Cold foam mattress review

Especially when you spend the night away from home, you sleep badly at first. It’s just not your own bed. But often backache or sleeping problems are caused by the mattress. If you also sleep badly or have back pain, you should consider whether you need a new mattress.

If you are thinking of buying a new mattress, our large cold foam mattress test 2020 provides you with background information and criteria to find out whether a cold foam mattress is right for you. We also introduce you to different models.

The most important facts in brief

  • Cold foam mattresses are a subtype of foam mattresses. They are made of polyurethane, which requires only low temperatures for foaming, which is why the material is called cold foam.
  • Basically, cold foam mattresses can be differentiated for different target groups, as each person has individual expectations of their sleeping surface. The decisive factors here are above all the dimensions, the degree of hardness and the volume weight.
  • Cold foam mattresses have very good climate characteristics and are highly adaptable. In addition, compared to other mattresses, they are rather light and have a long service life if the quality characteristics and care instructions are observed.

Cold foam mattress test: editorial favourites

  • The best all-round cold foam mattress
  • The best cold foam mattress with long durability

The best all-round cold foam mattress

Bruno mattress
Thanks to the BrunoX® special foam and the natural latex layer, the mattress fits snugly.

from375,00 EUR

more info

The mattress from the Bruno company has a layer of 100% natural latex, which is located on the mattress core. This layer ensures an optimal weight distribution on the mattress. In addition, this layer ensures good ventilation due to its special shape and frees you from heavy sweating at night. The cover is filled with cotton and polyester and can be removed with a zipper and is washable at 60°C.

The mattress is divided into 7 zones. The height is 20 cm. The high density of the BrunoX® cold foam core guarantees a very long life of the mattress. The special feature: the mattress does not have a certain degree of hardness, but adapts to your needs and your sleeping position – so it is suitable for everyone.

The best cold foam mattress with long durability

XXL cold foam mattress from Malie
The 7-zone special cold foam mattress from Malie is particularly tough and durable. It is available in different sizes and degrees of hardness.

from269,99 EUR

more info

The 7-zone cold foam mattress from Malie is 20 cm high and does not have a visitor’s gap even in larger dimensions. The cover is removable, divisible and suitable for the washing machine. You can wash it at up to 60°C. With a 10-year guarantee and the high load-bearing capacity, you will have something of this mattress for a long time.

The mattress has high dimensional stability and is available up to hardness grade five. The four turning loops make for easy handling. Customers are very satisfied and enthusiastic about the high load-bearing capacity and the great workmanship.

Guide: Questions you should consider before buying a cold foam mattress

What is cold foam and how is a cold foam mattress constructed?

The inner life of the cold foam mattress – the so-called mattress core – is created by foaming the synthetic material “polyurethane” (short: PUR). This material has the special property that it only requires low temperatures for foaming, which is why the result is called cold foam. The cold foam mattress thus belongs to the types of foam mattresses.
The mattress core is surrounded by the coat and cover. The cover is a combination of different foam layers. The mattress cover usually does not contain any chemically produced substances, but is often made of cotton, synthetic, new wool or horsehair.

What’s with the resting areas?

Cold foam mattresses are very popular, not least because of their excellent adaptability. This is achieved by the division of appropriate lying and hardness zones and increases the lying comfort.
Since the human body is not equally heavy in all places, it is relieved or supported in the appropriate place. The most frequent offers are 5, 7 or 9 zone mattresses, whereby the 7 zone mattress is the most prominent.
The following overview shows the classification of the zones (using the example of the 7-zone cold foam mattress):

Supporting head zone
Soft shoulder zone to relieve the shoulder joint
Fixed lumbar zone to support the spine
Fixed pool zone
Fixed thigh zone (identical to lumbar zone)
Calf zone (identical to shoulder zone)
Supporting foot zone (identical to head zone)

It is important to know that a high number of zones is not automatically the best solution. This is very much dependent on the individual and his or her sleeping habits as well as his or her height. However, many zones are not harmful, they are simply not noticeable for some people. The decisive factor is whether the lying zones harmonise with the respective body posture.

Lying zones are always arranged symmetrically. This means that you can turn and turn your cold foam mattress in all directions as you wish.

What does the hardness of a mattress say?

