Castle Guard Safe: Review & Recommendations

You should also store your valuables safely in your home. Safes from Burg-Wächter can help you with this. They are known for their high security levels and quality. There is a suitable model for every need in the Burg-Wächter range.

In our big Burg-Wächter Tresor Test 2020 we introduce you to the different products and give you criteria with which you can compare and evaluate them. At the end of the article, we tell you the questions whether there is an emergency opening and which products the company still sells.

The most important facts in brief

  • Many different types of safes can be distinguished, for example furniture, wall and fire protection safes.
  • Before buying, it is important to consider the security levels and the thickness of the walls. The weight of the safe affects the mobility and weight.
  • Not every safe can be opened in an emergency. But there are some models that come with an emergency opening.

Burg-Wächter Tresor Test: Favourites of the editorial team

  • The best furniture safe with electronic combination lock
  • The best Burg-Wächter fire protection safe with fingerscan
  • The best Burg-Wächter wall safe with electronic combination lock

The Burg-Wächter furniture safe has security level B and a volume of 20.6 litres. The safe weighs about 30 kg. The scope of delivery includes a shelf and several batteries.

Customers who have already bought this product appreciate above all the easy assembly and the adjustable shelves. Commissioning worked without any problems. So if you are looking for a classic furniture safe that is easy to use, then this is the one for you.

The best Burg-Wächter fire protection safe with fingerscan

The Burg-Wächter safety cabinet with electronic combination lock and finger scan has the security level S2. The fire protection promises up to 30 minutes protection for paper. The safe weighs 77 kg in total and has a volume of 50 litres.

People who have bought this product would do so again because it works very reliably. They especially emphasize the fingerprint scanner. So if you are looking for a safe for smaller valuables that is very secure, this product is very suitable for you.

The best Burg-Wächter wall safe with electronic combination lock

The Burg-Wächter wall safe has an adjustable depth, which means you can adapt it to different wall widths. It has a double-walled door and a 3-sided locking mechanism. The volume varies between 15.6 and 26 litres.

Customers particularly appreciate the product’s existing fire protection. Due to the variable depth it is also suitable for a particularly large number of people. Furthermore, it is positively emphasized that the batteries for the lock can be changed from the outside. So if you are looking for a wall safe, this is a good model for you.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a castle guard safe

What distinguishes a Burg-Wächter safe from other manufacturers?

The Burg-Wächter family business has a tradition of over 90 years. The success of the company is mainly due to the quality of the products sold.
High-quality materials are used for safes from Burg-Wächter. Most models are also VdS tested and ECB-S certified.
Burg-Wächter offers a wide range of different safes so that you can find a suitable model that guarantees a high level of security.

Where can I buy a safe from Burg-Wächter?

You can buy safes from Burg-Wächter primarily in specialist shops or DIY stores.
Alternatively, there are also various online shops:

At what prices is a castle-guard safe sold?

The prices of safes of the Burg-Wächter brand depend strongly on the type of safe. For this reason we have listed the different types here for you:

Furniture safe: You can buy a furniture safe from 90 €. If you are looking for a higher security class, the price can increase by several hundred euros.
Fireproof safe: You can find this model from about 300 €. Here too, the price increases depending on the equipment of the fireproof safe.
Wall safe: You can buy a wall safe from about 250 €. It is possible to increase the price depending on size and type of lock. Please note that the price for the installation is also added.

What alternatives are there to a safe from Burg-Wächter?

If you are not yet sure whether a safe from Burg-Wächter is the right one for you, we have listed and described alternative products from the company for you here.

Decision: What types of castle guard vaults are there, and which one is right for me?

Burg-Wächter offers a very large selection of different safes, which are also suitable for different applications.

To make it easier for you to decide, we have listed below the advantages and disadvantages of the following products, so that you can find out which product suits you best:

  • Furniture safe
  • Fire protection safe
  • Wall safe

The following section will help you find the perfect safe for you.

What distinguishes a furniture safe from Burg-Wächter and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The clear advantage of a furniture safe is that it is installed inconspicuously and cannot be viewed.

The fact that it can be additionally anchored in the wall increases the safety factor. For the correct installation, please refer to the manufacturer’s information.

