Best Pillow For Back Pain

Do you wake up feeling stiffness and aches in your back on a regular basis? Do you feel pressure, tension or pain in your back?
If these issues plague you and are affecting your quality of sleep, then you may need a new pillow. The route cause of back pain can often be traced back to your pillow.
If you are like me and are fed up with feeling stiff and sore when you wake up, then you need to buy a pillow that is designed to reduce pain in your back. If you are not sure what pillow will work best for you, then here are our top 5 favorite pillows for back pain:

Best Pillows for Back Pain Rated & Reviewed

1. CR Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow

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CR Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow

The CR Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow is a good option if you suffer from back pain because of its medium firm feel which helps reduce pain, tension or pressure, and its contoured wave design which gently cradles your head and supports your spine and back.
It comes with a removable and machine washable cover and is completely hypoallergenic. Its premium jersey material offers great airflow and ventilation to help keep you cool and more comfortable all through the night.

      2. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow

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      Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow

      The Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow is a great option if you suffer from chronic back pain because it provides therapeutic support, which means your spine and neck are placed in healthy alignment to ensure maximum support.
      It has an ergonomic shape and when this is combined with its memory foam material, it provides a great deal of comfort by cradling and supporting your head and neck.
      What’s more is that the memory foam material that this pillow is made of is soft enough to be comfortable, but firm enough that it does not collapse beneath the weight of your head, so it offers maximum support.
      The contoured shape of this pillow helps to align your neck and spine which reduces pain and pressure in your back.
      In addition, it is made with cooling memory foam which helps to keep you at a comfortable temperature without overheating or sweating too much.

          3. OXA Pocket Spring Pillow

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          OXA Pocket Spring Pillow

          The OXA Pocket Spring Pillow is an excellent option you if you struggle with back pain because it is durable, supportive, comfortable and cool.
          It doesn’t loose its shape over time due to its non-flatten system which means it will continue supporting your body.
          It has 40 inner coils which are separately wrapped which means that the pillow can respond quickly and easily to your movement.
          This design also means that your head is cradled in a gentle yet very supportive manner at all times.
          Its active contour design helps to properly align your spine which helps to reduce pain, stiffness, pressure and tension in your neck, back and shoulders.
          It also comes with a percale weave cover with a 3D spacer mesh and silky fibers which promote great airflow and help to wick away moisture and heat to ensure you are at a cool and comfortable temperature all night long.
          A pillow that has cooling features means that you will have a more comfortable night’s sleep. This translates to you being less likely to toss and turn, resulting in less spinal misalignment and less back pain.

              4. EasyLife185 Memory Foam Pillow

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              EasyLife185 Memory Foam Pillow

              The EasyLife185 Memory Foam Pillow is a good option for you if you suffer from back pain, as well as if you struggle with hip, knee or joint pain.
              Its ergonomic design makes it a great fit if you place it under your waist because it provides great support by keeping your hips, spine and legs in proper alignment which reduces pressure and pain especially in your lower back region.
              This pillow also improves your circulation and blood flow which makes you more comfortable and less likely to move around and misalign your back.
              Its memory foam material is durable, and the pillow doesn’t lose its shape over time. It is also anti-bacterial and dust mite resistant.
              What’s more is that it has a breathable aloe cover that keeps you cooler, and which can be removed and washed to keep it clean at all times.

                  5. Amada Soft Pillow

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                  Amada Soft Pillow

                  The Amada Soft Pillow is a good option if you suffer from back pain because of its support, comfort and design. It is made with 50 sensitive springs which respond quickly to the weight of your head, as well as any movements you make throughout the night.
                  Its ergonomic design supports your head, neck and back and promotes proper spinal alignment which makes you more comfortable and helps reduce pain and pressure in your head, neck and back.
                  It is made from plush and ice silk fabric which helps ensure you are at an optimum temperature no matter what the weather.
                  The height and level of this pillow can be adjusted by opening and removing some of the cotton filling, meaning you can ensure your head and neck lay perfectly level which will reduce tension and pressure build up, and ultimately neck and back pain. The pillow can be kept clean by washing it as well.

                      6 ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

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                      Best Value
                      ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

                      This orthopedic knee pillow is ideal for side sleepers to provide support between the legs or knees in order to maintain alignment of the spine. With proper alignment, the pain in your back can be eased.
                      The ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow is made from 100% memory foam, providing you with good support to maintain proper spinal alignment. It also features a breathable, machine-washable cover, so you don’t have to worry about waking up and worsening your back pain from sudden movements due to itchy pillow covers!

                          7 AngQi Pregnancy Pillow

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                          Best Value
                          AngQi Pregnancy Pillow

                          Pregnant women are prone to back pain, so if you are pregnant, do not be afraid to get a maternity or pregnancy pillow if you want to relieve the pain in your back.
                          Since this is a body pillow, it can support both back and side sleepers who suffer from back pains. However, if you are trying to relieve back pain, it would be best to use this when sleeping on your side.

