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welcome to our big box spring bed 180×200 Test 2020. here we present you all box spring beds 180×200 tested by us in detail. we have compiled detailed background information for you and also added a summary of customer reviews on the net.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best box spring bed 180×200 for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page, which you should pay attention to if you want to buy a 180×200 box spring bed.

The most important facts in brief

  • Box spring beds 180×200 offer a useful addition to existing bed-slatted frame models, which are characterised by a variety of physiological and sensory advantages
  • The unique construction of box spring beds 180×200 ensures optimal adaptation to the body and thus supports the spine, which results in increased lying quality
  • When buying box spring beds, a large number of variables should be taken into account. In addition to sleeping and lying habits, individual factors such as age and body weight should also be taken into account

Box spring bed with a size of 180×200 Test: Favourites of the editorial staff

  • The best solid wood box spring bed
  • The best all-round box spring bed in a size of 180×200
  • The best comfortable box spring bed 180×200
  • The best King box spring bed 180×200

The best solid wood box spring bed


Bruno solid wood box spring bed

Buy from Brunobett

The Bruno box spring bed is the winner of the German Design Award 2018. The box spring bed appeared to us as a whole to be of very high quality and excellent workmanship. Visually, the bed is certainly one of the most beautiful box spring beds on the German market.

The included mattress made of BrunoX foam provided excellent sleeping comfort and can be tested in one of Brunobett’s 6 showrooms in Germany or Switzerland. Of course you can also use any other suitable mattress in combination with your Bruno box spring bed.

As a customer you have the possibility to assemble your box spring bed online according to your wishes. You have the choice of different headboards, colours and feet. A 30-day right of return and a 10-year guarantee together with our positive test result guarantee that you can do little wrong with this product. The box spring bed is available in various sizes, including 180 x 200 cm.

The best all-round box spring bed in a size of 180×200

The Helena box spring bed 180×200 produced in Oeynhausen (NRW Germany) convinces on all levels. Due to the selection of high-quality materials, the box spring bed not only leaves an extremely positive impression visually, but also through its properties.

The bed has the dimensions 214x180x67 cm and a weight of 180 kg.

The customer is free to choose the degree of hardness of the mattresses and the colours. Furthermore, the material of the topper can also be chosen. The model is very popular with its buyers – they appreciate above all the extremely adaptable and body supporting effect of the mattresses.

The best comfortable box spring bed 180×200

Only just behind the Helena box spring bed 180×200 is the piano box spring bed 180×200, which is also produced in Oeynhausen (NRW Germany).

The 208x108x67 cm bed has a total weight of 180 kg and is available free of charge throughout Germany.

Here, too, the colours and degree of hardness of the mattresses as well as the topper can be freely selected by the customer, with a wide range of choices available. The model is appreciated by customers mainly because of the positive effect of the box spring bed on the quality of sleep.

The best King box spring bed 180×200

The King Boxspringbed 180×200 is offered by Betten Jumbo and advertises above all with its unique price-performance quality. The boxspringbed is easy to assemble and if required, different toppers in different colours can be chosen.

Furthermore, the bed features a high-quality pocket spring mattress and additional storage space.

The King box spring bed 180×200 offers the customer various options, fast delivery and convinces not least by professional and competent advice. Buyers of this box spring bed point out above all the greatly improved sleep quality since the bed was purchased.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a box spring bed 180×200

What is a box spring bed 180×200 and how is it constructed?

The box spring bed 180×200, which is often also called American bed or hotel bed, is characterized by its three-part construction. The elements used are: the underbox or box spring, the mattress and the topper. In the following the exact construction of a box spring bed 180×200 is explained in more detail.

Lower level: The box spring

The lower box, also known as box spring – a composition of the English words “box” and “spring” – is the eponymous and therefore most important feature of a box spring bed. The lower part of the box spring bed 180×200 usually stands on massive wooden feet, which provides for optimal air circulation.

