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Welcome to our big lint razor test 2020, where we present you all the lint razors we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best lint razor for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a lint razor.

The most important facts in brief

  • Fluff razors allow you to gently and cleanly remove the fluff and lumps on your clothes, seating furniture or curtains. When buying a razor, you should consider in advance where you want to use it. Depending on the area of application and the type of fabric, different shavers are suitable.
  • There are basically four different types of lint remover: the lint razor, the lint brush, the lint roller and the lint stone. Each type is designed to remove lint and lumps and has different strengths and weaknesses.
  • The lint razor can be powered by either a battery, rechargeable battery or cable. Depending on your preference, you can decide on a variant.

Fluff razor test: Favorites d

  • The best battery lint shaver
  • The best electric lint razor with cord
  • The best compact lint razor
  • The best lint shaver with Babyzell batteries

The best battery lint shaver

The Philips GC027/00 battery-powered lint razor from Philips offers a short cleaning time thanks to its large blade surface. With a blade rotation of 8800 per minute, the razor delivers top performance.

This Philips model is battery powered and can be charged via a USB port. You can either charge it from your computer via USB or with an adapter via the power outlet. You can choose the one you want. The battery takes about 8 hours to fully charge.

The best electric lint razor with cord

The electric lint razor H101A4 Quita pelusas from SOLAC is a powerful device that can be operated both with batteries and electricity. Although the razor is rather larger, the handle offers a handy handling.

For the battery supply you need two LR 14 battery models. The shaver has a powerful motor and very sharp blades. According to the manufacturer the device is very powerful. You should therefore be careful when using it. In addition, the power can be adjusted in three stages.

The best compact lint razor

The Philips GC026/00 lint razor is battery powered and can be used with any fabric in your clothing. With its small size and light weight, it fits perfectly in your hand and is easy to use. The large shaving head is perfect for cleaning larger areas.

With 8800 blade revolutions per minute, the razor ensures fast and clean removal of nodules and lint. You can use this device on all fabrics of your clothes. The Philips lint shaver is also suitable for carpets and blankets.

The best lint shaver with Babyzell batteries

The lint shaver from OmaGerda has the most powerful battery-powered motor currently available on the market. If the razor does not meet your expectations, you can return it for the purchase price thanks to the satisfaction guarantee.

The engine of this small power pack is extra strengthened and therefore very powerful. This shearing motor is the most powerful battery-powered motor on the market and removes the lint from your jacket or trousers in no time. The blades are made of stainless steel and are very sharp. They ensure a clean separation of the lint.

Advisor: Questions you should consider before you buy a lint razor

What advantages does a lint razor have over conventional lint removers?

Did you know that a fluff razor gently and easily removes your fluff? – If not, then read on and find out more

Probably the most elaborate method is to remove them by hand. This not only takes a long time, but also damages the fabric or furniture. Plucking it away by hand only loosens new fibres and causes lint to form again. The electric lint remover, on the other hand, ensures that the lumps are removed gently.

The lint roll is familiar to everyone. It is practical and quickly removes the annoying lint. But often you have to roll over the spot several times to finally get rid of all the lint. The lint razor, on the other hand, needs only one step and your fabric is freed from the knots.

The lint brush is also a good way to fight lint and nodules. Only the really stubborn knots and lint it unfortunately does not manage. For this you need a lint milling machine that removes even the stubborn lint and nodules without cutting holes in your favourite sweater. Thanks to the adjustable cutting heights, you can create even more distance.

Probably the biggest advantage of a clothes razor is the gentle removal of lint. This is because all manually operated versions not only loosen loose fluff from the fabric but also loosen tightly-fitting fibres. The lint razor, on the other hand, cuts the fibres cleanly off the surface. The lint razor can be used on any type of fabric.

The electric lint mill not only removes lint from clothing but is also suitable for carpets, sofas and woollen blankets:

  • Gentle removal
  • Only one work step necessary
  • Removes stubborn fluff
  • Applicable to all types of textiles

How to use an electric lint razor?

After just a few times of wearing your new sweater, you will find lint and knots on your new sweater, so you would like to dispose of it. But before you do that, you’d better declare war on that annoying lint.

Did you know that the lint razor can damage tissue if used incorrectly?
If you press too hard when using the electric lint razor, the blades come too close to the textiles. This can cause small holes in the material. It is therefore better not to press so hard and to go over the area in question a few times in circular movements.

