Burg Wächter Window Protection: Review & Recommendations

Security within one’s own four walls is no longer imaginable without it. To make your home even more secure, extra security devices can be installed for windows or doors. The different possibilities of additionally securing doors and windows will in future no longer let burglars into apartments and houses so quickly.

In our big Burg-Wächter window security test 2020 we want to introduce you to the different window security systems. In this guide you will find important information about the product and the factors you should consider before buying. The guide is there to inform you about the product and to make the purchase decision easier for you.

The most important facts in brief

Burg-Wächter window security test: Favourites of the editors

  • The Burg-Wächter WinSafe window security
  • The castle guard window alarm
  • The Burg-Wächter BlockSafe window security

The Burg-Wächter WinSafe window security

The uniform white window lock is easy to install and is perfect for windows made of wood or aluminium. The lock can also be locked without a key.

Customers are more than enthusiastic about the fast delivery and easy installation. After the window safety catch has been attached, they are “bombproof”. Buyers have specifically chosen this supplier because the brand speaks for quality.

The castle guard window alarm

This window alarm scares off unwanted guests with 110 decibels and is activated immediately in case of slight vibration. The swivel latch is made of steel and is a durable product.

Customers praise the simple assembly, as the required screws are supplied by Burg-Wächter. The window alarm also scores with its very loud and easy to trigger alarm.

The Burg-Wächter BlockSafe window security

The product can be purchased in white or brown. The article is perfectly suitable for the interior security of windows and also doors. The window security consists of a solid steel bolt and thus prevents easy break-in. The housing is made of cast iron.

The solid material and the easy assembly leave a positive impression on the customers. Customers are enthusiastic about how robust and stable the BlockSafe window locking device is.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a Burg-Wächter window lock

In which price range is a window safety device from Burg-Wächter?

Basically, the window security devices from Burg-Wächter can be classified into two categories:

window security / mechanical, electronic
Window grille

In the decision section we will go into more detail about the two types of window locking devices and offer you more detailed information about the articles. Nevertheless, it is important to mention the two categories, as they differ not only in type and function, but also in price.

The category window security differs in the variety of items that the company offers. Burg-Wächter markets so-called WinSafe articles, BlockSafe articles and window alarms within the category window security.

What distinguishes a Burg-Wächter window security from other suppliers?

The company Burg-Wächter scores with the variety of its products. With the different possibilities to secure a window, you too will find the perfect protection. You can choose between common window locks and window grilles.
Burg-Wächter attaches great importance to 100 percent security and tested quality, which also leads to 100 percent customer satisfaction. The high level of security is verified by constant internal and external quality checks.

Where can I buy a Burg-Wächter window lock?

You can purchase the Burg-Wächter window locking device in different ways. On the one hand you have the possibility to buy the protection online and have it delivered to your home. On the other hand, you can also buy a Burg-Wächter window locking device in department stores and specialist shops.
The company itself also offers you the opportunity to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer.
We have gathered information for you and listed the possible shopping portals:

Castle Guard

How you purchase your Burg-Wächter window lock is clearly up to you. Nevertheless, you should inform yourself well about the product and its advantages and disadvantages.

What alternatives are there to a Burg-Wächter window locking device?

Because Burg-Wächter offers different types of window locks, you can choose between several products. If you choose the WinSafe and BlockSafe products, you buy mechanical window locks. The products are easy to attach to your windows and at the same time offer you a lot of security.
In addition, you can also choose the window alarm. This is not a replacement for a window lock. The alarm can quickly alert you, passers-by or your neighbours to possible break-ins.
If both products do not offer you enough security, you can also buy the WinProtect window grille. Since many burglars can gain access to your home through windows, you can increase the resistance with the window grille.

Decision: What types of Burg-Wächter window security systems are available and which one is right for me?

As we have already mentioned above, you can buy window locks, which can be purchased mechanically and electronically, and window grilles at Burg-Wächter. The WinSafe and BlockSafe articles have a locking mechanism which prevents the window handle from moving, even if the window is already broken.

Goodbye to annoying key searches! BlockSafe and WinSafe products can be purchased together.

You can equip your windows with several WinSafe or BlockSafe products and purchase them at the same time. This means that you can operate all elements of the WinSafe or BlockSafe with only one key.

In addition to window guards, Burg-Wächter also offers window alarms. One which can only be used for windows and a second one which is suitable for doors and windows with hinge and sliding function. Both alarms are easy to install and keep what they promise.

