Gel Mattress: Review & Recommendations

Welcome to our big gel mattress test 2020, where we present all the gel mattresses we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of customer reviews online.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best gel mattress for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a gel mattress.

The most important facts in brief

  • A gel mattress is available in various sizes as a single mattress or pair mattress and is suitable for almost every bed.
  • Gel mattresses consist of a foam core and a very pleasant gel layer that adapts flexibly to the body shape. The gel mattress is back-friendly and perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • A gel mattress should only be used with high-quality slatted frames, this is the only way to ensure long-lasting use.

Gel mattress test: Favourites of the editors

  • The best gel mattress for couples
  • The best gel mattress for singles

The best gel mattress for couples

Gel foam mattress GUMO
The ideal partner mattress for him and her with flexible core system. Super flexible in the fine adjustment of lying comfort / hardness by simply turning the mattress. This mattress is finally really flexible, universal and safe.

from199,99 EUR

more info

The gel mattress from BeCo has two different degrees of hardness and can therefore be adapted to your needs. By simply turning the mattress over, you decide which degree suits you best. It is suitable for all age groups and for stomach, back and side sleepers. The flexible core system makes the mattress especially ideal for couples.

The mattress is point elastic, dimensionally stable and breathable. Thanks to 7 lying zones with special shoulder relief system and pelvic support system, the mattress works against tension in the neck area and adapts to your spine.

The best gel mattress for singles

Gel foam mattress Duo Dynamic 2300
The mattress, which has been tested by fitness and ergonomics experts, adapts to your body and provides relief for your muscles.

from419,99 EUR

more info

The mattress from beSports is point-elastic, permanently dimensionally stable and at the same time breathable. It is about 23 cm high and has 7 lying zones. This construction relieves your spine, because the mattress generates an ergonomically correct positioning. In addition, your spinal discs and muscles are also relieved.

You can also turn this mattress over and thus individually determine the degree of hardness. The mattress is suitable for all age groups and lying positions. The ventilation and breathability are also particularly good.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before buying a gel mattress

What exactly is a gel mattress?

At first glance, gel mattresses cannot be distinguished from conventional mattresses, but their functions and characteristics are completely different.
The heavy liquid gel, which is supported by a heavy cold foam core, functions almost like a waterbed. However, the gel mattress offers more support and promotes a healthy sleeping posture.
The following video explains some aspects of the gel mattress:

A gel mattress should be produced according to the following key points:

  • 2-8cm gel layer
  • Thick layer cold foam
  • Flexible outer material

How much is a gel mattress?

In terms of price, gel mattresses are very different. You can get cheap versions for under 200€, but you can also easily spend up to 1500€.

The price of course depends very much on the size you need, if you need a gel mattress for a double bed, you will have to spend much more than only 200€.

What type of sleep is a gel mattress suitable for?

Gel mattresses are suitable for many types of sleep and offer a high comfort for everyone.
Whether side sleepers, back sleepers or something in between, gel mattresses are perfect for you. Due to the adjusting gel, gel mattresses are also ideal for restless sleep types, as the granulate moves into the initial position when it is moved.
The gel mattress offers you a pleasant sleeping climate and helps to avoid pressure points.

This makes the mattress ideal for heavily sweating sleepers and people with back or joint pain.

Gel mattresses are also very suitable for people who are bound to the bed for health reasons.

What are the alternatives to gel mattresses?

There are no limits to the alternatives. There are endless types of mattresses, waterbeds or airbeds, the mattress with the most similar characteristics is the waterbed.
To give you some alternatives:

Pocket spring core mattress
Cold foam mattress
Comfort foam mattress
Visco Mattresses

All mattresses have advantages and disadvantages for you. Find out which mattress is good for which type of sleep.

What should I pay attention to with a gel mattress?

