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Welcome to our big Funkklinge Test 2020, where we present you all the Funkklinge we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

With this we would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best wireless bell for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page, which you should pay attention to if you want to buy a doorbell.

The most important facts in brief

  • The radio bell consists of a receiver and transmitter. When the transmitter or the bell button is pressed, a signal is sent to the receiver, which emits acoustic and optical signals. The receiver is placed inside the house and can vibrate to help people with, for example, hearing problems.
  • There are different types of radio bell. Radio bell with intercom function, wireless and portable radio bells. Each type is practical, easy to install and designed to give you a feeling of security in your home.
  • Wireless doorbells are the counterpart of the classic doorbell, as you can connect some types to your smartphone. The radio chime is easily attached using double-sided adhesive tape, or by screwing it on. This way you can always remove the radio bell.

Radio bell test: Favourites of the editorial team

  • The best radio bell with intercom
  • The best wireless bell
  • The best portable radio bell

The best radio bell with intercom

The wireless bell from Safe2Home includes an intercom, camera, night vision mode and WLAN. The manufacturer guarantees you access to the bell via video via a smartphone app. You will receive a live image. The wireless doorbell has a long-lasting battery that lasts about 4 months. If the battery level is low, we advise you to remove the wireless bell from the holder and charge it for about 5 hours via Micro USB. When someone presses the bell button, the bell starts video recording and saves it at the same time.

The intercom function makes it possible to talk to the person who rang the bell. The memory is 8 GB. With the delivery of the wireless bell you will receive a wall bracket and the mounting material (screws, etc.).

This radio bell also contains an infrared night vision, so that the person who rings the bell can be seen in the dark. Satisfied customers are delighted with the voice and video quality. It is also emphasised that the intercom function gives customers a secure feeling, as they can see who is at the door. Buyers describe the installation as problem-free and the use of the app as easy.

If you are looking for a radio bell with intercom function, we recommend this one. This will give you a secure feeling, as you can always see through the app if and who is at your door. The installation is simple and the price-performance ratio is good.

The best wireless bell

iKALULA sells this wireless radio bell. Due to its sealing technology it is waterproof and has a range of 150 meters. You can choose between 51 ringtones and 4 volume levels. The manufacturers emphasize that this wireless radio bell is perfectly suitable for hearing impaired people. By pressing the wireless bell, it triggers a visual form of notification, namely a flashing light. You can use the bell as a bell for offices, hotels or factories, among other things.

The power supply of the receiver is 3 Watt and in standby mode 0.5 Watt. The manufacturers advise to mount the bell on the door frame or on the wall. For this purpose, the supplied adhesive tape or the supplied screws are recommended. The receiver must be plugged into the power outlet and no batteries are required. Customers are enthusiastic about the nice volume and recommend it to others if the wireless bell is needed for elderly people. The range and easy installation are positively emphasized.

Are you looking for a cheap wireless bell? Then we can recommend this one. It is well suited for people with hearing problems and will convince you because of its easy installation.

The best portable radio bell

The company Tecknet offers a portable, waterproof radio bell set. This has 52 melodies from which you can choose. If someone rings the bell, there is a visual signal, a blue LED light. The Tecknet radio bell has a range of 300 meters. It comes with batteries and an 18 month warranty. The power consumption of the transmitter is less than 10 mega watts. The receiver has a power consumption of 0.5 watts. The volume is between 25 and 85 decibels.

The manufacturer highlights the different codes on the same frequency, which means that the radio bell cannot be disturbed by equipment from neighbours. Customers enjoy the easy installation, as no cables need to be laid. The price has delighted many buyers, as has the good range and sound selection. Satisfied buyers were positively surprised that the radio bell holds very well even after being attached.

We recommend this portable wireless bell, as it has a good price-performance ratio. You will enjoy the easy installation and the fact that you can hear the radio bell well in your home. The portable wireless bell is for you if you need a waterproof bell with a receiver that you can carry around your home.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before buying a doorbell

What is a doorbell?

