Mattresses, All You Need To Know About Them

According to statistics, a German spends up to 24 years and four months in bed in his life. An important aspect here is the feeling of lying down, which is not only influenced by the blanket and pillow. The mattress is also essential in terms of sleeping comfort.

Mattresses are available on the market in many designs and sizes. But which is the right one for your own needs?

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Latex mattress

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cold foam mattress

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Especially when you spend the night away from home, you sleep badly at first. It’s just not your own bed. But often backache or sleeping problems are caused by the mattress. If you also sleep badly or have back pain, you should consider whether you […]

Some sleep better on pocket springs, others prefer latex as core material. What are the differences and how do they influence everyday sleep? Especially those who are about to buy their first mattress are usually faced with a mystery in the shop.

The following magazine takes a look at the topic, deals with the questions of what designs there are, what sizes and goes into the degree of hardness. Nowadays, this is a decisive factor when it comes to buying a new mattress.

At the same time we will find out if there are special models for sick people and if it is possible to accommodate them with the right mattress.

The most important facts in brief

  • The mattress generally contributes to a better sleep feeling. It is important that it is selected according to your own characteristics, lying position and preferences.
  • The processed material influences the sleep feeling immensely, which is why there is no general recommendation for or against a particular one. For example: latex mattresses are too heavy for many users. For allergy sufferers, however, they are the optimum because of their bacteria and mite repellent properties.
  • The degree of hardness of a mattress plays an important but nevertheless incidental role. Although it does not correspond to any standard, its classification into different weight classes makes it much easier to choose the right mattress model.

Definition: What are mattresses?

By definition, a mattress is an upholstery that is placed on the bed frame, above the slatted frame, to allow the person sleeping on it a comfortable lying position. A bed only becomes a bed by means of a mattress, because without it no comfortable sleeping feeling can be achieved.

Their history goes far back in time. Primitive mattresses already existed in the time of Odysseus, even though they were made of several layers of fur and carpets at that time.

Later, the Romans filled their beds with plant fibres or goose feathers in order to have it as comfortable as possible at night. They became famous around the 12th and 13th centuries, when they came to Europe from Sicily thanks to cultural exchange.

Today’s mattress was created mainly from the luxury of the higher social classes, which in earlier epochs still consisted of a collection of pillows.

Meanwhile, the common people continued to fill their salaries with reeds, straw or chaff. At the end of the 19th century the mattress finally reached the middle class.

It was only after the end of the Second World War that the development of the mattress shape that we know today began. Since then, the demands on the reclining cushions as well as slatted frames have increased noticeably. More and more people started to use natural materials as raw material, fillers such as cold foam or metal springs are standard today.

Backgrounds: What you should know about mattresses

Nowadays, mattresses are essential for the feeling of sleep at night and have a significant influence on human health. While he spends his time in bed, it supports his back, but can also be just as damaging to his health if the wrong choice is made.

In addition, they are available in different versions. Whether feathers, latex or cold foam is a matter of taste. Whereas mattresses used to be divided into three parts as standard, today they are only available in one piece, unless it is a travel model.

In the following sections you will find the different types of mattresses, get information about the degree of firmness, why it is so important and also find out what costs you have to expect.

What types of mattresses are available?

In the course of development various types of mattresses have evolved. They are distinguished mainly by their core as well as their production materials. In the table below you can learn more about the individual types and get an idea of what may ultimately contribute to a purchase decision.

One thing can be explained in advance: Today’s mattresses are divided into three to seven lying zones, regardless of the material used.

These serve to meet the needs of the individual body regions and provide them with adequate support. For example, the human body sinks deeper at the hips than in the area of the head.

Cold foam mattresses

Cold foam mattresses are made of an elastic foam. The high elasticity also distinguishes this type of mattress. In addition, it prevents the formation of hollows.

They offer good support when lying down and adapt well to the body. This type of mattress is also particularly breathable and has excellent moisture regulation properties.

When buying such a mattress you should pay attention to the HR (High Resilience) value: The higher the value, the more foam you use.

