CBD and Sleep Disorders: The Unknown Truth


Sleep disorders have a negative influence on your daily life. For this reason, it makes sense for you to remedy your sleep disorders in a natural way if possible in order to get back to a healthy and restful sleep.

CBD is an active substance from the hemp plant that is becoming increasingly popular, especially in alternative healing methods and in the homeopathic field. The effect of CBD is versatile with little to no side effects. The field of application is very extensive due to the versatile modes of action. How you can use CBD against sleep disorders and how it works will be explained now.

The most important facts in brief

  • Good CBD contains virtually no THC, so it does not cause intoxication or addiction
  • Taking CBD has virtually no side effects, which is a great advantage over chemical tranquilizers
  • CBD not only helps with sleep disorders, but also with cramps, pain and inner turmoil

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What is a sleep disorder?

A sleep disorder caused by different triggers is called a sleep disorder. The disturbance of your nightly sleep can be caused by external circumstances. These include night-time noise or poor sleep hygiene.

The result is usually a considerable lack of sleep.

Sleep deprivation

The term sleep hygiene refers to the use of certain habits or behaviour to enable healthy, restful sleep.

Due to insomnia, you feel weak, tired and inefficient even during the day.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is extracted from female hemp and contains hardly any psychoactive cannabinoid. This means more precisely defined that intoxication is not to be expected when taking or using CBD.

This is evident from the fact that there are different varieties of hemp. The ingredient THC (Terahydrocannabiol) causes the widely known intoxication and is only found in the drug hemp varieties. High-quality CBD oil contains almost no THC.

For this reason the CBD is already legally permitted in many countries. The table of contents on the bottle gives you information about the content of THC or CBD in the product.

Is CBD legal? The current legal situation (02/20)

The so-called industrial hemp contains no or only very small amounts of THC, is specially bred and is therefore used for different applications. In this variety of hemp the CBD content is very high. Furthermore, hemp plants with a high CBD content contain many essential nutrients. The vital nutrients cannot be produced by our body itself.

CBD has not yet been approved as a drug in Germany, but numerous effects have been observed through the use of CBD. The following positive effects have been proven:

  • antispasmodic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anxiolytic
  • for nausea

The cannabidiol is mostly acidic in the plant. The acid is dehydrated to cannabidiol by chemical processing. In this form it is processed into various end products using different methods.

Backgrounds: What you should know about CBD in sleep disorders

Before you use CBD as an aid against sleep disorders, you should be aware of some background information.

What causes sleep disorders?

The causes for disturbed sleep can be manifold. The best known and most common causes are:

When investigating the cause, you should bear in mind that there may be a genetic predisposition.


The PER3-GEN affects our personal biorhythm and decides whether you are an early riser or a late riser.

Ideally, you can adjust your personal daily routine according to your individual biorhythm.

How do you recognize a sleep disorder?

Sleep disorders prevent sufficient and restful sleep. The effects are noticeable in the short or long term in the ability to perform and concentrate. These suffer more and more from the lack of sleep, the longer it lasts and the more intensive the lack of sleep becomes.
The following symptoms belong to a sleep disorder:

Breathing pauses or breathing stops during sleep
multiple waking up during the night
Problems falling asleep
sense of restlessness
severe sleepiness
no restful sleep despite sufficient sleeping time

CBD for sleep disorders: All application tips and advantages

If you have decided to use CBD as a remedy for sleep disorders, you will find some important tips for use below. This will help you to apply it correctly and directly.

What are the treatment options for sleep disorders?

If you suspect that you are suffering from sleep disorders, it is advisable to take appropriate measures immediately. Especially homeopathic remedies, which include the CBD, help quickly and reliably in the early stages of sleep problems.

Going to the doctor in particular often involves a series of examinations and often extensive medication. Of course, an alternative method of treatment does not replace a visit to the doctor, but some sleep problems can be significantly minimized with alternative methods.

Problems falling asleep

This includes above all the CBD. The CBD can naturally provide you with an effective service in fighting your sleep problems. The CBD helps you to find your personal sleep rhythm again in a natural way.

Previous users have experienced a rapid and successful impact of the CBD.

What forms of CBD are there?

CBD is offered in different forms.

Besides CBD preparations for ingestion there is the very popular CBD oil.


In the form of oil it is versatile. Some of the applications specifically for CBD oil are:

  • Insomnia
  • nicotine weaning
  • Stress, nervousness, agitation
  • Skin problems
  • Asthma and allergies
  • chronic diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, chronic disease

The application of CBD oil depends on the nature of the complaints:

These dosages are recommendations for use. In order to find the right dose for you, it is best to observe yourself and your body closely and adjust the dosage to suit you and your personal needs.

Are there side effects of CBD in sleep disorders?

The CBD shows no or only very slight side effects at the recommended dosage. Individuals may of course have different personal reactions, but in general no side effects are to be expected.

