Burglary Protection For Windows: Review & Recommendations

Welcome to our big burglar protection window test 2020, where we present you all the burglar protections for windows that we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best burglary protection for your windows.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. On this page you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy burglary protection for windows.

The most important facts in brief

  • Burglary protection for windows is an important topic in Germany, as the most frequent burglaries happen just at windows and doors. You can easily retrofit your existing windows with security elements.
  • Basically there are two possibilities when it comes to burglary protection. One can distinguish between mechanical and automatic burglary protection products.
  • Mechanical products, such as lockable window handles, additional window locks, or security film can be attached without much effort and are particularly effective for burglary attempts. Automatic burglary protection, such as alarm systems, surveillance cameras or automatic roller shutters have the advantage that they require relatively little maintenance in comparison and can often be controlled remotely.

Burglary protection for windows: the ranking

1st place: ABUS lockable window handle FG200

With the ABUS lockable window handles, existing windows can be retrofitted, giving you greater protection against burglary. These window handles are childproof, which means that they are equipped with a pressure cylinder.

They can be easily installed in a few minutes. Plus, you only need one key for all your windows, which makes daily use effortless.

They fit all window types: windows, balcony doors, or patio doors made of aluminium, wood or plastic.

2nd place: Thustar GSM alarm system with wireless alarm system Home Security

The Thustar alarm system is a wireless alarm system. It supports six preset alarm numbers and two help SMS numbers.

In case of alarm success, the device dials the preset number and automatically sends the message. Duplex intercom function and a ten second voice recording are also supported.

This alarm system can be used without network and without SIM card. If a GSM SIM card is inserted, alarms can be controlled worldwide via mobile phone

The built-in emergency battery can continue working for about 6-8 hours in case of a power failure. This system also includes a configurable wired siren of up to 110 dB volume to deter potential intruders.

Accessories up to 433MHz are possible with this product, 99 wireless security zones and 8 wired security zones are also allowed as well as 5 remote controls and 2 wired sirens.

The alarm system has a built-in GSM module and supports the following frequencies: 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. In addition, the alarm system can be used as a landline telephone, for making phone calls or as an intercom system.

3rd place: ABUS automatic hinge side securing

The automatic hinge side security FAS 97 from Abus is suitable for inward opening windows and French doors.

The window lock only needs to be activated before tilting the window by operating the frame bar. The window is locked automatically during closing.

This is an effective protection against levering. The advantage is also that it can be operated without a key.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a burglary protection for windows

How does burglary protection for windows work?

The most common burglaries happen just through windows and doors. You can prevent the burglar from getting the idea of breaking into your home with simple measures. These include overflowing mailboxes, empty trash cans or overgrown front gardens.
If you always keep your curtains or blinds open, a burglar will see exactly how your home is furnished or decorated.

But if the blinds are suddenly closed for days during your holiday, the thief can claim that you are not at home.

So effective burglary protection starts with where you store things and what your daily routine looks like. Mechanical and automatic security elements can protect your home from break-ins.

You can make your windows more secure with additional burglary protection. There are lockable window handles, additional locks, grilles, security foil, useful alarm systems and much more, with which you can easily retrofit your existing windows.

Where can I buy burglary protection for windows?

Burglary protection for windows is available in specialist shops and department stores, as well as in many online shops. Additionally, it is possible to order this device directly from your local security company.
According to our research, most types of burglary protection for windows are sold through these online shops:


All types of anti-burglary protection for windows that we present to you on our site have a link to at least one of these shops. If you have found a model that you like, you can strike right away.

What does burglary protection for windows cost?

There is a wide price range between the different types of burglary protection for windows. Depending on the type (automatic or mechanical), quality, manufacturer, installation requirements, etc., the cost varies.

Mechanical elements, e.g. lockable window handles, can be purchased for as little as 15 euros. You can also buy an automatic burglary protection relatively cheap.

For example, a wireless alarm system, which you can easily buy online and install yourself without much effort, is sold from 10 euros.

What classes of burglary protection for windows are there?

When it comes to burglary protection, there are various resistance classes with which the products can be rated for burglary protection.
Basically, the individual resistance classes explain how long a product can withstand the burglary attempt of a certain type of offender. The higher the class, the better the burglary protection. The police recommend using products that at least correspond to class RC2.
The resistance classes (formerly WK) of burglar-proof windows are now marked with the abbreviation RC (Resistance Class). This comes from the DIN EN 1627 test standard.

There are various European and national standards for burglary resistance. These regulate requirements, test methods and classification of resistance.

The European standards series EN 1627-1630 defines requirements and classifications and describes the static and dynamic loads and specifies the possible manual break-in attempts.

The standard, which is: “DIN EN 1627: Test standard for windows, doors, curtain walls, grille elements, closures”, defines resistance classes, resistance times (time during which the product withstands a burglary), types of offender and the modus operandi.

What are the alternatives to burglary protection for windows?

If you value quality and would like to invest more money in the security of your home, you can have burglar-proof windows installed by a specialist company.
Burglar-proof windows are visually indistinguishable from other windows. The difference lies in the fact that the frames are anchored several times at different points in the masonry. The internal fittings contain mushroom-shaped pegs that offer good resistance to lifting.
Moreover, these windows are usually permitted with lockable handles and burglar-resistant or partially breakthrough-resistant glazing.

