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Welcome to our big double roller blind test 2020, where we present you all the double roller blinds we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the web.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best double roller blind for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page, which you should pay attention to if you want to buy a double roller blind.

The most important facts in brief

  • A double roller blind / duo roller blind is a flexible privacy and light protection made of fabric, suitable for windows and glass doors in the interior. Similar to a simple roller blind, but consisting of two layers of fabric woven alternately in transparent and opaque strips.
  • Depending on the setting and model, the double roller blind offers partial transparent, translucent or darkening privacy and sun protection.
  • The double roller blind can be mounted in two ways: Either directly on the window or door leaf without drilling or above on the wall or ceiling.

Double roller blind test: Favourites of the editorial staff

  • The double roller blind with the best price-performance ratio
  • The best all-rounder double roller blind
  • The best double roller blind with wall/ceiling mounting

The double roller blind with the best price-performance ratio

The double roller blind from FOXX is an inexpensive model, which is available in 6 colours and various sizes. The carrier profile is made of white plastic and is clamped to the window with simple clamping carriers. The side-pull can be fixed either on the left or right side.

Customers appreciate the simple, fast assembly, the favourable price and the fast delivery. They are also convinced that the polyester fabric is easy to clean when wet. The clamping carriers can be adjusted up to 2.5 cm. This fits most windows, but should be checked before buying.

The best all-rounder double roller blind

The white duo roller blind with cassette and side pull made of aluminium is available in various sizes. It can be mounted either with clamp brackets on the window or with screwed angles on the wall. The fabric is made of polyester with 7.5 cm wide, opaque strips.

The product convinces by the high-quality design and material of the cassette and by the simple assembly. It is suitable for small or large windows as well as for doors. With the white, translucent fabric it is an optimal privacy screen without the room losing much daylight.

The best double roller blind with wall/ceiling mounting

The double roller blind by Victoria M. has an aluminium support rail that is screwed to the wall or ceiling. The visible parts of the carrier roller are sprayed in the same colour as the opaque fabric strips. You can choose between 4 colours.

According to the manufacturer, all parts are of high quality and are checked before shipping. Various aspects are praised by buyers: the simple and quick assembly, the stable aluminium carrier profile, the large selection of order dimensions and the good price-performance ratio.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a double roller blind

What is a double roller blind and how does it work?

You can imagine a double roller blind, often called a duo roller blind, as a combination of a conventional simple roller blind and a venetian blind with slats.

The double roller blind is operated like a roller blind by means of manual cord or electric drive. The special feature of the double roller blind is the two fabric webs running in opposite directions, which are steered at the bottom by a weighted roller – the so-called drop bar.

The fabric is alternately woven in more or less opaque horizontal strips. Depending on the position in which these stripes are in relation to each other, a different light and privacy protection is created, which can be individually adjusted.

Very similar to a venetian blind, where the use of fabric as a base material has the advantage that you can choose between different colours and patterns.

For installation, only the carrier profile or the cassette of the Duo roller blind must be attached to the wall, ceiling or directly to the window frame. This is done with a clamping system – also called Klemmfix – or with dowels and screws.

If circumstances do not permit clamping or drilling, the device can also be glued.

Would you like to know directly what a cassette and what a carrier profile is? You will find the answer under the purchase criteria.

Why do I need a double roller blind?

Do you live directly on a street or sidewalk, do you have curious neighbours or do you simply need modern, variable and individual privacy and sun protection? Then the double roller blind is perfect for you. Possible reasons for using a Duo roller blind are

Light regulation in the living room
Privacy protection for residential areas on the street or footpath
Visual protection against neighbours
Decorative living element

The advantage of the double roller blind is the possibility to regulate the mix of privacy and light protection without complicated operation. Depending on the setting, pleasant light and shadow plays are created.

Where can I use a double roller blind?

A double roller blind can be fitted to any window or glass door in the interior.
As the pulley (drop rod) hangs freely in the air, the roller blind cannot be mounted on roof windows. There the pleated blind is the suitable solution. An explanation of the pleated blind can be found in the alternatives.

Due to the wide range of different fabrics available, there is a model with the right features for every room.

  • For living and working spaces made of translucent fabrics, patterned, printed with motifs or single-coloured. For a lot of daylight in the room, you should choose rather lighter colours.
  • For bathroom and kitchen, made of materials suitable for humid rooms and translucent for a pleasant lighting atmosphere.
  • For bedrooms and children’s rooms as blackout blind with darkening, opaque fabrics.

Of course, the double roller blind is also suitable for commercial premises such as a doctor’s surgery, restaurants or in offices.

Where can I buy a double roller blind?

Double roller blinds are available online, in furniture stores or from specialist dealers for sun protection.
Double roller blinds are available in these well-known furniture stores or can be ordered online:

Danish bed camp

Double roller blinds are sold at these online shops:


Is a major project in the pipeline – e.g. the furnishing of a house or an entire apartment including electrical operation? Then it can be useful to contact a specialist dealer. In addition to surveying, quotations and installation, they will also take care of future maintenance or carry out any repairs that may be necessary.