The electric lint razor should fit snugly in the hand for smooth and easy operation. With light pressure you shave over the fabric and remove the lint.

Step-by-step instructions:

    Before the actual use, you should first familiarize yourself with your shaver. A quick glance at the instructions for use can help. On your first try, choose a piece of clothing that is not so close to your heart.
    It is best to place the sweater on an ironing board or other hard surface and stretch it slightly.
    Don’t forget to adjust the spacer correctly. If the knitting pattern is uneven, it is important not to bring the shearing mechanism too close to the fabric.
    The collection container should be emptied after each use. Sometimes you may have to empty it during your removal process.
    For an excellent result every time you shave, you should clean the shaving head and blade after each use. All you have to do is screw down the shaving head and clean the blades either by blowing or brushing.

Important notes before use or in case of reduced performance

    First check that your razor has the performance you are used to. Battery-powered textile shavers in particular may experience a drop in performance over a long period of use.
    The collection container should be emptied after each use so that the razors can work at full power.
    After prolonged use of the lint remover, the lint may wrap around the shaving mechanism. This can be remedied by cleaning the shaving head.

Where can I buy a textile shaver?

You finally want lint-free clothes? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you where you can get your electric fuzz remover.
Nowadays you can get your electric lint remover in any drugstore, such as dm or Müller. If you want to have a larger selection of textile shavers, then an electrical wholesale store like Media Markt, Saturn or Conrad would be the right place for you. Occasionally you can also find clothes razors at discounters.
Not to forget online trade. Here you can order your electric lint remover from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, the selection is usually larger and the price lower. Amazon, Ebay or miser would be possibilities to search the internet for your electric razor.

How much does a lint grinder cost?

You don’t even have to dig deep into your pocket for a top razor. At around 40 euros, the lint razor is in the lower price range. The clothes razors are very inexpensive and have a good price-performance ratio.
Most lint razors only cost around 10 Euros. The cheapest one even costs around 3 Euro, but this offer should be considered with caution. Here the appropriate quality is missing and the life span is very short.

The more additional functions a lint remover has, the more expensive it becomes. We recommend that you do not skimp on price and buy a good quality textile razor.

What should I pay attention to when buying?

You’re finally gonna say goodbye to the lint? Well, then a lint razor will help you. But when you buy one, you should pay attention to the quality features.
It is available in different versions and price categories. You should consider in advance what you want to use your lint remover for. You choose your model depending on the area of application and frequency of use.
For high quality sweaters, such as cashmere, it is not recommended to use a low quality lint razor. It will only ruin your sweater. It is therefore important to pay attention to the quality features when buying.
Quality features:

Engine output
Shearing mechanism
adjustable distance meters

With regard to the motor power, attention must be paid to the strength of the motor. If it is too weak, the shearing mechanism cannot rotate properly and the lint is not shaved off cleanly. This can result in the fibres being destroyed.

If your Enfussler runs on rechargeable or battery power, you must pay attention to the power consumption. Because the cleanliness of the cuts decreases with decreasing power. That’s why we recommend changing the battery earlier.

The shaving head should have a larger surface area in order to shorten the time needed for lint cleaning. In addition, the shearing mechanism should be made of hardened stainless steel, as these blades are sharper.

To save you possible extra costs due to a broken sweater, it is recommended not to save on the price of the razor.

Another quality feature is the adjustable distance of the knife. If this is not the case, there is a risk of cutting holes in the garment. ´

To maintain the performance of your razor, you should clean it regularly. This includes:

  • Empty the collection container after each use.
  • Clean the shearing mechanism regularly.

Poor quality lint razors cannot be cleaned. Under no circumstances should the shaver be cleaned under running water.

Often good customer reviews are the deciding factor for the purchase. For those who like to gather first-hand experience, recessions and rating scales are crucial. Nowadays, you can find product reviews and personal experiences on almost all online platforms that help you with your purchase decision.

Battery operated or electric lint remover?

The lint razor is available with power cord or battery. Depending on your preference you can choose one. The battery operated one has the advantage that it can be used anywhere. But there is one thing to keep in mind:

With diminishing battery power the performance of the lint machine decreases and the lint is not removed as well.
There are additional costs for the purchase of new batteries.
Often you don’t have a battery at home exactly when the machine gives up the ghost.

