Futon Bed: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our big futon bed test 2020, where we present you all the futon beds we have tested in detail.
We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best futon bed for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos.
You will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a futon bed.

The most important facts in brief

  • The choice of a bed for each individual is particularly individual: some prefer hard mattresses, some need a lot of space, others pay attention to the height.
  • The futon bed is inspired by the tradition of decorating Japanese houses. This is a special mattress that performs its functions well. It is suitable not only for the Japanese style, but also absolutely for any interior in the modern world.
  • Futon can help you relax and improve your posture.

Futon bed test: Favourites of the editors

  • The best futon bed from local pine
  • The best metal futon bed
  • The best futon bed with rolling grate

The best futon bed from local pine

This solid wood bed captivates by its straightforward, no-frills form. Thus it fits into every room and creates a calm room climate due to its minimalist form.

Due to the robust construction also ideal for guest houses, guesthouses, assembly rooms and hostels. With a few cushions, the wooden bed quickly becomes a day sofa.

The wooden bed made of pine wood in A-quality is high-quality processed, finely sanded and the surfaces have a natural varnish.

Pine wood is characterised by its toughness and lively grain. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

The best metal futon bed

The futon bed is made of high-quality steel. The slatted frame stands on 9 supplied feet and thus forms a unit.

If necessary, the feet and headboard can be removed so that the slatted frame can be used in any bed.

With this futon bed you are prepared for every situation in life! You will receive a very well made futon bed.

The best futon bed with rolling grate

The wooden bed made of solid wood in a modern design is a real eye-catcher at a low price.
The pine wood is high-quality processed, finely sanded and the surfaces are varnished in washing white.

Wash-white lacquer means that the unique wood grain of pine shines through – so the bed is white, but still retains its naturalness.

The solid wood bed radiates power, warmth and comfort and thus contributes positively to a pleasant living climate.

Guide: Questions to consider before buying a futon bed

For whom is a futon bed suitable?

Many people who love modern design appreciate the stylish and less voluminous profile of the futon bed.
It is ideal for adults, children, guest rooms, studios and other multifunctional rooms.
Specialists recommend buying a futon bed for parents with children of active age, because on this bed children can play and jump without fear.

Another important aspect is health. Sleeping on a futon bed is useful for people who are in a bad state of health or who want to protect their back in old age.

The simplicity of this bed is reminiscent of Zen and Asian decor. For many people this creates a natural atmosphere for sleeping. For others, the futon bed makes the way to yoga in the morning easier.

On the other hand, futon bed is an indispensable accessory for houses furnished in Japanese interior style.

How do I find the right futon bed?

A person spends most of his life lying on a bed. It is therefore important to take into account his characteristics and features.
There are usually two types: traditional or ultra-modern options for futons on a wooden or metal frame.
If you like a down-to-earth and exclusive traditionalism, you should take a closer look at models with solid wood frames. Smooth metal frames speak more of modernity.
If the mattress is designed for a child’s room or your bedroom, you should look at sufficiently strong and comfortable models.
With a real futon bed, your sleep will be deeper and stronger than ever before and the next morning you will be in good physical shape.

What height is a futon bed?

Basically, futon beds are beds with a low height. As a rule, the height of the various models, including the frame and mattress, is about 35 – 40 cm.

What makes a good futon bed?

A futon bed is a wonderful invention for those who care about their health and well-being – the mattress surface is firm and therefore very useful for the spine.
The Japanese bed is a universal piece of furniture: after sleep it can be used for a completely different purpose. If you remove the mattress and spread out the small pillows, for example, you can transform the sleeping structure into a place for a meal.
Another point that distinguishes the Japanese bed from other models is that it is made exclusively from materials of natural origin.
Furthermore, this is a great option for yoga. Fans of this hobby no longer have to stay on the floor and can perform their favorite asana directly on the bed.

How much maintenance is required for a futon bed?

The maintenance of a futon does not require much effort. Regular airing and low humidity (in the traditional way – on the floor) keeps it pleasantly airy for a long time.
Futon is easy to use, requires no special storage conditions and is affordable.

