Corner Sofa: Review & Recommendations


You rather have less space in your living room and still want to create enough seating for guests? Then you should think about buying a corner sofa. The purchase of a corner sofa should be well thought out by you, because a corner sofa is a real eye-catcher. What quality features should a corner sofa have? What are the different types of corner sofa you can buy?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here in the large Corner Sofa Test 2020, where we introduce you to various corner sofas to make your purchase decision easier. You will also find helpful tips and tricks on how to place and clean your corner sofa optimally in our guide. Whether you choose a corner sofa with a sitting function or a sleeping function, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different types.

The most important facts in brief

  • A corner sofa is in most cases a long-term purchase. You should therefore take enough time to think about how you want to use the sofa and what it should look like.
  • In addition to the countless design possibilities, a fundamental distinction is made between corner sofas with a pure seating function and corner sofas with a sleeping function, whereby here there is also the possibility of a permanent sleeper.
  • Corner sofas can be the ideal purchase for a smaller budget and limited space, yet still offer enough seating without sacrificing comfort.

Corner sofa test: Favourites of the editorial team

  • The best corner sofa with pure seating function
  • The best corner sofa with sleep function
  • The best corner sofa with adjustable headboards
  • The best corner sofa with Indoor-Outdoor function
  • The best corner sofa in U-form

The best corner sofa with pure seating function

The Oslo corner sofa by KMH has a hard-wearing structured fabric made of 100% polyester. The recamiere can be placed either on the right or left. The corner sofa is made of an easy-care material and measures 216 x 159 cm.

The beautiful appearance and the easy assembly of the furniture are rated very positively by customers. Buyers are also enthusiastic about the high quality of the corner sofa and also praise the fact that the corner sofa is very comfortable and the price-performance ratio is very good.

The best corner sofa with sleep function

The Paul Corner Sofa by Sofini contains a bed base and therefore has a sleeping function. The sofa has a length of 240 cm and a width of 140 cm. The corner sofa is supplied with two bed bases and three cushions and is 85 cm high.

In addition to the short delivery time, the simple construction and the stable design of the corner sofa has been enthusiastically received by many customers. Also the excellent quality for the very low price is especially positively evaluated. The protective packaging also earns praise from buyers.

The best corner sofa with adjustable headboards

The Mistrel corner sofa by Cavadore measures 273 x 173 and has a modern design. The adjustable headboards and the wave slats provide extra comfort. The corner sofa is made of breathable polyesther foam and a robust and easy-care upholstery fabric.

The high-quality appearance and workmanship of the sofa speak for the product in addition to the fast delivery. Furthermore, the lying comfort is classified as very comfortable and is also suitable for tall people. The adjustable headrests in particular provide for enthusiasm.

The best corner sofa with Indoor-Outdoor function

The ArtLife Polyrattan Lounge is suitable for up to 4 people and can be used as a corner sofa both indoors and outdoors. Included in delivery is also a table with safety glass. The dirt-repellent and weatherproof material of the corner sofa is suitable for all weather conditions and the powder-coated steel also defies all weather.

The fast delivery and the stable material of the outdoor corner sofa score points with numerous buyers. The good price-performance ratio and the long durability and stability of the product are also convincing. The simple construction and the beautiful appearance are also praised.

The best corner sofa in U-form

This large corner sofa in U-shape is a more expensive version. With the dimensions of 350 x 205 x 76 cm it offers space for the whole family and is ideal for spending cosy evenings watching TV. It also has a sleeping function and a practical bed box for storing cushions, blankets and co.

The different covers of the upholstery in the textile and the lower part of the sofa in leather look are a special attention. The corner sofa is available in several colours and the delivery and assembly are also included in the price, which is especially appreciated by customers.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a corner sofa

For whom is a corner sofa suitable?

In principle, a corner sofa is suitable for anyone looking for a new sofa. However, to ensure that you can enjoy your new sofa for a long time, it is important to think about what you are looking for before you buy.
You should be aware that a corner sofa can become a real eye-catcher within a room and should therefore be coordinated with the rest of the furnishings. Think about what you will enjoy for a long time.

But you should be aware that not every design will fit into your own four walls, no matter how well you like it. Things like size, design and shape are important factors when buying a corner sofa.

A corner sofa offers more space than an ordinary two or three-seater. For a family with several members or people who like to receive guests, the corner sofa can be a good choice. The comfort that a corner sofa can offer should also not be underestimated. Connected couch elements of a corner sofa make the sofa a cosy reading corner or ideal for relaxed television evenings.

The corner sofa is a very popular version of the sofa, which is why the piece of furniture is also available in various sizes, designs and shapes. The large assortment does not necessarily make the decision to buy easier, but guarantees that everyone will find a suitable corner sofa.

In what size and shape should I buy a corner sofa?