With a mains-operated lint remover, on the other hand, the performance of the motor will always be constant and there will be no additional costs.

Therefore we recommend to buy a lint razor with power supply. Although this is a few euros more expensive to buy.

Decision: What types of lint razors are there and which one is right for you?

Nowadays a well-groomed appearance is mandatory. This also includes well-groomed clothing. But sometimes your woollen jumper fluffs after a short time.

With a clothes remover you can quickly and easily unfuzz your sweater and continue wearing it. Depending on how stubborn and pronounced the nodules and fluff are, there are different devices for use:

  • Lint razor
    Lint brush
  • Lint roll
  • Flintstone

What is a lint razor and what are its advantages and

For those stubborn nodules and lint that cannot be easily removed with a lint roller or brush, a lint shaver is ideal.

A lint razor, also known as a lint shaver, is an electronic device that helps remove lint and lumps. As the name suggests, this device consists of a razor, a collection container and a shearing blade.


Gentle removal
Removes even stubborn fluff


Dependent on battery or power
Higher acquisition costs

The electric lint shaver is available in different sizes and strengths. Depending on your needs, you choose your favourite. The cloth shaver is available with power supply or battery. A good clothes razor offers the possibility of cutting height adjustment to adapt to different materials.

The handling is the same as with a conventional razor. However, the pressure should only be applied lightly to avoid possible accidents in the form of holes. The shaving head rotates behind the shaving blade and cuts off the lint. A grid provides additional protection so that only the protruding lumps are cut off.

What is a lint brush and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The lint brush is available in two versions.

The older version has a bristle surface with which stubborn nodules and longer hairs can be removed very well. The more modern version is covered with a velvet cover, which makes it possible to gently remove lint from clothing.


Requires no battery or power
Two choices (velvet or bristles)


Requires several work steps
Application by hand

Since the brush is not powered by a Storm or battery, it must be used by hand. To do this, simply stroke the bristle or velvet side over the material and remove the lint. With the lint brush it can happen that you have to brush several times over the same spot to remove all the lint.

What is a lint roll and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The lint roller is very suitable for loose knots and fluff that can be easily moved with the finger.

The roll is guided over the fabric and its sticky surface easily absorbs the lint. However, the adhesive strip must be removed after a short time, as it loses its adhesive effect as the lint increases.


Easy to use


Often does not remove all lint
Additional costs due to new adhesive tapes

There is another variation of the lint roll. This one is covered with a rubber-like material and is well suited for hair removal. Since it is made of rubber, it can be easily washed off and reused.

What is a lint stone and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The lint stone is a natural product and consists of lava pumice.

This extraordinary type of stone is the result of a volcanic process. The lava is foamed by water vapour and carbon dioxide and then solidifies. This creates the pumice stone. Since it is a natural product, the stone wears out over time.


Natural product
Environmentally friendly


Wear and tear
Not suitable for all textiles

The application is simple, you rub with the stone in the direction of the tissue course over the fluff. Please make sure that you do not rub too hard, as the stone will wear away the upper layer of the fabric through the rubbing. However, it is not suitable for silk, wool and cotton clothing.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate lint razors based on these factors

You’re not sure if the razor is right for you? Then read the following article and find out what criteria you can use to compare and evaluate an electric razor.

The following factors play a role:

  • Possibility of cleaning
  • Adjustable blades and spacers
  • Size of the shaving head
  • Power supply
  • Scope of application
  • Additional functions and equipment
  • Engine power
  • Weight & size
  • Formular
  • Collecting container
  • Material
  • Price
  • Security

In the following paragraphs you can read what is meant by the criteria.

Possibility of cleaning

Sometimes the performance of the lint machine decreases. And although you have already checked everything, it does not reach its top performance again. One of the most common reasons for this is that the razor becomes dirty.

Did you know that regular cleaning of the cutting unit and shaving head has a positive effect on the life and performance of the lint razor?
For best results, you should clean the cutter and shaving head after each use. You can do this best with a fine brush. Especially electric or battery-powered razors should never be cleaned under running water.

Every technical device needs to be cleaned once to be able to provide full performance again. However, not every textile shaver offers the possibility of cleaning.

You should pay attention to two points. On the one hand, you should be able to remove the collection container and on the other hand, you should be able to turn down the shearing mechanism. The container should be emptied after each use. Sometimes you may even have to empty it during use. The shearing mechanism should be cleaned at regular intervals.