How much is a futon bed?

Futon beds are more or less expensive depending on the manufacturer, material and design.
The styles available on the market are numerous and you should choose the style that suits your room decor and lifestyle.
For a futon bed you can expect to pay around €50 for a 90×200 cm frame, and around €60 for a 140×200 cm bed. As you can see, the differences are not that big.

What do I have to consider when buying a futon bed?

You decide what the main purpose of the bed is. On the one hand it could be useful for casual conversation, on the other hand you sleep on it every night.
Is the desired model for the children’s room or do you store it in your guest room?
The type and frequency of use of the futon bed can determine not only the desired bed frame, but also the quality of the mattress.
If you buy a futon bed for sleeping, remember that the wooden frame will make the bed hard.
You may need a thicker mattress or a futon with pillows that soften the surface.

Where can I buy a futon bed?

Futon beds are available in furniture stores, but you can also buy your dream bed safely and comfortably from home in many online shops.
In addition, you have the possibility of a reliable home delivery or visit numerous furniture stores and get advice from competent bedroom experts!
According to our research, most futon beds are sold through these online shops:


Especially with a futon bed it is important that you also get an impression of other people.

So it’s a good idea to read the customer reviews at various online shops like Amazon to get an idea of what your next futon bed might look like.

All futon beds that we present on our website have a link to at least one of these online shops. If you have found a futon bed that interests you, you can strike right away.

What alternatives are there to a futon bed?

The box spring bed
Not everyone likes to sleep directly on or above the floor. The box spring bed is the exact opposite of a futon bed.
Due to the highest possible lying position and several layers lying on top of each other, the spring mattress offers a comfortable and convenient sleep.
It is optimally adapted to your body and your needs and is therefore anything but minimalist – a completely different philosophy to that of a futon bed.
The solid wood bed
A solid wooden bed gives the bedroom a classic and timeless style. Every fourth buyer now chooses a bed made of solid wood.
The solid wood bed is made entirely of real wood and is therefore much higher quality.

Decision: What kind of futo

The entire Futon range for sleeping and decorating a room has a good customer rating. Especially for those who are trying to make their home Japanese style or just minimalist.

Nowadays, many people, after reading the futon reviews, immediately decide on a futon bed, so you can save a lot of space.

Natural Japanese futon does not cause allergies. It also improves sleep, makes it calmer, more comfortable and aligns the spine, which is useful.

What distinguishes a foldable futon bed and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A new modern futon transformation – the use of a mattress on the couch. These models are available in two versions:

  • Folding
  • Not foldable

In both cases the sofa is made of natural wood. The folding option is equipped with a practical mechanism that makes it possible to quickly transform the sofa into an ordinary bed without effort.

Fold-out sofa futon – the original solution for the living room in minimalist style. It is a wooden construction similar to a park bench with backrest.

This is what the Japanese mattress is based on. Depending on the size, it can be bent in the middle or tripled.

The positive as well as the negative features of the foldable futon bed are briefly summarized here.


Sufficient space in bed
Not too complicated assembly
Fits perfectly in small rooms and guestrooms


If a foldable futon bed with sleeping function is folded up too quickly in the morning, the necessary ventilation is missing
In rooms with underfloor heating there is a higher heat influence during sleep

What distinguishes a complete futon bed and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A large part of our lives is spent sleeping. And that we will not change in the future.

A pleasant and restful sleep is only possible if you have the right futon bed and the right mattress for the futon bed.

Futon beds are also among the most popular beds worldwide.


A reliable, flat sleeping place with good shock absorption
Cosiness and comfort that remind us of the traditions of oriental hospitality
Ecological purity of cotton, wool as mattress filler and wood at the base


Sleeping close to the ground is a matter of taste
Who attaches importance to elaborate optics, will not find what he is looking for

Finding the right bed is not so easy. Take your time. With futon beds, the mattress cannot optimally compensate for different body weights. So get advice from your partner when you buy the bed together.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate futon beds based on these factors

Futon is a unique thing that comes from the distant past, but is very modern.