The degree of hardness of a mattress is a very important measure. It provides information about how hard the respective mattress is. Mattresses are generally divided into 5 different degrees of hardness (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5). When choosing the right degree of hardness, the individual body weight is of decisive importance.
Roughly speaking, one could say: the heavier the person, the harder the mattress. The following table shows a classification for orientation:

At this point we would like to stress that this table is only a guide. In addition to weight, both height and individual preference for a certain lying sensation play a role. A person with a body weight of 80 kg could fluctuate between H2 and H3.

In addition, the degrees of hardness also vary among manufacturers, and some manufacturers do not offer a fifth degree of hardness at all. Nevertheless, you can use the table very well to find out your respective upper and lower limits.

What are the most important quality features of a cold foam mattress?

Basically, the following characteristics must be observed in order to determine the quality of a mattress made of cold foam:

Compression hardness
Height of the mattress core
Core cut

The volume weight (short: RG) provides information above all about the service life of the mattress. It expresses how much raw mass in kilograms was foamed in one cubic meter of foam. Thus, a higher volume weight ensures longer durability. As a guideline for durability, we recommend a density of at least 40.

As the term “compression hardness” suggests, this expresses the hardness of the cold foam mattress. The compression hardness is expressed in Pascal (kPa). The higher the value, the faster the mattress returns to its original state after a change of sleeping position.

This makes it more likely that no hollows will form in the mattress. Light people and children in particular are usually very satisfied with a compression hardness of 30 kPa, while adults should rather choose mattresses with a higher compression hardness (40 kPa).

The higher the core of a cold foam mattress, the more material was used. This also has an influence on the durability and comfort of the mattress. However, the height of the mattress core usually increases the price.

You should know that the height of the mattress core is not the same as the total height of the mattress, as there are still foam pads and the cover on the core. Depending on the weight, a core height of between 14 and 19 cm is recommended, while you are well advised to use a total height of 20 cm or more.

There are also qualitative differences when cutting the mattress core (also called profile). With two-dimensional cuts, the surface of the mattress is divided with simple cross sections, often in the form of the wave cut. However, this only provides limited comfort.

Much more complex is a three-dimensional (cube) cut, which creates air channels that lead to improved point elasticity. 3D profiles are therefore clearly ahead in this respect.

What dimensions or standard sizes of cold foam mattresses are available?

In Germany there are various standard sizes, whereby the offer here is so broad that there should be something for everyone. The following overview shows you the current standard sizes:

Note: The usual size for children’s mattresses is 70 x 140 cm. However, the 60 x 120 cm size is also available. Many manufacturers also offer other special sizes.

What are the general advantages and disadvantages of cold foam mattresses?

In the following overview you can see the advantages and disadvantages in brief:


Very good climate characteristics
High adaptability
Relatively light weight


Initially unpleasant smell
increased fire risk
Unsuitable for people who perspire heavily
Partially unjustified price differences

On the pro side of the cold foam mattress is on the one hand the good storage of body heat, with good air circulation at the same time. People who freeze quickly at night are at the right place.

Taking into account the quality features, a cold foam mattress offers a high degree of adaptability while being relatively light in weight. In addition, high-quality mattresses have a long service life and are easy to maintain. As already mentioned, the material is also suitable for allergy sufferers and offers a noiseless change of sleeping position.

As a contrario, it should be mentioned that new mattresses often have an unpleasant chemical smell at the beginning. However, this has no effect on health and disappears after a few days, which can be accelerated by regular airing.

Furthermore, people who sweat a lot at night – due to the good heat storage – should rather use other types of mattresses (e.g. pocket spring core). Finally, one should know that cold foam poses a fire risk from 400 degrees. If you want to play it safe, you can buy a flame-retardant cover for it.

What does a cold foam mattress cost?

Cold foam mattresses are available in all price ranges. This becomes clear just by looking at the many different sizes. Mattresses for children or for individual persons are often available from 50 euros, while for larger mattresses or custom-made products, 4-figure sums are often charged.
But you should definitely know that expensive is not necessarily better. There are some overpriced cold foam mattresses on the market that do not justify the excessive price. We therefore advise you to always keep an eye on the corresponding quality features and compare offers. This will put you on the right track to get a high-quality mattress at a fair price.

Where can I buy a cold foam mattress and is there a possibility to test sleep on it?