Decision: What types of burglary protection are available for windows and which is the right one for you?

If you want to buy burglary protection for windows, there are two alternatives to choose from:

  • Mechanical burglary protection
  • Automatic burglary protection

A mechanical burglary protection can be e.g. an additional lock, a lockable handle, a security foil, a grid and many similar things.

An automatic burglary protection means for example an alarm system, automatic roller shutters or surveillance camera.

What distinguishes a mechanical burglary protection for windows and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

There are different solutions when mechanical burglary protection is required. These elements can usually be fitted without much effort and are therefore also suitable for older windows. They are perfect for retrofitting windows.

Many models can also be mounted on patio doors. Here you have an overview of the most common mechanical burglary protection elements:

  • Window grille
  • Shutters
  • Lockable window handles
  • Additional lock
  • Page protection
  • Burglar proof film
  • Mushroom head cone

Depending on what kind of burglary protection you prefer, there are different models. Roller shutters can be a very good first step towards security.

They protect your house from sun, noise, but also as a prevention of unwanted visitors who want to take a look inside your house.

You can also install a window grille if, for example, you live on the ground floor or want to protect your basement windows from burglars. Almost all windows can be retrofitted with additional elements such as lockable window handles, additional locks, burglar-proof foil and many more.


Easy mounting and handling
Retrofitting possible
Suitable for older windows


Maintenance intensive
Non automatic backup

However, many locks and lockable window handles require maintenance. Be aware that with these models of anti-burglary protection you will have to operate the lock every time you open and close the door. Often this protection is forgotten and is therefore no longer effective.

What distinguishes an automatic burglary protection for windows and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The automatic burglary protection for windows has different solutions. Also only automatic light regulators can serve as effective burglary protection.

Automatic roller shutters are just as practical. These models are also practical for your daily routine, as they can often be controlled with a mobile phone.


Remotely controllable
Less daily maintenance
Easy mounting


Power supply by accumulator or battery
Could be costly

A proper burglary protection for windows consists in an alarm system. Nowadays there are many wireless variants that you can easily install yourself. They can also be extended with a surveillance camera.

  • Automatic light controls: These are particularly practical for when you are on holiday. There is a good chance that the burglar will not try to break in when he sees that the light in your apartment goes on and off every day.
  • Automatic roller shutters: Window roller shutters serve as sun, noise and burglary protection. They can also help to save energy in winter, because they also serve as thermal insulation. Roller shutters are easy to retrofit yourself, even with burglar-proof windows.
  • Alarm system: It can be the wailing and flashing outside siren, which is attached to the outside wall of the building and is intended to alert the neighbourhood, or a silent alarm, which contacts a connected emergency call centre via an integrated SIM card, even if the internal
  • Surveillance camera: The camera is useful mainly as evidence, so that the burglar is caught after his crime. However, there are certain guidelines that must be observed when installing the security camera. The visual recordings may only be made on your own property, so that the camera is not directed at the neighbouring property.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and evaluate burglary protection for windows based on these factors

In the following we would like to explain to you in more detail which factors you can use to compare and evaluate burglary protection for windows.

These are special properties for the following window models:

  • For tilted windows
  • For outward opening windows
  • For sliding windows
  • For roof windows

For tilted windows

Tilted windows can be retrofitted with almost any type of burglary protection. Lockable window handles, side protection, security film or even an alarm system are suitable for these window models.

For outward opening windows

For outward opening windows, the choice of mechanical burglary protection is quite limited. Most of the security devices for this type of window are partly suitable for roof windows.

It is possible to buy special additional locks, which are especially suitable for these window models. They are relatively easy to insert and are locked with your key.

There is also a special metal angle lock that rigidly connects the sash to the frame when closed.

For sliding windows

If you have sliding windows or doors, you can fit them with a cylinder lock, for example.

These locks have a bolt that protrudes into the sliding part of the window or door. These windows can just as easily be retrofitted with an alarm system.

It is also possible to buy special additional lock protections for these window models. These are products with a robust zinc die-cast housing and a stainless steel bolt. In some cases, roof windows can also be secured with these additional window locks.

For roof windows

These windows are often forgotten. If a burglar gets onto the roof, he can open the lock mechanism relatively easily with a screwdriver, for example through the ventilation cover.

In this case, a cylinder lock with a bolt can prevent the skylight from opening.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about burglary protection for windows

Is there burglary protection for windows in the motorhome?

For campers and bullis there is a wide range of window locking devices. Depending on the make and size of the car these elements are different.

Mostly it is about stainless steel security profiles, which make it impossible to lever open the motorhome windows quickly. It is a special shaped rail that is screwed from below to the acrylic glass of the hinged window.

You can then easily lock this rail into the frame from the inside with two knurled screws.

So that you can better imagine the whole thing, we have selected a suitable video for you:

What are the burglary statistics in Germany?

The nationwide police crime statistics (PKS) for 2018 show that for the first time in about two decades the number has fallen below the 100,000 mark.

Source: Police crime statistics (PKS)

97,504 burglaries were registered in 2018. This is a reduction of 16.3 percent compared to 2017, with burglars causing losses of around 260 million euros.

Even just attempted burglaries are classified as “domestic burglary”. Even if the perpetrator has not made it into the flat or house, it counts as flat burglary.

But whether it is merely an experiment depends primarily on how well the house is secured.