Castle Guard Radio Door Lock: Review & Recommendations

Are you tired of always having to take your key with you wherever you go? Or do you share the entrance to a house with several people? Are you therefore looking for an alternative to conventional door locks? Then you should consider a wireless door lock from Burg Wächter. The manufacturer offers convenient and secure solutions for electronic door locks. With such a wireless door lock, you can do without the front door key in the future and still come back into the house again and again. Thus you can also avoid expensive costs for the locksmith.

In our Burg Wächter Funk Türschloss Test 2020 we would like to introduce this door lock system to you in more detail. You will receive important information about the different types of door locks and the factors you should consider before buying. With the help of our test article you should be able to find the right wireless door lock from Burg Wächter for you.

The most important facts in brief

  • Wireless door locks from Burg Wächter offer a convenient and secure alternative to conventional door locks. A manipulation protection is built in as standard and usually also the possibility of a mechanical emergency unlocking.
  • There are various ways to open the castle guard radio door locks: via PIN codes, fingerprint, active/passive transponder as well as through smartphone control via an app.
  • The electronic door locks from Burg Wächter are suitable for all interior and exterior doors with a thickness of up to 120mm. They are easy to install as no drilling is necessary.

Castle Guard Radio Door Lock Test: Editors’ Favourites

  • The best castle guard radio door lock with pincode
  • The best castle guard radio door lock with fingerprint
  • The best castle guard door lock with transponder

The best castle guard radio door lock with pincode

In total, up to 6 different users can be programmed with this radio door lock TSE SET 4001 HOME by Burg Wächter: 1 secret code (admin code, 6 digits) and 5 optional TSE E-KEYs. The electronic door lock is particularly secure, because it has no mechanical emergency lock and offers 1 million code possibilities.

The TSE SET 4001 HOME from Burg Wächter is not only particularly functional, but also has a simple and elegant design. The electronic door lock and the matching keypad are available in white and matt chrome. With this you can additionally upgrade the entrance of your home.

The best castle guard radio door lock with fingerprint

The model ENTRYeasy 5602 FS Set from Burg Wächter with keyboard and fingerprint is ideal for smaller companies. Especially safe and comfortable is the opening of the electronic cylinder by means of the fingerprint. Up to 24 fingers can be programmed here. Also up to 50 different 6-digit codes can be programmed. In addition, the door lock can also be opened using a smartphone app.

The door can be opened with a mechanical emergency lock in case of emergency. The electronic door lock system is also optimally protected against manipulation by AES encryption during data transmission via Bluetooth. User administration is carried out with the practical software for the PC. This makes it easy to grant and withdraw access rights.

The best castle guard door lock with transponder

The castle guard set secuENTRY 5701 consists of a cylinder, a keypad, a transponder and batteries. This door lock system thus offers three different ways of opening. It can be opened either very conveniently by PIN code, by smartphone or by transponder.

The handy transponder can optimally replace a classic key. You only have to hold it in front of the electric cylinder. The cylinder recognises the transponder and can now be operated to open it. One transponder is included in the scope of delivery, others can be purchased separately.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a castle guard radio door lock

In what price range are wireless door locks from Burg Wächter?

Wireless door locks from Burg Wächter are sold in a set consisting of an electronic door lock and an opening mechanism.

Depending on the model, these can be purchased for between 100 and 500€. Depending on the equipment and intended use, the price of each model varies.
Compared to other manufacturers, Burg Wächter’s wireless door locks are in the higher price segment. At Burg Wächter, quality and security are of particular importance, which is also reflected in the price. However, simpler models from Burg Wächter are comparable in price with models from other manufacturers.

What distinguishes Burg Wächter Funk door locks from other manufacturers?

Burg Wächter offers its customers high-quality solutions for electronic door opening.

Burg Wächter serves two main customer groups: private users and corporate customers. The company therefore offers two different product ranges that are optimised for the respective type of application.
Burg Wächter’s electronic door locks are usually sold in combination with a door cylinder and a keypad for PIN entry. The keypad is mounted externally within a range of up to 4m from the door. Other manufacturers often use systems that have keypad input directly at the door lock or that have voice control.

Where can I buy door locks from Burg Wächter?

