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Welcome to our spelt pillow test 2020, where we present you all the spelt pillows we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the web.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best spelt cushion for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. On this page you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a spelt cushion.

The most important facts in brief

  • The spelt cushion can be used in two different ways. While some prefer to sleep on the pillow, others use it to heal aching body parts
  • The price range and shopping facilities are so wide that everyone can get their money’s worth. If the spelt pillow does not satisfy you, you can fall back on conventional grain and / or pillows made of foam or feathers
  • Basically, you should familiarize yourself with the various criteria of spelt cushions before buying. The products are to be distinguished according to their use, size, cover, chambers, contents and form

Spelt Pillow Test: Favourites of the editors

  • The best spelt cushion with different sizes to choose from
  • The best organic spelt cushion
  • The best spelt cushion with grain mixture

The best spelt cushion with different sizes to choose from

Procave’s spelt pillow has been awarded Amazon’s Choice at Amazon and clearly wins in the price-performance ratio. The pillow with washable cotton cover is made of spelt fur and is therefore breathable. Head and neck are optimally supported during sleep.

The customer reviews are excessively positive.  Buyers admire how much the pillow changes the sleeping position and how well the grains in the pillow can be moved individually.

The best organic spelt cushion

The spelt cushion from Frankenstolz is also filled with valuable minerals. In addition, the spelt used is organically grown and the cover is removable and washable.

All in all, buyers are very satisfied with the price-performance ratio. The head and neck find a comfortable sleeping position. Some customers also report that the spelt pillow has reduced their health problems.

The best spelt cushion with grain mixture

The Gözze grain pillow is suitable for a wide range of body parts. It can be used for heat or cold treatment and has a long-lasting scent that extends over four chambers.

Customers agree on the largely positive assessment of this product. The pillow delivers what it promises, fits well around the head and neck and is easy to warm up or cool down.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a spelt cushion

What is a spelt cushion?

A spelt pillow can be used for the head to sleep or for the body to heal. Many people prefer cereal-filled pillows because they are naturally grown and do not contain softeners.

The firm spelt filling in the pillow provides optimum support for the head and neck area during sleep. They are also often breathable and adapt to the temperature of the user.

Spelt pillows can be used just as well as healing pillows. They are heated or cooled like conventional pads and then placed on affected areas of the body.

In the following video you can learn more about the general functions of these pillows:

Who can use a spelt cushion?

Since it is not a conventional healing pad and pillow, allergy sufferers must be especially careful when making this choice. On the other hand, spelt pillows have few limitations and can be used by young and old.

Those who do not have an allergy need not worry. Because of the natural ingredients, these pillows are otherwise very well tolerated.

In summary: If you are not allergic to wheat, you should have no problems with a spelt pillow. However, this does not guarantee that everyone will sleep equally well on such a pillow.

Did you know that a lot of head and neck problems are just caused by being wrong when we sleep?
The spinal column and neck area should be supported with a pillow in such a way that no tensions can arise. Choosing the right surface to lie on can make your everyday life a lot easier.

How much is a spelt cushion?

Of course you can buy spelt pillows in different price ranges. The price depends on the manufacturer, the size, the cover and the spelt in the pillow.
Cheap spelt cushions can be purchased from 6 Euro. These are often quite small and only suitable for certain parts of the body.
The price range of the middle class is then between 15 and 30 Euros. For this price you will be able to buy good spelt cushions that fulfil their function for the most part. In this case, the spelt contained in the pillow is most likely biologically degraded.
If all this is not enough for you, you can buy a spelt cushion from the range over 30 Euros. Manufacturers often guarantee a special spelt quality and offer additional integrated fragrances in the pillow.

Where can you buy a spelt cushion?

Spelt cushions are available online, as well as in stores. So you can choose for yourself what kind of purchase you prefer with this product.
When you buy online you will probably find a wider selection than in a shop. You can filter and narrow down your search to get your desired product faster.
Possible online websites where you can find spelt pillows:


Whoever buys a spelt cushion in a shop has the advantage of being able to see the quality and filling quantity directly on site. Especially if you want to use the spelt pillow for sleeping, it is not a bad idea to try the pillow out beforehand.

Possible shops where you can buy spelt pillows:

  • Karstadt
  • Danish bed camp

What alternatives are there to a spelt cushion?

Even the spelt cushion does not sit all alone on the shelf. So if this product does not convince you, you definitely have a choice of other cushions that may have similar desirable effects.
Alternatives for sleeping
For those for whom the spelt pillow is not an option for sleeping, conventional pillows can be used. Examples are cushions made of foam or feathers.
Especially the foam pillows are a suitable alternative to the spelt pillow. They are often ergonomically and orthopaedically designed and thus act as a neck support to counteract headaches.

Dr. med. Marcus LuftFacharzt Surgery and Trauma Surgery
As a specialist in surgery and trauma surgery, I have been frequently confronted with many questions about the right pillow for cervical problems over the past 15 years.
Besides the right sleeping system and an ergonomically designed desk chair, you should not underestimate the importance of your pillow. (Source:

Alternatives to healing

Cooling and warming grain cushions are available in a variety of designs. […]

Cherry pit pillows are no danger for grain allergy sufferers due to their natural seeds. In addition, the high oil content enables the added heat or cold to be stored in the pillow for a long time. Spelt cushions, however, are somewhat more breathable.

So it is clear that there are many different possibilities of pillows that have similar features.

Decision: What types of spelt pillows are there and which one is right for you?