In order to be able to determine possible side effects, it is best to observe your body to see if it reacts to the ingestion or use of the CBD. So far, no toxic effects or other permanent negative effects on the human body have been observed.

When you start taking CBD, as with many homeopathic remedies, a kind of cleansing or regenerative state can occur. This means that in the beginning you can expect minor side effects.

What is the effect of CBD oil on sleep disorders?

Often you can identify psychological stress and everyday problems as triggers for your sleep disorders. These factors have a negative effect on your restful sleep.

Restless tossing and turning in bed and waking up at night are typical signs of this. Furthermore, you can often find yourself brooding and shifting thoughts back and forth at night.

Through the calming and relaxing effect of the CBD you enable your body and mind to calm down and relax. The cannabidiol can produce a strong muscle relaxing effect and makes the body tired in a natural way. This fatigue puts your body into a natural and restful state of rest, the optimal basis for a healthy and restful sleep.

Furthermore, the fear-relieving, liberating and calming effect of the CBD comes into play here. The CBD relaxes the nerves and the brain.

By triggering the messenger substances that occur naturally in the body, it enables a very restful deep sleep so that you can start the day fresh and well-rested the next morning. Since these endogenous messenger substances are also triggered by the body itself again and again, there is also no dependence when using CBD.

Is CBD oil better than sleeping pills for sleep disorders?

Sleeping pills are often and gladly used to help with sleep disorders. In most cases, the deep sleep phases that are urgently needed for recovery do not take place and therefore the recovery effect is not given.

This is due to the fact that the mode of action of the drugs is usually not naturally based. Sleep is artificially induced by various chemical substances. The brain no longer works optimally in this resting state.

Here you will notice the difference between CBD and drugs or possible intoxicants: Due to the natural effect of CBD you keep control over your body at all times and are therefore not affected in any way. Thus, an optimal basis for a restful deep sleep is created for your body.

Furthermore, there is always the danger of a certain dependency with drugs. The nerves get used to no longer producing natural messenger substances. As a result, the body’s own household is disturbed, which can lead to further nervousness or restlessness and this in turn has negative effects on personal sleep.

Through the natural effect of CBD your body continues to produce the calming and relaxing messenger substances. The body does not get used to the CBD and your daily routine can be made more balanced.

There are many other natural tranquilizers, all of which are plant-based.

How do I apply CBD?

When using CBD for sleep disorders, it is recommended to take the product shortly before going to bed. The effect on you can be very fast, i.e. within a few minutes or even slightly delayed within about half an hour.

As the individual dosage required depends on your personal circumstances, it is best to start with a low dose and slowly approach the ideal dosage for you. In order to find out the ideal dosage for you personally, a sleep diary can provide you with useful and helpful support.

Trivia: What else you should know about CBD in sleep disorders

What should be considered when buying CBD for sleep disorders?

Due to the importance of this topic we would like to recommend you again to buy the CBD only through legal channels. This guarantees you a good product, produced according to established standards. Furthermore, you should pay attention to the table of contents, as the content of THC must be indicated.

CBD can be an effective aid to restful sleep for sleep disorders. Basically, it is worthwhile for you to try CBD in order to eliminate your sleep disorders. The advantages are obvious, as it promotes a good sleep in a natural way.

Basically, you should ideally look for high-quality products when buying, as they do not contain any ingredients that are harmful to health. There should be no THC in the products or only hemp, as these are mostly illegal in Germany.

Depending on your preferred type of application, you can choose the shape you want from the various forms of CBD products. As already mentioned, the speed of absorption and effect of CBD in the body varies.

How is CBD oil produced?

Important for you to know in advance: Basically, you buy CBD oil in its finished state and in legal stores. The packaging information gives you information about the ingredients and you can check whether the oil contains THC. Furthermore, buying legally guarantees that the oil is produced according to established standards.

There are different ways to extract CBD oil. The extraction can be done by a chemical process using CO2. Alternatively, a special evaporation process is often used.

For the vaporization process the cannabis is brought to boiling point. The cannabis oil does not evaporate, but is extracted by an evaporation process. This creates an oily consistency, which gives the CBD oil its name. The quality of the extraction process is a decisive factor here to ensure that the final result does not contain too much THC.

CBD oil is usually diluted with high-quality vegetable oils or alcohol to make it easier to take as drops. The concentration of CBD oil is indicated in the name as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more CBD is proportionally contained in the product.

CBD oil (15%) from NordicOil
The CBD oil from Nordicoil is a high quality oil with a high degree of purity. It not only helps with sleep disorders, but has a whole range of positive effects on your body.

from99,00 EUR

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Further areas of application of CBD

The mechanism of action of CBD is currently not yet fully known due to its many different effects and different ways of triggering side effects.

A decisive positive effect on the role of calcium transport into the cells is assumed. These are partly responsible for the transmission of electrical signals to the nerve cells.

From this context, the CBD has a wide and varied range of possible applications. CBD is currently used for migraine, sleep disorders etc. The effect on chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases and affective disorders

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