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Welcome to our big bedsteads test 2020, where we present you all bedsteads that we have tested in detail.
We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best bedstead for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos.
On this page you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a bedstead.

The most important facts in brief

  • Sleeping like in seventh heaven – who wouldn’t want that? After a restful sleep we are well prepared for the whole day. A bedstead also contributes to our sleep.
  • The bed frame has a decisive influence on the appearance of your bed. For this reason, it is partly responsible for the decor in your bedroom.
  • The bed frame must be stable as it bears the weight of the slatted frame, the mattress and the sleeping person.

Bedstead test: Favourites of the editorial staff

  • The best wooden bedstead
  • The best metal single bedstead
  • The best metal double bedstead

The best wooden bedstead

Gigapur G1 is a bestseller. Its goal is: simple design and concentration on customer benefit.

Frame and lying surface are made of durable birch multi-layer wood, the legs of robust beech wood. All parts are made to fit exactly and a synthetic resin coating prevents unattractive chipping or unevenness. Recesses in the lying surface ensure optimal ventilation of the mattress.

Despite many good ratings, this has some disadvantages. The structure was complicated for some. In addition, the wooden parts are not sawn out cleanly to put together and must be sanded, because otherwise you get splinters.

The best metal single bedstead

Aingoo metal bedstead bed frame is a bedstead a solid quality and at a very good price. This has the advantage of a strong tubular steel construction and enough storage space under the bed.

Some deficiencies have been found during assembly:

  • Boreholes faulty
  • Small scratches
  • Screw thicker than the hole.

The best metal double bedstead

TecTake metal bed frame has a stable and robust construction at an average price. This has an attractive and timeless design. It is also resistant to knocks and scratches. Another advantage is easy to clean.

Here are some critical reviews:

  • Instability
  • The parts wear out quickly
  • Paint cracked off before assembly.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a bedstead

What is a bedstead?

The term bed refers to a piece of furniture that is used for sleeping, lying or resting. A simple bed today usually consists of a frame or rack on which a mattress lies.

The bed frame is probably the most central piece of furniture in the bedroom. One can imagine a bedroom without a wardrobe, but one without a bed – or bedstead – probably not.

Adults should sleep 8 hours a day. It’s a third of the time we have in our lives. It can be up to 35 years that we spend in one bed. Choosing the perfect bed frame is therefore important for your health. A restful and healthy sleep brings energy for all the tasks you have to do every day.

How much space does a bedstead need?

How big is the room? Where should the furniture be placed? For a restful sleep you need a place! Singles make themselves at least one meter wide, couples at 1.80 meters.
Besides the lying surface, the height also plays a role. The comfort height is between 50 and 60 centimetres, making it easier to get up and get in.
Is the bed positioned against the wall? Sleeping without anchorage and without support in the room makes us feel restless. Therefore, it should be noted that there is enough space on a wall for a bedstead.

Which bedstead do I need?

With or without headboard, wood, metal or upholstered – that’s a matter of taste. The frame must be at least 25 millimetres thick, then it is stable. It is also important: Lets you retighten the connecting shocks. Then the basic frame is angularly stable and does not warp.

We spend so much time in bed. This makes it all the more important to find a suitable bedstead.

Where can I buy a bedstead?

Bedsteads are available in furniture retail stores, and you can also buy your bedstead safely and comfortably from home in many online shops. Additionally you have the possibility of a reliable home delivery. Or visit numerous furniture store branches and get advice from competent bedsteads experts!
According to our research, most bedsteads are sold through these online shops:

In some furniture retail stores you will find a huge selection of bedsteads and you have the option of flexible partial payment.

Especially with a bedstead it is important that you also gather experiences and impressions of other people. Therefore it is a good idea to read through customer reviews. This will give you a good first impression of the bedstead you might be using next.

How much is a bedstead?

The price depends on the construction, the size and the material used. Thus there are bedsteads to buy in all price ranges.
Cheap classic variants are available for less than 80€, while very exclusive bedsteads can cost up to 9.000€.

How can I configure a bedstead?

The choice of bedsteads is varied. With many models you have the possibility to choose individual parts according to your wishes. If the perfect bedstead is still not available, you can also put together your dream bedstead yourself.

With the bed configurator you not only determine the width and length of the bedstead, you can also adjust the appropriate slat base and headboard to suit your needs.

Decision: What types of bedsteads are available and which one is right for you?

Bedsteads can be made of different materials. A distinction can be made between the following three frames:

  • wooden bedstead
  • Metal bed frame
  • Upholstered bedstead

In the following sections, the respective bedsteads are described in more detail and the respective advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

What distinguishes a wooden bedstead and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Wooden beds are a classic and will probably never go out of fashion. They are classic and timeless at the same time. And the material offers even more advantages. The natural material is heat-storing, insulating, breathable and moisture-regulating, creating a pleasant room climate.

The natural raw material is very changeable in shape and colour – so it does not always have to be the brown natural wood tone.