Another advantage of the furniture safe is that it is the cheapest option.


Inconspicuously obstructed
Anchoring in the wall
Value for money


Piece of furniture must be stable enough
mostly smaller volume
no fire protection

Before installation, it is necessary that the furniture and the wall are stable enough. If this is not the case, the protection class of the safe cannot be guaranteed.

In contrast to the other models, the volume of furniture safes is usually smaller. This means that you have less space for your valuables.

Another disadvantage of these products is the lack of fire protection. So in case of fire your valuables are not protected.

What distinguishes a fire protection safe from Burg-Wächter and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The biggest advantage of a fireproof safe is, as the name suggests, the fire protection. From this it follows in the second step also that by the fireproof walls, these precipitate very massively. This means that the safe is very heavy, immovable and additionally more secure.

Furthermore, these models are also available with additional interior safes. You can lock these separately.


Fire protection
Very massive
Available with extra interior safes


Installation difficult
Taking up a lot of space
Unobtrusive placement difficult

The high dead weight of the safe can make installation more difficult. Furthermore, these models are usually very large, which can make finding a place more difficult.

To find the perfect place for a fire protection safe, several factors have to be considered. In addition, it is difficult to place such a large object inconspicuously.

What distinguishes a wall safe from Burg-Wächter and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A wall safe benefits above all from its inconspicuousness. Because it is also firmly built into the wall, a very high level of security can be guaranteed.

Furthermore, this model type is particularly space-saving.


Permanent structures


complicated installation
No fire protection
Stability and thickness of the walls must be sufficient

Compared to the other two products, the installation of a wall safe is particularly complicated. For this you should definitely consult qualified personnel.

For this safe to be installed at all, the walls must be thick and stable enough.

Another disadvantage of the wall safe is the lack of fire protection. In case of fire your valuables are not protected here either.

Purchase criteria: With these factors you can compare and evaluate a Burg-Wächter safe

In this section, you will learn about different aspects that you can use to compare different safes.

These are the following criteria:

  • Thickness of the walls
  • Lock type
  • Security level
  • Volumen

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.

Thickness of the walls

With safes, it is important that the walls are thick enough so that the contents are protected against penetration with welding torches.

Conversely, this means that the walls must be at least 2.5 cm thick. But even here there are many different models, where the thickness of the walls can vary a lot.

In principle, the thicker the walls, the heavier the safe.

So the thickness of the walls is accompanied by the weight and mobility of the safe. The total weight can be very variable and ranges from 3 kg to 500 kg.

Lock type

Basically different types of locks can be distinguished for safes, which we will explain in the following:

In addition to these variants, there are also some electronic locks that can be opened with your fingerprint.

Security level

If you buy a safe, you should definitely inform yourself about the security level in advance. There are the following two seals of approval:

  • Association of Property Insurers (VdS) and
  • Europäische Zertifizierungsstelle (ECBS)

The maximum sum insured depends on the security level. In any case, you should contact your insurance company again and discuss the specific aspects.

It should also be noted here that in addition to the safety level, the correct installation method must also be considered.


Safes from Burg-Wächter are available in very different sizes. The volume also depends on this, i.e. how many of your valuables you store in them.

For this reason, you should first think carefully about what you want to use your safe for. If you have expensive jewellery, in most cases it will take up less space. If you want to store important documents in your Burg-Wächter safe, you will need a larger volume.

The volume of the Burg-Wächter safe is also strongly dependent on the thickness of the walls. If the walls of the vault are particularly thick, the interior space can be reduced.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the Burg-Wächter safe

Is there an emergency opening for a castle guard’s safe?

If you have forgotten your secret code or misplaced your key, you no longer have access to your safe.

Most safes do not have an emergency opening, as this is basically a security gap. Not only you, but also unauthorized persons can use them.

However, with electronic locks, there are some products that have an emergency key.

What other products does Burg-Wächter manufacture?

In its 90-year tradition, Burg-Wächter has specialised above all in security products.

In addition to safes, this also includes locks or mailboxes. To make your home more secure from the outside, they also offer products for video surveillance. Other security products include door lock electronics or door and window technologies.