Basement Window Grilles: Review & Recommendations

Welcome to our big basement window grille test 2019, where we present you all the basement window grates we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best cellar window grille for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page, which you should pay attention to if you want to have a cellar party.

The most important facts in brief

  • Basement window grilles allow you to make your home burglar-proof. Since even small windows can be a big security gap, it is important to secure these windows as well.
  • But not only burglars are uninvited guests in your home, further alternatives and possible applications of basement window grilles are presented.
  • If you do not have a standard window is what you have, it is not a problem because there are many different variations of the sliding basement window grille to buy.

Cellar window grille test: the ranking

1st place: GAH-Alberts window grilles

The GAH-Alberts window grille is a very popular and stable basement window grille at an average price. It is an extendable, blue galvanized grid measuring 450 x 700 x 1050 mm, but it is also available in other sizes.

The cellar window grille has a weight of approx. 4.9 kg. The fixing of the 3 cross braces can be carried out in the width steplessly and individually in the window soffit. The four safety screws and dowels required for installation are included in the scope of delivery.

The model is very popular with its buyers – they especially appreciate the very high quality at this low price, as well as the easy assembly.

Platz 2: Avonstar Classics Sortiment

This basement window grille is praised time and again by customers because they are particularly easy to adapt in masonry.

The six powder-coated bars fit into basement window reveals measuring 710 x 1200 mm, the mounting plates are 60 x 30 x 5 mm. The bars weigh approx. 3.2 kg and are 25 mm wide. They are fixed in the window soffit with the safety screws included in the product.

This model is particularly suitable for windows where even pull-out basement window grilles cannot be adjusted in height.

3rd place: GAH-Alberts Granada

The basement window grille Grandada for fixing to the outside wall is hot-dip galvanized and measures 790 x 1040 mm. of solid quality.

When mounting the window grille weighing approx. 10.2 kg on the outer wall, the window grille must be at least wide enough so that the fixing holes are 80 mm from the window reveal to ensure that it holds. The crossbars are provided with forged decorative heads and fixing ends.

The Bellied Cellar Window Grille is a visually very attractive and offers the possibility of using the cellar window grille belly for decoration. The customers appreciate above all the quality and the cellar window grille Granada.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a basement window grille

What is a cellar window grille suitable for?

A cellar window grille is suitable in principle for everyone. The many advantages make the cellar window grille one of the most popular in the cellar window security in the area of burglary protection, which can be purchased at present.

Since cellar window grilles, especially wrought iron cellar window grilles, are very heavy, installation or removal can be difficult.

However, as protection against burglars, the installation of such a basement window protection is essential. Even though security accessories such as basement window grilles are sometimes very expensive.

On the other hand, especially people who have a high need for security should definitely consider buying a basement window grille. Various installation options and designs offer an easy to install and visually appealing solution.

If a burglar needs more than five minutes to gain access to the house, he usually abandons his plan.

Not to be despised are also the models against vermin, such as insects and mice, which have a fine hole protection grid. Due to the versatile application possibilities, the basement window grilles are an important element to protect your home.

How do I remove my old cellar window grille myself?

Depending on how the old cellar window grille is fixed, it must be dismantled using the appropriate tools. Old deposits, dirt and possibly rust must be removed in advance.
The masonry must be checked for sufficient stability before a new cellar window grille is purchased. Simple screwing in polystyrene (styrofoam) is not sufficiently stable.

For the new installation, the accessories of the cellar window grille already include undetachable safety screws, which are screwed into the load-bearing facade or the cellar window reveal.

Special spacer sleeves are used in cellar window reveals to compensate for any unevenness.

What burglary protection do basement window grilles offer?

According to DIN EN 1627 of the test standard for windows, doors, curtain walls, grid elements, terminations, there are different resistance classes e.g. RC2 or RC3. RC means “resistance class”.

These resistance classes indicate the resistance times, meaning the time a product can withstand a break-in measured in minutes.

This basement window grille is fixed in the window reveal and has a highly deterrent effect on burglars, as they have to expect a great deal of effort to break in.

The common protection classes available are RC2 and RC3 for basement window grilles.

In addition to protection against burglars, cellar window grilles also offer protection against other uninvited guests as described below.

What else can I use a basement window grille for?

Vermin, insects and mice can be found next to leaves and dirt also frequently at cellar windows. This can be remedied by installing simple tensioning frames or an insect screen.

For mice, a rodent protection grid is already necessary. These are already available in different variants and price ranges. The comparison of these types of basement window grilles follows in the next section.

What does a cellar window grille cost?