                              8 Meeracula Premium Adjustable Loft

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                              Meeracula Premium Adjustable Loft

                              If you need a pillow to relieve back pain but are concerned because you toss and turn in your sleep, then this might be the pillow for you!
                              Its adjustable loft can be used on your head or stomach, and can even be used by side sleepers. Meeracula’s pillow features shredded Centipur-US Certified memory foam, which is highly malleable and is very soft.
                              Because of these qualities, you can be sure to target the pressure points of your back pain while reaping the benefits of a soft and huggable pillow.
                              You also do not have to worry about the stuffing coming out because Meeracula uses high-quality stitches and industrial-level zippers, making the pillow durable.

                                  9 CompuClever Memory Foam Bolster Pillow

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                                  CompuClever Memory Foam Bolster Pillow

                                  This half-moon pillow can be used for back support when sitting down or as a neck support, a knee support, or a leg-spacer when lying down.
                                  Thus, it can support almost all types of sleepers suffering from back pain. When the strain on your back is too much, you can distribute your weight using this bolster pillow on your leg.
                                  This pillow is made entirely from memory foam, so it can target the pressure points on your back to decrease your back pain.
                                  The outermost cover is made of soft velvet and features an anti-slip part on its flat side, creating great traction when using it as a knee elevator – lessening the pain on your back. As a leg spacer, back pain sufferers can benefit from its strap with lock, ensuring good spinal alignment and bearable back pain when sleeping on your side.

                                      10 Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Full Body Pillow

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                                      Best Value
                                      Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Full Body Pillow

                                      This 54-inch body pillow can be used on your head or as a side-sleeping pillow for in between your knees. These are the two positions recommended for relieving back pain.
                                      This body pillow is stuffed with interlocking memory foam, which can be taken out to adjust the fill. Because it is malleable, you can be assured that it gives you the best possible support for your back.
                                      Also, it features a Kool-FlowTM pillowcase, which is a micro-vented bamboo cover that is breathable, cooling, and hypoallergenic.

                                          Our Best Choice

                                          And the winner is….. the OXA Pocket Spring Pillow! We chose this one as our winner because of its material, support, durability and pain reduction capabilities.
                                          Although memory foam pillows like the others reviewed are a great option for back pain, this pillow is made from individually wrapped coils which are very supportive and extra responsive.
                                          Its non-flatten design system means that it does not dip or collapse beneath your head, and its durability ensures that it stays plump and plush at all times; it won’t lose its shape over time. And, it really does reduce pain in areas such as your back, neck and shoulders.
                                          This is in part due to its independent suspension and its contour shape, which quickly responds to movement and weight to ensure that it is providing adequate support.
                                          It promotes proper spinal alignment as well which means that pain, pressure and tension in these vulnerable areas is massively reduced. It is comfortable and cooling too, and just a good all around pillow for back pain sufferers.

                                          Our Buying Guide

                                          Did you know that choosing a pillow that specifically targets back pain will greatly benefit you, both physically and mentally? If you currently use a pillow that that does specifically target back pain, then chances are you are not aware how using a pillow designed specifically for back pain sufferers could improve your overall sleep and health. It’s a good idea to know what actually causes the back pain so you know how to combat it:

                                          What does back pain feel like?

                                          Back pain is felt on your upper back, lower back, and even crawls down your leg. You might feel the pain because of skeletal or muscular reasons.
                                          It might also be related to various kinds of conditions such as sciatica, herniated disc, or degenerative muscle diseases.
                                          Pain in the back is usually caused by strenuous activities such as lifting heavy objects or accidents such as slipping and falling. It may also be due to strained ligaments or muscles, damaged discs, or fractures.

                                          What Causes Back Pain?

                                          The most common cause of back pain is using a pillow that does not properly align your neck and spine. The main function of a good pillow is to ensure that your spine is aligned in a neutral position starting from your head, all the way down to your lower back.
                                          When you are properly aligned, the curves of your neck and back will be aligned resulting in no pressure build up.
                                          If your head and neck is lying too high or too low, then pressure and tension will build up and you will start to experience pain in your neck and back. As a result, keeping your neck and head level whilst you sleep is extremely important.

                                          Why choose a pillow that targets your back?

                                          You normally don’t feel the shooting pain in your back when reclined in a well-supported position.
                                          When you sleep on your back, the buttocks create a gap in the small region of your back, where the shooting pain might be.
                                          What many people fail to consider when sleeping is gravity – the force that strains your body depending on how you sleep. Because there is a gap, you might want to consider filling it with a pillow to support your weight and relieve back pain.
                                          Conversely, you could also distribute your weight elsewhere with an ergonomic pillow. With proper support, you do not have to worry about making your back pain worse.
                                          What can back pain lead to? In some cases, simple back pain may lead to degenerative spinal conditions or ankylosing spondylitis or stiffness of the lower back. Do not leave back pain unchecked.
                                          Prevent possible complications by using a proper pillow.