Adjustable blades and spacers

Are you uncomfortable with that lint razor? You afraid to cut a hole? – Don’t worry! With adjustable blades and spacers, you don’t have to worry about your clothes.

Adjustable knives let you forget the worries about your precious sweater. This option allows you to cut the lint further away from the surface and avoid holes.

A spacer is particularly advantageous for irregular fabrics like knitwear. With this function you can easily avoid cutting holes in your clothes.

Size of the shaving head

It takes you forever to remove the lint from your jacket? If you have large areas of lint to remove, the size of the shaving head should be the deciding factor.

A larger shaving head significantly shortens the duration of lint removal. A larger working surface of the blades means that the sweater can be lint free in no time. For carpets and furniture, a larger surface is worth its weight in gold!

The sieve of the shaving head can additionally consist of three different large holes. Thanks to the different hole sizes, all lint, whether large or small, is removed.

Power supply

Which type of power supply you prefer is a matter of taste. But it can be a major reason for you to make a purchase decision. The electric lint remover is available in three versions.

A first possibility would be with battery. This lint razor is the cheapest to buy, but you have to expect additional costs (batteries). The performance of a battery operated lint remover is not as strong as the other two. The weaker the battery becomes, the more the cutting performance of the device decreases.

The textile razor with battery is the most comfortable version. The battery power lasts for several hours and the power of the motor can easily keep up with a mains operated razor.

The lint milling machine with a power supply unit is usually the most powerful. By connecting it to the power outlet, this type of razor can have very powerful blades. To ensure a comfortable operation, you should make sure that the cable goes out from the handle.

Scope of application

If you want to use the lint cleaner on more than one type of fabric, you should find out which one suits you best. Depending on the strength of the lint remover, you can use it on different fabrics.

As already mentioned in the section on power supply, there are three types that can be distinguished. The first two variants with battery and rechargeable battery can be used for all kinds of clothing. The mains-operated lint machine can be used for furniture, carpets, wallpaper and sweaters because of its very powerful knives.

Additional functions and equipment

The equipment of an electric lint remover is very important. The more additional services a shaver can offer, the more attractive it appears.

Possible accessories could be:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Batterie
  • USB connector
  • Lint brush
  • Replacement Blades

Some lint cutters have a cleaning brush as an accessory, which can be very useful when cleaning the machine. When buying your razor, make sure that batteries are included. Nowadays it is assumed that batteries are included. But unfortunately there are always products that do not include them. To avoid this mishap, make sure before you buy.

A USB port lets you charge your device while on the go. This feature is great for travel. A useful accessory can be the lint brush.

You can also use them to remove those stubborn nodules and fluff, or when you need to get out quickly and there is no time for the razor. Since it is hardly possible to get replacement blades individually, it is a big plus if they are included in the accessories.

Engine power

Depending on the shaver, the motor power differs, and there is a difference between mains-powered and battery-powered devices.

If the motor power is too low, the shearing mechanism cannot rotate properly and the lint cannot be properly separated. Due to the secured power supply, the mains-operated lint remover always has a constant and clean performance.

If the battery or rechargeable battery wears out, the performance of the blades will also deteriorate and this can lead to the destruction of the fibres. It is therefore recommended that the batteries be changed at the first sign of deteriorating performance.

Weight & size

Size and weight play an important role in the application. If the lint razor is too large, it is perceived as unwieldy. If it is too small, however, the cleaning process takes an eternity.

How well the lint remover fits in the hand can be a decisive factor in its operation. Nothing is more disturbing when handling a razor than when it is too big for one hand. The more clumsy your movements become, the more dangerous it is for your clothing.

You should also make sure that the lint milling machine lies lightly in the hand. Because if you use it for a longer period of time, your hand can become heavy over time. This can cause you to slip and cut a hole.

Our recommendation is to try the lint razor in a shop, if possible, or if in doubt, choose the smaller one.


You always wanted to have a handy and easy to use electric lint remover, then you should pay attention to the shape when buying.

Fluff razors come in a wide variety of shapes: from small and elongated to wide and voluptuous. Depending on how big your hands are, one or the other model may be suitable for you. However, you should keep in mind that you can make a flowing movement and the fluff shaver lies smoothly in your hand.

Collecting container

The size of the collection container is crucial for a smooth shave. A container that is too full can affect the performance of the lint shaver.

