Bruno Box Spring Bed: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our big Bruno box spring bed test 2020, where we present you all box spring beds of the brand Bruno that we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best box spring bed of the Bruno brand for you. Find out what makes Bruno box spring beds so special, what the biggest advantages and disadvantages are and what makes them different from box spring beds from other manufacturers.

The most important facts in brief

  • There is only one model of the Bruno box spring bed. Nevertheless, you have the possibility to adapt this one model to your wishes or ideas and thus receive an individualized box spring bed.
  • You have the possibility to convince yourself of the Bruno box spring bed for 30 days, which means you can try it out for 30 days. In addition, there is a 10-year guarantee on the entire box spring bed.
  • If you would like to have a look at the box spring bed in real, you can visit one of the many Bruno showrooms. There you will receive competent advice and can also try out the bed for a short time.

Bruno box spring bed test: Favourite of the editors

  • The best Bruno box spring bed in different sizes

The best Bruno box spring bed in different sizes


The Bruno box spring bed

Buy from Bruno

If you are looking for a box spring bed at a moderate price with optimal quality, you can easily choose the models from Bruno Bett. These convince especially by the outstanding lying comfort and the modern design. They are available in the following four lying surface dimensions:

  • 140×200 cm
  • 160×200 cm
  • 180×200 cm
  • 200×200 cm

With all four models you can decide in between if you want to buy the box spring bed with or without mattress and topper. You also have the choice of three different design variants for the headboard and you can also choose the perfect colour for your bedroom from four classic colours – grey, black, white and blue.

Guide: Questions you should consider before you buy a Bruno box spring bed

In which price range are box spring beds from Bruno?

The prices for the different variations of the Bruno box spring bed are above average. They vary according to the size of the bed, not the design. Here, for example, the bed with the smallest dimensions costs over 1000€, the largest model over 1500€.

When buying, you have to keep in mind that the Bruno mattress and topper are initially included in the price. If you don’t want to buy these in addition, you must deactivate the selection of both.

The table below should help you to get an overview of the costs of the various accessories for the Bruno box spring bed. (Attention: The measurements given in the product description refer to the lying surface)

What distinguishes a Bruno box spring bed from other manufacturers?

The construction of the Bruno box spring bed represents the most striking difference to conventional box spring beds. A solid wood frame ensures stability. A slat system with pocket springs is integrated into the frame. This layer ensures a high lying comfort.

Also special about the Bruno box spring bed is that there is only one degree of hardness of it. Therefore it is suitable for all persons in the weight class 50-110 kg.

In addition, the fabric of the Bruno box spring bed is considered durable and abrasion-resistant.

Where can I buy Bruno box spring beds?

The Bruno box spring bed can only be purchased online. For this purpose Bruno has its own online shop on its website, where you can also buy other Bruno products.
There are shops where the Bruno box spring bed is on display (= showrooms), but here you can only test it and take a closer look. In any case, the purchase takes place online.

Did you know that Bruno supports charitable projects ?
The manufacturer of the Bruno box spring bed has taken over a sponsorship for the bear forest in Müritz and supports the Lebenshilfe Braunschweig at the same time.

Which advantages and disadvantages do Bruno box spring beds offer?

Since Bruno box spring beds have not only advantages but also disadvantages, we show you these here. Thus we want to give you an overview and make the decision easier.


10-year warranty
Professional processing of all materials
Very resilient
High stability


Only suitable for persons between 50 and 110 kg
Available in relatively few sizes
There is only one model
Box cover only hand washable

What alternatives are there to Bruno box spring beds?

Box spring beds with motor or own storage space are alternatives to the Bruno box spring bed.
Box spring beds with motor allow the mattress and topper to be moved. This orientation is individually adjusted by means of a remote control. This makes it easier to stand up.
Box spring beds with storage space, on the other hand, offer additional space to store things. The storage space is built in under the bed in the form of one or more drawers. With some box spring beds, the storage space is under the fold-out mattress.

Which mattresses are suitable for a Bruno box spring bed?

In general, the Bruno mattress is recommended for the Bruno box spring bed. However, all mattresses that fit in terms of dimensions are suitable.

Did you know that the Bruno mattress is even suitable for toddlers and babies?
This is what the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 seal says. Possession of this seal means that it contains no harmful substances.

In which sizes is the Bruno box spring bed available?

The Bruno box spring bed is available in four sizes and two different heights. The available sizes are 142×215 cm, 162×215 cm, 182×215 cm and 202×215 cm.
No matter which size you choose, you can always choose between the heights 100 cm and 120 cm. The different heights result from the different headboards.

What is the Bruno box spring bed made of?

