Permanent Sofa Bed: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our big permanent sofa test 2020, where we present you all the permanent sofas we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best permanent sofa for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a permanent sofa bed.

The most important facts in brief

  • Permanent sofas are sofas that can be converted from a seat into a bed in a few easy steps.
  • Basically, a distinction is made between sofa beds and corner sofas, whereby both variants are available in different sizes and price ranges.
  • Sofa beds are small and compact and are therefore particularly suitable for small living rooms. Corner sofas, on the other hand, can also be used as room dividers due to their size.

Permanent sofa bed test: Favourites of the editors

  • The best sofa bed with box spring technology
  • The best permanent sofa bed with storage
  • The best permanent sofa with spring core
  • The best permanent sofa bed for small rooms
  • The best permanent sofa bed for two
  • The best permanent sofa in trend design
  • The best hard-wearing permanent sofa

The best sofa bed with box spring technology


Sofa bed with boxspring technology

Buy from Bruno

In contrast to other sofa beds, the Bruno sofa bed focuses on highest quality and the best sleeping experience. This sofa bed has an elegant, timeless design and is equipped with box spring technology.

With 750 high-quality pocket springs in each sofa bed, guests can also enjoy an outstanding overnight stay. The sofa bed is manufactured in a factory to meet the quality requirements. It is available in several modern colours.

The best permanent sofa bed with storage

The Orinoco 96 sofa bed by Mirjan24 has a cover made of microfibre. The surface area of the sofa bed is 175 x 80 cm and is therefore particularly suitable as a single sleeper.

The dealer emphasizes the elegant design of the permanent sofa bed. The customers in turn appreciate the large seating and lying surface.

The best permanent sofa with spring core

The CAVADORE Irriba living landscape is a living landscape with a reclining area of 272 x 119 cm.

The cover material consists of a mixed fabric of microfibre and artificial leather. The lying surface is upholstered with a spring mattress.

According to the seller, the cover of the corner sofa is very easy to care for and can be cleaned easily. The corner sofa is very popular with buyers, especially because of its comfortable upholstery.

The best permanent sofa bed for small rooms

The Traumnacht sofa bed has a cotton cover and is upholstered with full foam. The lying surface measures 200 x 160 cm and thus functions as a double bed.

According to the seller, the permanent sofa bed is particularly suitable for children, as it is extensively upholstered all around. The customers appreciate above all the quick and uncomplicated conversion.

The best permanent sofa bed for two

The Atlantic Home Collection DUBLIN sofa bed is a corner sofa with a spring core upholstery. With its 142 x 200 cm the sofa bed is also suitable for two persons.

The ottoman can be freely mounted. Furthermore, the permanent sofa bed has a compact bed base.

The dealer underlines the special sleeping comfort of the corner sofa. The customers also report a pleasant sleeping experience.

The best permanent sofa in trend design

The Ulm sofa bed from Collection AB has a polyester cover and a spring core upholstery. When folded out, the lying surface of the sofa measures 142 x 200 cm.

The dealer assures that the lying surface of the sofa bed is absolutely flat. The customers also praise the quick and simple assembly of the sofa.

The best hard-wearing permanent sofa

The cover of the corner sofa Oslo by KMH is made of polyester. The lying surface of the living area is 216 x 159 cm. The ottoman can be mounted on the left or right.

Three included back cushions provide additional comfort.

The seller emphasizes the comfortable upholstery of the corner sofa. The buyers always emphasize the high quality workmanship of the permanent sofa bed.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a permanent sofa

What is a permanent sofa bed?

A permanent sofa bed is a sofa with sleeping function. The permanent sofa bed is especially practical as a guest bed.

Many permanent sofa beds can be converted from a sofa to a comfortable bed in a few simple steps. This makes a permanent sofa bed suitable for smaller apartments as well.

In large cities like Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich or Hamburg, the compact bed set enjoys great popularity.

How much is a permanent sofa bed?

The price of a permanent sofa bed varies according to the preferred model. Usually corner sofas are slightly more expensive than sofa beds.
In the following table we present rough orientation values:

Where can I buy a permanent sofa bed?

Permanent sofa beds are available in most furniture stores and department stores, among others. But you can also order a sofa bed online.
The following online shops offer sleeping furniture for sale:

Can I buy a used sofa bed?

Yes! many people offer their used permanent sofa beds for sale on the Internet. However, when buying a used piece of furniture you should always pay attention to its condition.
If not already done, you should clean the sofa thoroughly.

You can find out how to care for a sofa bed in our trivia section below.

What alternatives are there to a permanent sofa bed?

An alternative to the permanent sofa bed is an upholstered couch. Upholstered loungers can also be used as sun beds in the garden.
However, if you are looking for a place to sleep, a classic bed is recommended. However, in contrast to the fold-out permanent sofa bed, a bed takes up more space.
An upholstered bed, which in contrast to a conventional bed does not have a frame made of wood or metal, is generously upholstered like a sofa. Thus an upholstered bed is also a possible option for you.

