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Your own four walls are only relaxing if you equip them with what is good for you. This includes, above all, different furniture as well as the appropriate decoration. Besides cushions, blankets are a welcome element, especially in the living room and bedroom. But they are also used in other rooms.

The variety of ceilings is great, both in terms of materials and size. In addition, their purpose is very broad. Thanks to the matching ceiling, or a plaid, you can create a cosy atmosphere.

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The following magazine deals with the subject of ceilings, explains what materials they are made of, how they can be used effectively and explains how expensive a good ceiling actually is.

This way you will also find the right blanket for your cozy and comfortable home.

The most important facts in brief

  • The applications of ceilings are so versatile that they become almost unmanageable. You can’t have enough of them in your home, as they are an ideal decorative item in addition to their heat retention properties.
  • Ceilings are made from a wide variety of materials. Cotton and natural fibres are typical, but fleece and microfibre are also increasingly used.
  • The cost of a blanket varies greatly. Some are quite cheap to buy, while others, made of high-quality materials and elaborate workmanship, can easily cost triple figures.

Definition: What are blankets?

A blanket is a textile that is used to cover something. The main purpose is to warm up, but other backgrounds are also known.

The most significant differences are in the type of production and material. Among the most famous blankets are the duvet, the home blanket, bedspreads and plaids.

Although tablecloths, rescue blankets or horse blankets are also subsumed under the generic term, they are not the subject of the information in this magazine.

Backgrounds: What you should know about blankets

There is a wide range of differences between ceilings, often differentiated according to their purpose and the material they are made of. Although it is mainly used to keep something warm, this is not necessary for certain materials.

In the following we will take a closer look at the typical materials used in the manufacture of ceilings and, above all, the advantages they offer.

Afterwards, we clarify how expensive a ceiling may actually be and what one can expect from inexpensive variants. First of all, it should be said in any case: even if it often seems in department stores that home ceilings are only available in plain colours, this is deceptive.

Blankets are also in:

  • different colors
  • Samples
  • with finishes

available. A calm black or noble grey provides wonderful design possibilities in the household. With the patterns it may also be a little more unusual. Stars, stripes, graphics – there are no limits to your imagination.

The same is true with regard to the finishes. Some blankets have sequin patterns, gold embossing, or are decorated with embroidered motifs.

What material for blankets?

Depending on the material of which a blanket is made, it can be used for different purposes. Wool blankets are mainly used as ordinary home blankets, while plaids and bedspreads are made of synthetic fibres and do not need to keep warmth at all.

The following table deals with the regular materials and explains their advantages:

How much are blankets?

How expensive a blanket is usually depends on the material used and its quality. There are already blankets that are available at very reasonable prices. Often they are made of fleece and are only a small size.

On the other hand, in the case of imitation woven fur, which is used as a home rug, a rug can be in the higher, three-digit range. The decisive factor is always the design and how real it looks.

Woollen blankets made of high quality materials, such as cotton and natural hair, are also slightly higher in price, because they are made of high quality fabrics, the processing of which is taken into account. Moreover, they correspond to a certain luxury nowadays.

Meanwhile, home blankets made of microfibre materials are comparatively inexpensive, because the raw material is plastic, which is processed into fibres.

Bedspreads are a special feature in terms of price. First and foremost, it is assumed here that they do not have any special properties, as they are only spread on the bed during the day. The fact is, however, that their fibres are permeable to air and thus allow good circulation.

They are also available in a wide variety of designs. Some of them are so elaborately designed that the high price is justified.

Some of them are decorated with fine embroidery, including gold or silver threads. Until a few years ago, a bedspread was not for nothing an integral part of the wedding expenses, which were financed by the bride’s parents.

In addition, bedspreads always have an extreme size, as they not only cover the bed, but also fall to the floor. Accordingly, the consumption of the fabric also plays a role in the price.

It is therefore not possible to make a general statement about the price of a good home ceiling. Depending on the intended use, it can be available at an extremely low price. However, if noble materials are used in the production process, it almost reaches the limit of the unaffordable.

Ceilings: Practical application and advantages

You now know how expensive a blanket can be and what materials it is made of. Now let’s take a look at the versatility of blankets, which is almost a little unmanageable.

There are ceilings that are used exclusively for decorative purposes, while others are indispensable for keeping warmth.

What types of ceiling are available?

There are many different types of ceiling and most ceilings can be used for several purposes.

home ceiling

It can be both cuddly and handy and is made of wool or synthetic fibres. The variety is inexhaustible. It primarily serves the feeling of well-being and is usually found on the sofa.

In the evening you snuggle up in her and enjoy a movie. Especially in winter she is often consulted and warms the bones after a walk in the coolness.

Dignified colours are particularly popular, but a striking pink is also allowed from time to time. A big advantage is that they are excellent as decorative elements to underline the style of your own home.


The duvet is mainly used in bed, remarkably mainly within Europe. It is available in various materials and is usually covered with a duvet cover.

Its peculiarity is that it is sewn in such a way that fibres are processed in its interior, which allow a higher heat retention, which is also its real purpose. That is why it is also available in different thicknesses to suit the seasons.

Typical fillings consist of down, natural hair (alpaca or camel) or synthetic hollow fibres.


The Plaid is a living or traveling blanket, which is made of high quality materials. Typical materials are camel hair, wool or acrylic. A special feature that many plaids have is their design: The blankets have a fimbriated edge and are made of a different material on the top than on the bottom.

As far as their size is concerned, they are usually designed somewhat smaller than the familiar home ceilings, and are also an ideal design tool for creating a homely atmosphere at home.


