the possibilities.

To find the right place for yours, it is best to lie down on the floor and try out different positions:

  • On the wall
  • In the middle of the room
  • Next to the door
  • In front of the window

The optimal position for your bed also depends on its size. A large bed reduces the size of the room and in small rooms it can be rather restrictive. In contrast, a smaller bed enlarges a large room and thus disappears from the main field of vision.

Tip: Choose a bed with castors if you are not 100% sure about the bed position. You can adjust it flexibly at any time.

The ideal position for your bed: The room door is on the side or at the foot end of your bed.

But those who have a pitched roof with a window in the room can also put the bed in a way that one can view the starry sky at night.

In a large room, you can also put the bed in the middle of the room to fill the room well. However, it is not everyone’s taste if the bed stands freely in the room without a one-sided wall border.

How do I set up a small bedroom?

In summary, you should consider the following points when furnishing a small bedroom:

  • “Less is more”
  • Reduced setup
  • soft colors
  • Mirror
  • Cross stripes on the wall
  • plain, light-coloured bed linen with hardly any to small patterns
  • Keep order by means of storage spaces or shelves

With a small bedroom, you have to pay special attention to the principle “less is more” compared to a large room. If you fill a small room completely with furniture and decorative items, it can appear much smaller than if you furnish it in a reduced way.

Soft colours also make your room look larger than it actually is.

You can also mount a mirror on a wall that has the maximum height your room allows.

You can also go up to 1.5 metres in width, for example, provided the width of the room allows this. This makes your room look twice as big, because the mirror has the doubling effect. An eye catcher literally.

In this video you can watch a summary of the most important tips and tricks for a small bedroom:

Another method of making your small bedroom look larger is to use horizontal stripes. In a classic bedroom, you can draw four black vertical stripes on a longer wall, thus giving the room extra width.

The choice of your bed linen should be excellent in monochrome and light. If you don’t want to miss patterns, we advise you to use discreet instead of large patterns.

Keeping order also plays an important role. For example, you can – if possible – use the space under your bed optimally as storage space. Shelves or open room dividers also invite you to place boxes there.

5 tips for furnishing the bedroom

In summary, you should consider the following five things when furnishing your bedroom. Now nothing stands in the way of a perfectly furnished bedroom!

classic furniture

Those who rely on classic pieces of furniture can always keep their bedroom “up to date” with simple means. You don’t have to buy new furniture to keep up with the trend, replacing the lampshade or carpet, for example, is enough.

Acquisition should make long-term sense

When buying expensive pieces of furniture, you should think about the sense and use before.

Sketch a plan of your bedroom and how you want to furnish it. Then you will buy the best possible furniture, which you will not have to replace.

Consider room size

Is your bedroom small or big? Depending on the size of the bed, you have to calculate the size of the bed. Small bedrooms seem even smaller because of large beds; conversely, large rooms seem even emptier because of small beds.

Also the colour should fit into the room, because bright colours make your room look bigger, shrill colours make your room smaller.

Pay attention to lighting conditions

Is your room flooded with light or shaded? Depending on this you have to choose the right lamp. If your room is flooded with light, you will have less need to focus on numerous lamps.

Workplaces or dressing tables that require a lot of light should generally be placed against a window.

Also, the color of your wall might look different under different lighting conditions than it originally did. It is advisable to paint a small part of the wall first, let it dry and check after some time if the colour selection is correct.

customize colors

It is particularly important that the wall colour matches the furnishings of your room, otherwise the overall picture loses its aesthetics.

In larger rooms you tend to choose piercing, striking colours, while in smaller rooms you choose lighter pastel shades.


To turn your bedroom into your own oasis of well-being, we advise you to find the ideal style of bedroom for you. You should take into account your personal taste, as your room should reflect your character.

Both larger and smaller bedroom rooms can be optimally furnished and spiced up with decorative items. Light chains, candles, but also pictures hanging on the wall or standing on the floor are a great idea.

To embellish your bed, do this by adding several cushions in matching colours to the wall and curtains. These will make your bed look more luxurious. In addition, a stylish rug is a real eye-catcher as a bed mat.