Window Alarm: Review & Recommendations

Welcome to our big window alarm test 2020, where we present you all the window alarms we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best window alarm for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, on this page you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a window alarm.

The most important facts in brief

  • A window alarm allows you to create a safe home and be better protected against burglary.
  • Basically, a distinction is made between a simple window alarm, a combi-window alarm and the app-based window alarm.
  • Especially windows and glass doors are weak points used by burglars to break into a building. Thanks to the window alarm, these are no longer weak points.

Window Alarm Test: The Ranking

Platz 1: easymaxx 02481 Sicherheits-Alarmanlage

The wireless window alarm for securing doors and windows is equipped with magnetic sensor technology and includes a remote control, which makes it easy to activate and deactivate the alarm. The product is also easy to install without drilling or screws.

According to the manufacturer, the window alarm can also be attached to sash windows. Customers particularly appreciate the easy installation of the product and the good price-performance ratio. The optimal function of the remote control and its long range is also highly praised by buyers. The fast delivery also scores points with consumers.

2nd place: Window alarm with vibration sensors

The window alarm with vibration sensors has an alarm tone with a volume of 130 dB and scores with its very flat design. It is also very easy to install and is available at an average price.

This model can be activated and deactivated simply by pressing a button. Furthermore, this window alarm protects in case of glass breakage and also in case of forced opening of windows and patio doors.

3rd place: Home Alarm System Starter Kit

The Home Alarm System Starter Kit alarm system includes two window alarms and a remote control and is available at an average price. The alarm system has both an alarm and notification mode.

This system is very easy to install and mount and can also be easily expanded with additional alarm units. In addition, the alarm sounds simultaneously with a red light, which also serves as a deterrent.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before buying a window alarm

How does a window alarm work?

A window alarm consists of a part of the system with its counterpart. One part of the system is attached to the door frame and its counterpart is mounted at the same height on the window frame.
When the alarm is activated with the window closed, a magnetic field develops between the two parts. The magnetic field is then interrupted when the window is opened, triggering a loud alarm.

It doesn’t matter whether the window is pry open or whether the pane was previously broken and then the door handle was used or the object is drilled open, the alarm is triggered in all these cases.

There are window alarms that stop as soon as the window is closed again, premium window alarms continue to sound for another minute, even if the window has been closed again in the meantime. Simple window alarms are simply deactivated or activated by a slider.
Higher quality alarms for windows, on the other hand, have a numerical code and can therefore be easily controlled with a remote control. This means that the siren sound cannot be switched off by a burglar after a few seconds.
To help you get a better idea, we have selected a suitable video about window alarms for you. Here you can see everything from the installation to the alarm signal.

A window alarm can also be easily mounted on a door. This can be a practical feature especially for shop owners with few customers.

In this case, window alarms can also be set to sound a short beep. As soon as a client enters the shop, a short signal tone sounds and this signals the salesperson that a customer has entered.

For whom is a window alarm suitable?

In principle, a window alarm is suitable for everyone. Its many advantages make the window alarm one of the most popular alarms currently available.
As the main motive for buying a window alarm is the increased protection against a possible burglary, window alarms are particularly suitable for commercial properties and households with a high proportion of valuables.

We also recommend a window alarm, for households, businesses and commercial properties in isolated locations and in places with an increased risk of burglary.

An alarm system is also recommended if you are afraid to be alone in the dark at home.

As already answered in the previous question, a window alarm also fulfils functions that are practical for small shop owners. Therefore an alarm for windows is also suitable for them.

Most of the models can also be used as child locks, for example for cleaning agent cabinets or the like.

What are the advantages of a window alarm?

A window alarm has many advantages that serve for your own safety. As soon as the potential burglar tries to lift the window silently, the alarm sounds and the intruder flees.

Especially windows and glass doors are weak points that are used by burglars to break into a building. Thanks to window alarms, however, these are no longer weak points.