A corner sofa takes up a not to be underestimated part of the room. The size and the desired shape are therefore two of the first factors you should think about.
You should measure the room and the place where the corner sofa is to be placed later, so that you don’t have any nasty surprises after the purchase. Pay attention to any doors, windows, boxes or sockets that you might be able to move with the sofa.

You should also bear in mind that the furniture in the showrooms and the large sales area of the furniture store often appears smaller than in your apartment. Taking measurements is therefore unavoidable.

You should also think about the desired form before you start. There are corner sofas in two different shapes:

  • L-shape
  • U-shape

It should also be noted here that corner sofas are available both with and without reclining elements. In addition, you should also plan the path of the sofa into the desired room. Not every sofa fits through every door.

How much is a corner sofa?

The price range of corner sofas is extremely wide. You should therefore consider a fixed budget before buying, which you will stick to.
The final price, however, always depends on the desired features, such as size, material and desired features. For example, small corner sofas for around 200€ are already available at furniture discounters.

In the luxury class, a corner sofa can cost several thousand euros. It always depends on what you want and what your budget allows.

If you want a corner sofa with a sleeping function, you could find one from 250€. But you should be aware that there are enormous differences in quality. Especially with a corner sofa that is also intended to serve as a permanent sleeper, i.e. also as a bed, it is important to pay attention to the given sleep quality. Here you should plan a larger budget from at least 400€-700€.
Not to forget the possible costs that might arise for the delivery of your new piece of furniture if you are not able to transport it yourself.

Which quality features should I consider before buying a corner sofa?

With the large price range there are of course enormous differences in quality to consider. Here is a small list with the most important features:

There are also various seals of approval that promise quality. Look for them when buying and ask your seller.

Where can I buy a corner sofa?

Probably the most obvious and most popular way to buy a corner sofa is to buy various furniture stores. Here my usually not only has a large selection and advice from a salesman, but also the possibility for test sitting, which is quite advantageous in case of buying a sofa.

In times of the Internet, of course, buying online is also a popular and easy alternative. Here you can choose from a seemingly unlimited range of offers and simply compare prices. Also various furniture stores offer meanwhile online shops. A large disadvantage is however that a seat sample escapes you.

What alternatives are there to a corner sofa?

Although a corner sofa may well have a head start, there are of course various alternatives. You can easily buy an ordinary sofa without a corner piece. Here you also have the possibility to get a matching stool to extend your sofa.
If space and budget permit, you can also choose two single sofas. Another possibility is to choose one or more multifunctional armchairs instead of a sofa. A sofa bed can also be a sensible alternative.

Decision: What types of corner sofa are there and which one is right for you?

We basically distinguish between these types of corner sofas:

  • Corner sofa with pure seating function
  • Corner sofa with sleeping function

In the following we explain the different types and the respective advantages and disadvantages. In this way we want to help you find the corner sofa that suits you best.

What distinguishes a corner sofa with pure seating function and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

You probably won’t miss corner sofa offers. But whether the right one is also available for you is another question.

If you have a limited budget, limited space and don’t need another place to sleep, a corner sofa with no other functions is probably just the thing for you to offer your guests enough seats.


Available for a low price
Many seating possibilities
Large selection


No sleep function
Not enlargable
Possibly inferior quality of upholstery

If you are one of those people who likes to lie on the couch in front of the TV, want to read a book in peace or simply want to put your legs up in the evening, then it certainly makes sense to choose a sofa with an attached reclining element. Otherwise this reclining element is also called reclamière or ottoman.

The following list gives you a brief overview of the most important advantages and disadvantages of a corner sofa with pure seating function:

What distinguishes a corner sofa with sleeping function and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

In contrast to a corner sofa with purely seating function, a corner sofa with sleeping function has the obvious advantage that it can also serve as a sleeping facility.

However, you should distinguish whether you want to use the sofa as a permanent sleeper, i.e. that it should serve as your bed at the same time, or that it should only occasionally become a place to sleep for a guest.

A permanent sleeper is especially advantageous if you only have limited space in your apartment, but you do not want to do without a couch. This is especially true for student flats, 1-room apartments or children’s and youth rooms, which often only offer space for a bed OR a sofa. The use of a corner sofa as a permanent sleeper could be a solution here, so that there is room for both in the room.


Additional sleeping opportunity
Can also serve as a permanent sleeper
Often additional storage space in the bed drawer


Higher prices
Great differences in quality
Possible conversion from sofa to bed
Possible movement of the adjacent pieces of furniture

There are even folding systems that allow the corner sofa to become a bed with a real mattress, as you can see in the following video

But before buying a permanent sleeper, you should be aware that good quality can be reflected in the price. However, good quality is extremely important to ensure good sleep quality.

Below you will also find the most important advantages and disadvantages of a corner sofa with sleeping function at a glance.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate corner sofas based on these factors

In the following we show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate corner sofas. This will make it easier for you to get an overview and decide on a suitable and effective model.