The boxspring generally contains a base made of solid wood, which encloses the inner springs, consisting of pocket or bonell springs. What the spring system has in common is that they provide an evenly distributed cushioning over the entire surface of the bed.

Middle level: The mattress

On the lower box, as on most standard beds, there is a mattress. This requires an optimum match between the underbox and the mattress so that the spring system works together with the mattress in the best possible way. Mostly mattresses with a 7-zone barrel pocket spring core mattress are used here.

The specific structure of these mattresses leads to a point-elastic cushioning of the body, whereby the mattress adapts individually to each part of the body and supports it through different forms of sinking.

With other mattress and spring systems, there is a risk that the perceived lying sensation on the 180×200 box spring bed is classified as too soft.

In addition, mattresses with a polyether cover and mattresses with a cold foam cover can be used. The unique structure of these mattresses ensures that they quickly return to their original shape after use. This has a positive effect on lying comfort.

Top level: The Topper

The top layer of the box spring bed 180×200 is the topper, which is a thin, additional mattress. This fulfils various functions, depending on individual interests and preferences.

First and foremost, the Topper provides increased comfort and cosiness and is usually covered with a climate cover. The Topper largely protects the middle element of the box spring bed.

In addition, the topper can be selected according to specific requirements in such a way that it increases the lying firmness (cold foam topper), decreases lying firmness (climalatex topper) or stores the heat by means of a thermodynamic effect (visco topper).

For whom is a box spring bed 180×200 suitable?

Every person spends about a third of his or her entire life asleep in bed. Therefore, the right choice of the box spring bed 180×200 is crucial, which is why it is not possible to give a general answer to this question.

The question for whom a box spring bed 180×200 is suitable depends on the following factors: lying strength, lying position and individual circumstances such as age, relationship status, spatial conditions, sweating, allergies and body weight.

What does a box spring bed 180×200 cost?

The regular price range of box spring beds 180×200 is between 800€ and 5000€, although there are also cheaper models in the price range of 500 to 800€.
If you take a closer look at the product details, you will quickly understand how the different prices are based on various quality features. Typical price differences usually result from these factors:

The box spring is not made of solid wood, but of other (cheaper) chipboard
Plastic feet are used instead of solid wood feet
Mattresses are upholstered with PU
Elastic, cheaper materials such as bonell springs are used in the lower box and in the mattress
Differences in the number of springs

Attention: When choosing a 180×200 box spring bed, you should pay close attention to the product and quality specifications so that you choose the best product for your body and your sleep quality.

In summary, it can be said that with increasing price a more extensive and higher quality equipment with selected materials and highly professional processing can be expected.

However, the price alone does not give any information about the expected sleep quality. Your individual requirements, sleeping habits and state of health are decisive for the selection.

Where can I buy box spring beds 180×200?

Box spring beds are now offered in a variety of online stores as well as in local furniture stores, where you are free to choose what you want.
Ordering via online companies offers both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, there is an extraordinary variety of possibilities, shapes, combination offers of box spring beds 180×200 at attractive prices. On the other hand, there is no possibility of trial lying here.
The advantages and disadvantages of local shops offering box spring beds 180×200 are illustrated in the following figure:


Test lying possible
Direct, qualified support and advice
Mostly free delivery


Limited choice
No comprehensive price comparison possible
No overview of customer reviews

Buying a box spring bed 180×200 in a local shop has the advantage that you can view and test the bed in detail after detailed consultation, but the choice of box spring beds 180×200 is limited.

Are there delivery and assembly possibilities for a box spring bed 180×200?

There are several free delivery options within a country for the 180×200 box spring bed, and both online retailers and local shops offer free kerbside delivery.

There is usually a surcharge for delivery to the bedroom.

In addition, many dealers offer the option of having the box spring bed 180×200 assembled by trained personnel for a fee. If this alternative is chosen, the packaging is usually taken along by the supplier’s staff.
In general, it is possible to transport and assemble a modern 180×200 box spring bed yourself. The bed can be assembled with the aid of a few tools, although the only difficulty could be the heavy weight of the sub-box for delivery.