In general, you can buy cold foam mattresses locally in furniture stores as well as in discount supermarkets, department stores and specialty shops.
But especially on the Internet, the offer is huge and you can easily compare different models and prices. Many online providers now offer the possibility to test sleep the purchased mattress and send it back if you are not satisfied – often even free of charge. You should definitely pay attention to this before you buy and, if you are not satisfied, you should clarify this directly with the dealer.
According to our research, most cold foam mattresses in Germany are currently sold on the Internet via the following suppliers:

All cold foam mattresses on this page have a link to at least one of these shops, so you can hit the ground running when you find a mattress that suits you.

Decision: What types of cold foam mattresses are there and which one is right for you?

In order to be correctly positioned when buying a cold foam mattress, the following types of cold foam mattresses must be distinguished:

  • Cold foam mattresses for children and babies
  • cold foam mattresses for adult singles or couples
  • Cold foam mattresses for allergy sufferers
  • Cold foam mattresses for people with back problems (orthopaedic mattresses)

The mattress should adapt optimally to the physical conditions and offer the sleeper an ideal lying comfort. In the following section we would like to help you to find out according to which criteria you should choose your cold foam mattress and thus pave the way for the best possible sleeping experience.

What are the characteristics of good cold foam mattresses for children, toddlers and babies and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

If you consider the long time a toddler spends in bed at the beginning of his or her life, you should definitely not skimp on quality. Generally important criteria for infants and toddlers are good air circulation and optimal lying characteristics.

The choice of a rather hard mattress is especially recommended for babies, as the child’s skeleton is still growing and needs support. Sinking too deeply into the mattress could harm the child. It also has the advantage that children can later romp around on a harder mattress without immediately developing pressure points and hollows.

You should also make sure that the cover is removable so that it is easy to clean. Some cold foam mattresses also offer integrated moisture protection.

The usual size for children’s mattresses is 70 x 140 cm. However, cold foam mattresses are also available in 60 x 120 cm. A children’s mattress should be absolutely free of harmful substances. A model made of cold foam is therefore a very good choice for “the little ones among us”.


Very good air circulation
Cold foam is free of pollutants
Optimal lying characteristics
Cover removable and easy to clean


Often large price differences

What should adult singles or couples look for in cold foam mattresses and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

It is always very important to choose the right degree of firmness for mattresses. For most adults, this is in the H2 and H3 range, which depends greatly on your weight and lying habits. You can find more details in the table in the guide.

While adult singles with quiet sleep are usually satisfied with a size of 90 x 200 cm, many “single sleepers” with the desire for more freedom of movement like to reach for 140 x 200 cm mattresses.


Large selection
Many standard sizes


Overwhelming offer
high price not always justified

Couples often face the problem of having very different physical conditions. In most cases, they are of different weights, which means that different degrees of hardness are required. Nevertheless, no one wants to miss the closeness of their partner, of course.

This problem can be solved in two ways:

  • Two different single mattresses (80 x 200 cm or 90 x 200 cm)
  • The partner mattress: This is a large mattress that combines two different mattress cores and thus different degrees of hardness. The cores are glued together and the cover prevents a disturbing hollow.

Single mattresses: light weight and easy transport
Partner mattress: no visitor crack and therefore “cuddly”.


Single mattresses: unpleasant visitor crack
Partner mattress: Often only from 160 x 200 cm

What do allergy sufferers have to consider when buying a mattress and what advantages and disadvantages do models made of cold foam have for them?

The following points are essential for people with allergies when buying mattresses: The mattress must be…

  • Have high climatic properties
  • Be free of harmful chemical substances
  • Be free from animal materials
  • Have a removable cover that can be washed at 60 – 95° C

The good news: due to the material alone, cold foam mattresses have very good breathability and thus an optimal sleeping climate. The material used for the mattress core is also free of harmful chemicals.

However, if you suffer from animal hair allergies, you should be careful with the cover of your mattress, as it often contains animal ingredients such as wool, horsehair or camel hair. It should be removable and washable at high temperature.

In addition, we recommend that you buy a mite-proof mattress cover (also known as encasing), as this prevents mites from settling inside the mattress.


Good climate characteristics
Free of harmful chemicals
Removable cover almost standard


Not all covers free from animal hair
Mite-proof covers often very expensive

What should people with back pain pay attention to, what is the point of orthopaedic mattresses and what are the advantages and disadvantages of cold foam mattresses here?

