Electric Box Spring Bed: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our electric box spring bed test 2020, where we present you all electric box spring beds tested by us. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best electric box spring bed for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy an electronic box spring bed.

The most important facts in brief

  • An electronic box spring bed gives you an optimal lying and sleeping feeling, as well as a much higher comfort than a conventional bed.
  • The box spring bed can be configured according to your individual wishes and needs.
  • You will find differences in the mattresses, toppers, sizes, colours and much more.

Electric box spring bed test: Editors’ favourites

  • The best electric box spring bed with foam topper
  • The best electric box spring bed with Geltopper
  • The best electric box spring bed with double cloth cover

The best electric box spring bed with foam topper

This box spring bed ROM II can be configured individually. Two motors are installed on each side as standard, which means that everyone can adjust the mattress section as they wish.

The Premuim box spring mattress consists of a 7-zone barrel spring core to provide the best sleeping comfort.

The degree of hardness and the topper are freely selectable. It is also special that the cover is suitable for allergy sufferers and is removable. The headboard can, but does not have to be mounted.

The best electric box spring bed with Geltopper

The adjustable box spring bed Laro from Spenger Bettenstudio is a great box spring bed, which is available in different sizes and colors.

The mattress consists of a high-quality 7-pocket spring core

It should also be emphasized that the headboard does not necessarily have to be mounted. It is not load-bearing.

In addition, the slat base is made of so-called barrel pocket springs, which react point-elastically to pressure.

The best electric box spring bed with double cloth cover

The Ancona box spring bed from Belcandeo I offers a great price/performance ratio. You not only have the possibility to choose different sizes, but also different colours and degrees of hardness.

The mattress consists of cold foam and is particularly breathable. A big plus point is also that the bed stands for very good quality, because it is made in Germany. In addition, there is a two-year guarantee on the entire bed.

Guide: Questions you should consider before buying an electric box spring bed

Why should I buy an electric box spring bed?

If you prefer a combination of lying and sleeping comfort, you will make a very good choice with an electrically adjustable box spring bed.

A built-in motor allows you to adjust the height of the mattress with a remote control.

Box spring beds are not only trendy, but also have a certain luxury. The quality of life can be improved by a restful sleep.
In addition, diseases in the back area can be prevented. You can adjust your individual position so that your knees and also your back are relieved.

What should I pay attention to when buying an electric box spring bed?

Due to the high price of an electric box spring bed, the purchase should be well thought out. In the following, I will go into three points that should be taken into account especially when buying a box spring bed.
Correct box spring construction
In general, a box spring bed consists of three layers. The lowest layer consists of the so-called lower box with springs.
A mattress is placed on top of it and on the top level there is a thin sleeping pad, also called a topper.
Visually, a box spring bed is often advertised, although it is not a “real” one. In this case there are no springs in the lower box or the price does not include the Topper, for example. So keep your eyes open when buying.
Realistic price
Not only on the Internet, but also in shops, very cheap box spring beds are offered again and again.
Caution is also required here. A high-quality box spring bed cannot cost 500€ all at once if the original price was 2000€. At this point it is called comparing prices.
Supplier quality seal
Before proceeding with the purchase, you should read the fine print.
There should definitely be a guarantee listed here, so that you have the right to return the product. In addition, online shops should be marked with a “Trusted-Shop” seal.

Where can I buy an electric box spring bed?

It is recommended that you buy in a certified bed shop. Here you will receive comprehensive advice from qualified personnel, you can ask questions and test different models.
Even in the case of later problems, it is easier to make a complaint in a shop than on the Internet. Nevertheless you should of course compare prices.

Pay attention to the small print when signing the contract. You may incur additional shipping costs and assembly costs.

What does an electric box spring bed cost?

The prices can vary greatly depending on the configuration. Nevertheless, it must be said that an electric box spring bed is classified as a luxury item.

The better the quality, the higher the price of course.

A recommendable electric box spring bed is priced between 1500€ and 2500€ with a double bed size of 180x200cm.
There are also motorized box spring beds that start at a lower price range. Accordingly, there will also be a hook.

Usually very cheap materials are used in these places and the bed is not made in Germany or Europe.

In which size should I buy the electric box spring bed?

The right size is crucial for you and for the size of the bedroom.
Because a box spring bed can take up a lot of space. Adjustable box spring beds can be bought in all possible sizes. From 140x200cm up to a 200x200cm bed.

If the corresponding room is rather small and has slants, you should do without a headboard.

This usually takes up a few centimetres. If the room is spacious, you can also choose a large box spring bed.

What advantages does an electric box spring bed offer?

An electric box spring bed offers a variety of advantages. Among other things, the customer enjoys a unique sleeping and lying comfort that can be individually adjusted by the motor.
The spine and joints are relieved by a perfect combination of a good mattress and a high-quality spring core padding.
People with a high body weight often ask themselves how resilient an electric box spring bed actually is.
This is also a great advantage of a box spring bed. It is very stable and has a high load capacity. Nevertheless, in this case you should choose a mattress with a b

Decision: What types of electric box spring beds are available and which one is right for you?

If you are planning to buy an electric box spring bed, you can choose between the following options:

  • Electric box spring bed with bonell spring mattress
  • Electric box spring bed with pocket spring mattress
  • Electric box spring bed with barrel pocket spring mattress

To make your purchase decision easier, we have compiled the advantages and disadvantages of the individual variants for you here.

