Ergonomic Office Chair: Review And Recommendations


Ergonomic office chairs make every long working day at your desk easier. They adapt to any body size and any sitting position, so that especially the neck muscles and the spine are protected. Ergonomic office chairs are available in various sizes, so that both large and small people can find the ideal chair for them. The ergonomic office chairs are also available for overweight people and children. As they are good for your health, it is possible to get subsidies for the purchase from your health insurance company.

With our large ergonomic office chair Test 2020, we want to help you decide on the best ergonomic office chair. We explain the alternatives to ergonomic office chairs and list the advantages and disadvantages of office chairs with armrests and headrests as well as gaming chairs as office chairs. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.

The most important facts in brief

  • Ergonomic office chairs adapt to all body dimensions and seating positions and are therefore ideal for long periods of sitting at the workplace.
  • Anyone who has to deal with back pain or herniated discs will be pleased with an ergonomic office chair. They protect the muscles and ensure an ideal sitting posture.
  • For a pleasant working environment at your desk, you can also apply to your health or pension insurance company for a subsidy to purchase an ergonomic office chair.

Ergonomic office chair test: Editors’ favourites

  • The best ergonomic office chair
  • The best ergonomic office chair for children
  • The best gaming chair as an alternative to the classic office chair

The best ergonomic office chair

This ergonomic office chair makes it easy for you to work at your desk. The headrest of the chair can be adjusted in height as well as in inclination. Thus the chair is ideal for relaxing your neck muscles. The armrests are also height adjustable and the chair has a well upholstered seat.

If you are interested in an ergonomic office chair that guarantees relief for your spine and musculature and whose price-performance ratio is right, you should go for it.

The best ergonomic office chair for children

A good desk chair is essential, especially for children whose bodies are not yet fully developed. This office chair guarantees good protection of the muscles with its ergonomic shape and bucket seat. The chair is recommended for children between the ages of eight and eleven.

The swivel chair not only relieves your child’s muscles, you also have a choice of different designs. Customers also say that the chair is very easy to assemble and that the office chair has a great cost advantage.

The best gaming chair as an alternative to the classic office chair

The gaming chair from UMI has an upholstered backrest and an upholstered seat to ensure comfort in the workplace. The chair also has a footrest and the head and lumbar cushions are adjustable in size. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 150 kilograms.

The design differs from classic office chairs with nets as backrests. If you prefer a bucket seat shape and lots of upholstery, this chair is ideal for you. However, many offices prefer classic swivel chairs with a simple design. You may therefore want to discuss a purchase with your employer.

Advisor: Questions you should consider before buying an ergonomic office chair

What actually is an ergonomic office chair?

Ergonomic office chairs are ideal chairs for long working hours and long periods of sitting at the desk.

Sitting for long periods of time is not natural for humans, so a certain amount of ergonomics is necessary to make it easier for your body.

An office chair must have functions such as adjustable seat heights, adjustable armrests, headrests and shock absorption to be ergonomic.

An ergonomic office chair can adapt to your height and its structure protects your spine as well as your neck.

It should also not matter which sitting position you take up. The ergonomic chair will adapt to any position and make sitting easier for you.

What does an ergonomic office chair cost?

Price differences of the office chair can be attributed to materials and fabrics. The biggest differences, however, lie in the construction of ergonomic office chairs. Depending on the construction, the cost factor is different.

Ergonomic office chairs are mostly offered with armrests. Headrests are also often fitted. Ergonomic office chairs without armrests are cheaper in comparison.

You should still consider chairs with headrests and armrests especially if you often suffer from back pain at work.

Why should I buy an ergonomic office chair?

If you work long hours and spend most of your time at your desk, an ergonomic office chair is highly recommended.

An ergonomic office chair is a must, especially for people with a slipped disc.

The ergonomic office chair allows you to adopt comfortable sitting positions without harming your neck or back.

Due to the structure of the office chair your spine is relieved and also the blood circulation of your intervertebral discs is improved.

To adopt a healthy posture at your desk you need more than just a good ergonomic office chair. That’s why we’ve selected a video with some tips for you.

By the way, ergonomic office chairs are also produced for overweight people. There is an ergonomic office chair for everyone according to their height and body weight.

Where can I buy an ergonomic office chair?

Ergonomic office chairs are available both in furniture stores and in many online shops. You will find a large selection of models and designs.
According to our research, most ergonomic office chairs are sold through these online shops:

All the ergonomic office chairs that we present to you on this page can easily be found on If you find something there, you can start right away.

What is the alternative to ergonomic office chairs?

Many health experts are of the opinion that there is no way around ergonomic office chairs for long periods of sitting.

Nevertheless, there are alternatives to the classic ergonomic office chair, which are also used for healthy working.

These alternatives have a modern and disruptive approach. If you are looking for something completely new, you will surely find something suitable for you.

Decision: What types of ergonomic office chairs are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to buy an ergonomic office chair, you can choose between three options.

  • an ergonomic office chair with armrests
  • an ergonomic office chair with headrest
  • a gaming chair as office chair

An ergonomic office chair with armrests can of course also have a headrest. It is important to us that you understand the individual advantages and disadvantages of the individual parts of the ergonomic office chair.

What distinguishes an ergonomic office chair with armrest and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The majority of ergonomic office chairs are sold with armrests. Armrests are mainly used to relieve your muscles. However, it is necessary that the armrests are height adjustable. This is the only way they can serve an ergonomic purpose.


comfortable storage of the arms
Relief of the neck musculature
Simplification of sitting down and standing up


Damage to the musculature if incorrectly adjusted
Incorrect adjustment damages the stability of the chair

If armrests bother you when working and you may have to roll the chair back and forth, you will find enough models of ergonomic office chairs without armrests.

