Elro Smoke Detector: Review & Recommendations

Whether at home or at work, a fire can happen in any lifetime. It is important to recognize the incident early enough to take countermeasures or to flee. Since fire is always associated with smoke for physical reasons, smoke detectors can be life savers in emergency situations.

Such a smoke detector is usually mounted on the ceiling of the room to be protected in order to detect smoke activities in time with an optical sensor. If the detector detects smoke, it emits an acoustic signal in the form of a beep and warns potentially endangered people.

With our Elro smoke detector test (02/20), we want to introduce this device in more detail. You will receive from us the most important information you should know before buying, as well as about the different types. With the help of this article you should be able to find the right Elro smoke detector for you.

The most important facts in brief

  • Smoke detectors from Elro offer you protection with the help of an optical smoke detector, whether at your home or in your company.
  • Essentially, a distinction is made between the Standard models and the Compact models (Mini), with the Compact models being used more at home. Numerous additional functions improve fire protection and support the optical smoke detector.
  • When buying, you should pay attention to how long the battery lasts and how long the device can be used in order to avoid a failure of the device in case of fire.

Elro smoke detector test: Favourites of the editorial team

  • The best Elro smoke detector for the home
  • The best smoke detector for businesses
  • The best smoke detector for the children’s room

The best Elro smoke detector for the home

Elro offers the best smoke detector for the home with the model FS8010 Mini Smoke Detector Compact. This device is slightly smaller than other Elro models and has an attractive design. With 10 years battery life and warranty, this smoke detector offers long-term fire protection.

If you are looking for a smoke detector that should only cover small areas or a room, and also looks good, we can warmly recommend this product.

The best smoke detector for businesses

If you are looking for a smoke detector to protect several rooms or larger areas, this device could be the right one for you. The Elro FS1105P 230V Smoke Detector is a fully wired and networked smoke detector package that contains a total of 6 devices. This guarantees a reliable fire alarm in all 6 rooms. Should there be a power failure, a safety battery will step in and secure the power supply of the smoke detector.

We consider this product to be the best smoke detector for e.g.: trade or companies, because it offers the best protection over a wide area.

The best smoke detector for the children’s room

The best smoke detector for the children’s room is the Elro Smoke Detector FS8110 Firefighter/Elf Princess. This model is also slightly smaller than the standard smoke detectors on the market and also has a child-friendly design. You can choose between boy and girl design. This also has a battery and warranty period of 10 years.

If you are looking for a smoke detector that fits well in your children’s room and protects your smallest ones from smoke and fire, we can recommend this device.

Guide: Questions you should consider before buying an Elro smoke detector

What does an Elro smoke detector cost?

Smoke detectors from Elro are available in various price categories. It is important to note how long the warranty and battery life is for each model. Very inexpensive models are available from 4.29 €, which have a warranty and battery life of just 2 years. This means that after 2 years a new device must be purchased.
Somewhat more expensive models, which can be used for 10 years without problems, are available from 19.99 €.
Some dealers offer packages in which several devices are available. These are then extrapolated cheaper, if the number of pieces is considered. For example, you can find a package with 5 devices for only 51.60 €.
Here we have summarized the costs for your Elro smoke detector:

Where can I buy Elro smoke detectors?

You can find Elro smoke detectors at your local hardware store or from your trusted firefighter. In addition, there is a wide range of online shops that offer fire protection from Elro.
According to our research, Elro smoke detectors are sold in the following online shops:

smoke detector experts.com

All Elro smoke detectors suggested on our website can be found in one of these online shops. We have added a link especially for you so that you can find your smoke detector immediately.

What distinguishes Elro smoke detectors from other manufacturers?

The market for smoke detectors is very large and many manufacturers offer various forms of fire protection. However, the question arises here: What are the differences?

Elro is your safety specialist, besides smoke detectors this manufacturer also has products in almost all safety areas

We have dealt extensively with competing products and have summarized the most important points in which the smoke alarms differ.

Elro is comparatively a very cheap supplier of smoke detectors compared to other manufacturers. Also in the packages this smoke detector performs much better in terms of price. In the form there are not many differences to other manufacturers.

What alternatives are there to Elro smoke detectors?

As mentioned in an upper section, Elro smoke detectors tend to be in the cheaper price category when compared to other manufacturers. We have dealt with this topic in detail and have selected the most important alternatives to Elro smoke detectors for you.
If you are looking for premium products in the fire protection sector, manufacturers such as BOSCH der Siemens could be interesting for you. They have multifunctional models, which for example have a SmartHome function.
Other alternatives could be heat detectors or CO2 detectors, because these devices do not react to smoke formation as a smoke detector does. The heat detector detects changes in temperature and sounds the alarm if there is a fire hazard and the CO2 detector sounds the alarm if it detects a dangerous amount of CO2 in the room.