Moreover, solid wood beds are extremely durable and stable. If you like it traditional and rustic, choose a bed frame made of solid wood such as pine, beech or oak.


Pleasant room climate
Stores heat
Breathable and regulates moisture
Very changeable in form and colour


Squeaks and creaks
As wood works, cracks can occur
Purchase price is often very high
Not every wood species is equally hard

What distinguishes a metal bedstead and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Metal frames are light and appear filigree. Especially for young people they are very interesting. They look very light and can be transported and adjusted quickly. They are also very robust and insensitive.

Depending on the decorations on the head and footboards, as well as an additional bed canopy, metal beds give a romantic touch and enchant the room.

A metal bedstead is not an environment for dust mites or bedbugs. It is also not a dust trap and therefore a deal for allergy sufferers.


Transporting goods
Easy maintenance
Ideal for allergy sufferers
Robust and insensitive


Metal often appears austere and cold, special aesthetics
Cheap metal beds can squeak
large quality differences

What distinguishes an upholstered bedstead and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

An upholstered bed frame is upholstered all around with foam and covered with fabric, imitation leather or real leather. The upholstery makes it very comfortable and inviting. Fabrics are very versatile, as they are often colourful or have a striking pattern, making your sleeping area stand out.

Upholstered beds have not been on the market for long, but are now making a name for themselves. They are therefore very much in trend.


Soft and cosy
Modern and trendy
Fabrics are very multifaceted


Less robust in the long term
Animal hairs may become embedded in the substance
Possible pilling

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate bedsteads based on these factors

In the following we will show you on the basis of which aspects you can decide between the multitude of possible bedsteads.

The criteria you can use to compare the bedsteads include

  • Material
  • Size
  • Comfort height
  • Stil
  • Colour

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.


The following is a brief overview of the most common materials used to make bedsteads:


Metal bedsteads are usually very stable and will delight you with a long life span. High quality models have very solidly manufactured connections.
Metal bedsteads today are not only made of light materials like aluminium or steel, but also of strong materials like copper or chrome.

Metal bedsteads are particularly easy to care for because the material is very hard and robust. It is quite insensitive to scratches and marks. Stains can be simply wiped away.


Bedsteads made of solid wood are durable and offer comfort for many years. At the same time they provide visual warmth and security in the bedroom. Each product is almost unique because it never has the same grain. Since wood is alive – that is, it changes – it is quite possible that the colour and structure of the solid wood bed frame will change over the years.

In the following table we have put together different types of wood in terms of their properties and maintenance requirements for you:

Cardboard (box)

Can you imagine sleeping in a paper bed? It’s hard to believe what this delicate material is capable of.

As inconceivable as it may sound, the idea of making furniture out of paper is simple and ingenious.

Paper is cheap, easy to process, easy to transport, stable – and the best thing is: paper is environmentally friendly. With the right seal, it is also fire and waterproof.


Pallet bedsteads are very trendy. A pallet bed frame picks up the modern trend and offers you an extraordinary sleeping place. The basis of this practical furniture are weatherproof Europool or Euro pallets.

More and more manufacturers have discovered the advantages of bedsteads that offer both stability and comfort.


Leather bedsteads are not very sensitive to stains. However, this surface needs more care than wood, so that the leather remains beautiful for a long time.

Due to its smooth texture, leather is a good choice, especially for people who are allergic to house dust: Dust particles can be easily removed with a cloth.

Leather bedsteads are either made of real leather or imitation leather:

Quality leather

Genuine leather is tanned animal skin, which means that it has been chemically preserved. Leather used for beds usually consists of a smooth surface and a rough, fibrous underside. It provides stability and strength to the leather. Without proper care, leather can look worn out over the years.

Imitation leather

Artificial leather is made of natural fibres or synthetic fibres with PVC coating. It is much cheaper than real leather and also less susceptible to stains. Over the years, imitation leather furniture can get small cracks and look worn out.


Which bed is suitable depends on how many people sleep in it and how large the room is. Especially the width is decisive. The length of a standard bed is usually 200 to 220 cm. The optimum bed length for sufficient freedom of movement while sleeping is as follows: your own body height plus 20 cm.

Comfort height

Comfort height beds – often called comfort beds – are higher than normal beds. Beds with a height of 50 centimetres or more are called comfort height beds.

When you sit down on a bed with comfort height, your knee forms a 90° degree angle. In comparison, when you sit on a conventional bed, the angle is much smaller.

For example, beds with a comfort height of 60 centimetres make it easier for older people to get up.

The height is an important factor. The standard height of a bedstead goes up to 40 centimetres, and there is also a futon height of up to 30 centimetres.


It is well known that tastes are different – so are the furnishing styles of houses and apartments. To help you choose the perfect bedstead, here is a brief overview of the different styles:

country house style

The country house style is characterised by natural wooden furniture and soft colours. This design conveys comfort and harmony. Models in the country house style are usually made of solid wood, either natural or only treated with stain or wax.