What distinguishes an electric box spring bed with Bonell spring mattress and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

In this type, the springs in the mattress are connected with a wire, which is why the slightest movement exerts pressure on all springs and not just on one spring.

Therefore an insert for an electric box spring bed is not suitable. The mattress cannot be tilted well.


Low weight
Cheap price
Easy handling
Good ventilation


Cannot carry heavy weight
May cause noises
Supporting capacity decreases over time

What distinguishes an electric box spring bed with pocket spring mattress and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Here the springs are sewn individually into separate fabric pockets, so that the pressure is only shifted to one spring.

In addition, the springs are not connected by wires, which means that fewer vibrations are generated and a peaceful sleep feeling is provided. This mattress is well suited for an electric box spring bed.


High breathability


High weight
Cannot be rolled
Could be harmful to health

What are the characteristics of an electric box spring bed with a barrel pocket spring mattress and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

This variant is again a subcategory of the pocket spring core and is to be classified as the best variant for motorized box spring beds.

Here you probably get the best sleeping comfort. In this case, the spring power is increased as soon as an increased pressure is applied to them. Thus the barrel pocket spring core adapts itself optimally to the body.


Suitable for allergy sufferers
Carries any body weight
Suitable for frequent sweaters


High weight
Cannot be rolled
Not suitable for people who freeze quickly

Purchase criteria: With these factors you can compare and evaluate electric box spring beds

In the following we will show you on the basis of which aspects you can decide between the multitude of possible electric box spring beds.

The criteria that you can use to compare the electric box spring bed include

  • Colour
  • Hardness grade
  • Weight
  • Entrance height

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.


In general, they must ask themselves the question: Grey or white? Because in this colour world you will find most box spring beds.

Both colours are trend colours and can be combined very well. Nevertheless, you should take a close look at the colour characteristics.

The colour grey is rather to be classified in a cool, monotonous area. Nevertheless, I would say that it exudes a certain elegance.

With this elegance the bedroom can be given a certain something. If the room is painted in shades of grey, a lighter or darker shade of grey can be used as a contrast for the box spring bed.

White stands for timelessness and straightness. Especially if the bedroom is designed in different colours, a white bed would bring peace to the room.

Nevertheless, a white bed in a white room without any colours can look very sterile. In this case you can work with colourful accessories.

Hardness grade

There are different degrees of hardness, which should be selected according to body weight. These can be between H1 and H5.

While H1 is very soft, H5 is very hard. However, if you like lying on soft mattresses, it does not mean that H1 is particularly good for you and your spine.

As already written above in the article, I would recommend you to go to a specialized box spring bed shop and get advice. This will give you the opportunity to find out your perfect degree of hardness for your mattresses.


Electric box spring beds weigh between 150 kg and 300 kg. Nevertheless the weight depends on many factors.

Depending on the configuration, the bed can be lighter or heavier.

Among other things, the upholstery structure, the material used, as well as the installed motor or whether a headboard is attached plays a major role.

Entrance height

The ideal entry height should be chosen so that the body is loaded as little as possible.

When getting out of the car, the thigh should be at right angles to the feet. In the following you will find a table for the ideal entry height.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the electric box spring bed

How do I set up an electric box spring bed?

The following components must be present to set up a motorised box spring bed:

  • 8 feet
  • 2 Boxen
  • 2 motors
  • 2 Matratzen
  • 1 Topper
  • 1 headboard
  • 2 remote controls
  • 2 securing brackets.

In addition, you will need a good cordless screwdriver, a power outlet and four helping hands.

To set up your electric box spring bed, you should proceed as follows:

    First of all, all the individual parts should be freed from the packaging.
    Place the lower box on the floor, screw in the feet and separate the frame from the box.
    Remove the safety flaps on the motor and mount them on the metal bracket of the bed frame.
    Then refit the safety flaps on the motor.
    Place the frame on the box and screw the metal brackets to the box.
    Now place the box on its side again and connect the power cable to a socket.
    On the remote control provided, press “foot part up”.
    Next, the safety bars are screwed to the base of the box. For this purpose, the already assembled box should be brought into the desired position.
    Then the head part can be snapped into the provided metal rail.
    Finally, lay the mattress on the bed and the topper.

How do I clean an electric box spring bed?

Make sure that the mattress is well ventilated. You can achieve this by removing the pillows and blankets in the morning.

This way the mattress gets enough air and no mites can reproduce or form.

In addition, the mattress can be regularly vacuumed with a conventional house vacuum cleaner.

Protective covers ensure that no sweat or dirt gets into the mattress. These can be easily removed and washed as required.

Also the bed sheets and sheets should be washed regularly. Because sweat and dirt can also settle here. Bedroom textiles are washed at 60 to 90 degrees.

Which support do I need for an electric box spring bed?

First of all, I’ll go into what a topper actually is. A topper is a topping that is between two and three inches thick.

A topper is additionally placed on the mattress to improve the quality of lying.

It also extends the durability of the mattress, as the topper can be removed and washed. The topper can be ordered in different degrees of hardness.

Here is a small overview of different toppers and their corresponding properties:

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