Visco foam mattresses

Visco foam mattresses are also made of an elastic foam that returns to its original shape as soon as the person lying down leaves the mattress. This reduces the pressure and distributes it evenly.

With the Visco foam mattress you have a mattress that adapts perfectly to your body shape. It offers you a soft and warm lying comfort.

This type of mattress is especially suitable for those people who like to sleep a little softer or suffer from physical complaints.

Pocket spring mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses are the new form of the spring mattress. The springs are packed into individual pockets and move independently of each other. This ensures optimum pressure distribution.

The mattresses are divided into up to nine body zones in order to give certain body regions more support or more flexibility. In addition, their structure ensures perfect ventilation.

Pocket spring mattresses are often combined with a layer of latex or cold foam. This gives them a particularly long life.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are made of a hypoallergenic material that repels dust mites and mould. However, this also makes the mattress less breathable and slightly heavier than other types of mattress.

On the other hand, it retains the warmth better than other mattresses. With an open cell structure of the mattress, better ventilation is possible.

On this mattress one has a very soft feeling when lying down and a high elasticity of the individual points of the mattress. It also has a long life span.

Polyether mattresses

Polyether mattresses are made of polyether foam. Compared to other types of mattresses, they have a rather low elasticity, but they are available at a very reasonable price.

Due to their closed cell structure, they are only partially breathable.

Bonell spring mattresses

Bonell spring mattresses have a core of springs that are connected to each other. The following applies: The more springs, the higher the lying comfort. These mattresses are usually additionally equipped with a layer of cold foam or polyether.

Bonell spring mattresses have a long life span and are still relatively cheap.

What is the hardness of a mattress?

Many consumers stumble at the latest when choosing the right degree of hardness. The degree of firmness is a value that gives information about the hardness of the mattress. The higher the value, the harder the mattress.

A good guideline to find the right degree of hardness for yourself is your own body weight as well as your height. For some mattress models, it can be helpful to incorporate personal preferences in terms of lying firmness. Usually, the following information is helpful here:

  • Hardness grade 1: up to 50 kg – very soft
  • Hardness grade 2: up to 70 kg – soft
  • Hardness grade 3: 70 to 100 kg – medium strength
  • Hardness grade 4: 100 to 130 kg – hard
  • Hardness grade 5: more than 130 kg – very hard

There are manufacturers who limit themselves to three degrees of hardness. This sometimes causes great confusion when choosing the right value. As there is no standard for this either, the degree of hardness becomes an arbitrary specification, which serves as a pure orientation but is not decisive.

An important value, which also plays a role here, is the so-called compression hardness.

It describes the density as well as the firmness of the mattress. The higher the value, the firmer the material and the texture.

In order to find the right degree of hardness for your own needs, the material of the mattress also plays a role. Visco-mattresses, for example, are bought a little too hard rather than too soft, whereas the thickness of the springs in spring mattresses increases with increasing degree of hardness.

Ultimately, the degree of firmness is a value that is important in choosing the right mattress and for which there are a few guidelines. However, the personal feeling is much more important when testing the mattress. That is why some people who weigh less than 70 kilograms are happy to buy a harder mattress with a firmness level of 3.

If any diseases are added, which the interested party must consider, the degree of hardness plays a completely different role once again.

Which mattress sizes are available?

The mattress size is usually selected according to the size of the bed frame. However, the choice of the right size also depends on your own preferences.

For example, many individuals sleep in beds that are 120 or 140 centimetres wide. Nevertheless, there are those who are content with a width of 90 centimetres.

Here is a list of the most common sizes for mattresses (these are only given in centimetres (cm))

  • 60 x 120 cm
  • 70 x 140 cm
  • 70 x 200 cm
  • 80 x 200 cm
  • 90 x 200 cm
  • 100 x 200 cm
  • 120 x 200 cm
  • 140 x 200 cm
  • 160 x 200 cm
  • 180 x 200 cm
  • 200 x 200 cm

If two people are to be placed on the mattress, it is also possible to combine two smaller ones. So it is no longer uncommon nowadays to combine two mattresses measuring 70 by 200 centimetres to form a 140 by 200 centimetre mattress.