Even the slightest vibration triggers the alarm and your neighbours and passers-by can intervene more quickly if you are not at home. Nevertheless, a window alarm does not replace a window lock!

In addition to a WinSafe or BlockSafe window lock and a window alarm, you can also equip your window with a grid, with the WinProtect window grid. The aluminium product is very robust and can withstand all attempts to damage it.

With the different possibilities of Burg-Wächter you don’t have to be afraid of burglars anymore. All products offer you 100% security within your four walls.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of window security from Burg-Wächter?

Because Burg-Wächter offers two different types of window security systems and you can also decide whether you want to purchase a mechanical or electronic security system, you can find the right window security system for your own four walls for every consumer.

The category of window security can be divided into mechanical and electronic. The two different options have advantages and disadvantages, which we have listed in tables to help you make your purchase decision.

Mechanical window locking

With the mechanical window lock you lock your window handle and the locking mechanism makes it impossible for burglars to move the handle even if it has broken your window glass. The WinSafe and BlockSafe products from Burg-Wächter have such a locking mechanism.

The special thing about this is that if you buy several WinSafe or BlockSafe products, you can also buy all WinSafe or BlockSafe articles at the same time. This means that you only need one key for all locking mechanisms.

Nevertheless, a mechanical window safety device is not sufficient for your window. Often burglars open the window with brute force. Therefore we recommend that you equip your window with several locking systems.


Quick and easy retrofitting of windows
Universal design: fits every window
Easy mounting


Not the safest method
Intensive maintenance

Electronic window locking device

The electronic window safety device offers you 100 percent safety even with the slightest vibration. The way it works is quite simple: the window handle swung to the side activates the alarm. This means that the alarm is activated immediately if the window is opened unintentionally.

You can compare the volume of this alarm with a chainsaw, so very loud! As soon as the alarm sounds and you should not be at home at that moment, you can still rely on the fact that passers-by and neighbours will notice it because of the enormous volume.

But watch out! This product from Burg-Wächter is not a window safety device in itself. This device can only trigger an alarm by vibrations and does not protect your windows against burglary.

In addition to the alarm from Burg-Wächter, you should also buy window safety devices such as WinSafe or BlockSafe products, so that your window is double secured.


A loud alarm sounds if the window is opened unintentionally
Easy assembly
Requires no power


Batteries must be replaced regularly
Alarm however is not enough

Purchase criteria: With the help of these factors you can compare and evaluate window safety devices from Burg-Wächter

In the following we will show you on the basis of which aspects you can decide between the possible window locking devices. To make the decision easier for you, you can read through our purchase criteria and form your own opinion about them. In this section we explain what each of the criteria is about.

With this enumeration of criteria you can compare the window locks with each other and thus make your decision easier:

  • Dimensions
  • Material


The dimensions of Burg-Wächter’s window locking devices are either uniform and therefore fit in every window. This is because uniform windows are similar and there are some dimensions for which the fuses are made.

For a little more money, you can also have a custom-made window lock made. If you do not have uniform windows, you can have them produced directly by Burg-Wächter.


The WinSafe and BlockSafe products from Burg-Wächter both consist of high-quality material. The WinSafe articles are made of robust zinc die-cast and equipped with a cylinder lock.

The BlockSafe articles consist of a solid steel locking bolt and a cast iron housing, which offers a high degree of burglary protection. Accordingly, the different materials also influence the prices of the articles.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about Burg-Wächter window security systems

In this part of the guide you will find interesting facts about the manufacturer Burg-Wächter. You will also learn about burglary and how to mount a mechanical window lock on your window. Have fun reading!

What other products does Burg-Wächter offer?

The Burg-Wächter company was founded in 1920 and is Christian.

The Burg-Wächter company not only offers various elements for securing your windows and doors, but also many other high-quality security products.

This includes locks and bolts, measuring techniques, cash cassettes and key boxes, mailboxes, safes, video surveillance and smart security products.

So if you need more products to furnish your home, you are at the right place at Burg-Wächter. You will find the right solution for every problem.

How do I install a Burg-Wächter window lock?

Although really all window locks are not difficult to install, we have linked an installation video of Burg-Wächter itself. In this video you can see what you should pay attention to during the installation. The detailed instructions are about one of the WinSafe products.

How many burglaries are there each year in Germany?

Even if you certainly think that a break-in at your home will never happen, you should still not completely rule out a break-in. A statistic of the Police Crime Statistics (PKS) compared burglaries of the different federal states from the years 2017 and 2018.