Decision: What types of permanent sofa beds are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to buy a permanent sofa bed, there are two alternatives you can choose between:

  • Sofa bed
  • Ecksofa

Both models have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the size of the room and your personal preferences, a different type is suitable for you.

What distinguishes a sofa bed and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A sofa bed is usually a two- or three-seater that you can convert into a bed. The seating or lying surface of a sofa bed is rectangular.

Sofa beds are already available at a small price and are therefore less expensive to buy than corner sofas.

In addition, a sofa bed can be converted from a seat to a sleeping accommodation in just a few steps. Thus a sofa bed proves to be a space-saving alternative to a bed, especially during the day.


Cheap to buy
Easy to use


Small lying surface
Hard mattress

A disadvantage is the small lying surface. Most sofa beds are therefore less suitable as double sleepers.

What distinguishes a corner sofa and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A corner sofa is L-shaped and is also known as a living landscape. Corner sofas are often used as room dividers due to their size.

Corner sofas stand out above all because of their large lying surface and are therefore particularly well suited as double sleepers. The extensive seating area also invites you to watch films together.

Franziska Kaindl from MerkurOnline Editor
In front of the window, in the middle of the room or against the wall: depending on the size of the sofa – and the living room – there are numerous possibilities to place the couch in the room.
However, if you are considering placing the sofa in front of the heater to hide the unsightly white appliance, you should quickly change your mind. After all, the heater is there to warm up the living room – and that doesn’t work well if it’s hidden by the sofa.
The heat is then absorbed by the piece of furniture and cannot spread completely throughout the room. In the end, you waste a lot of energy because you constantly heat up to keep the living room warm.

Compared to a sofa bed, however, a corner sofa is more expensive to buy and also takes up a lot of space. Especially for smaller apartments, a corner sofa is therefore less recommendable.


Large lying surface
Versatile application possibilities
Easy to use


expensive to buy

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate permanent sofas based on these factors

In the following we will show you, based on which aspects you can decide between the multitude of possible permanent sofa beds.

The criteria you can use to compare permanent sofa beds include

  • Reference
  • Lying surface
  • Accessories
  • Gestaltung

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.


When covering a permanent sofa bed, two materials can be distinguished: fabric and leather. There are numerous subtypes of both materials.

We have summarized the most frequently used species in a table:

Lying surface

The size and upholstery of the lying surface play a very important role if you want to buy a permanent sofa bed.

The lying surface should not only correspond to your individual body measurements, but also be flat. Unevenness in the mattress can quickly cause back or neck pain.

With which accessories you can make your permanent sofa even more comfortable, you will find out in the following paragraph.


A mattress topper – also known as a “topper” – is particularly suitable if the lying surface of your permanent sofa bed is too hard for you.

The overlay is usually made of latex or cold foam and is intended to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. In addition, a support can compensate for the unevenness of the lying surface.

Did you know that a mattress topper makes your bed more hygienic?
On average a person loses about a litre of sweat per night. The mattress absorbs the sweat and thus forms the perfect breeding ground for mites and bacteria.
Mattress toppers, on the other hand, absorb dirt and sweat, keeping your mattress fresh and clean for a long time.

To further enhance the comfort of your permanent sofa bed, you can furnish the sofa with pillows and blankets. On many sofa beds and corner sofas, the colour-coordinated cushions are already included in the set.

You can also buy additional cushions afterwards to give your permanent sofa bed a personal touch.

However, we recommend a bed base on castors, as this protects your floor from scratches and is much easier to use.


Permanent sofas are available in different colours and shapes. When choosing a permanent sofa bed you should therefore be guided by your personal preferences and your own style.

You can set accents with colourful and patterned cushions, especially on monochrome permanent sofas. In this way you can transform your sofa bed into an original unique piece of furniture in just a few steps.

You want to optimize your living room for the next DVD evening and turn your permanent sofa bed into a wellness oasis for movie lovers?

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the topic of the permanent sofa bed

Where can I find experience reports from other owners of permanent sofas?

You can exchange information about permanent sofa beds in various internet forums. Usually these are household and family forums.

According to our research, these sites are particularly popular:

  • clothes spinning

On these pages you can follow discussions and write and comment on contributions.

How do I clean a permanent sofa bed?

If you want to clean your permanent sofa bed thoroughly, you should follow these steps:

    Vacuum the permanent sofa bed completely with a vacuum cleaner. You can reach the cracks better with a special attachment.
    You can remove particularly coarse dirt gently with a brush.

Can I build a permanent sofa bed myself?

Yes! At the moment the so-called “upcycling” is in vogue. With this sustainable DIY method, actual waste products are creatively recycled.

In this video you learn how to make not only a permanent sofa bed, but your entire living room at low cost:

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