You can easily find a specialist retailer in your area under the term: specialist retailer for sun protection + your place of residence.

How much does a double blind cost?

The price is mainly determined by the materials and the type of service. The type of installation and dimensions play a lesser role here – unless special oversizes are involved.
You can find inexpensive double roller blinds starting at 10 Euros. The average price when buying in a furniture store or online shop is between 20 and 50 euros per piece. In the expensive price range, from around 130 euros, special features of the fabric are also available or an optional electric drive.
With very cheap models, it is possible that the fabric is not completely lightfast and […]

To be understood as a special feature:

  • Absolutely opaque (coated with a foil)
  • Damp room suitable / Washable
  • Flame retardant

What are the alternatives to a double roller blind?

The simple roller blind:
The roller blind is constructed according to the same system as a duo roller blind. However, the fabric is only single-ply and without transparent stripes. The disadvantage of a simple roller blind is that the light can only be regulated via the infinitely variable adjustment from open to closed. Therefore the room can also be completely darkened.
Roller blinds for outdoor use are called vertical awnings.
The pleated blind:
A pleated blind, also known as a roman blind, is a sun and privacy protection made of a fabric that is laid in even, fine folds. It is attached to the top and bottom of the window frame.

The folds are compressed like an accordion when opened. The advantage of the pleat is that it can be opened from above and below.

The blinds:
The venetian blind is a sun and sight protection, which can also be used as weather protection. The incidence of light is regulated by movable, horizontal slats made of metal, plastic or wood. The angle of the slats can be adjusted with a torsion bar or motor to allow more or less light into the room.

Decision: What types of double blinds are available and which one is right for you?

Before buying a double roller blind you should decide where and how you want to fix it.

The following two variants are commercially available:

  • On the window/door leaf – for clamping or gluing (in rare cases for drilling)
  • Above the window or door – for drilling or gluing

With many Duo roller blinds the mounting parts for drilling and clamping are part of the scope of delivery. However, this should be checked before purchase, because especially with the more expensive models from the specialist dealer, they often have to be ordered separately.

What distinguishes a double roller blind for clamping/gluing to the window/door sash and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

If you are not allowed or do not want to drill into walls or ceilings at home, the double roller blind for clamping is the right choice. It is attached to the window or door frame with simple clamping brackets and can be removed at any time without leaving any residue. The system is known as Klemmfix.

Occasionally, double roller blinds are also offered which are only glued to the window or door leaf. These are called Klebfix Duo roller blinds.

Rarely used are models that are screwed to the window sash. Therefore, they are not described in detail in this guide. They have the great disadvantage that the holes in the frame remain permanent and removing the Duo Roller blind involves costly repairs to the window.


Simple and uncomplicated installation with Klemmfix/Klebfix on windows/doors without drilling
Windows/doors can be opened with the roller blind closed
Position easy to adjust


Klemmfix not possible with fixed glazing
For sliding doors mounting on the door leaf is not possible
For very thick window frames special clamping beams required

What distinguishes a double roller blind for drilling or gluing to the wall or ceiling and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

For this version the mounting device is screwed to the wall or ceiling. Depending on the manufacturer, this is an angle, clip or similar. The position of the screwed elements must be measured exactly before mounting, as it can hardly be adjusted afterwards.

If this double roller blind is to be fixed to the wall or ceiling without drilling, a strong double adhesive tape is used. This way there is no need to drill. The danger, however, is that the adhesive will come off over time, depending on the quality and load, and damage the plaster or paint.

Whether glued or screwed: mounting on the wall or ceiling has a big disadvantage. When the roller blind is closed, the window or door can no longer be opened. The solution is either the Klemmfix or Klebfix system.


Suitable for large areas such as room-high window fronts with fixed glazing
Possible for window fronts with sliding door
Greater variety of design versions of cassette/ support profile


Windows/doors can no longer be opened when the roller blind is closed
Positioning must be measured exactly
Danger of detachment/damage to the base material in case of glued brackets

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors you can compare and evaluate double roller blinds

In the following we will show you on the basis of which aspects you can decide between the multitude of possible Duo Rollos.

The criteria you can use to compare the double blinds include

  • Montageart
  • Design
  • Operation
  • Dimensions
  • Material of carrier profile or cassette
  • Material and colour of the fabric


The type of installation is a fundamental decision criterion when buying a Duo roller blind. Especially in rental properties where drilling may not be allowed or desired.

With many double roller blinds, the mounting parts for clamping as well as those for ceiling or wall mounting are included in the scope of delivery. To avoid unpleasant surprises, however, it is worth checking this before buying.

More about the three variants Duo Rollo for clamping, drilling and gluing:

A detailed description of the Duo Rollo types, including advantages and disadvantages, can be found under the heading Decision.


The difference between the variants is that in the cassette the rolled-up fabric is protected from dust, whereas in a carrier profile it is visibly rolled up.

