Ceiling Mount: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our large ceiling mount test 2020, where we present all ceiling mounts we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best ceiling mount for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page, which you should pay attention to if you want to buy a ceiling mount.

The most important facts in brief

  • Wall and ceiling mountings are the ideal fixed point for your sling trainer or other equipment.
  • With the right wall and ceiling mounting you can make your training one step harder.
  • Wall and ceiling brackets can also be used to attach sandbags, rings or even the hammock.

Ceiling Mount Test: Editorial Favorites

  • The best compact stainless steel ceiling mount
  • The best ceiling mount with large eye plate
  • The best ceiling mount with large ring eyelet
  • The best ceiling mount from two crossing rings

The best compact stainless steel ceiling mount

This wall and ceiling mount from eaglefit is easy and quick to install. The ceiling mount offers you the possibility to fix it to the wall or ceiling with four screws. This distributes the weight on it to four positions.

The maximum load is specified as 160 kg.

Due to the movable O-ring this holder is especially suitable for the secure fixation of sling trainers or punching bags. The stainless steel plate with stainless steel O-ring can be fixed to concrete/stone ceilings and wooden beams with suitable screws and dowels.

The best ceiling mount with large eye plate

The Variosling attachment hook is ideal as a holder or attachment for sling trainers, punching bags or hammocks. The Variosling eye plate is a special design especially developed for sports equipment.

A 360-degree movable round ring or O-ring, attached to the holder, offers you ideal training conditions. Since the O-ring is made of a complete piece, has no openings, it

This wall or ceiling bracket is made of maritime stainless steel (rustproof). The Variosling eye plate is fixed by four holes or drillings. The large eye plate can be fixed by four screws, which results in an even load distribution on the wall or ceiling.

The best ceiling mount with large ring eyelet

The intensic Sports wall and ceiling mount is a very high quality wall and ceiling mount made of high quality material (stainless steel). This wall mounting is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation as it is corrosion-free.

It is delivered in a silver-brown colour, as it has no special varnish. Optimally applicable as wall hook for e.g. sling trainer, TRX, hammock, aerial yoga, awning, hanging chair, hanging chair or bicycle.

The intensic Sports wall and ceiling mount consists of a movable O-ring that goes through an eyelet which is welded to a plate with two welding spots. […]

The best ceiling mount from two crossing rings

The Tunturi wall mount comes in an elegant black. Consisting of two crossed rings, without a movable O-ring, it offers enough support for you and your sling trainer. A very chic and high quality ceiling mount.

The Tunturi wall mount for suspension training, is a ceiling mount from our comparison, which works without a moving O-ring. The two steel eyelets, which carry the weight, are arranged crosswise and X-shaped respectively. Thus your weight is distributed over exactly four welding points. You fix this ceiling or wall mount in 2 places.

Guide: Questions to consider before buying a ceiling mount

Where can I buy ceiling mounts?

Most of the sports article manufacturers have in their assortment a ceiling attachment to order with. But don’t worry, if you forgot this at the time of purchase, you can also order or buy them separately.
You can order the ceiling mounts for a sling trainer or punching bag from the well-known sports equipment manufacturers like



You can also buy a ceiling mount from stores that have less to do with fitness such as:

  • eight.de
  • Obi
  • Toom hardware store
  • mytoys.de
  • Practitioners

You should actually have no problems finding a suitable ceiling mount.

What does a ceiling mount consist of?

Most ceiling brackets or ceiling hooks for sling trainers are made of hardened steel. Of course you can also buy titanium ones, but this is very expensive and only available in some specialty stores.
Usually a sling trainer ceiling hook consists of a metal plate with holes for the screws and an eyelet to attach your suspension trainer or punching bag.
There are also variants consisting of a fixed ring that is attached to the metal plate, which in turn has a free moving eyelet. This variant has the advantage that you can move more freely and with less friction in your sling trainer.

What do ceiling mounts cost?

Good ceiling mounts start at a price of around ten euros, even from well-known sporting goods manufacturers who normally supply very good quality. You can also get cheaper, but the cheaper price is usually at the expense of quality.

Keep in mind that the ceiling mount must support your weight plus a certain amount of clearance.

The clearance is necessary because the ceiling hook is not exposed to uniform loads, as vibrations occur during training with the sling trainer, which place different loads on the holder.

Why do I need a ceiling mount?

Per se the ceiling mount is the ideal attachment for your sling trainer. As the name suggests, you train under a blanket when you mount your training buddy under a blanket. This protects your sling trainer from the weather, i.e. wind and weather, and prevents premature wear and tear of the equipment.
Also or especially because it is the ideal fixation, it comes like everything in life with most requirements. Your ceiling has to be stable and solid, which means it should not be made of plasterboard and it takes a lot of effort to attach this ceiling mount.
You need a drill, screws and dowels. Ideally you also have a pencil or ballpoint pen to mark the places for the holes to be drilled.

Purchase criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate wall and ceiling mounts

Before you can attach anything to your ceiling or wall, you need to decide on the right ceiling mount and buy it. The following criteria should help you to compare the variety of different products and to decide in the end for one.