In addition to their actual alarm function, window alarms also have an additional defensive function. For this, you simply have to attach your window alarm visibly with a flashing light.
A big advantage of the window alarm is that it is cheap to buy and therefore affordable for everyone.
Another advantage of a window alarm is that it reacts quickly to a possible burglary and thus countermeasures can be taken immediately. Most alarms are very loud and therefore frighten the intruder, who usually flees after the alarm tone to avoid being caught by the police.

Furthermore, window alarms are easy to install. It is also possible to install a window alarm without a drill. Thereby you can freely choose any input position.

Where can I buy a window alarm?

Window alarms can be bought both in specialist shops and in many online shops. There is also the possibility to buy window alarms second-hand.
According to our research, window alarms are most often bought through these online shops:

All window alarms that we present on our site have a link to at least one of these shops. If you have found a window alarm that you like, you can hit it right away.

How much does a window alarm cost?

There is an average price range between the different window alarms. Depending on the quality and model of the window alarms, the cost varies.
You can buy a simple window alarm for just a few euros, which makes them an inexpensive alternative to other alarm systems. The price range can be from about 9 to 350 Euros.

What are the alternatives to a window alarm?

Besides a window alarm, there are other devices that make your home safer. Each security variant has different advantages and disadvantages. In the following section we will give you a brief overview of the alternatives to a window alarm.
Possible alternatives are:

Glass breakage detector
Lockable window handle
Bar lock

Glass breakage detector

In addition to its actual alarm function, a glass breakage detector also has a defensive function. In addition, it reacts both to glass breakage and gas penetration.

Furthermore, a glass breakage detector reacts quickly. A big disadvantage of the glass breakage detector is that no alarm sounds when the window is lifted.

Lockable window handle

A lockable window handle serves for security from inside and outside and can be used universally. It is mainly recommended for child safety.

Although it provides lasting protection against burglary, you should also use extra protection for this.

Bar lock

A bar lock can be fitted to every door and window. You can also use it for furniture, bicycles, campers and more.

With its vertical bars, a bar lock prevents windows and doors from being easily pushed open from the outside. Furthermore, the bar lock also has a defensive function against possible burglars.

Decision: What types of window alarms are there and which one is right for you?

If you want to get a window alarm there are three alternatives you can choose between.

  • A simple window alarm
  • A combined window alarm
  • An app-based window alarm

The type of monitoring and alarm triggering of the three different models each have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you prefer and what you want to use the window alarm for, a different type is suitable for you. With the following section we would like to show you the

What distinguishes a simple window alarm and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A simple window alarm offers you many advantages, firstly it is inexpensive and secondly its installation is very easy.

It also has an acoustic alarm, which can have a volume of up to 130 dB depending on the model. Depending on the material, even a simple window alarm can have a very shatterproof housing.


Very easy installation
Audible alarm (up to 130 dB)
Partly very break-proof housing


No alarm for vibrations at the window

A disadvantage of simple material is that no alarm is triggered by vibrations at the window. This means that a glass breakage is not detected as long as the window is otherwise closed.

What distinguishes a combi-window alarm and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A combi window alarm is the perfect combination of a magnetic and a vibration sensor. The biggest advantage of it is that you do not have to choose between the two.

From this it can be concluded that a combi-window alarm has both an acoustic alarm and an alarm in case of vibrations at the window. This increases the security factor.


Alarm for vibrations at the window
Very easy installation
Audible alarm (up to 130 dB)
Partly very break-proof housing


False alarms may occur more frequently

In addition, a combination alarm is very easy to install and in some cases offers a very shatterproof housing.

A disadvantage of this combination is that false alarms can occur more often than with its two alternatives because of the alarm for vibrations at the window.

What characterizes an app-based window alarm and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The app-based window alarm is also very easy to install. Its great advantage is that the alarm can be viewed at any time on the move, completely independent of location.

Furthermore, depending on the model, there are also special settings that send a notification to the security center immediately after the alarm is triggered.


Very easy installation
Mobile alarm visible at any time
Special settings of the app immediately send a notification to the security center
Breakproof housing


No audible alarm signal
No alarm for vibrations at the window

The app also sends notifications of window status via push message to your mobile phone. In addition, this window alarm alternative has a shatterproof housing.