The collection container plays an essential role. There is nothing more disturbing than constantly emptying the container. Therefore you should pay attention to the size of the collecting vessel. If it is smaller, you may have to empty it during cleaning.


The material can also be a reason for a decision. Because a stable housing is necessary for safe handling of the device.

The housings consist exclusively of plastic. However, the hardness can vary. Our research has shown that some customer reviews are directed against the material. They describe it as fragile or fragile.

The material of the knives is also very important. Those who prefer very sharp knives should make sure that they are made of hardened stainless steel. If you prefer stainless steel blades, you should use normal steel blades


Full of verve you use your new fuzzy machine and are happy that you got a bargain. But the supposed bargain can quickly become expensive.

Since the price of the lint razor is rather low and the maximum price is just about 40 Euros, you can find razors for 3 Euros. But because of their inferior quality, you can quickly incur additional costs due to holes.

Therefore it is advisable not to save on the price and to choose the more expensive model. Because the quality is reflected in the price.


The safety of the textile shaver is very important. As with all electrical appliances, there is a risk of an application accident. To keep this risk as low as possible, you should buy a razor with safety features.

A very important safety feature is the shutdown of the lint razor when the grille is removed. The lint machine can also only be switched on again when the lint grid is firmly screwed on. This feature is to prevent you from cutting yourself or your garment. The knives also stop when the attachment is detached from the machine.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about lint razors

Tips & Tricks for removing lint

You’re annoyed by the fuzz on your sweater? Although it’s new and it’s only been worn once. It’s the friction of the fabric. Especially in the armpit area, the annoying little lumps often form. To get rid of these again, here are some helpful tips and tricks:

  • Care
  • Everyday aids
  • Cold
  • disposable razor
  • Scissors


To prevent pilling, it is important to pay special attention when washing delicate clothing.

Often it helps to turn the laundry upside down so that possible nodules cannot form on the outside. You will also do your clothes a favour if you let them air-dry and do not throw them in the dryer. You should wash your clothes more often to reduce excessive friction. When washing by hand, make sure that you only knead lightly and do not rub.

Everyday aids

If you don’t have any of the above-mentioned lint removers available at the moment, everyday items will also help you.

Tights, for example. Don’t you think so? But it’s very simple. Pull the pantyhose over your hand and rub it over the nodules. After a while, the lint will disappear.

The waterproofing spray should be your last choice when removing stubborn fluff. After spraying, your wool jumper will no longer be fluffy, but unfortunately the smell of the impregnation spray will stick.

Hair care products are not only good for your hair but also for your wool clothing. The hair conditioner is applied to the wool clothing and washed in the washing machine with the wool programme as normal. After drying you are rid of the nasty fluff.


Cold weather can also help you get lint-free laundry.

For the next trick you have to spray your wet wool with water. A spray bottle is very good for this. It is important that your laundry is not completely wet before spraying, but only damp.

Then you put the clothes into a freezer bag or plastic bag and store them in the freezer for 24 hours. After defrosting, the wool will not fuzz anymore. This trick can also be used after hand washing.

disposable razor

Lint can also be removed with a disposable plastic razor. Here you should note that the razor is not yet used and you have a stable base for your clothes.

Then you shave carefully and with light pressure over the fluffy surface. To make it easier for you, you should stretch the clothes slightly.


A somewhat different and not entirely harmless way is to remove the fluff with scissors.

To do this, pull the fluff away from your sweater and try to cut it off as close to the surface as possible, but be careful, because a hole can easily be created with a careless cut.

What can I do against animal hair?

Just like us humans, unfortunately, our beloved four-legged friends also lose their hair. Especially in spring, when the change from winter to summer coat is imminent, they lose a lot of hair.

In order not to have to remove the loose pet hairs from our clothes and furniture later on, it is better to remove them directly from your pet. For this purpose, we have care utensils specially developed for animals, which not only gently remove the hair, but also care for the animal.

There are different brushes depending on the length of the hair. For long-haired quadrupeds we recommend a brush with which you can also remove the undercoat. Another variation would be the lint glove for animals.

But if it is already too late and your cat has been rolling around on the sofa with pleasure and has left its marks, you can use the usual lint removers such as lint roller, lint brush or lint razor.

If your clothes are affected, laundry balls can help with the washing process. Dryer balls are also available to help remove animal hairs.

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