Before we take a closer look at the different purchase criteria of spelt pillows, we will show you the basic types between which you should distinguish:

  • Spelt pillow for sleeping
  • Spelt cushion for healing

Even though many spelt pillows work for both types of use, you should first think about exactly what you want to use your pillow for.

In the following we have listed the basic advantages and disadvantages for both variants.

What distinguishes a spelt pillow for sleeping and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Due to their texture and granularity, spelt cushions adapt optimally to the neck and head area. In addition, the pillow is breathable and regulates the temperature according to the user. So you will not sweat with a spelt cushion.

On the other hand, not everyone can use the spelt pillow for sleeping because of wheat allergies.


Supports ergonomically


Hard filling
Not so long lasting

Some people also find the grain too hard and unpleasant. In contrast to conventional foam pillows, the filling of the spelt pillow does not last as long.

What distinguishes a spelt cushion for healing and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The spelt pillow is ideal for healing body ailments. The pillow can be heated as well as cooled. In addition, the filling can only heat up to a certain temperature.

However, there is a higher risk of fire when warming up spelt pads as opposed to conventional pads. Furthermore, the fabric is not suitable for cooling wounds.


Can be used cold and warm
Healing effect
Also suitable for babies


Fire hazard
Not suitable for wounds

As you can see, the spelt pillow has both advantages and disadvantages in both uses. Whether you want to use your personal pillow in one or both ways is ultimately up to you.

Purchase criteria: With these factors you can compare and rate spelt pillows

In the following we would like to show you the factors you can use to compare and evaluate spelt cushions. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular spelt cushion is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Intended use
  • Chambers
  • Formular
  • Content
  • Reference

Intended use

Before you buy a spelt cushion, you should consider what exactly you want to use it for.

If you want to use the spelt pillow for sleeping, you should pay particular attention to the correct grain size, size and number of chambers in the pillow.

With the spelt pillow as a healing pillow, the right shape should be the main consideration when deciding on a purchase. Depending on the body part and the area of application, the spelt pillow can be optimally adapted to the place by individual shapes.

Although the spelt pillow may seem like an all-purpose product, it should never be used for inflammation or wounds.


Surely you have seen that grain pillows are divided into different areas. As a result, the grains in the pillow cannot slide back and forth and remain in their respective chambers.

Again, the number of chambers is related to the shape and use of the cushion. Those who want to use the pillow for sleeping usually prefer spelt pillows with few or no chambers.

In the case of spelt cushions for heating and cooling, several chambers are often an advantage. The grains remain evenly distributed in the cushion and are thus heated or cooled in all areas.


As you have already experienced, the shape of the spelt cushion plays a decisive role. Many manufacturers offer spelt cushions that are designed for a specific area of application or body part.

Spelt pillows are available in large, small, long, short, straight, round and many other variations. We have selected examples of different shapes and their areas of application:


What exactly is to be found under the cover of the spelt cushion? We will answer this question briefly and concisely for you.

The spelt used in a spelt pillow consists mainly of silicic acid, which can also be found in our human body.

You can also make sure that the grain in your spelt pillow is organically grown and sustainable. This is very important to many users, so that the cushion can be carefully recycled.

Even if the shells and grains at first sound much too hard for a pillow to sleep on, many people can lie very well on these pillows. The spelt husk is so free-flowing that it can easily adapt to your head.


The cover of the pillow can be as important as the contents. After all, if you want to sleep on your spelt pillow, you want your skin to rest on a comfortable fabric.

Almost all manufacturers use cotton as the outer material of the pillow. The fabric is easily degradable and does not interfere with the functions of the spelt grains during sleep and healing.

However, you should check to see if the vendor has added any interior material. Some add a second layer of fabric to make sleeping on the pillow more comfortable.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the spelt cushion

How do I make my own spelt pillow?

DIY lovers beware: Of course you can make your own spelt pillow. Then you can choose the shape, size, chambers and number of grains as you wish.

You don’t even need that much to make your spelt pillow:

  • Fabric (preferably cotton)
  • (Depending on the desired filling quantity) 1 kilogram spelt grains
  • Sewing machine with accessories (thread and needles)
  • Scissors

You can determine the shape of your spelt cushion yourself. You can also choose and define the number of chambers. After filling the first chamber, they will be sewn up bit by bit.

In order to make the description of the production a little more vivid, we have simply selected a video for you. You can watch it step by step:

Of course this is just one of many examples of how you can design your spelt cushion. If you enjoy it, you can always try out new shapes and fabric patterns.

When should I replace my spelt cushion?

Spelt cushions should be replaced after some time. Especially the grains lose their storage capacity after a while and therefore do not remain cold or warm for long.

Basically it is said that the filling of the spelt cushion should be replaced every 2-3 years. Only then can it be guaranteed that the spelt pillow is still breathable and can be stored

The fabric may also wear out after some time. Since spelt cushions are often not washable, you must know how to care for the cover in a different way. Nevertheless, for the sake of hygiene you should change the fabric after a few years.

Did you know that you can kill mites effectively if you put your spelt cushion in the freezer for 24 hours?
To make sure that the mite excrement is also completely removed, fabrics should also be washed at 60 degrees in between. People allergic to house dust do not need to worry about the spelt cushion becoming unusable.

How do you clean a spelt cushion?

Usually spelt cushions consist of only one cover and are therefore not washable. The small grains would stick together during the washing process and thus make the pillow unusable. How do I clean the pillow then?

As a rule, spelt pillows do not necessarily have to be washed. Heating and freezing kills bacteria during each process.

Whoever has to deal with larger stains is probably forced to remove the grains to be able to wash the cover.

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