Cavius Smoke Detector: Review & Recommendations

Smoke alarms help you feel safe at home and especially at night. However, these devices are often large, clumsy and not very decorative. For this reason, Cavius manufactures smoke detectors that are particularly small and unobtrusive. They are nevertheless very reliable and equipped with the latest technology.

In our big Cavius Smoke Detector Test 2020 we introduce you to the different products and give you criteria with which you can compare and evaluate them. At the end of the article, we’ll tell you how best to install a Cavius smoke detector and which products Cavius still sells. Our test will help you find the perfect Cavius smoke detector.

The most important facts in brief

  • Cavius smoke detectors are characterised above all by their compact and discreet design. Their size can be compared to that of a golf ball. Not without reason they are “the smallest smoke detectors in the world”.
  • Two types of models can be distinguished in terms of battery life. Cavius offers smoke detectors with five or ten years battery life.
  • Before buying a smoke detector, you should inform yourself about its operation, smoke detection range and additional functions.

Cavius smoke detector test: Favourites of the editors

  • The best Cavius smoke detector with 5 years battery life
  • The best Cavius smoke detector with 10 years battery life
  • The best 10-year heat detector from Cavius

The best Cavius smoke detector with 5 years battery life

The Cavius Mini smoke detector weighs 45 g and is 4 cm tall. It is therefore very discreet and unobtrusive. It has a mute function and emits a sound of up to 90 dB in case of an alarm. It is tested according to the current DIN standard.

Customers emphasize the runtime and compact design as reasons to buy the device again. The included mounting kit is very helpful and is mentioned as an additional plus point. So if you are looking for a smoke detector with a running time of up to five years, this is the one for you.

The best Cavius smoke detector with 10 years battery life

The Elro Cavius 10Y has a battery life of up to 10 years. It is tested and certified according to the DIN standard. It also has a pause function with which it can be muted for 10 minutes. The mounting material is included.

People who already own this smoke detector particularly appreciate the inconspicuousness in the room. Furthermore, it is very easy to install. If you are looking for a smoke detector with a particularly long operating time, it is the right choice for you.

The best 10-year heat detector from Cavius

The ELRO Cavius heat detector is just as compact as the Cavius smoke detectors. It weighs 47 g and the base has a diameter of 5 cm. Its battery life is up to 10 years. The integrated heat sensor reacts at temperatures above 57° C.

In product reviews, this product is often praised for its reliability and high quality. This heat detector is particularly suitable for installation in the kitchen. Due to its small size, it is hardly noticeable there. If your kitchen is missing a heat detector, you should take a closer look at this product.

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What distinguishes Cavius smoke detectors from other manufacturers?

In contrast to other manufacturers, Ra […]

Since 2010, Cavius has been producing these smoke detectors and regularly develops them further.

Although the smoke detector is so small, it achieves battery lifetimes of 5 to 10 years. This means that once the smoke detector is installed, you don’t have to worry about your safety for several years.

How does a smoke detector from Cavius work?

The Cavius smoke detectors work photo-optically like most of the detectors on the market. This means that inside the smoke detector infrared rays are radiated onto a sensor. If smoke develops in your home, smoke particles penetrate the inside of the smoke detector, interrupting the infrared rays. If this happens, the smoke detector sounds the alarm.

Compared to other smoke detector functions, the photo-optical one shows a particularly high reliability. This also explains the widespread use of this type.

Where can I buy smoke detectors from Cavius?

You can buy Cavius smoke detectors mainly through online shops. For this purpose, either sites that specialise in the sale of smoke detectors are recommended, for example:

smoke detector
smoke detector

You will also find Cavius smoke detectors on these pages:


At what prices are Cavius smoke detectors sold?

The price range of Cavius smoke detectors is between 20 and 30 €. The price is basically dependent on the battery life.
Depending on how and where you want to install your new smoke detector, different accessories are available. These are for example mounting sets with magnetic plates or similar. For these accessories you pay about 10 €.

What alternatives are there to Cavius smoke detectors?

In addition to the classic smoke detectors, there are other types of alarms that you can purchase:

Cavius heat detectors: In addition to the classic smoke detectors, there are also alarms that respond to heat. They are particularly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, as false alarms can occur due to the development of vapour in these rooms. Heat detectors work more reliably in these places.
Cavius CO alarm: An invisible danger can be carbon monoxide leaking from your home. Above a certain concentration in the air, this gas can be life-threatening to humans. This device alarms even at low concentrations in the air.
Cavius Water/Flood Detector: This product is primarily intended for use in basements. If water collects there or the cellar is flooded, it will sound the alarm.