What distinguishes an ergonomic office chair with headrest and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A headrest or neck rest prevents you from bending your back and staring too much at your screen. Especially if you suffer from tension, a headrest is an advantage.


Relief of the cervical spine
good for your back


must be adjustable
is not used when seated

As soon as a headrest is not adjustable, it can harm rather than help your muscles.

If you tend to put your head too close to the screen, the headrest can help to improve your sitting position.

What distinguishes a gaming chair as an office chair and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Gaming chairs are just as ergonomic as the classic office chairs. They were primarily developed for gamers and therefore differ mainly in the shape of the seat.


high convenience
sporting designs
Sports shell seat provides more support


Design does not correspond to typical office atmosphere
relatively expensive

The gaming chair provides a high level of comfort and also due to the sports shell seat shape, it provides relief for your neck, lumbar and spine muscles.

However, if you are interested in a chair in an everyday office, an alternative with a simple appearance is probably preferable.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and evaluate ergonomic office chairs based on these factors

In the following section we will show you which aspects will help you decide between a variety of models of ergonomic office chairs.

The criteria you can use to compare ergonomic office chairs include

  • Material
  • Structure
  • Functions
  • Size
  • Weight

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.


Many office chairs consist mainly of a mixture of metal and plastic. Others are mainly made of aluminium.

The materials have more of an influence on the weight of the chair than on its appearance. You decide here what you like better.

This also applies to the fabric or the design of the upholstery. You have the choice between colourful net fabrics but also imitation leather.

Rather, substances that allow an exchange between moisture and body heat are recommended. In summer, materials such as leather are not ideal, as they stick to the body due to the heat and thus reduce comfort.


There are differences in the structure of an office chair, on the one hand, in the type of backrest. While some models offer a simple, plain backrest, there are alternatives such as the bucket seat, which provides additional support.

Furthermore, many ergonomic office chairs have a so-called lumbar support, a curvature at the level of the waist. This ensures a better curvature of the spine.

You can also choose between chairs with or without armrests or headrests.

Here you must rely on your demands and needs. If you suffer from severe back pain quickly, you should not do without a headrest, a lumbar support and armrests.


The most important function you should pay attention to is the height adjustability. The backrest and armrests should definitely be adjustable in height.

In order for the chair to adapt ergonomically to your body dimensions, the height adjustment function is unavoidable.

On some models it is also possible to change the distance between the armrests and the seat.

It is also important that you can adjust the headrest to your height to relieve your neck muscles.

Many models also have the so-called rocker function to tilt the backrest backwards. This serves for relaxation and relief.

The office chair should also have brakes. You should pay particular attention when buying a child’s chair.


The sizes of the different models vary greatly. However, as the backrests and armrests are often adjustable, almost every model can be adjusted to your body size.

When buying an ergonomic office chair, your own height is the most important factor. You can choose the chair that best fits your measurements.

In general, the size of the backrest and seat play the most important role. It is recommended that the seat surface is at least between 37 and 47 cm.

Ideally, the upper edge of the backrest is at least 45 cm above the seat surface and is about 40 cm wide.


The weight is not primarily dependent on the weight of the office chair. These can weigh between 15 kg and 30 kg.

Instead, the weight that the office chair can carry plays a role. Suppliers of ergonomic office chairs specify up to how many kilograms of body weight the seated person can have.

The majority of office chairs are suitable for a weight of up to 150 kg.

However, you will also have no problem finding office chairs that have a greater load-bearing capacity of up to 180 kg, for example.

Trivia: facts about ergonomic office chairs

Can I get an ergonomic office chair on prescription from my health insurance company?

Yes. It is possible to apply for a cost subsidy for office chairs. For this you need a medical certificate of complaints, for example from your orthopaedic surgeon.

Before you buy an office chair, you should definitely talk to your employer. Your employer decides which work equipment may be used in his office.

Under special circumstances, you can also receive subsidies from the German Pension Insurance or apply for partial reimbursement of the costs at the employment office.

If you work independently, it is also possible to deduct the purchase of an ergonomic office chair from your tax as a business expense.

Are my employers obliged to provide ergonomic office chairs at the workplace?

No. Your employers are free to decide what your workplace looks like and which work equipment is available to you.

However, it has been shown that most employers have a strong interest in keeping the health risk of their employees as low as possible. Therefore, many are willing to invest in ergonomic office chairs in order to avoid sickness absence.

Most disease failures can be attributed to muscle weakness and weak connective tissue. According to a health report of the TK, every tenth day of sick leave is due to the widespread disease back pain.

So you should show your employer that an investment in ergonomic office chairs is worthwhile for the future.

How do I adjust an ergonomic office chair?

So that you can sit as ergonomically as possible, we will show you how to adjust your office chair correctly in the following section.

    Seat height: Make sure that there is a right angle between your upper and lower leg. Your knees should also be at the same height as your hips. Your feet must be firmly on the floor.
    Seat surface: You should be able to use the entire seat surface. Sit completely against the backrest and make sure that the back of your knees are not pushed off the edge of the seat.
    Back surface: Your upper pelvic area should touch the backrest. The lumbar support, a bulge on the backrest, should be at the level of your belt line.
    Headrest: The headrest is used for relaxation between work hours. You should adjust it so that you can lean comfortably when you bounce your back back.
    Armrests:  Your upper arm and forearm should form a right angle. At the same time, your neck muscles should be able to relax when your arms are supported.

So that you can imagine the whole thing even better, we have picked out a video with instructions.

Now that you have understood everything, you can strike directly and hopefully in the future you can work at your desk with the best comfort and without pain.

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