Why should I choose a box spring bed 180×200 and not a bed with slatted frame?

Due to fundamental differences in the construction of the different bed types, the box spring bed 180×200 offers various advantages over the conventional bed slatted frame model.
People who sleep on high-quality box spring beds 180×200 often claim to “sleep like on clouds” since they have deviated from the classic mattress-slatted frame model.
The box spring bed 180×200 gives you a very comfortable lying sensation without ‘sagging’ due to optimal pressure compensation, as the box spring bed is able to distribute the pressure more evenly and strongly over the entire mattress surface, whereas a bed with slatted frame is only partially able to do so due to its rigid construction.

In contrast to this, a classic slatted frame can only yield strongly in the middle, and almost not at all at the edges. The box spring suspension also adapts better to the body weight. It is important to make sure that there is actually a box spring suspension in the undercarriage and not a bed that is only built in box spring design.

Decision: Which types of box spring beds 180×200 are available and which one is the right one for you?

The categorisation of box spring beds 180×200 is not uniform on the market, but four types can be identified:

  • American box spring bed 180×200
  • Scandinavian box spring bed 180×200
  • Box spring bed 180×200 with motor
  • Box spring bed 180×200 with storage

In the following we will take a closer look at the four different ways to help you with your decision.

What distinguishes an American box spring bed 180×200 and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The American box spring bed 180×200 consists of a lower and upper mattress. The two-part bed therefore does not have a topper, instead it has an integrated comfort layer.


Total Easy care
Stronger air circulation
Moisture can escape better


Partial loss of comfort
Loads the mattress
Higher susceptibility to mite infestation

With this type of box springboard 180×200, however, disadvantages in hygiene as well as comfort can be perceived due to the lack of toppers. The advantage of the absence of a topper is again the stronger air and moisture circulation.

What distinguishes a Scandinavian box spring bed 180×200 and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The Scandinavian box spring bed 180×200 is used much more often in this country. In contrast to the American box spring bed 180×200 it has a topper.


Topper protects the mattress
Wide range of options (colours, shape, properties)
Reduces the fixing of mites


Reduced air circulation
Moisture can escape less easily
Topper requires additional care

The Topper protects the mattress, can be optimally adapted to your sleeping habits including your body and also reduces the fixing of mites. However, the Topper can lead to reduced air and moisture circulation.

What distinguishes a box spring bed 180×200 with motor and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Box spring bed 180×200 with motor allows you to individually raise or lower the headrest and foot area. The motor is operated practically by pressing a button.

These beds are generally used by senior citizens, as they are extremely practical and can be adjusted and rearranged as required. This increases comfort and is particularly suitable for people with back problems.


Practical operation
bed can be optimally adjusted to the body &amp
Adapt lying habits
In &amp
Making it easier to get out of bed


Higher costs
Reduced choice
Additional costs are often only worthwhile with specific lying habits

In addition, the motor makes it much easier to get in and out of bed. The additional, higher material processing has a negative effect on the price. Furthermore, there are still few box spring beds 180×200 with engine available.

What distinguishes a box spring bed 180×200 with storage space and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The box spring bed 180×200 with storage space can be folded up and thus offers extra storage space. These models are usually more expensive, but are suitable for smaller living areas due to the additional storage space.


Practical operation
Suitable for smaller living areas
Can be folded up


Higher costs
Reduced choice
Additional costs are often only worthwhile for specific requirements

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors you can compare and rate box spring beds 180×200

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate box spring beds 180×200. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular 180×200 box spring bed is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Mattress material and combination
  • Hardness of the mattress
  • Topper
  • Entrance height

Mattress material and combination

The mattresses of the box spring beds 180×200 can be divided into three large classes:

  • Pocket spring mattresses
  • barrel pocket spring core mattresses
  • Bonell spring mattresses

Note: The Scandinavian version of the box spring bed 180×200 contains an additional topper that can be combined with the mattresses in any way.