                                          How to pick a pillow for back pain?

                                          Consider your sleeping position
                                          When buying a pillow for your back, you might want to consider its shape. Ask yourself if it supports the way you sleep.
                                          When sleeping on your back, some gaps that you need to support are around your neck, on your lower back, and under your knees.
                                          Therefore, back sleepers can benefit from pillows that contour at the neck, low lumbar pillows, and half-moon bolster pillows under the knees.
                                          Some people focus on getting an ergonomic neck pillow and simply put a rolled-up towel under their knees. The benefit of supporting the natural curve under your knees is that it keeps the natural alignment of your lower back and spine.
                                          As such, the weight that is supposedly on your lower back is distributed to the pillow under your knees.
                                          If you are a side sleeper, you can also benefit from neck contour pillows and another pillow for your knees. You can choose from different shapes such as the leg wedge pillow, a half-moon bolster pillow, a body pillow, or even a regular pillow.
                                          Similar to the function of a pillow under the knees for back sleepers, the additional leg pillows here are meant to align your lower back and spine.
                                          Leg wedge pillows are naturally shaped to fit between your knees, so you might appreciate them if you do not want a huge gap between your legs. Bolster pillows might have a stiff half-moon shape, so if you are not used to sleeping with something between your knees, you might want to avoid this.
                                          Body pillows and regular pillows simulate hugging, which might give you an additional benefit of oxytocin while you are catching your forty winks.
                                          If you toss and turn while you sleep, it might be best to get the body pillow, the regular pillow, or a leg wedge pillow with a strap.
                                          Some encourage sleeping in the fetal position if you have back pain, particularly if you are suffering from a herniated disc.
                                          Drawing your knees closer to your chest might help in opening the space between your vertebrae – helping ease the pain from your protruding disc. A very soft pillow – a regular one or a body pillow – might help you feel comfortable in this position.
                                          Some people can only catch their forty winks when they sleep on their stomach. This is not advised if you have back pain since the gravitational force can be particularly harsh on your neck and lower back.
                                          Nonetheless, if this is the only position you are comfortable sleeping in, you can get a breathable contoured neck pillow for your head and a low-fill stomach pillow for your abdominal region.
                                          Some experts also advise sleeping without a pillow for your head and only for your stomach. Still, if you can avoid this position, train yourself to sleep on your back or on your side with specialty pillows.
                                          Consider the material
                                          Memory foam is made of a viscoelastic material, which contours when heat is applied to it. It is hypoallergenic, but not as breathable as other materials.
                                          Some manufacturers couple a memory foam pillow with organic bamboo pillowcase so that it can circulate air. Other manufacturers use shredded memory foam to make a pillow more breathable and malleable.
                                          If you toss and turn in your sleep, it might be best to have a memory foam neck pillow, body pillow, or leg pillow.

                                          What To Look For?

                                          Shape: The shape of the pillow you choose will play a role in how well it supports your spine, and hence your back. The types of pillow to support your back are curved pillows, as well as flat form pillows and contoured shaped pillows.
                                          Features: Your new pillow should be designed with spinal alignment in mind, and it will say so on the packaging in-store or in the description if you are shopping online.
                                          Firmness: If you want your new pillow to correctly support your back, then it needs to be firm! Your head should definitely not sink too far into the pillow, because this will immediately throw your neck and spine out of proper alignment.
                                          Test the pillows out and pick one that is firm yet comfortable for you.

                                          What Are The Benefits of This Type of Pillow?


                                          When you purchase a pillow that is specifically targeted for back pain, you will notice that it offers very good support for key pressure points including your back, neck and shoulders.
                                          Having good support is an absolute essential to minimising pressure in these important areas.

                                          Pain Reduction:

                                          When you use a pillow that provides adequate support, you will notice that the pressure build up in your back will be significantly less.


                                          When you lie on a pillow that offers you adequate support, you will automatically feel more comfortable because your neck, head and shoulders will be perfectly aligned.

                                          Better Quality Of Sleep:

                                          When you sleep with a pillow that is both supportive, comfortable and keeps your spine in proper alignment, you are bound to fall into a much deeper and more relaxed sleep.
                                          It will also help to reduce the likelihood of tossing and turning during the night, resulting in a more undisturbed sleep.


                                          Overall, if you are suffering from aches and pains in your back when you sleep or wake up, then choosing a pain specifically targeted for back pain sufferers could really make the world of difference.
                                          There are plenty of pillows marketed to target back pain, but it’s important to check the firmness, material and features/design of the pillow before choosing one to make sure your new pillow will work well for you.
                                          We highly suggest the OXA Pocket Spring Pillow because its individually wrapped coils make it super responsive and extra supportive. It also promotes great spinal alignment which, along with its support and comfort, will help you reduce your back pain.