Both the double roller blind with cassette and the one with carrier profile are available for all types of installation and operation.

On the following post you see a model with a white cassette.


A double roller blind with cassette as well as with support rail is available with different operating options.

  • Manual operation with side pull
  • Electric drive with remote control or switch

More about the Duo roller blind with electric drive:
The electric drive is convenient, but also expensive. The drive runs either with battery or direct power connection. It is operated via a switch or remote control. No special expertise is required for commissioning, but DIY talent is an advantage.

It can become complicated if the electric drive is defective. If only the battery is defective, it can be replaced. If the problem lies in the mechanics, consulting a specialist is usually the best choice.

More about the Duo Rollo with manual operation:
Easy to handle and reasonably priced is the Duo Rollo with manual operation. The Duo roller blind can be infinitely adjusted via a control cord or chain. The side pull can be attached to the left or right as desired. When choosing the side, good accessibility must be ensured.

A common problem is jamming the cord or chain. Reasons for this can be a jamming of the side-pull or dust accumulation. To solve the problem, it is usually necessary to disassemble and clean the whole device.

If the side-pull is torn, a part is broken or for other reasons irreparable, spare parts are readily available. To make it clear which parts are to be ordered where, it is advantageous to keep the receipt or assembly instructions.


Double roller blinds are offered with:

  • Standard dimensions
  • Desired dimensions

Duo roller blinds with standard dimensions are adapted to standard window widths.
Widths: from 40 cm to 160 cm – the dimensions become wider in 5 cm steps.
Lengths: from 130 cm to 240 cm – This varies depending on the manufacturer.

If none of these dimensions fit, almost every furniture store or specialist dealer offers the Duo roller blinds made to measure. They can be ordered online or directly on site. For ordering made-to-measure there is no or only a small extra charge.

Don’t you have a standard size window? Double roller blinds are also available with your desired dimensions without any problems.

The width is always given as the external dimension of the support rail or cassette. The fabric is on average 3-4 centimetres narrower than the specified dimension. This means that the order size must be at least 3-4 centimetres larger than the glass scantl

Material and colour of the carrier profiles and cassettes

Cassettes and carrier profiles are mainly offered in aluminium or plastic. For the cassettes, you can choose between rounded or angular edges.

The less expensive plastic models are available in white. Aluminium profiles and cassettes are available with a metal surface or sprayed in one colour. In some cases the colours are specified in RAL colours. RAL is a common classification system for colours in which each colour tone has a specific number.

Special design profiles made of stainless steel can be purchased mainly from specialist dealers but also from some online shops. They are more expensive, but also visibly high-quality processed. The look is modern and simple, with a hidden roller or rather industrial style with visible mechanics.

Material and colour of the fabric panels

The fabrics are made of PVC or polyester and are available in countless colour variations, printed with motifs or patterned.

Every living space makes individual demands on the fabric. The following options are offered on the market:

  • Transparent / semi-transparent (for living rooms, bathroom and kitchen)
  • Opaque (for bedrooms and children’s rooms)
  • Suitable for wet rooms / washable (for kitchen and bathroom)
  • Flame retardant

Important facts about the main criteria opaque or translucent:

Lichtblick double roller blind with transparent, semi-transparent fabrics:
A double roller blind in a light colour with transparent fabrics offers pleasant privacy protection without the room losing much of its natural light.

Well suited for living room, conservatory, kitchen or bathroom, where you want to be protected from prying eyes during the day. Dark fabrics are usually less transparent, so light colours are well suited here.

Blackout double blind with opaque fabrics:
For bedrooms or children’s rooms, opaque fabrics are the right choice. They darken the room almost completely, depending on the set position. It should be noted that light-coloured fabrics must be coated on one side with a film to be darkened.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about double roller blinds

In which cases is a Klemmfix or Klebfix Duo roller blind not suitable?

  • Sliding doors: Integrated in large glass fronts such as in the living room or bedroom. The cassettes or carrier profiles collide when the sliding door is opened. Here you have to switch to mounting above the window area.
  • Fixed glazing: This means that the window sash cannot be opened. Clamping is not possible here and you have to switch to a screwed or glued duo roller blind.
  • For very thick window frames, special clamping carriers must be ordered. With most manufacturers the maximum dimension varies between 20 and 25 mm rebate thickness.

How do I clean a double roller blind?

Before you start cleaning your Duo roller blind, you should check with the manufacturer how the fabric may be cleaned. Not all fabrics may be washed with a damp cloth.

In the case of a Duo Roller blind cassette, it is advisable to dismantle it beforehand in order to also get dust in the mechanics.

Dry cleaning is the most gentle and safest method: Simply clean all parts with a feather duster or duster cloth. A vacuum cleaner on lowest suction power is also suitable.

Double roller blinds that are suitable for damp environments or are washable can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth. Removing the dust in advance prevents it from sticking to the fabric.

Attention you should let the Duo Rollo dry well before you roll it up again. Residual moisture can lead to mould growth.

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