When buying a gel mattress, you must first check the size you need. Gel mattresses are available in almost all sizes, so you should be clear beforehand what size you need.
Not every slatted frame is suitable for a gel mattress. Check whether your slatted frame is designed for gel mattresses, otherwise you will have to pay additional purchase costs.
In addition, gel mattresses, like other mattresses, are divided into hardness grades. It is essential that you pay attention to the load capacity of your new gel mattress and do not exceed this, otherwise the new purchase may be damaged.

Where can I buy a gel mattress?

Gel mattresses can be purchased in many specialist shops and also online.
Some well-known examples are:

Danish bed camp
Mattresses Concord
Sleeping world

Even discounters regularly offer gel mattresses at reasonable prices.

It is a good idea to visit local shops and get advice to find the perfect gel mattress for you.

What degree of hardness do I need for gel mattresses?

Like conventional mattresses, gel mattresses are also divided into different degrees of hardness. The degree of firmness results from different body information and can only be considered in a personal consultation.
To give you an indication, we have listed a table here that is based only on body weight. This indicates the degree of hardness for the average physique.

Which beds are suitable for a gel mattress?

Basically there is a suitable gel mattress in the right size for every frame. Also make sure you have the right slatted frame.
If you own a box spring bed and want to switch to a gel mattress, you can do so as well. But remember the height of the mattress, you may need two gel mattresses on top of each other.

If no suitable gel mattress can be found for your bed, the Geltopper is an alternative for you.

Which gel mattress is suitable for me?

Which gel mattress is suitable for you depends on your body and sleeping style. Pay attention to the hardness specifications and adhere to them. You must also choose the right size.

Especially if you sleep on your side or back, all gel mattresses are suitable for you. If you are a stomach sleeper, we advise against the use of a gel mattress.

Which gel mattress is perfect for you always depends on your personal preferences. A test bed or even a trial sleep is ideal for testing.

Decision: What types of gel mattresses are there and which one is right for you?

In the following sections the two types of gel mattresses are explained in more detail and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

What distinguishes a gel mattress and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A gel mattress is an expensive purchase. The gel mattress has a 2-8cm thick gel layer with a thick cold foam core and is therefore ideal for certain types of sleep.

The gel mattress is available in all sizes and is suitable for almost any bed, you just have to make sure you have the right slatted frame.


Different degrees of hardness
Complete mattress
Allergy friendly
Suitable for every bed


High purchase price
Needs partially new slatted frame
Not for belly sleepers

Gel mattresses are also very resistant to house mites and therefore friendly to allergy sufferers.

You can also get gel mattresses in different degrees of hardness to get the perfectly fitted gel mattress for you.

What distinguishes a Geltopper and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A gel topper is the cheap alternative to a complete gel mattress. The Geltopper consists only of a 2-8cm thick gel layer and cold foam core or other materials.

The Geltopper is attached to a normal mattress, which does not matter, and is used as a support. In principle the Topper works like the gel mattress, but does not have the same properties.


Favourable purchase price
Flexible eisetzable
Gel layer qualitatively similar to gel mattresses
Can be easily changed and cleaned


Not the same properties as gel mattresses
Non-allergenic friendly
Normal mattress required

Since the Geltopper is simply fixed to a conventional mattress, the Topper is suitable for any bed. Only the size of the Geltopper should match the size of the mattress.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate gel mattresses based on these factors

Every gel mattress has different characteristics and key data that you have to pay attention to. In the following chapter I will explain the most important data to you.

The criteria are:

  • Size
  • Volume weight
  • Hardness grade
  • Gel quality
  • Core height


You don’t have to compromise on size. Gel mattresses are available in all sizes, both as single and pair mattresses. Pay attention to your required size.

If you are completely independent of size, we recommend that you always take a slightly larger gel mattress, as the centre of gravity can be better distributed.

Gel mattresses are available in the following sizes:

Volume weight

The quality of a gel mattress is also determined by its volume weight. If the density is too low, the gel will be of lower quality.

There are two values to consider. Firstly, the density of the supporting cold foam core, which should have a density of approx. 25. The gel part of the mattress should not fall below a volume weight of 50.