No matter what material your old mattress is made of, if you have back problems for the first time you should check the condition of the mattress. Coolness and unevenness caused by many years of use are a clear sign for a mattress change.

Or maybe you have been sleeping on a mattress for a long time whose hardness does not correspond to your weight. However, this is a decisive factor in adapting to your body.

You should also pay attention to the lying areas when buying a new mattress. However, it does not mean that more zones mean higher quality. Lying zones only help the mattress adapt to your body.

How many zones your mattress should have depends on your own needs. It is much more important that your body parts are placed on the corresponding zones and thus the pelvis, spine and shoulders are sufficiently supported.

Since the right mattress can help against back problems, you should not skimp on quality. High-quality cold foam mattresses stand out due to their very good point elasticity and allow for optimal pressure distribution. So make sure you take a look at the quality features of cold foam mattresses.

Many manufacturers even offer extra orthopedic mattresses. Their aim is to distribute the pressure of the body over the entire lying surface in order to promote good blood circulation in the muscles and prevent tension.

However, you should know that orthopaedic mattresses are not a miracle weapon against back pain; injuries and other muscle or joint problems cannot usually be solved by changing the mattress alone.

Because of the often very high price of orthopedic mattresses, it makes sense to keep this in mind and be honest with yourself. We recommend that you make sure that you can try the chosen mattress before you spend a lot of money on little relief.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and evaluate cold foam mattresses based on these factors

In the following we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate cold foam mattresses. This makes it easier for you to choose the model that is best for you.

The most important criteria are:

  • Mattress weight
  • Available sizes
  • Mattress height
  • Hardness grades available
  • Volume weight
  • Liegezonen
  • Core cut
  • Cover material
  • Removable mattress cover

In the following, we will go into more detail about the individual purchase criteria, which will enable you to better classify them.

Mattress weight

Before you can enjoy the fresh sleep feeling of your new cold foam mattress, you should consider two things in advance. Firstly, the mattress must first make it into your bedroom. Secondly, it makes sense to turn it over regularly to increase its lifespan. In both cases the weight becomes the decisive factor.

The good news is that cold foam mattresses are considered the lightest of all mattress types. Nevertheless, you should be able to get the mattress into your home alone or with the help of friends.

Especially if you live on a higher floor, this can be quite exhausting. If you order on the Internet, the delivery to your front door is usually taken care of for you. So you can estimate in advance whether you need help with the weight.

You should also turn your cold foam mattress regularly. If a heavy weight makes this very difficult or even impossible for you, you should better choose a lighter version.

Available sizes

Of course, when choosing the appropriate size, you should consider the dimensions of your bed and slatted frame. If you have just moved into your new home and would like to equip it with a new bed, you should take the available space into account. The dimensions of mattresses are usually expressed in “width x length” in cm.

People are of very different sizes. For most adults a mattress with a length of 200 cm is sufficient. However, very tall people may also need longer mattresses. Smaller people can also save space by choosing a shorter model.

Most manufacturers offer their mattresses in different sizes. Normally there should be something for every size. If you still want a custom-made mattress, we advise you to contact the manufacturer to get an individual offer.

Also note that many slatted frames are also divided into zones. So it makes little sense to place a 140 x 200 cm mattress on a 160 x 220 cm slatted frame, for example. This can severely affect the comfort of lying down.

Mattress height

The overall height of the mattress is particularly important for you if your bed frame has a higher mattress. If the edges of the frame protrude over the mattress, there is a risk of injury.

Some people also like to simply lie a little higher. Elderly people or people with back problems often find it more comfortable to stand up from a standing position to sit on the edge of the bed or mattress for a shorter distance. A higher mattress can be especially helpful in the morning when getting up from the edge of the bed.

For thicker mattresses, more weight was usually used. They therefore result in a higher weight.

Hardness grades available

Despite the lack of a standard and thus slight differences between the manufacturers in the respective degree of hardness, the specification offers a good orientation aid. For example, a person weighing 80 kg can already exclude mattresses that are only produced with hardness grade 1.

This would simply be too soft. In some cases, it is advisable to simply try two degrees of hardness and then decide on the preferred lying position. Some manufacturers now also offer hardness grades with decimal places.

It is tried to address persons who fluctuate between two degrees of hardness. For example, the hardness grade H2.5 should represent the “golden mean” of the two most commonly purchased hardness grades H2 and H3. If you are absolutely unsure between two hardness grades, you can certainly try one.

