Dog Defence: Review And Recommendations

Man’s best friend. Is this always the case? There are numerous reasons why a dog should maintain a certain distance from home. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an allergy, bad experiences or the protection of property. Some people also use dog defence to be safe when jogging. Everything else about this follows! Of course, the welfare of the dog is also not disregarded. Moral aspects are very relevant in this article.

Our dog defense test shows possibilities and advantages how you can save yourself a lot of trouble easily and cheaply. We present numerous methods and give you an overview. We are convinced that there will be the right one for you too.

The most important facts in brief

  • There are many different ways to keep dogs away from people or homes. They differ in electronic, plant and other articles.
  • The questions “For how long?” and “Do I have a dog myself?” are of central importance.
  • The quality of the product is of high relevance for the safety of humans and animals.

Dog defense test: Favourites of the editorial staff

  • The best handy method of dog defense
  • The best dog defense with natural origin
  • The best variant of dog defence with high security
  • The best last minute dog defense

The best handy method of dog defense

No matter whether you want to keep dogs away while jogging or keep your well-groomed front garden clean. The dog whistle offers numerous functions at an affordable price. Whenever a four-legged friend gets too close, the push of a button is enough to keep him busy. There are different modes such as training or just keeping him at a distance. The dog experiences no pain, but the signal is clear.

Even dog owners use this device to train the discipline of the dog. The resulting sound is barely perceptible to humans and therefore a silent and easy to use problem solver.

The best dog defense with natural origin

Is the goal clearly to protect your own garden and harvest. Then this natural remedy from Neudorf with completely natural origin is the right article. It is applied directly in the bed and thus protects exactly the desired area.

Another advantage is that this solution is permanent and does not have to be activated by pressing a button. Toxic substances can also be excluded here. Thus clear recommendation to buy!

The best variant of dog defence with high security

Equipped with the Gardingo Animal Barrier, no animal above a certain size will have a chance to reach the bed below. No matter if it is flowers, harvest or other things.

This method has long been used to protect the garden and is therefore no less effective. It does not need to be sown or activated. Attach it once and enjoy safety. If you don’t like Schnick-Schack, you’ve come to the right place!

The best last minute dog defense

With this pepper spray from brand leader SabreRed for dogs and other animals you play it safe, but also risk irritation of the affected quadruped.

We recommend this product when panic is present or a dog attack is imminent. A good helper for the last second. As protection of your own house or garden, this product is more likely to fall out. Nevertheless it fulfils a clear purpose with a range of up to 3 metres. We would like to point out the dangers clearly, as it can also have strong negative effects in the human respiratory tract.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy dog defense products

What is dog defense?

The term dog defence refers to all kinds of methods to avoid direct contact with dogs. There are completely different possibilities and areas in which dogs should be kept at a distance.
For example, if your own garden served as a dog toilet or you yourself want to remain undisturbed while jogging. Products of this kind are surprisingly widespread and are small, relatively inexpensive, household aids that can be used to avoid annoying circumstances and work.

What does dog defense cost?

Because of the completely different methods of dog defense, it is difficult to form an average price. In the end this is about 25 €. With this sum it is already possible to acquire a suitable object.
Biological means for the direct fight against intruders, are already available from about 10 €. If you prefer small devices, which are directly aimed at the dog, 30 € to 40 € can be called. All in all it is an extremely inexpensive range of household helpers and will be available after

Where can I buy dog guards?

Dog defence may sound unfamiliar at the beginning, but it is visible around us every day and therefore it can be acquired.

Online Stores
DIY stores
Supermarkets (isolating)

Did you know that there has been a constant increase in demand for dog food since 2008?
In 10 years from 2008 to 2018 the numbers have almost doubled and the trend is still rising. Dry food, wet food and also snacks are included in this.

It goes without saying that the online giants around Amazon do not miss the opportunity to offer these products in full variety. But also DIY stores like “Obi” have a large selection. Supermarkets appear surprisingly on the list. However, there are really products that are declared as dog defense. Protection against insects, for example, are also classified in this category.

Is the dog driven away or educated?

Dogs need to be trained. Otherwise chaos reigns wherever they go. So the question arises: Do I often have dogs around me or do I just want to keep them away. The handy dog whistle is practical when jogging and at home, because it is applicable at the moment itself and contributes its part to education.
If you only want to chase the dog away, other products are much more suitable. Because they do not need to be activated and do the work in your presence. The dog will avoid the house from this point on for the future.

When is dog defence appropriate?

The motives for using an article for dog defence can vary as much as the design and types of the products themselves.

You decide yourself whether morale or efficiency plays a greater role

The most common reasons for an application are:

This video shows impressively how you can still protect your flowerbed.

What types of dog defense are there?