This procedure also supports the individual feeling of lying down and allows a better choice of the degree of hardness. Furthermore, there is no need to lie down in the middle, as everyone gets the mattress they need for their needs.

Special sizes with a length of 220 centimetres are also available in the usual widths, but are still relatively rarely available on the German market.

How important is the body weight in a mattress?

The body weight plays a role in relation to the degree of hardness. Although this is largely a matter of discretion, there are a few important points to consider when buying.

On the basis of the above list of the degree of hardness it is possible to find the correct value, adapted to your own body weight.

The mattress should provide optimal pressure relief for everyone, regardless of their weight. However, it cannot do this if too little compression hardness or a low degree of hardness is selected for too much weight.

In the long run, choosing the wrong mattress can lead to neck or back pain, circulatory problems or pressure points.

It is therefore always advisable not to buy a mattress that is less hard than that which seems appropriate for your body weight.

How long does a good mattress last?

The lifespan of a mattress depends on various factors. Although the models manufactured today are all more durable than they were about 100 years ago, they have already worn out after a few years if not properly cared for, or have other deficiencies that require replacement.

With the right measures, a mattress can reach an age between ten and twenty years.

Usually dealers recommend replacement after 15 years at the latest. However, this also depends heavily on the wear and tear of the mattress.

What measures can be taken to promote durability

How much is a good mattress?

When a new mattress is needed, there is nowadays more and more often an alternative to furniture or bedding available: The order on the Internet! Of course, some people think about why they should buy mattresses on the Internet, as there is no need for a test bed.

In addition, the impression is created that such mattresses are not of good quality, as many people find them too “cheap”.

A good mattress need not be expensive. Moreover, expensive does not necessarily mean “good”.

Regardless of your sleeping habits, size or material: high-quality mattresses are available at a price of about 250 to 300 euros. The price only turns out to be higher if the buyer has certain expectations of them. Only then is the price of a good mattress higher.

In principle, there is no upper limit. By the way: Mattresses from the Internet may also be used for test sleeping. The sellers are now legally obliged to take them back if they are not satisfied.

Mattresses: Practical application and advantages

In the next sections you will find out whether there are versions for people with special needs and to what extent the possible deficits can be supported positively. We explain which mattresses are suitable for heavy persons and which models you can choose if you sweat a little more.

We also discuss special mattress models that can optimally support people with chronic pain or similar problems.

Finally, you will learn about regular care and how to do it best.

Which mattress for heavy persons?

People who are overweight do not have it easy when it comes to choosing the right mattress. Not only do they have to pay attention to the right degree of hardness, but they are also restricted in terms of the production material.

The reason for this is buried in the fact that a mattress should provide optimum pressure relief for the body lying on it. However, this is not as good with some materials as with others. That is why people who put a few extra pounds on the scale generally opt for the following mattress models:

  • cold foam
  • Natural latex
  • Viscoschaum

Some manufacturers also specialize in different concepts where the mattress is designed to be diagonally elastic to provide better relief.

These so-called heavyweight mattresses respond to the special needs of the user and offer a comfortable and even orthopaedic sleeping experience where there is no need to fear pressure points or back pain.

Thanks to these mattresses, it is also possible to take into account the individual stature when choosing the right mattress. Because not every overweight person is full in the middle. With larger persons the distribution of weight can be completely different.

Which mattress for people with allergies?

At first glance it seems difficult to find the right mattress for an allergy sufferer, but this is a fallacy. Basically, there is hardly anything simpler. After all, allergy sufferers attach particular importance to avoiding contact with house dust mites or their excrements, which accumulate in almost every mattress.

For allergy sufferers, a latex mattress is always an option. This is because it has the natural property of repelling both mould spores and house dust mites. Latex is of no interest to these bacteria and cultures, so they do not settle on it.

In case of doubt, if a different mattress is specifically desired, special covers are available for allergy sufferers to ensure that the owners do not come into contact with the harmful allergens.

Which mattress for sweating or freezing persons?

Some people tend to freeze all the time. Others sweat much too quickly. These fundamentally different conditions do not make it easy to find the right mattress model.