Bedspreads are used to cover the bed throughout the day. The use of bedspreads was mainly influenced by the fact that both sheets and blankets occasionally contain dirt that should not be carried outside. Therefore, the bed was covered with a bedspread as standard.

Although most of them are made of synthetic fibres, they have air-permeable properties to allow good circulation. Some bedspreads are elaborately embroidered and are basically a further development of the well-known quilt.


A form of bedspread that can also be used as a living ceiling.

The quilt is usually handmade and is composed of small or larger squares. In some cultures it is part of the standard equipment of every family and is used as a blanket as well as a tapestry.

A quilt can be made of both thinner and thicker fabrics, but is basically made of two layers of fabric. In many cases, a layer of fleece is placed between these two layers to keep the heat in.

The patterns as well as embroideries on the blanket are often very imaginative. Not infrequently, they are – unless they are industrially processed – unique specimens.


There is one thing that stands above everything else when it comes to the cuddly blanket: it must be as fluffy as possible.

It is often used by children and is their constant companion. Such a blanket gives children and babies security. They also like to wrap themselves in it and feel comfortable and secure. It is made of different materials.

Nowadays, however, microfibre is often used because it is a fluffy material that is particularly cuddly.

Use the ceiling for what?

As far as the purposes are concerned, a blanket is so versatile that you quickly lose track of it. Basically, it is true that a blanket is always an ideal companion, regardless of season or temperature.

We have all used it as a base for picnics, built castles on the ceiling with the children, or just snuggled up in the evening and had tea in front of the TV.

Beautiful blankets for the sofa are usually for design purposes, but are just as welcome when it comes to evening cuddling while watching TV.

Woolen blankets or plaids are perfect for this occasion. In addition, they are relatively easy to care for, so that they can be replaced at any time if necessary, and ideally you should have several of them in the house.

Bedspreads, on the other hand, are replaced during regular use, especially when the bed is changed. In this way, no dirt or stains are carried from bedding to bedding.

Therefore, it is also recommended to own several of them. By the way: Some sets also come with matching cushions.

In principle, there is one principle: you can never have enough blankets in your household. They serve so many purposes and are especially useful when children live in the house.

The same is true for pets, where blankets are usually laid out on the sofa to avoid unsightly scratch marks from claws and to give the four-legged friends a comfortable place to rest if they are allowed on the sofa.

The fact that ceilings are used as decoration has many advantages: they may give the sofa a longer life, si

What size blanket?

There is as much variety in the size of the ceiling as in the colours and uses. However, they can be limited to a few. When buying a new ceiling, the purpose of use can also be decisive. For example, for a baby blanket, a slightly smaller size is used, while for sofa blankets it may be a little larger.

Ceilings that are used purely for decoration purposes may also be a little narrower. They have a width of 50 to 70 centimetres and are 200 centimetres long. They are perfect for decorating the seat of a couch, for example.

The typical sizes for residential ceilings are as follows:

  • 100 cm x 150 cm
  • 100 cm x 200 cm
  • 130 cm x 170 cm
  • 150 cm x 200 cm
  • 180 cm x 220 cm
  • 220 cm x 240 cm

The rule here is: the bigger the blanket, the higher the cuddling factor. It also depends on whether you snuggle up in the blanket alone or in pairs.

If, on the other hand, the blanket is used inside the bed to retain additional warmth, a blanket size of at least 150 centimetres wide combined with a length of 200 centimetres is recommended.

With the bedspread, on the other hand, the sizes also differ greatly. The decisive factor here is always whether it should also fall to the sides, down to the floor, or whether it is just laid underneath. Typical sizes available in stores:

  • single beds: 145 cm x 210 cm or 140 cm x 210 cm
  • double beds: 290 cm x 210 cm or 280 cm x 210 cm

The size of the bed is also a good guideline, which can be used to calculate the minimum size. For example, if the bed is 160 centimetres wide, 200 centimetres long and 50 centimetres high, the bedspread should be at least 240 centimetres wide and 240 centimetres long.

If the bed has an integrated foot section, a length of 200 centimetres is recommended.

If the bedspread is only folded in at the sides under the mattress, the size will be calculated differently again. In the example the bed is again 160 centimetres wide and 200 centimetres long.

This time the height is 20 centimetres. The minimum size of the bedspread is 240 centimetres in width, plus 240 centimetres in length. On each side, 20 centimetres of the fabric are folded under the mattress.

Finally, it also plays a role with the bedspread whether the headboard should be added or not. Because then another 40 centimetres are added to the length.

As you can see very well from this example alone, choosing the right size is not so easy. However, when it comes to a simple living room ceiling, one principle applies: what you like is allowed. Accordingly, a single person can snuggle up in a 220 centimetre wide and 240 centimetre long ceiling without a guilty conscience.


Although ceilings are primarily a design element for many people, they can also serve other purposes. They are cuddling partners, an alternative for the hot water bottle and make the cosy TV evening alone or in twos a pleasant experience.

They are available in almost all sizes and colours. Added to this is the wide range of materials used in production today.

A good ceiling does not necessarily have to be expensive. Cheap models sometimes keep just as warm as more expensive ones. In principle there is something for every budget. But if you want to, you can just as well spend a lot of money on a nice home ceiling. In addition, these become an object in the household that you do not want to miss anymore.

We learn to appreciate blankets from childhood on. Not least because of the blanket that warms our feet on cold nights and cuddly blankets that are popular with children in the form of a blanket castle where they can let their imagination run wild.

Wool and fleece blankets are just as treasured and, with the right care, a lifelong companion from which you can always expect that little bit more warmth when it’s a bit colder outside, or alternatively simply want to give your living room or bedroom that certain something.

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