To keep dogs away from themselves or from their homes, there are a variety of methods and ways to do this successfully.
The most popular variants are:
Organic products
For this type of product, particular attention must be paid to whether or not the products comply with a certain level of health. There was a time when toxic substances were used to fight dogs. However, this has been prohibited for some time now.

For example, there are sprays with which you can protect selected areas selectively. The smell alone is a deterrent.

On the other hand there is a form of granulate. This choice is most often made when it comes to the protection of front gardens or when people may have had bad experiences with dog riots.

dog whistles/ultrasound

A shrill sound is emitted in this case. The special feature? For humans this is virtually imperceptible. Dogs, on the other hand, are quick to run away and avoid this area. However, if a house with this product is on the usual route to the walkway, the dog must be able to tolerate this sound, even though it might not have been a troublemaker at all.

Furthermore, this is an electronic product. The fact alone is possibly a selection criterion.

Animal Barriers

This product not only protects against dogs, but also in general when the garden or your own flowerbed is in danger. After weeks of harvesting and maintenance, finding a destroyed bed is a big nuisance. With this product you protect certain areas of your garden with a kind of cage. Depending on how large and dense it is, even martens or maybe even voles don’t stand a chance.

What are the alternatives to dog defence?

There is no real alternative. Care must be taken to ensure that products really only serve their purpose and are otherwise harmless. Insect spray is not an alternative. The same applies to proprietary creations where the effect and extent in a possible negative sense has not been completely researched.
This video shows clearly how you can best behave in case of a dog attack!

Purchase criteria: With these factors you can compare and evaluate dog defense

  • Quality
  • Purpose
  • Application


The quality is a particularly relevant aspect of this product. It is not only about the efficiency of the product or the result in the end, but also about the welfare of the animal. It is about the deterrence and the injury of the animal.

For dog whistles, special attention should be paid to the “Environmentally friendly” sticker on the cardboard box of the product. Organic products, on the other hand, urgently need to be tested for harmful substances and plant compatibility. Otherwise the garden will not be protected, but destroyed. Barriers should be made of stable material and sharp corners should be avoided.


For which reason the acquisition should take place, is taken up here again. In addition, the question of whether it is a temporary solution or a permanent one also applies. The fact that you might be a dog owner yourself also comes into play.

Dog whistles are particularly suitable for use at certain times. Biological agents that you sow into the bed are not easily removed. So clearly pro long-term.

Did you know that in the north of Germany there is a much higher incidence of dogs?
The dog capital in Germany is Herne. 136 dogs of all kinds are counted per square kilometre. On rank 2 you will find Berlin. In the south, however, the situation is quite different. 25 quadrupeds per square kilometer are counted in Breisgau.


As could already be seen from the species, there are different areas to achieve the goal of dog control. A small pro and contra comparison for the direct area follows. Possibly, previous impressions will consolidate.

Biological products


Not visible
Selective application
Is not operated electronically


Danger of poison (increased caution required)
More difficult to remove
Possible negative effect on surrounding plants

Dog whistle


Protects large area/large surface
Very effective
Barely perceptible for humans


Requires active operation
Particularly unpleasant for some dog breeds, electronically operated

Animal Barrier


Easy to open and remove/adjust
Harmless to animals and humans
Also effective against other animals


Protects only specific, rather small area
Less deterrent
Not nice to look at

In any case, it should be noted that each product has its own advantages and disadvantages and that there is no such thing as the perfect model. Whether the moral aspects or rather the efficiency is of relevance to you must be decided individually. Also whether it is a permanent or temporary decision against dogs must certainly be considered.

We strongly recommend examining the object in particular to spare animals unnecessary pain.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about dog defence

Is there harmful dog defence for dogs?

Yes, these exist in any case. Some people use insect spray, poisonous or pointed objects to scare dogs away. Exactly to avoid such products unworthy of the dog, there are the mentioned options.

A dog whistle for example is much more pleasant and certainly effective in a similar way. Observing quality and quality seals is a first step.

Are there harmful dog defenses for humans?

If a product is harmful to dogs, humans probably do not like it too much either. So even in their own interest, questionable products are of secondary importance.

The dog whistle on the other hand shows how an extremely effective product for dogs can have little or no effect on humans. The sound produced by ultrasound is almost not perceptible to humans. Thus a very pleasant solution.

In what way do dog breeds play a role?

In the meantime, almost 400 dog breeds are recognized and perceived worldwide. The mentality of the dogs differs just as much as it does with different people. Some breeds show rather a stubborn characteristic, others however are very persistent.

With allergy all dogs are equally dangerous!

If the above mentioned articles are used, breeds react differently to the presence of the articles. While Retrievers and Shepards will probably avoid the area directly, Terriers and other dogs with hunting instincts might see certain barriers as a game and challenge, which they will then devote themselves to in detail.