However, what is recommended for those who are always cold and prefer a little warmer is that nowadays every mattress has a summer and winter side. Accordingly, the heat can be regulated a little bit in any case. Latex mattresses are also recommended because they are naturally a little warmer than other materials.

For those who sweat constantly and actually like it cool, a model with particularly good ventilation is recommended. Thanks to their open pores, cold foam mattresses have very good air circulation and are therefore breathable. In some models there are additional air channels which ensure even better air exchange.

Pocket spring mattresses are considered the mattress with the coolest properties. Heat accumulation is generally prevented with these models, which makes it possible to sleep in a relaxed manner. The moisture-regulating quality transports excessive sweat away very well, making sleep particularly airy.

Which mattress for people with physical pain?

Back pain has become a real widespread disease nowadays. The hard everyday life is not necessarily always to blame.

Some people get so lost in bed that they get up in the morning with corresponding suffering. A mattress should of course be chosen so that back pain does not occur in the first place.

If someone regularly suffers from back pain and it is proven that this is not due to their sleeping habits, the use of a cold foam or visco-foam mattress is a good idea. These ensure optimum point relief and ensure that the body also gets the rest it needs at night and can recover.

Although the division into different zones is useful, it should also optimally support the areas where the user needs it.

The degree of hardness also plays a role. It is often chosen too soft, which causes the back to sag during sleep and thus causes pain.

If there is already a slipped disc, it makes sense to choose a mattress that is not too soft, so that the back receives sufficient support, but at the same time is relieved.

In this case, cold foam and visco-foam mattresses are also suitable, some of which are additionally equipped with a gel topper, which additionally relieve the spine and promote a more positive sleep feeling.

In case of doubt, there are also orthopaedic mattresses on the market that can be individually designed. Although they are made of a mixture of cold foam and visco-foam, certain properties can be adjusted – depending on the manufacturer – to meet individual needs.

Which mattress in which sleeping position?

Every person sleeps in a comfortable position preferred by them. There are the side sleepers, back sleepers, belly sleepers and those who change their position repeatedly throughout the night. Accordingly, the mattress needs certain characteristics.

Here is a table, which contains the corresponding requirements to be observed for the respective sleeping position:

Cleaning the mattress – what should I pay attention to?

It used to be the rule that from time to time the litter and straw bags on which the common people slept were replaced. Alternatively, the three-part models were simply tapped outside to remove dust and other dirt. Thus the minimum of hygiene was fulfilled and was absolutely sufficient for the time.

Nowadays, some mattresses reach the age of ten or even twenty years, because they are made of higher quality and the material lasts longer.

It is also equipped with two sides so that it can be turned at least once a month. In order to remove further dirt, current mattresses have one advantage: their cover is removable and can be cleaned in the washing machine.

According to the sewn-in care symbol, the cover should be washed at least once a month, preferably at 90 degrees Celsius.

In this way, dirt, as well as bacteria, mould, dust, pollutants, sweat, skin flakes and even house dust mites disappear. This is particularly important and essential for allergy sufferers.

Although today’s mattresses ensure a good exchange of air, it is important during the day not to lay the blanket on completely but to allow it to release the moisture absorbed overnight into the atmosphere.

Professional and also regular care influences the lifespan of every mattress and guarantees that the user will still be able to enjoy a good sleeping experience in a few years.


Besides pillow and blanket, the mattress in the bed is a decisive factor that contributes to the feeling of sleep. Because there are so many different materials, many people find it difficult to choose the right model.

Facilitating factors here are the properties of the materials and the degree of hardness. The latter is rather a guideline, thanks to which the hardness of the mattress is much easier to select.

Since there are mattresses in a wide range of sizes, there is the right one for every need. However, when two people use the same mattress, individual needs should always be taken into account and, in case of doubt, a mattress should be chosen that benefits both of them and does not impair the feeling of sleep.

Where necessary, the market also offers special mattresses to help people with pain or allergies and help relieve symptoms.

With the right care and handling, a mattress can reach the age of 15 or even 20 years. It is usually recommended to buy a new one after ten to 15 years to avoid too much wear and tear.