The box spring beds 180×200 typically consist of two spring mattresses. Furthermore, they are also available in the pocket spring core version, more rarely with bonell springs.

This is due on the one hand to the better lying characteristics of the pocket spring mattresses. On the other hand, Bonell springs can be used by lighter persons without any problems, whereby the “floating feeling” of the classic box spring bed can be achieved.

The springs of the Bonell spring mattress are connected with wires, making them area-elastic. This means that most of the surface is loaded when lying down, which causes the body to sink in more deeply. This results in a soft, comfortable and “swinging” lying experience.

The springs of the pocket spring mattresses are filled into different pockets, so they act independently of the load of the other pockets. Only the stressed pockets are compressed. This property is also called point-elastic.

Pocket spring mattresses are ideal for people of any weight. They enable stable lying by adequately adapting the mattress to the body and support the spinal column through the precise pressure release.

The barrel pocket spring mattresses can be seen as a subcategory of the spring mattresses. They are characterized by their unique construction of the springs. The used ones are narrower at both ends and thus visually remind of a ton.

The special design leads to a progressive spring effect, which means that pressure points are counteracted with resistance. This enables stable, spine-supported lying and a very high degree of adaptation to the body.

Hardness of the mattress

The choice of the perfect mattress should be based on your body weight and your sleeping habits. It is important to choose the right degree of firmness.

People who like to sleep hard should choose harder mattresses despite their lower body weight. Likewise, smaller persons with a high weight should choose harder mattresses, since in addition to the weight, the weight distribution is also decisive for a comfortable lying sensation.


When using the Scandinavian box spring variant, the selection of a topper should also be considered in detail. There are usually three types:

  • Viscoschaum
  • cold foam
  • Latex

Visco foam toppers adapt themselves optimally to the body contours. Due to the physical properties of the so-called memory foam, the incomparable abilities of the visco-foam come into play.

Visco foam toppers are thermo-active, i.e. when warm the fabric becomes soft and elastic and when cold the fabric becomes hard and firm again.

On the other hand, cold foam is generally a firmer material that returns to its original shape very quickly and is therefore used for a harder feeling when lying down. Due to its open porosity, the liquid in cold foam can be regulated very well.

The softest alternative of the top box spring layer are the latex toppers. The softness of the topper is determined by its thickness. The thicker a topper, the more you sink in and the softer it becomes. Latex returns to its original shape very quickly after pressure relief and is breathable.

Entrance height

This factor is particularly important for the elderly and people who suffer from joint and back problems. In general, there are different entry heights, although these are usually between 60 and 65 cm. In addition, the entrance height can vary greatly depending on the model, so that an entrance height of 50 cm as well as 80 cm is possible.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about box spring beds

How do I care for a box spring bed 180×200?

To ensure the longevity of the 180×200 box spring bed, you should follow these tips:

  • Turning the mattress regularly: New mattresses should be turned once a month. Older mattresses should be turned 3 to 4 times a year.
  • Replacing the mattresses: Mattresses should be replaced every 10 to 12 years.
  • Topper replacement: Toppers should be replaced every 5 years.

In addition, box spring beds 180×200 can be easily maintained with suitable detergents, care sprays and fabric cleaners for spraying on. The blankets, pillows and covers should be washed regularly with the detergents provided for this purpose.

Which fitted bed cover do I use for the box spring bed 180×200?

The question about the right fitted sheets for the box spring bed 180×200 depends mainly on your tastes and preferences.

Here you can decide according to colour patterns or choose a fitted bed cover that meets your requirements.

Is an electric blanket necessary?

An electric blanket can be recommended especially for colder seasons, as these can warm up the bed very quickly. The associated timer ensures that the bed is warmed up every day at bedtime.

Do I need a bedspread?

The bedspreads for the box spring bed 180×200 are thin blankets, mostly chosen according to optical requirements, which are placed on the box spring bed 180×200 during the day.

Bedspreads catch the dirt and thus protect the bedding in case people in everyday clothes or pets lie down on the box spring bed.

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