There is a wide price range between the different cellar window grilles. Depending on the quality and size of the cellar window grille, the cost varies.
The range can be from about 25 to 260 euros. In case you feel that this particular cellar window is particularly vulnerable to burglary, the prices for cellar window grilles seem reasonable to us.
Plain iron bars start at a price of 25 Euros, although of course it usually applies that individual unconnected bars are cheaper than a stable wrought iron basement window grille.

Before the purchase the old window is to be measured, thereby the height of the wall opening is measured from right to left. In the second step from top to bottom.

The cellar window and the window glass must also be measured, so you have all the necessary measurements to buy the right cellar lattice window.

Standard or custom-made, functional or eye-catching – this is something to consider carefully before buying the cellar window grille. Depending on the size and weight, the cellar window grilles must also be fastened differently or the subsoil must have sufficient load-bearing capacity.

The standard dimensions for basement windows are, for example

  • 60 cm x 40 cm

However, there are many non-standard basement windows. That is why it is so important to take the correct measurements before buying. Standard cellar window grilles are cheaper than cellar window grilles that are ordered separately.

For basement window grilles, the amounts range up to 260 euros, with the various manufacturers charging very different prices. However, a wrought-iron alternative in the high-price segment can be bought for about 50 euros.

Among the wrought-iron basement window grilles, those elaborately decorated with ornaments are considered more expensive. They are mostly hand-forged. These ornamental grilles are not only visually very appealing, but also very stable and therefore very well suited to ward off burglars.

Where can I buy a new basement window grille?

Cellar window grilles are available in DIY stores, specialist shops and supermarkets, as well as in many online shops. Additionally, it is possible to order basement window grilles directly from your local hammer mill.
According to our research, most basement window grilles are sold through these online shops:




Well-known manufacturers:

  • Abus
  • ACO
  • Strut

All cellar window grills that we present to you on our site are provided with a link to at least one of these shops. If you have found a security grid that you like, you can hit it right away.

What alternatives are there to basement window grilles?

Cellar window grilles can be made of many different materials. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Each of the basement window grilles has certain advantages that are not to be sneezed at. Nevertheless, the pull-out basement window grille seems to combine many advantages, such as burglary protection and easy installation.

Decision: What types of basement window grilles are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to get a basement window grille, there are three alternatives you can choose from:

  • Extendable basement window grilles
  • Cellar window grilles made to measure
  • wrought iron cellar window grille

Schmideeisene basement window grilles are very stable and cheaper to buy than you might think at first. The advantages and disadvantages of the basement window grilles will be explained in the following.

The use of the three different cellar window grilles has both advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you prefer and what you want to use the basement window grille for, a different type is suitable for you. With the following section we would like to make the decision easier for you.

What distinguishes a pull-out basement window grille and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The big plus of an extendable cellar window grille lies in the individual adaptation to the existing cellar window, which for example does not have a common standard size and this already at very reasonable prices.

Ordering custom-made cellar window grilles, on the other hand, is much more expensive. The easier adjustment and installation of the grille is another advantage.

For deterrence and burglary protection, these often infinitely extendable basement window grilles are very well suited.


Steplessly extendable
Simple installation
Different variants and designs available


No massive impression on burglars
Individual tie rods do not provide sufficient protection
Additional fuses may be necessary

The continuous adjustment in the window reveal is the biggest advantage of the extendable window grille. This is especially interesting for more special window shapes and dimensions. They are usually available in galvanized steel or stainless steel.

A positive aspect of the installation is that the cellar windows are not damaged, as the size is infinitely variable and can be easily adjusted when the window is pulled out. It is important that the safety screws, which are usually included in the delivery, are mounted carefully in the masonry.

So if you are looking for easy installation, you should consider buying a basement window grille

What distinguishes a custom-made cellar window grille and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Fixed custom-made basement window grilles make a very stable impression and are more versatile in their appearance than the standard variants. They are also usually available in galvanized steel

The cellar window grilles are fitted from the outside – the window is not damaged in the process, installation using safety screws is more complex than with the pull-out cellar window grilles. It is particularly important to prepare and take measurements exactly.


Visible deterrent barrier
Very high burglar protection
Different designs available


Exact measurement important
More expensive
Assembly more strenuous

Potential burglars can already see from a distance that they will have difficulties to break in. The protection classes are particularly high with this variant and thus offer a very high level of protection against uninvited guests. The windows remain unscathed during installation.

So if your primary concern is to get a basement window grille that fits exactly, you should consider buying a custom basement window grille.

What distinguishes a basement window grille made of wrought iron and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Wrought-iron cellar window grilles are often in historical and antique appearance. They give burglars the impression, even from a distance, that the attempt to break in is very difficult.