Decision: What types of Cavius smoke detectors are there and which one is right for me?

Before buying a smoke detector from Cavius, you are usually faced with the question of how long the battery life should be. Since the battery is permanently installed, you cannot change it.

To make it easier for you to decide, we have listed below the advantages and disadvantages of the following products, so that you can find out which product suits you best:

  • Cavius smoke detector with 5 year battery
  • Cavius smoke detector with 10 year battery

What distinguishes a Cavius smoke detector with a 5 year battery and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The smoke detector with a battery life of five years is characterized above all by the fact that it is always technically up to date. This means that the product always incorporates the latest technology and therefore always functions as effectively and reliably as possible.

If new functionalities are developed, you can buy them immediately after the five years have expired.

In addition, the smoke detectors with the five-year battery cost less. So if you want to equip your entire apartment with smoke detectors, you will get a lower total price.


Up-to-dateness of the product
Latest technology installed
Lower price


More frequent replacement necessary
Multiple assembly
Less sustainable

The disadvantage is that you have to buy and install new smoke detectors more often.

In addition, the short distances at which the products can no longer be used produces a lot of waste. This is less sustainable.

What distinguishes a Cavius smoke detector with a 10-year battery and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

If you choose a Cavius smoke detector with a 10-year life span, this is a purchase that will last you a long time and you can be sure of your safety. You will have to install or replace less

In addition, this product is much more sustainable, as only half of the electronic waste is generated.


Carefree for 10 years
Less exchange necessary


Higher price
Aging of the technology in the product
Other DIN standards may be necessary

However, these smoke detectors initially cost a little more to purchase.

Furthermore, the technology in your product is no longer up to date after a few years. In addition, it is possible that after a few years other DIN standards exist which must be observed. For this reason it is important to always stay up to date if you buy this product.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate Cavius smoke detectors based on these factors

In this section you will learn about different aspects that you can use to compare different smoke detectors.

These are the following criteria:

  • Functionality
  • Smoke detection area
  • Mute
  • Test function

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.


In the following table you will learn about the different modes of operation of smoke detectors. There are three basic types: photo-optical, thermo-optical and ionisation smoke detectors.

Smoke detection area

The smoke detection range is the maximum range in which a smoke detector can detect smoke. In other words, the size of the room in which your smoke detector will work reliably.

It is important to keep an eye on the smoke detection area when buying a smoke detector.

Smoke detectors usually have a smoke detection range of up to 60 m², according to the manufacturer Cavius. Nevertheless, it is important to consider also the cut of the room. For example, if you have a particularly long room, it is advisable to install two smoke detectors. This will ensure that the smoke detector works as intended.


The purpose of muting a smoke detector is to prevent it from reacting to smoke for a short period of time. After pressing a button, the alarm is therefore muted for the specified time, usually a few minutes.

The Cavius smoke detectors also have this function. They can be muted for 10 minutes if required. When this time has elapsed, the smoke detector automatically returns to operating mode.

Test function

If you have had your smoke detector for a long time, it is usually useful to be able to check whether it is still working at all. You don’t have to produce smoke for this, you can simply use the test function.

This can be triggered by pressing a button and the alarm tone sounds. If the smoke detector remains silent, you have to get a new one.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the Cavius smoke detector

What is the best way to install a Cavius smoke detector?

The basic rule is: Install a smoke detector where you think it makes sense and where you feel comfortable with it.

The best place to install your Cavius smoke detector is in a room that is less than 60 m². It is only suitable for ceiling mounting, as this is the only way to ensure proper functioning.

You should install a smoke detector in every room in an optimal way. Additional heat detectors are suitable in the bathroom and the kitchen.

What other products does Cavius manufacture?

Cavius has specialized in the production of alarm systems. That means they offer some products that make life in your home safer.

This includes the following products in addition to smoke detectors:

  • CO-Melder
  • Heat detector
  • Water/Flood detector

They also offer alarm systems for on the road. You can take these with you on your travels, for example, if there are no smoke detectors in your accommodation. It can easily be placed in a suitable place, preferably in the upper part of the room.