Electronic Door Lock From Abus: Review & Recommendations

There’s an old saying: “Safety first!” You should also remember this sentence if you are thinking about equipping your home or workplace with new electronic door locks. An electronic door lock enables you to secure your door in a modern way and offers an alternative to conventional keys.

If you are tired of constantly looking for your key, then an electronic locking system from Abus might be of interest to you. With our electronic door lock test 2020 from Abus we want to introduce these devices to you. You will receive the most important information you should know before buying, as well as about the different types. With the help of this article we want to make the decision for your electronic Abus door lock easier.

The most important facts in brief

  • Electronic door locks from Abus allow you to open your house or company door without conventional locks.
  • Essentially, a distinction is made between HomeTec Pro and CodeLoxx. The HomeTec Pro is more suitable for domestic use, whereas the CodeLoxx is more suitable for companies and businesses with a large number of employees.
  • When buying, you should pay particular attention to the access mode of your model, how many users are possible and how the installation and assembly process works, so that you can find your right model.

Electronic door lock from Abus Test: Editors’ favourites

  • The best electronic door lock from Abus for your home
  • The best input accessory for an electronic door lock from Abus
  • The best contactless access control for your electronic door lock from Abus

The best electronic door lock from Abus for your home

Abus offers the best electronic door lock for the home with the HomeTec Pro model. This model is specially designed for domestic use and offers barrier-free entry to the home with its contactless opening and motorised cylinder. With the additional SmartHome function you can also integrate this door lock.

If you are looking for an electronic door lock for your home, we can warmly recommend this device.

The best input accessory for an electronic door lock from Abus

To be able to operate an electronic door lock, it is not enough to have only one motorized cylinder. It also includes an input medium with which you can gain access to your door. With the HomeTec Pro wireless keypad, you can easily lock and unlock your HomeTec Pro by entering a code. Installation is simple and wireless.

If you are looking for a modern and secure access control for your HomeTec Pro, we can recommend this keyboard.

The best contactless access control for your electronic door lock from Abus

The best accessory for people who want to open their door fully automatically. With the Abus wireless remote control, you can open your motorised HomeTec Pro cylinder from a distance of several metres at the touch of a button. You can take this comparatively cheap locking and unlocking device with you anywhere and it replaces your conventional key.

If you are looking for an alternative access control for your HomeTec Pro, we can recommend this device.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy an electronic T

What does an electronic door lock from Abus cost?

Locking systems from Abus are available in different product and price categories. An electronic locking system consists of different parts and can be diversified. One can gain access by means of a code, app or even a remote control.
You have to differentiate whether you want to have a lock that opens the door with the help of an electric motor, or whether you only need an electrical check of the access authorization with subsequent manual opening of the door.
The Home Tec Pro is a locking system that operates the electric door cylinder by entering a code or remote control. This package costs about 246 € and contains 3 products.
The Abus Seccor locking system regulates the access authorization with the help of a chip, a card and a code. The price is between 250 € and 550 €.

Where can I buy an Abus electronic door lock?

Abus electric door locks are available at your local hardware store or from your trusted locksmith. Locksmiths often have good contacts to manufacturers and experts in this field.
In addition to your local suppliers, you can also find many online shops if you are looking for a security system from Abus. We have studied this in detail and have found the following online shops for you:

digital cylinder shop.com

What distinguishes an electronic Abus door lock from other manufacturers?

Abus is one of the 3 most popular and successful security experts in the German-speaking, if not European area. The biggest competitors of Abus are the companies Burgwächter and Nuki.
The big difference between Abus and its competitors is that Abus offers a very large product range, with many sub-categories. As an example you can take the electronic door locks, because Burg Wächter also offers them, but does not have so much choice.
The supplier Nuki is an expert in the field of electrical door security, but has little experience with manually operated and other systems. This makes Abus the all-rounder in the field of security systems.

What alternatives are there to the electronic door lock from Abus?

As already mentioned in the upper section, there are 2 big competitors of Abus, which also offer electronic door locks. Besides Burg Wächter and Nuki, there are of course other providers, but these electronic door locks are most similar to those of Abus.
Besides electronic door locks there are also other locking systems that can control your access to your house/company and provide security:

Mechanical door locks. Besides the electric door lock there is of course also the usual mechanical cylinder lock, which can be opened with a key.
Bulletproof bolt. The armoured bolt is a solid bolt that is usually attached to the inside of the door and is operated mechanically.
Door chains and door closers. This system works in the same way as the armoured deadbolt, but is not as solid as the latter.
Electric door openers. A door is opened electrically by pressing a button and does not have to be opened manually by hand.