Each product with a Japanese mattress gives a highlight to the interior and creates comfortable conditions for a dream and rest.

In the following we will show you on the basis of which aspects you can decide between the multitude of possible futon beds.

The criteria you can use to compare futon beds include

  • Size
  • Colour
  • Lattenrost
  • Header
  • Establishment

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.


Futon beds are not only available in a variety of models and designs, but also in different lengths and widths.

You can determine the ideal size of your bed based on the following considerations: How much room do you have in your bedroom? Be sure to measure the room beforehand and also consider the direction in which your bedroom door opens.

We have summarized the different sizes clearly in a table:


The Japanese interior is more in natural than artificial tones. So if you want to maintain or achieve the Japanese style in your home, choose these tones when choosing your bed:

  • Brown
  • Beige
  • White
  • Grau
  • Black

The colour scheme should be simple and strict. Usually there are one to three basic tones. Textiles in the Japanese bedroom are also restrained. Silk or cotton fabric is suitable for bed linen.


Besides the mattresses, special attention should be paid to the individual construction of the futon beds.

Due to the low height, the distance to the earth’s surface is also quite limited. If one should roll around in the bed while sleeping or if it should come to a pillow fight, it can happen that the slatted frame swings so strongly that it hits the floor.

This can lead to unpleasant impairments. In order to have a restful and peaceful sleep, you should also inquire about the combination of mattress and slatted frame in a certain thickness for futon beds.


The head types differ for every taste. There are almost as many headboards as there are bed types. In most cases the headboard is directly connected to the bed, but sometimes it is also available separately.

Headboards can be low, high, hard and soft, simple or ornate, rectangular, square, semi-circular and irregular.

In the following table we have briefly summarized the effect of the futon bed with and without headboard:


High quality wooden futon beds are extremely stable. Much more important here is the question of the maximum load-bearing capacity that the frame and the slatted frame have.

The best thing to do when buying is to ask competent staff or look for reviews on the Internet.

The larger the lying surface, the more stable the futon beds are. This is because the weight of those sleeping on the mattress can be better distributed on the mattress.

If you need extra stability, you can place extra bed legs under the elongated frame.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about futon beds

What comfort does a futon bed offer?

A variety of uses for the Japanese futon does not affect its advantages. In whatever form (bed, mattress, topper, sofa or armchair), it remains comfortable and practical.

Traditional futon consists only of natural materials. Futon is easy to use, requires no special storage conditions and is available at a reasonable price.

By choosing a futon for your home, you get

    A comfortable bed;
    A practical way to upgrade the existing bed at the lowest cost;
    The ability to create an original interior.

How does a futon bed promote healthy sleep?

When someone sees a futon bed compared to other products, it has some advantages that are generally based on the principle of “health”.

Natural and traditional Japanese futons are made exclusively from wool, flax, cotton, virgin wool, horsehair and coconut.

Futon beds have many supporters at all ages as these mattresses have an orthopedic effect and are therefore useful for the spine and general health.

How do I care for a futon bed?

The futon bed is relatively easy to clean, the futon mattresses offered are usually made of natural materials.

This material mixture is folded in several layers and offers comfortable sleeping comfort. As with all other mattresses, there are qualitative differences in futon mattresses which influence comfort and price.

A high quality futon mattress usually has a robust cover, which can be

However, it is often sufficient to wipe the futon mattress with a soft mixture of water and soap and clean the surface.

How do I build a futon bed myself?

The core of the construction of futon beds, as with any other bed, is the frame. The frame construction consists of two parallel sides of equal length.

Even a bed made of Euro pallets is equivalent to a futon bed, depending on how many pallets you stack on top of each other.

These are commonly referred to as length and width. By mistake, however, the width is always mentioned first. This results in dimensions such as the futon beds 140×200 or even 160×200.

You must pay attention to this point if you build your own bed:

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