A radio bell, also called a radio chime, is a bell that transmits the bell signal by radio. This is the most modern form of doorbell. The transmitter, or the bell button, is attached to the house or apartment door and the receiver is mounted inside the apartment. The receiver is equipped with radio technology, so that it can communicate with the transmitter without wires.
We have selected a short video for you, where you can learn more interesting things about wireless doorbells.

How does a doorbell work?

If the bell button is pressed, the radio transmitter sends out a signal which is picked up by the radio receiver and which is converted into sound and/or an optical signal. The optical signal is a flashing light, such as a bright LED or xenon flash tubes.

The radio bell is especially suitable for people with hearing problems, because the walls can reflect parts of the flash light.

The radio transmitter is usually included in the bell button, or is linked to the bell button by a cable. The receiver is fixed in the house, or is placed in the room as a mobile device. You can also carry it with you.

What is the range of a radio bell?

You can purchase wireless bells that have a range of up to 500 meters. You can extend the range up to 1000 meters. However, the range can be significantly limited by obstacles such as bushes, glass facades or walls. A concrete wall can reduce the range by 30 percent.
In such cases you can buy a distance extension to get the range you need again. In order to prevent a reduction of the range, we can recommend through our research that you buy a wireless bell that has a greater range than you actually need.

Where can I buy a wireless bell?

You can buy a radio bell directly from the electrician and get advice from experts on site and then have the radio bell installed by the electrician. You can also buy a radio bell in various hardware stores and online shops. Here we have selected a few websites where you can order a wireless bell:

How much is a doorbell?

You can purchase a wireless bell in any price category. That’s why there is something for just about every wallet. The price depends on what function your bell is to have.

What is the alternative to the radio bell?

As an alternative to a modern wireless doorbell, you can install the classic doorbell in your home, a doorbell or a door knocker. You can buy the classic doorbell if you have a house or an apartment, whereas a doorbell or a door knocker is more suitable for a door of your house.
Door knockers were already attached to doors in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It was a sign of the wealth and social position of the homeowners.

Decision: What types of radio bells are there and which one is right for you?

In order for you to find the wireless bell that suits you best, we have picked out some types of them and looked at them more closely. These are:

  • Radio bell with intercom function
  • Wireless radio bell
  • Portable wireless bell set

Basically, a wireless doorbell is a more advanced product than the classic doorbell. There are many different types of wireless doorbells, which fulfil their purpose and have different characteristics. In the following article you can read facts about some types of radio bells that we have researched for you.

What distinguishes a radio bell with intercom function and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The radio bell with intercom function, which is already built into the radio bell, is a practical type of bell. The included intercom function allows you to communicate with the person who is ringing the doorbell and decide whether you want to let them in or not. This gives you extra protection because you know about the person’s concerns.

It also brings a certain comfort, because you do not have to leave your house or apartment and you can talk about the person’s request through the intercom function.

A wireless doorbell with intercom function is practical for elderly people, as they do not need to open the door until after the conversation via the intercom function. These wireless doorbells have different ranges from which you can choose. You can also use this type of doorbell for several entrances.


Usually no cable installation necessary


Not all radio bells are waterproof
Range must always be observed

What distinguishes a wireless doorbell and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The purchase of a wireless bell is appropriate if you need to lay extra cables or if you don’t know how to do it. A wireless radio bell is easy to install, as you can stick the bell to the door frame or wall with tape, or you can fix it with quick handles and screws.

You can attach the radio transmitter without wiring and save yourself a lot of work. You can easily plug the receiver into the power outlet. Also keep the warranty in case your wireless bell is faulty.


Effortless installation
Available in every price range
Quick mounting


Not always waterproof
Often battery operated

What are the characteristics of a portable radio bell set and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

This is a set consisting of the radio bell and the corresponding transmitter. If the bell button is pressed by someone, the receiver triggers acoustic signals or starts to vibrate.

This wireless bell set is recommended for people with hearing problems or for senior citizens. Since the receiver vibrates, this set is also suitable for blind people. Because the receiver can be led by you in the hand in the house, or your apartment. It can also be attached to your belt or bag with a clip. You can also place the receiver inside your home.