A purist design has no decorative elements and is characterised by simple, clear shapes. The colours of this style of furnishing are rather muted and radiate peace for body and soul.


A dreamy and romantic atmosphere is created in the room especially by metal, wood and light-coloured fabric.

Classic variants made of metal usually have impressive head and footboards consisting of curved, soft arches.

Some metal and wooden bedsteads are provided with decorative elements that enhance the romantic impression.


Colours influence us. They have an effect on our mood and our feelings. Therefore you should consider which colour you choose for your bedstead.

Select from the following colour shades:

Grey and white

The colours grey and white are very popular and fit perfectly into any room. Depending on the colour shade, it can appear cool or warm, sober or charming.


Black bedsteads suit every style of living – classic, elegant, modern. The black colour can be combined with other colours and styles.

Natural wood

Natural wood tones have a cosy and relaxing effect. Real wood also provides a pleasant sleeping and room climate.


We associate red primarily with romance, sensuality and love. So where does it fit better than in the bedroom at home? With a red bed you are absolutely right if you want to give your bedroom a cosy, dreamy and at the same time elegant atmosphere.


Beds with gold frame create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. The bed frame thus becomes a special attraction, which visually is the centre of a sleeping area.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about bedsteads

My bedstead squeaks and creaks – what to do?

A bedstead that squeaks does not promise a peaceful sleep. With the following tips and tricks, which every hobby craftsman can apply at home, annoying bed noises are a thing of the past.

    Narrow it down: Before you can reduce the noise, you need to know exactly where it’s coming from. By moving the bed a little, try to make the noise and find out where it creaks or squeaks.
    Screws: Screwed bed frames produce noise especially at the connected parts. This is a sign that the screws are not tight enough. Tighten the screws and check if there is still noise.
    Friction: If there is too much friction between pieces of wood, this also leads to loud noises. In this case it is enough to put a simple piece of cloth between the contact point.

Bed noise is really not necessary. In most cases, however, if they do occur, they do not constitute serious bed damage and can be easily remedied.

In general: Tighten all screws on the bedstead. Wood works and changes. That is why this small maintenance work, especially with wooden beds, should be carried out from time to time.

Are there bedsteads for cars?

Anyone who has ever spent the night in his car knows that it is usually not too comfortable. If you can’t exactly call a big station wagon your own, you have to fold up small or sleep uncomfortably in the passenger seat.

But you can also try it yourself and build your own bedstead into the car. The following video shows an example of how easy it is to build a bedstead for a car yourself.

Can I build a bedstead myself?

You would like to “tinker” your bedstead yourself, supplement your existing model or exchange a part?

In various online shops or numerous furniture stores branches you will find various accessories with which you can design your bedroom exactly according to your wishes.

How do I clean the different bedsteads?

  • The greatest need for care are wooden beds. It should be wiped regularly with a dry cloth. Cleaning agents containing alcohol should never be used. A special oil care product can extend the life of the bed.
  • A damp cloth is quite sufficient for leather.
  • Even metal frames can be easily cleaned with a cloth and a little water.

Tips for the perfect sleep

Once you have decided on a bed, the next step is to choose a comfortable mattress and cosy pillows and a blanket. Our site has many more tips and tricks for a deep sleep for you.

  • Regularity: going to bed and getting up regularly helps your body to optimise its sleep quality because it can adjust to the rhythm.
  • Sleep diary: If you often have problems falling asleep, write down what you did before going to bed. This will help you uncover bad behavior patterns.
  • The mattress is the basis: Every 5 – 10 years you should change your mattress because it has simply worn out at some point. For some people, a hard mattress is perfect for a better sleep. But everyone has to try that out for themselves. In any case, an incorrect mattress is one of the most common reasons for poor sleep.
  • Place of sleep: The body can be conditioned. Therefore, you should use your bed only for sleeping. This way your body learns that the bed is the place to sleep.
  • Ideal room temperature: Cool 16 to 18 degrees Celsius are considered the ideal bedroom temperature. In addition, enough oxygen is important. You should air the room for about 15 minutes before sleeping.

The following video also provides some important tips for falling and staying asleep.

How and where can I dispose of my old bedstead?

We show you how to dispose of a bedstead free of charge and legally…or recycle it.

Bulky waste

Everything that is too big for the dustbin – including your bed frame – counts as bulky waste. If you are not in a hurry with the disposal of the furniture, you should wait for the local bulky waste appointments. You can leave the bulky waste on the street and have it picked up free of charge.

The other option would be to hand it in at the recycling centre. Here you have to expect costs for the disposal and you would have to organize the transport yourself.

furniture stores

Many furniture stores accept old bedsteads free of charge or for a small surcharge. Especially if you have purchased your new bedstead from the furniture store, chances are good that they will dispose of your old bedstead for you.


If the bedstead is still usable, you can also donate it to a social institution. If they are interested, they may also pick it up at your home.


If your bedstead is still in good condition and too bad to throw away, you can of course sell it. Platforms allow you to quickly place an ad online.

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