Based on these values you will make a high quality gel mattress.

Hardness grade

For the hardness level you have to pay attention to your personal feeling and your body weight. A low degree of firmness means that the gel mattress is very soft and suitable for a certain body weight.

In order to enjoy all the advantages of the gel mattress, we recommend a professional consultation or a test bed to find the perfect degree of firmness for you

Find out more about the degree of hardness

The core height is only the height of the mattress core and not the height of the complete mattress. The higher the core, the more pressure sensitive the gel mattress is.

Here you decide again depending on your preferences, whether soft or a little harder, what exactly you want. On average, the core height should be between 14cm and 19cm, so an ideal gel mattress is built.

In addition, pay attention to the overall height of the gel mattress, there are also subtle differences that influence your sleep feeling.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about gel mattresses

Is a gel mattress good for the back?

At first sight, gel mattresses are very good for the back. The foam core relieves the entire musculature and is therefore gentle on joints and muscles. This applies to the back as well as to other body zones.

In addition, the gel layer provides almost perfect pressure equalization for reliable tissue perfusion. Thus a gel mattress is very healthy for the back.

These properties do not apply to people with a high body weight, as gel mattresses do not provide the support effect of conventional mattresses.

Are there gel mattresses with heating?

Gel mattresses with heating are absolutely normal and are available everywhere.

Besides the pleasant temperature in winter, the heating is also very easy to maintain. No extra cover is needed to keep the cold away from the gel, but the gel mattress is simply warmed up.

The energy costs of a gel mattress with heating are kept within limits and are even energy-saving when used correctly.

We advise against switching the heating on and off daily because of the waste of energy.

Are gel mattresses friendly to allergy sufferers?

Gel mattresses are very friendly to allergy sufferers due to the rejection of house mites. Conventional mattresses have considerably more mites than gel mattresses.

In addition, the fabric cover can be easily washed from a gel mattress to make it permanently suitable for allergy sufferers.

What are rest zones with gel mattresses?

The resting zones are specific zones in the gel mattress that are used to varying degrees in the spring core. These zones are subdivided according to body region and have different supporting properties.

A classic gel mattress has between 7 and 12 relaxation zones.

The individual zones are specified differently from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications to find the perfect gel mattress for you.

Which slatted frame is suitable for gel mattresses?

Gel mattresses should only be used with high-quality slatted frames, otherwise lasting damage to the foam layer can occur.

A high quality slatted frame is an additional cost you should consider. You can recognize a good slatted frame by the many bars that lie close together. These promote sleep and make the gel mattress durable.

Cheap alternatives will permanently damage the gel mattress.

How do I clean my gel mattress?

A gel mattress needs only minimal maintenance, which you can easily do yourself.

The cover can be washed up to 60°C depending on the manufacturer. How often you want to wash the cover is entirely up to you.

In the following video are some tips for cleaning and washing.

The gel mattress itself should be wiped twice a year with lukewarm water to prevent dust formation on the gel layer.

Additionally you should apply a vinyl care product after wiping. This prolongs the life of the mattress extremely.

Can I try a gel mattress?

Basically, you can try gel mattresses. It depends on your shop or retailer.

Most online shops offer a 90-day trial period, but be aware of the shipping costs involved.

Can I turn over a gel mattress?

Conventional mattresses are known to be reversible, it is even recommended.

However, a gel mattress is constructed differently from a normal mattress, the gel layer is only on one side and would lie on the slatted frame when turned.

Not only does this damage the gel mattress, but the positive properties of the gel mattress are also lost.

We advise against turning a gel mattress!

Are there gel mattresses for animals?

There are classic dog beds that are comparable to a gel mattress.

The core is also made of a cold foam on which a thin layer of gel lies. This is usually covered with an artificial leather cover.

Just as for humans, gel mattresses for dogs are gentle on muscles and very healthy. For other animals gel mattresses are not known, or other animals do not have a sufficient centre of gravity to justify a gel mattress.