However, the fact that a particular model of cold foam mattress is offered in several degrees of firmness offers a great advantage, especially for couples. If you and your partner decide to place one mattress per person in the bed, there will be no unpleasant differences in height with the same model.

With different models it is often difficult to find exactly the same height. Therefore, each person has its optimum degree of hardness on the same mattress.

Volume weight

As already described in the guide under quality features, the density is an indicator for the durability of a cold foam mattress. The higher the volume weight, the more raw mass is in the mattress core.

Usually, mattresses with a higher density also have a higher price because more material has been used. It is important to consider what you expect from your mattress and how it will be used.

For example, if you are looking for a cold foam mattress for a guest bed, you could also use a lower density mattress, as it is not normally subjected to permanent stress. If you only want to use your mattress for a limited time (about 5 years), a density of 40+ is not absolutely necessary.

Even with cold foam mattresses for children or babies, it can often be assumed that they are only needed up to a certain age or size. A comfortable mattress with a lower volume weight is often sufficient here.


The lying zones of a cold foam mattress ensure that your body is supported in the important places and increase the lying comfort. Lying zones are now hardly a distinctive quality feature, as they are almost standard in every cold foam mattress.

Thomas Bußkamp Executive Board

The expert relies on personal advice when buying mattresses. Ask the seller to check whether your spine is bedded in its natural position on your chosen mattress. If this is the case, you have found the right mattress for you!

Whether you choose a 5, 7 or 9 zone cold foam mattress is ultimately up to you and your preferred lying sensation. The number of lying zones has nothing to do with a specific body type. Most mattress manufacturers today offer 7-zone mattresses. If you are unsure or if you have had a 7-zone mattress and were satisfied with it, it is a good choice.

Even people with back problems do not necessarily have to resort to as many zones as possible. Test lying and comparing is the best way to help here.

Core cut

Cold foam mattresses with a 3D cube cut are considered to be of higher quality. Compared to the 2D wave cut, these are also more complex to manufacture.

However, higher production costs usually also result in a higher price for the customer. The 3D cut promises a higher lying comfort and a better ability of the mattress to adapt to the body lying on it. It also provides slightly better air circulation.

However, a mattress with a 2D cut is by no means bad. If you lie comfortably on it and perhaps feel hardly any difference to a 3D cut, you can spare your wallet with a clear conscience.

Cover material

The cover material plays a decisive role primarily for allergy sufferers. Some covers are made of animal hair and should therefore be avoided for this target group. The same applies to covers for children and baby mattresses.

Since covers that are suitable for allergy sufferers do not offer any disadvantages for people without allergies, such covers have become standard to some extent. Occasionally you can still find covers made of horsehair or camel hair. Many covers are made entirely or mainly of polyester, as it can be washed at high temperatures without any problems.

Removable mattress cover

For allergy sufferers, a removable mattress cover is a clear “must-have”. It is advisable to wash it regularly at a high temperature to avoid allergic reactions caused by impurities or bacteria. If you are looking for a child or baby mattress, the advantage of a removable mattress cover is also logical.

But such a reference is not only useful for children and allergy sufferers. In the interest of hygiene and also for the general care of your own sleeping surface, we recommend regular cleaning of the mattress cover.

There are different possibilities how the cover is attached to the mattress. Many manufacturers work with a zipper, because it surrounds the mattress in a very stable and non-slip way. Sometimes the cover is also attached with Velcro. There are no big differences in quality, you should simply choose according to your own preference.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about cold foam mattresses

How can the lifetime of a cold foam mattress be increased?

Basically, the quality characteristics mentioned in the guide have a decisive influence on the durability of a mattress. However, especially in the case of mattresses made of cold foam, regular turning and flipping of the mattress can have a positive effect on the durability.

Regularly means every one or two months or simply every time the bed linen is changed. You don’t have to worry about the resting areas. These are arranged symmetrically so that the lying comfort is not affected.

In addition, gentle covers, as well as toppers and toppers can protect the mattress from dust and sweat and delay a rapid sagging. These accessories can always be removed separately from the mattress and can therefore be easily cleaned and reattached.

The service life of a cold foam mattress can be increased by turning and flipping it regularly. Covers, overlays and toppers can protect the mattress from dust

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