Burg Wächter door locks can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. On the other hand, the products of Burg Wächter can also be found in the assortment of many other dealers. These include among others:

Globus DIY store

You can buy a Burg Wächter door lock from online retailers such as “Amazon” or “Otto”, as well as from hardware stores or other stationary stores with household and security accessories.

What advantages and disadvantages do wireless door locks from Burg Wächter offer?

Burg Wächter Funk door locks offer several advantages due to the long experience of the manufacturer. The manufacturer guarantees a high security standard for his products. Customers have the choice of five different ways of door opening.
So you can choose between PIN code, active/passive transponder, smartphone control and fingerprint. In addition, the door locks from Burg Wächter offer a good manipulation

One of the disadvantages of Burg Wächter door locks is that they are comparatively more expensive than those of other manufacturers on the market. In addition, Burg Wächter does not offer the possibility of voice control, e.g. via “Siri” or Amazon’s “Alexa”. This feature is partly already offered by other manufacturers on the market.

Here are again all advantages and disadvantages at a glance:


high safety standard
different possibilities of door opening
Manipulation protection


relatively high price
No option for voice control

What alternatives are there to Burg Wächter Funk door locks?

As an alternative to Burg Wächter wireless door locks you may consider electronic door locks from other manufacturers such as Abus, Danalock, Nuki, We.lock and others. Abus and Danalock are other leading manufacturers on the market besides Burg Wächter.

In order to ensure a high level of security for your home or business, you should definitely use products from well-known manufacturers. These products have important features such as a manipulation protection and usually also an opening possibility by mechanical emergency release.

The latter is essential in case of a power failure or if the battery on the device is empty.

Decision: What types of castle guard funk door locks are there and which one is right for you?

Burg Wächter distinguishes between two product lines of electronic door locks: TSE Home for private use and secuENTRY for use in smaller companies. The systems differ mainly in the respective opening mechanism, which we will briefly compare in the following.

What are the advantages of Burg Wächter Funk door locks with pincode opening and what are their disadvantages?

To open the door with a pin code, a so-called keypad with keypad is attached to the house wall. This should be placed at a maximum distance of 4 m from the door to ensure that the radio connection works properly. However, the keypad is not weatherproof as standard and should therefore be installed protected from the weather if necessary. It has a simple and elegant design that can additionally enhance the entrance to the house.

With the generation of several codes, access for additional persons can be enabled. This method is very secure as there are 1 million code possibilities and a manipulation protection is set up in the device.

However, this type of opening requires that the persons remember the configured PIN code so that they do not stand in front of a locked door if the code is entered incorrectly.


different codes can be generated for several persons
Security through manipulation protection
elegant design of the keypad


Keypad may not be weatherproof
Pin Code must not be forgotten

What speaks for castle guard radio door locks

Another convenient option for opening the door is the fingerprint function.

With the fingerprint feature, you can configure your fingerprint (and other people’s) on the reader.

This way you can easily open the door without having to have additional things like a transponder, smartphone or code at hand. This type is also equipped with tamper protection. In terms of price, however, this type of opening is higher than other possibilities.


different fingerprints of several persons can be stored
Security through manipulation protection
elegant design of the keypad


Keypad may not be weatherproof
premium price

What are the advantages of Burg Wächter radio door locks with opening via transponder and what are their disadvantages?

Transponders are small, handy devices that function as keys. A distinction is made here between active and passive transponders. Active transponders are radio-controlled and can open the door from a distance of approx. 4 m via a button.

A passive transponder does not have batteries built in, so it must be held directly against the door, or keypad, to open the door. Access rights can be easily controlled here. Therefore transponders are particularly suitable for companies and hotels.


Security through encrypted radio transmission
Access rights easily controllable
suitable for companies and hotels


Transponder must always be carried
for active transponders, batteries must be replaced regularly

What are the advantages of Burg Wächter door locks with smartphone opening and what are their disadvantages?

Opening by smartphone is controlled via an app. This is available free of charge for Android and iOS systems in the App Store. No additional device in the form of a keypad is necessary. The door can only be opened with a click in the app.

This makes this variant particularly cost-effective. The following video shows you the configuration of the app for opening the door lock.