Decision: What types of Abus electronic door locks are available and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

If you want to buy an electronic door lock from Abus, there are two different options you can choose between.

  • HomeTec Pro (electric cylinder)
  • CodeLoxx (electrical access control, mechanical cylinder)
You can imagine these as in modern hotels and the room card.

The difference between these two devices is that the Home Tec Pro has an electric cylinder that opens the door automatically when authorized. Thus a contactless opening of the door can be enabled. The CodeLoxx variant, on the other hand, has “only” electrical access control and releases the mechanical opening of the lock if the access check is positive.

What distinguishes a HomeTec Pro door lock and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The electronic door lock Home Tec Pro by Abus is especially practical for all those people who want to leave the house more often during the day or who want to gain access without a key. This electrically operated cylinder can be operated either by code or by remote control and thus provides barrier-free access if you have, for example: full hands after Saturday shopping.

The door operator has been awarded the “PlusXAwards” certificate and was able to convince above all through design, innovation, operating conformity and functionality.

Abus also offers the option of attaching the HomeTec Pro system to windows or balcony doors to create a second entrance to the house. This means that windows can also be connected if you have already left the house.


Access without key
Second access at window/balcony


More expensive than mechanical locks
Installation cost-intensive

What distinguishes a CodeLoxx door lock and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

CodeLoxx is a locking system which is mainly used when several people have access and when access authorizations or access times change. The sensor detects if the chip, card or smartphone is authorized to access the object and asks for a code if necessary. If the check is positive you can open the lock mechanically.

This access system can also be networked into the entire electronics of the house in order to integrate it into smart home systems, for example.

Unlike the HomeTec Pro, however, this device has no electrically operated cylinder.


Access authorizations changeable
Chip, card, code or app for access
Smart Home can be integrated


No electrically operated cylinder

Purchase criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and rate your Abus electronic door lock

In the following we will show you which aspects will help you decide between the variety of electronic door locks from Abus.

The criteria you can use to compare the locking systems include

  • Access mode
  • Number of users
  • Networkability
  • Installation

In the following paragraphs we explain to you what is important.

Access mode

The times when you have to walk around like a janitor with what feels like 50 keys are fortunately history in this modern age. Today there are many different ways to gain access to certain doors.

Electronic locking systems have long since ceased to have only mechanical cylinders that can be opened by pure manual operation. The classic “key” is now replaced by storage media that have a code to unlock, such as cards, chips, apps or even remote controls. In addition, a further access check can be requested in the form of a code entry.

The properties of the individual access types can be found in the following table.

Number of users

Should you be looking for a door lock for your company or do you absolutely need flexible access authorizations? Then you should pay special attention to the number of possible users. Not every device has an unlimited number of users.

However, you should not worry about HomeTec Pro and CodeLoxx from Abus, because they have enough space with 500 to unlimited accesses.

You should also make sure that the accesses can be set at different times and from door to door. So that, for example: Person A can only enter the cafeteria door between 12:00 and 12:30.


SmartHome solutions are becoming more and more interesting, especially for house or apartment owners, as they simplify many processes in the household.

The HomeTec Pro from Abus can be installed in such a system and can also be adjusted and changed outside the living room. For example: the cleaning lady can be given access at 11:00 am while you are at work.

Forgot whether you locked your front door? No problem! With the SmartHome function of Abus you can lock your front door from work.


The installation of electronic door locks is a little more complicated than was previously the case with mechanical locks. The electronic locking systems are usually a little bigger and require a certain amount of know-how to understand and adjust the technology inside. Therefore, we recommend that when buying such a product, you consult an expert who is familiar with it.

Here is an interesting video on the installation and assembly of HomeTec Pro:

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the electronic door lock Abus

If you have already purchased an Abus electronic door lock, the following questions and answers may help you

Where are Abus electronic door locks manufactured?

Abus attaches great importance to regionality, which is why not only the company headquarters is in Germany, but also the production facility. The company ABUS August Bremicker Söhne KG has 5 locations, 21 in Europe and employs more than 3,500 people worldwide.

Since when does Abus produce electronic door locks?

The biggest competitor of Abus is Burg Wächter and this company is located in the same place in Germany.

The company was founded in Wetter an der Ruhr in 1924 and celebrates its 100th anniversary in 3 years. What started with padlocks at that time has developed into one of the largest security companies worldwide.

Since when the electronic door locks have been built is unfortunately not known. However, this trend has only become established in the last 15 years.

What other products does Abus offer?

In addition to electronic door locks, Abus offers a very wide range of security systems and is therefore a security expert. Abus is also represented in the following areas:

  • Smart-Home-Securiy
  • Alarm systems
  • Padlocks
  • Window safety
  • Fire protection
  • Video surveillance