Decision: What types of Elro smoke detectors are available and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

If you want to buy an Elro smoke detector , then there are two different options you can choose between .

  • Standard Model
  • Kompaktes Modell (Mini)

The difference between these two types lies in the size of the device. The Compact models have a slightly smaller diameter. These smoke detectors are especially suitable for people who want to hide their smoke detector well or want to make it as little visible as possible. These devices are also popular in children’s rooms.

What distinguishes a Standard Elro smoke detector and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The Standard Elro Smoke Detector is the most common model and is the one that is purchased most often. The Standard models are particularly popular because of the numerous seals of approval and labels that this device has. With a VDS certification and the Q-label you have almost 100% safety.

This model also looks like a “normal” smoke detector. In most cases Elro has a neutral design in white. Compared to the more compact model, it is even cheaper than the Mini models.

However, the size could be a disadvantage, as compared to the Mini model, the average of the standard devices is significantly larger and is more noticeable in the space used.


Seal of quality &amp



What distinguishes a Compact Elro smoke detector and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The Compact models of the Elro smoke detector are, as the name suggests, the smaller models of the smoke detector. For this reason, this smoke detector is often used in rooms where it should not necessarily be visible. This product is particularly popular because of the very small shape and child-friendly design that some models have.

In contrast to the “normal” models, the minis unfortunately have no seal of approval & label and are 3€ more expensive.


Little one
Children- Design


More expensive
No seal of approval

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate Elro smoke detectors based on these factors

In the following we will show you on the basis of which aspects you can decide between the multitude of possible Elro smoke detectors.

The criteria that you can use to compare smoke alarms include

  • Operating length
  • Setzt
  • Additional functions
  • Switchability

In the following paragraphs we explain to you what is important.

Additionally we have found a product test of an Elro smoke detector for you here:

Operating length

How long you can use a smoke detector depends mainly on 2 factors.

  • Battery life
  • Warranty

All smoke detectors from Elro have a battery included, but this can have a different runtime. Common models have a battery life of 2, 5 or 10 years.

In most cases, the battery life is simultaneously associated with the length of the warranty. In other words, the warranty is always as long as the battery life.

At this point we strongly recommend that you change or replace the batteries in your smoke detector after they run out of juice. The main reason for this is that the device may no longer be fully functional and will not react properly in the event of a fire.


Since smoke detectors are generally required for several rooms or larger areas, Elro also offers smoke detector packages that include a different number of devices. The following packages are offered:

  • set of 1
  • set of 2
  • set of 6

Additional functions

To improve mounting, use and fire protection, Elro smoke alarms have numerous additional functions.

To facilitate the mounting, some packages contain a magnetic adhesive kit. Besides the optical smoke detector, there are models that have a carbon monoxide sensor built in. Additionally, almost all models have an alarm stop function.

A more detailed description of the additional functions can be found in the following table.


In the case of larger areas or special division of rooms, it may be necessary to network the smoke detectors. For this reason, Elro has numerous smoke detectors in its product range that can be linked to each other and thus offer even better fire protection.

However, it is interesting to note that they can be linked not only to smoke detectors, but also to other Elro products such as CO2 detectors or heat detectors.

You should pay attention to the additional function “Switchable” when purchasing your Elro device.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about Elro smoke detectors

If you have already purchased an Elro smoke detector, the following questions and answers may help you

Where are Elro smoke detectors manufactured?

Elro is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam. As the production and personnel costs in the EU are quite high, Elro produces in China. China is a very popular country for the production of electrical goods, as the personnel costs are comparatively low and this country has a lot of experience in this field.

What other products does Elro offer?

Elro is a specialist in the field of fire protection. This company has made it its goal to cover the broad spectrum in fire protection almost completely and to offer as many products as possible. In addition to the classic smoke detector, Elro has the following product categories, in the area of fire protection, in its range:

  • CO2 Detektoren
  • Gas detectors
  • Heat detector
  • Water detector

In addition, Elro also offers products for general safety, which covers almost all safety areas. This manufacturer also offers the following products:

  • Security cameras
  • Alarm systems
  • Access controls
  • Safety lighting
  • Smart Home

Is Elro an expert in fire protection?

Elro has the “trust ecommerce europe” certificate as an online shop and is therefore a trustworthy online trader

The Dutch company has been gaining experience in Germany for more than 30 years and has proven itself to be one of the most important manufacturers in fire protection to date.

The advantage of Elro is that they are not only experts in fire protection, but also have expertise in other security areas. Thanks to years of international experience, this provider offers you just about everything that is currently available in the security sector.