So the question you should ask yourself is, what should I pay attention to before buying and how can I distinguish good from bad sling trainers? Important features are:

  • With or without movable O-ring
  • Material of the ceiling bracket
  • Number of bores
  • Mounting material included
  • Maximum load

To save you time, I’ve provided you with this little list. Further in the text you will find the argumentation why you should pay attention to these factors.

With or without movable O-ring

Whether you choose a ceiling mount with or without a movable eyelet depends on what you want to hang on it. As the name suggests, a ceiling mount with a moveable eyelet is more flexible. What you hang on it has more room to move in all directions.

In our opinion it is rather unimportant for a hammock whether you attach it to ceiling brackets with or without a movable O-ring. Naturally, the hammock only knows the swinging movement. A 360 degree rotation, like a rollover, is rather rare.

With a punching bag or a sling trainer it is already different. When you attach a sling trainer to a ceiling mount with an O-ring, you automatically give your sling trainer more room to move.

This more room to move will intensify your training even more, as you will have to use and activate more power and above all more muscles. Thereby you make your training more effective. In our guide you will find more information about strength training with the slings. More freedom of movement means more intensive training.

MarkusFitness Blogger
Sling trainers are particularly suitable for the deep muscles of the back. The sling trainer uses your own body weight to stimulate certain muscle groups. This also puts strain on the deeper muscles. During a normal workout it is hardly possible to train the deep muscles.
(Source: mein-schlingentrainer.de)

Material of the ceiling bracket

Since your ceiling mount has to bear the entire weight of what you hang on it and this weight can also vary depending on what you do with it, the ceiling mount should be made of a very strong material.

Stainless steel or iron, for example, is very stable. You should definitely avoid ceiling mounts made of aluminium or a metal alloy with rather weak components such as zinc or lead, as they break or crack very quickly.

Also the set welding spots are very important, because they connect the O-ring or the attachment with the metal plate, which you screw to the ceiling. What good is a bombproof metal plate if the fastening breaks?

Number of bores

As with the material of the ceiling bracket, the number of (possible) holes is decisive. Each plug and screw has its own specific load-bearing capacity. The more screws and dowels you can use, or with which the ceiling bracket is fixed, the higher the possible maximum load.

Did you know that you can also make a door mount instead of a ceiling mount?
For people who don’t like drilling holes, the door mount comes in handy. […] […]

Each screw more increases the maximum load by its own weight.

So it is also logical that each screw more or each hole more with which you can attach your ceiling mount, the security to bear the weight that increases on their load.

Mounting material included

Whether the ceiling mount is delivered including fixing material, i.e. dowels and screws, is an advantage in that you can be sure that they are intended for the purpose of a ceiling mount. This means that they are designed to carry a heavy weight.

It also saves you the hassle of going to the hardware store and finding the right screws and plugs.

Maximum load

Obviously, the maximum load is of decisive importance, especially with a ceiling mounting. After all, it should be able to bear the full weight that is placed on it. Since you have to trust the ceiling mount, whether it is a hammock, punching bag or sling trainer, the maximum load is crucial.

You can find out how high the respective sling trainers are in our big comparison. Even the best screws and dowels will not prevent you from falling on your nose if the ceiling mount is not designed for the weight that the sling trainer and you are exerting on it.

Here the rule is “a lot helps a lot” or the more resilient the better.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about ceiling mounts

Attaching a ceiling bracket

Ideally, you should mount the ceiling mount so that you have about 3m space in one direction, with about 2m space to the side. This way you can train freely and without worrying that you might bump into something.

If your ceiling mount is not supplied with screws and dowels, I recommend that you inform yourself about the load-bearing capacity of the screws before buying them in a DIY store of your choice. Normally the salesmen are at your disposal to guide you with their profound knowledge in the right buying direction.

You should also make sure that the dowels are the right ones, depending on what your ceiling is made of. Because there are different types of ceiling. Because there are different types of people and sling trainers.

Can I make ceiling brackets myself?

Since a ceiling mount for your sling trainer should hold your own weight, or your weight plus the forces acting on the ceiling hook while you are exercising, this is not recommended. Sure, if you are a blacksmith or have learned something similar, you are welcome to do it.

Since I have not learned such a thing myself and do not trust myself to make something like this myself, I prefer not to do so. But if you trust yourself and your skills, then go ahead.

What else can I use ceiling mounts for?

Basically such a ceiling mount is intended to fix your training equipment there.

Whether you want to attach a punching bag, a sling trainer, rings or a freely suspended chin-up bar is up to you. You can also attach a Serano ham or […]

It is important that you make sure that the weight that acts on such a ceiling mount during training does not correspond to your own weight plus training equipment. Because of the movements you make on the training equipment, in our case the sling trainer, the load on the ceiling attachment is much higher. You can find out more about this under the point “Determining the necessary carrying weight.

Determine necessary carrying weight for ceiling mount

The good news first. You don’t have to use complicated mathematical formulas to determine the weight that acts on your ceiling mount during exercise. A general rule of thumb is your body weight plus 10%. This weight will affect the ceiling mount during training.

However, since most ceiling mounts are designed to carry over 150kg, you probably shouldn’t be in the group that does this exhausting. And if you do, no big deal. Just make sure that the ceiling hook is designed for enough weight when you buy it (body weight plus room to move).

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