In summary, these criteria are as follows:

  • Comfort/Upholstery
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Back and seat depth adjustment, headrest adjustment
  • High-Tech-Merkmale
  • Bed drawer/storage space

In the following you can read what the respective criteria are and find out why it makes sense for you to buy a model based on the criteria or not.


In principle, there are two options for the upholstery between which you can choose. Either you want to have a firm or a soft upholstery.

Characteristic of soft upholstery is that the sofa adapts itself and you sink in a little when sitting. Younger people prefer this type of upholstery, while older people usually opt for firm upholstery, as it makes it easier to get up.

Also worth mentioning are the different types of sofa upholstery, which are among others

  • Federkern
  • cold foam
  • Box spring
  • Springwood slats


The colour of the corner sofa has received little attention so far, but the colour of the corner sofa is certainly not insignificant in the decision-making process.

The possibilities here go into infinity, but in most cases they provide an important decision criterion, as the colour is often determined in advance.

The colour naturally depends on your individual taste and the colour scheme of your interior. However, neutral tones such as grey, brown or black are very popular because they fit in almost anywhere, are less sensitive to dirt and are easy to combine with other colours.


Basically there are three different cover materials between which one can distinguish:

  • textile covers
  • Leather
  • Imitation leather

Bed drawer/storage space

An included bed drawer or storage space within the corner sofa can also become a sales argument. In order to make the most of the available space, hidden storage spaces in or under corner sofas are particularly appreciated in small apartments or children’s rooms.

So you can find variants where you can fold the seat upwards and let various things disappear inconspicuously. But also drawers underneath the corner sofa can help.

Back and seat depth adjustment, headrest adjustment and relax function

Another criterion for the purchase of a corner sofa can be the included features. Since the purchase of a corner sofa is a long-term purchase, many people attach importance to the multifunctionality of the piece of furniture.

Back, arm and headrests or even the seat depth can be adjusted, which can be powerful sales arguments. Although this goes beyond the features of standard corner sofas, functions should become more and more popular with buyers and can contribute significantly to sitting and lying comfort.

Corner sofas with a relax function are sofas where seating elements can be adjusted to form reclining elements at the touch of a button. This is usually achieved by folding out footrests and adjustable backrests.

Various sofas can even be adjusted electronically, which eliminates the unpractical, and above all unpopular, manual adjustment.


High-tech features such as massage functions, built-in sockets and USB connections, LED lights or mobile phone charging stations can also be included in the purchase decision and are enjoying increasing popularity.

Even features like built-in seat heaters are no longer a dream come true. However, one should be aware that these high-end features will be reflected in the price of the corner sofa and that the sofa also needs a power connection.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the corner sofa

How do I place a corner sofa?

As already mentioned, a sofa is the eye catcher in the room. So think about where the furniture makes sense. When setting it up, pay attention to doors, windows or any drawers. Also pay attention to the TV connection and sockets. In small rooms the place of a corner sofa is usually predetermined and does not leave much room for manoeuvre.

However, if space permits, a corner sofa does not have to stand exclusively in the corner. It can become the centre of the room and a kind of island within the room. An armchair, a stool or a free-standing ottoman matching the corner sofa are suitable additions to the living area.

How do I style a corner sofa?

The furnishings often only give a perfect picture with the right details and accessories and are often the be-all and end-all of a cosy apartment.

To give the new piece of furniture the right frame, it is important to match the sofa to the rest of the furniture. Decorative cushions and blankets on the corner sofa not only make it look more comfortable, they can also bring colour into the room if you have chosen a neutral colour for the cover.

Another possibility to make the living area look more comfortable is a carpet. There are two possibilities: You place the carpet either under the corner sofa or in front of the corner sofa. But pay attention to the size: a carpet that is too small looks lost next to a large sofa.

The coffee table also contributes to the appearance of the corner sofa. The style of the table should definitely match the sofa and also have an appropriate height.

How do I clean a corner sofa? How do I prevent wear and tear?

Proper cleaning depends on the covering material of the corner sofa. In any case, follow the care instructions for your corner sofa. However, it would be advantageous to have a vacuum cleaner with upholstery nozzle with which crumbs, dust and hair can be quickly removed.

For leather couches, a damp cloth is often sufficient for wiping. If not, a curd soap or a saddle soap from the equestrian supplies can help. Remember also that you should let certain genuine leather covers in from time to time to care for and impregnate the leather.

A steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner can be helpful for textile coverings. With upholstery cleaners, be careful of corrosive or bleaching chemicals that leave unsightly stains. If nothing else helps, a new cover for your textile couch can be an option.

If you don’t want to let it come to that, you can think about a cover or a support for the seats to prevent wear and tear. Especially if you are the owner of a pet that likes to sit on the couch, this would be worth thinking about.

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