Suitable for persons with restrictions


Not always waterproof
Range must be observed

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate a doorbell based on these factors

Afterwards, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the multitude of possible radio bells.

The criteria you can use to compare the different wireless bells include

  • Reach
  • Applicability
  • Robustness
  • Power consumption
  • Installation

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for each of the criteria.


Before you buy a wireless bell, you should know what range you will need. In the basic version the bell has a range of 100 to 500 meters. However, it is recommended that you buy a wireless bell with a greater range than you actually need.

This refers to the distance from the bell to the receiver in your home. This is because the range can already be reduced if there are obstacles in the transmission path. This can be a concrete wall, but even a small bush can disturb the range of the bell.

A radio extension can help to achieve a greater range of the radio bell.

So when buying, keep in mind to buy a bell with a higher range.


Make the choice of your radio bell depending on what you need it for. You can use it as a doorbell for your home. For seniors, or people who are hearing impaired, these bells can also be used well.

On the other hand, it is possible that you attach them for an office building, factory, hotel or for use in a nursing home.

Did you know that you can use the radio bell to activate lights?
It is also possible to set a wireless bell to answer phone calls. It can also be used to activate sirens and open gates.


When buying the radio bell, make sure that the manufacturer has attached great importance to robustness during production. Since the bell is installed outdoors, it must be weatherproof. This means it should be able to withstand various weather conditions and be able to withstand degrees between minus 20 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees plus.

Note the casing of the radio bell. The housing should be on robust stainless steel or plastic material. Thus the radio bell can remain functional for a long time.

Power consumption

The power consumption of the radio bell is moderate, with some exceptions. There are battery operated wireless bells where you have to connect the receiver to the mains. Read the product description before you buy, or get advice in the shop and pay attention to the power consumption of the radio bell, as it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

By connecting to a power supply system, a continuous power supply is provided and the receiver can be attached flexibly. The transmitter only requires power when actuated. Before buying, let yourself think about which type you prefer. A battery-operated bell, or a radio bell, with the receiver connected to the power supply.

“MartenHolzinger” “Electronic Blogger”
The most important thing is how much power the devices consume in standby mode. It is worth doing a little research before buying. Most devices consume less than 1 watt in standby mode, which is almost nothing for one year. (Source: simply


A big advantage of a radio bell is that it is easy to attach. When buying it, you have to pay more attention to what materials you buy for installation. The radio bell can be fixed with double-sided adhesive tape, glue or screws. Through our research, we can recommend that you buy screws rather than tape, because they will last better in the long run. Adhesive or tape will become loose over time.

The good thing about this simple installation is that you can easily remove the bell at any time. Depending on the model, you only have to put a battery in the receiver or in the radio bell, or connect it to a power supply.

In this interesting video different radio bells are presented, feel free to watch it.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the radio bell

Can I connect my Smartphone to a wireless bell?

There are systems on the market that have a function where you can connect your smartphone to your wireless bell. Using the manufacturer’s control centre, you will receive a message on your mobile phone when you press the bell. All you have to do is install the manufacturer’s app on your smartphone, there is no more work involved.

Then you can see the person who rang your phone via your mobile phone and tablet. There are also functions where the intercom and a camera are built in. Other variants are that you buy a radio chime that detects movements in front of your door, but you can activate the camera of the ringer on your smartphone and hear from

Such a purchase is also worthwhile so that you can feel more secure because you have constant access to the camera.

How often do I have to change the batteries for a wireless bell?

High quality batteries will last at least one year in your wireless bell. It is advisable to buy rechargeable batteries for your battery-powered wireless bell, or make sure that an external battery indicator is included with your purchase.

This allows you to see when the battery is low and when it should be replaced.

What can be the cause if the radio bell suddenly stops working?

If you have checked the batteries and receiver, but the radio bell still does not work, you could try resetting it. Please read the manual again. Also, the range may not be sufficient, or […]

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