The top layer is the fabric cover, which covers the entire bed frame and headboard. It is very durable.
The Bruno mattress serves as the uppermost horizontal layer if you buy it in addition to the box spring bed for an extra charge. Below this is a layer with over 1000 pocket springs. They provide the ideal spring force.
The springs are located directly on the slat system and the solid wood frame. This slat system ensures the necessary ventilation.
At the very bottom are the bed legs. Here you can choose between three variants: wooden feet, metal feet or “hidden” feet.
The video explains exactly what makes a good box spring bed and what it is made of. For example, thermally treated springs are important. Bruno box spring beds have these.

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors you can compare and rate Bruno box spring beds

There are a few things you should be aware of before buying a Bruno box spring bed. Here we list the most important ones and describe them in more detail so that you have a better overview.

  • Weight
  • Dimensions or size
  • Lying surface
  • Gestaltung
  • Simplicity of construction


The following applies to the weight: The larger the Bruno box spring bed, the higher the weight.

The model with the smallest dimensions (140×200 cm) therefore weighs 73 kg, while the second largest (180×200 cm) already weighs 87 kg.

If you want to find out the weight of the individual bed sizes on Bruno’s website, please note that the weight always includes the mattress.

Dimensions or size

Since there is only one box spring bed model from Bruno, there is a significant difference in the dimensions. It is available in four sizes, namely 142×215 cm,162×215 cm, 182×215 cm and 202×215 cm.

But beware, on the Bruno website you will find slightly smaller sizes. These refer to the actual lying surface and not to the overall dimensions.

Michael FinkOwner of the page
Even with only one degree of hardness, most people quickly get used to the Bruno box spring bed.
The bed relieves the spine a lot because it adapts to every sleeping position. (Source:

Lying surface

As a rule of thumb for the calculation of the lying surface of the Bruno box spring bed: 1. measurement -2 cm x 2. measurement – 15 cm. If you have total dimensions of 142×215 cm, this means a lying surface of 140×200 cm.

So that you have overall dimensions and lying surface together, we summarize them again in the table below.


You can have a decisive influence on the design. You can choose the colour, headboard and bed legs yourself. If required, the headboard can also be omitted.

You can choose from anthracite, beige, light grey and blue. The entire cover is designed in the selected colour.

The headboard is available in three versions: classic, short and opus. Classic is characterized by its relatively high height and no special pattern; short also has no special pattern. Opus on the other hand has a pallet pattern. Alternatively, you can leave out the headboard.

With the foot designs you have the choice between invisible, wooden or metal feet. All three options are included so you can choose the one that suits you when the bed is in front of you.

Simplicity of construction

As some beds are very difficult to set up and often require at least two people to do so, it is a great advantage if the bed can be set up easily and preferably without help.

The assembly of the Bruno box spring bed can be done within 20 minutes. This is ensured by a precise, step-by-step instruction. In addition, you need neither your own tools nor manual skills for assembly. Nevertheless, the bed should be assembled by two people.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the Bruno box spring bed

Here you will find information about what the Bruno box spring bed is all about and what special services the manufacturer gives you when you buy it.

Where are Bruno box spring beds manufactured?

The manufacturer states that the Bruno box spring bed is manufactured in the EU. There are no details about where what is produced or where the materials are obtained.

The video explains exactly what makes a good box spring bed and what they are made of. For example, thermally tempered springs are important. Bruno box spring beds have these.

What is the guarantee with Bruno box spring beds?

You have a ten-year warranty on a Bruno box spring bed. The guarantee applies to the entire box spring bed. If you want to claim your warranty, you have to send an e-mail to the support.

How long can you test Bruno box spring beds?

Bruno grants each buyer 30 nights “trial period”, which means you are allowed to test sleep for 30 nights. This long trial period is justified by the fact that every body needs a while to get used to a new bed.

Furthermore, the manufacturer stresses that the Bruno box spring bed may be tested under normal circumstances. This means that you do not need a protective cover or similar to test sleep.

In the video you get a short experience report about sleeping in the Bruno box spring bed. The video maker is also satisfied with the 30-day trial period.

What are Bruno showrooms and where are they located?

Bruno Showrooms are the stores where Bruno products are displayed and where they can be viewed and tested. However, they can only be purchased via the Internet.

So Bruno showrooms are primarily there to give you a better idea of the products.

Most showrooms are located in Germany. In Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich you can find your Bruno box spring bed in Echt. Other locations are Zurich (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria).

How can I return the Bruno box spring bed if I do not like it?

First of all it is important to know that a return is only possible within the test phase. So if you decide to return the product, you must send an e-mail with your order number to Bruno. If you have already paid, the money will be refunded. Bruno will bear the costs for the collection himself.

The costs for the return shipment will only be paid by Bruno, if you live in Germany. If you live in Switzerland or Austria, for example, you have to organize the return of the goods yourself and pay for it yourself.

What other products does Bruno offer?

Bruno offers several other products apart from the Bruno box spring bed. These include the Bruno sofa bed, the Bruno mattress, the Bruno metal bed, a Topper and Bärenweich blankets and pillows. There are even Bruno’s own hotel beds.

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