Mostly this type is combined with other possibilities of door opening. This version requires that the mobile phone is always carried. This may be the case with young people. However, for older people who do not use a smartphone, this type of opening is usually ruled out.


cost-effective option
Combination with other opening mechanisms


Mobile phone must always be carried
not suitable for older people

Purchase criteria: Based on these factors you can compare and rate Burg Wächter Funk door locks

Burg Wächter offers various models of the Funk door locks. The individual product variants can be distinguished by the following criteria:

  • Private/company use
  • Assembly and installation
  • Manipulation protection
  • Signal range

Private/company use

Burg Wächter offers two product lines for electronic door locks, namely “secuENTRY” and “TSE Home”.

The “secuENTRY” product range is optimised for commercial use. “TSE Home” on the other hand is designed for private users.

The difference between the two product series lies in the application intention and the features required for this purpose. For private users, for example, it is sufficient to configure only a small number of different pin codes or fingerprints.

For commercial use, however, it is an advantage if a large number of access codes can be installed. It should also be easy to control the access rights. For this reason, door locks from the “secuENTRY” series are optimally adapted to the needs of companies or hotels.

Assembly and installation

The electronic door locks from Burg Wächter are suitable for all doors up to 120 mm thick. This means that the door locks can be used universally on both inner and outer doors. No precise measurement of the doors is necessary.

The assembly and installation of the wireless door lock is very easy. No cables and no drilling are necessary. The mechanical cylinder lock on the door is simply exchanged for the electronic door lock. The existing fittings are retained (except for core pull protection).

So you can easily install the door lock with a few simple steps. Detailed instructions are included in the scope of delivery. The following video shows the installation of a secuEntry door lock from Burg Wächter:

The keypad with the keypad should be placed at a maximum distance of 3-4m from the door, depending on the model. It may need to be mounted on the wall of the house, protected from the weather. A connection to the mains power supply is not necessary, as it is operated by batteries, which are also included in the scope of delivery.

Manipulation protection

Wireless door locks from Burg Wächter are equipped with tamper protection as standard. If an incorrect code is entered three times in a row, the blocking time takes effect. In addition, the radio transmission is also protected by encryption, thus preventing manipulation by third parties.

This is an important criterion for the security of wireless door locks. If you decide to use a product from another manufacturer, make sure that such a tamper protection is installed.

Signal range

The range of the signal is up to 4m at Burg Wächter radio locks. This means that you can open the door from a distance of 4m using an active transponder. Opening by entering a code on the keypad also works at a distance of 4m.

The radio range of door locks from other manufacturers may be considerably less. Therefore, you should consider the conditions at your door when making your purchase decision. In order to mount the keypad on the wall of the house in a weatherproof location, you may have to place it at a certain distance from the door.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about castle guards radio door locks

Now that you have collected enough information about radio door locks of the brand Burg Wächter, we want to give you some more information about the manufacturer.

How popular are Burg Wächter Funk door locks?

In a customer survey conducted by Focus Money, Burg Wächter was voted “Customer Favourite 2019”. The company received the number one award as the most popular brand in the category “safety and warning devices”.

Burg Wächter is also an official prevention partner of the police union. Here the company provides support in the area of burglary protection. This is an important issue in both the private and commercial sectors.

Where are Burg Wächter Funk door locks manufactured?

“Made in Germany” is the product philosophy of Burg Wächter. This is why the commitment to Germany as a business location is of the utmost importance to the company. The excellent specialists employed by the company guarantee product quality and customer satisfaction.

The company headquarters of Burg Wächter are located in Wetter-Volmarstein an der Ruhr. The largest production site is in Meinerzhagen-Valbert on the edge of the Sauerland. Further production sites are located in Wismar (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), as well as in Romania and China.

Since when does Burg Wächter produce door locks?

Burg Wächter is a family business in the third generation. In 1920, Alfred Lüling founded a trading company, from which today’s Burg Wächter company emerged. The first products were padlocks.

With the technical progress, these developed further and further up to today’s electronic radio solutions.

What other products does Burg Wächter offer?

Burg Wächter is one of the leading international manufacturers of electronic and mechanical locks, access control systems such as video surveillance, door and window security, safes and mailboxes.

The real “product” of the company is security. People trust the products of Burg Wächter because they can always rely on them.

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