The solid grilles are also available in more unusual dimensions. Popular types are:

  • diamond lattice
  • Flower trellis
  • Schäbiger Chic
  • Bellied window grille

High deterrence of potential burglars
Different designs available


In need of restoration
expensive to buy

Wrought iron basement window grilles are a very safe protection against potential burglars. The installation is more difficult due to the weight and the necessity of precise work. But the result is quite impressive.

By means of powder coating and hot-dip galvanizing, wrought-iron basement window grilles can be optimally protected from the weather.

The different designs make the cellar window appear very high quality and noble.

So if your main concern is a stable appearance, you should consider buying a wrought iron basement window grille.

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors you can compare and rate basement window grilles

In the following we will show you on the basis of which aspects you can decide between the multitude of possible basement window grilles.

The criteria you can use to compare basement window grilles include

  • Scope of application
  • Burglar protection
  • Montage
  • Material

Scope of application

Before the purchase it should be considered what the cellar window grille is supposed to protect against. The main area of application is protection against burglars, as the number of burglaries in Germany is very high. Furthermore, different types of basement window grilles offer protection against:

  • Insects
  • Mice
  • Rodents
  • another vermin
  • Dirt

If the choice has been made for the relevant protection against burglary, further consideration should be given to the respective protection classes.

Burglar protection

A basement window grille can protect against burglary, in combination with a glass breakage detector a break-in is unlikely.

There are resistance classes that are relevant for burglar protection and thus for the purchase. Recommended are the resistance classes RC2 or RC3 (old WK 2 and Wk 3).

These resistance classes indicate the resistance times, meaning the time a product can withstand a break-in measured in minutes.

RC2 has a resistance time of 3 minutes. The perpetrator uses simple tools to try to break the component open.

RC3 has a resistance time of 5 minutes. The perpetrator tries to break the component with a cow’s foot, for example.


Most cellar window grilles are fixed in the window reveal so as not to damage the window frame. Before buying, the masonry should also be checked to see what kind of masonry it is and how strong it is, in order to ensure the correct

This basement window grille is fixed to the outer wall outside the reveal, this may be due to the very narrow basement window reveal, which does not allow any other option. Before buying, you should have measured the size of the window reveal.

Cellar window grilles have different mounting options:

  • On the outer wall
  • In the window embrasure
  • On the window frame

Inform yourself before the purchase how the basement window grille is fixed to avoid wrong or additional purchases.


Often basement window grilles made of galvanized galvanized steel or stainless steel are available. Depending on your taste and application, you can choose a more layered metal bar version or decorated wrought iron grilles.

The cellar window grilles must be treated against corrosion at regular intervals. Visually, further embellishment possibilities are possible with tinted protective paint.

If care is neglected, the material will start to rust, which is certainly not a problem for many people. In the long term, however, rust can limit the load-bearing capacity of the cellar window grille, which means that the full burglary can be avoided.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about basement window grilles

In order to protect our own home, we have dealt extensively with the securing of the cellar window by means of cellar window grilles.

The reason for this is that many break-ins occur via unsecured windows and basement windows. This weakness can be easily remedied with the different types of basement windows presented.

To ensure that no questions remain unanswered, we have also dealt with further safety accessories in addition to the protection classes.

How can I retrofit my basement window?

With a simple lever, a burglar can easily open an unsecured window. Without much effort and trouble, even small inconspicuous windows become large security gaps.

Some examples of window locking accessories:

  • Additional locks and chains
  • Window locks
  • Window bolts/ window bars from inside
  • Lockable window handles
  • Alarmanlangen

These simple, inexpensive retrofit options are very effective in making basement windows safer, even if you decide against a basement window grille.

How do I mount the cellar grille correctly?

The installation is one of the most important aspects of the purchase of a cellar window grille and is therefore particularly important to us.

The reveal or window frame should be measured before purchasing a cellar window grille and the substrate checked for the appropriate load-bearing capacity.

In summary, basement window grilles have different mounting options:

  • On the outer wall
  • In the window embrasure
  • On the window frame

How can I paint my basement window grille?

After some time it is possible that the beautiful metal grid has become unattractive and rusty. To make the basement window grille look good again, we have put together a short instruction for painting basement window grille.

  • The weathered cellar grating must be cleaned and the old rust removed with a wire brush or grinder.
  • The old varnish must be removed, therefore sand the old varnish layer carefully. Depending on the requirements, a 40 or 60 grain is needed.
  • Remove the dust after sanding and clean the cellar window grille.
  • Then apply an anti-rust coating to the metal grid, which is already available with primer, anti-rust protection and paint. Paint the cellar window grille according to the instructions for the chosen metal colour.

Corrosion is the decomposition of a metal caused by oxidation. The combination of high-quality binders, zinc powder, phosphoric acid and colour pigments results in an active rust protection paint, corrosion protection paint.