A disadvantage of this alarm is that it neither gives an acoustic alarm signal nor does it react to vibrations at the window.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and evaluate alarm systems for windows based on these factors

In the following we will show you on the basis of which aspects you can decide between the multitude of window alarms.

The criteria you can use to compare the window alarms include

  • Type of sensor
  • Attachment
  • Efficiency
  • activation and deactivation
  • Alarm
  • Material

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.

Type of sensor

The type of sensor plays an important role in finding a suitable window alarm. A distinction is made between a window alarm with a magnetic sensor and a window alarm with a vibration sensor.

There are also combi-window alarms that include both a magnetic sensor and a vibration sensor. Which of these sensors is the right one for you depends on the motive on which you choose a window alarm.

A window alarm with a vibration sensor gives an alarm signal in case of vibration on the window pane and window frame. This type of window alarm is especially useful in remote areas such as a cellar and shed.

In addition, window alarms with vibration sensor also draw attention to general damage to glass and windows. For example, in winter gardens or greenhouses, a broken glass that has been destroyed by a storm can damage a plant. A vibration sensor there also reacts immediately.

In contrast, a window alarm with a magnetic sensor gives an alarm signal when the window is opened.

It is usually less expensive and is also called a “normal” window alarm. Apart from securing windows and doors, it can also be used to secure cupboards containing medicines and other items.

Window alarms with magnetic sensors sometimes have adjustable alarm tones. A great advantage of magnetic sensors is that they trigger few false alarms due to vibrations.


In terms of installation, a distinction is made between window alarms, which must be attached directly to the window and its frame, and window alarms that have a motion detector and therefore do not need to be attached to the window itself.

The installation of window alarms is usually quite simple. In addition, if you read the instructions carefully, installation is usually possible without the help of professionals.

With almost all window alarms you can work either with screws or an adhesive strip.


Another important criterion when purchasing a window alarm is its efficiency. Almost all window alarms require batteries, so no additional wiring is necessary.

However, there are models that have particularly economical battery operation, thanks to a built-in mini solar cell.

It is important to note that most devices have an LED. If these LEDs are permanently lit, you will need to change the batteries, even though the normal battery life is about two years.

activation and deactivation

There are three different ways of disabling and activating a window alarm, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered when making your decision to find the perfect type for you. To make your choice easier, we have created a clear table with the most important information.


An important criterion that must be considered when purchasing a window alarm is its alarm tone. However, there are also models that do not have an alarm tone. These include, for example, an app-based window alarm.

Furthermore, the different alarm tones vary within a range of 90 dB up to 130 dB. Usually the volume also depends a little on the price of the window alarm.

In addition, there are also models of window alarms with a choice of alarm tone, door bell or deterrent dog barking when triggered.

In addition to the alarm tone, many window alarms also have an LED. This serves to deter a possible burglar.

The alarm tone is mainly about what you use the window alarm for. If it is mainly used as a deterrent, it is not necessary to buy an alarm with a volume of up to 130 dB.


As far as the material is concerned, you have to decide between a window alarm made of metal, plastic or robust plastic.

A metal device has a shatterproof housing and therefore cannot be destroyed by blows with a hammer or crowbar. In addition, the alarm cannot be switched off quickly after the break-in. Therefore a window alarm made of metal increases security.

A window alarm made of plastic has the advantage that it is cheaper. Moreover, such a model is usually plain and narrow.

An alarm made of robust plastic is a good average. It offers a robust housing for your window alarm and can also be kept very simple.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about window alarms

How do I install a window alarm?

The installation is very easy and can be done by yourself. However, if you don’t think you can do the installation yourself, you can get professional help.

Before mounting, place the batteries in the compartment located on the back and then close it again.

Mounting is very easy. One part of the system, the main part, is mounted on the door frame and the counterpart, the magnetic contact, is mounted on the window frame at the same level.

The counterpart, which is a small magnetic contact, should not be placed more than 1 cm away from the system.

You should make sure that both the magnetic contact and the main piece do not protrude, so that these two are not more than 1 cm apart even when the window is closed.

On some assembly units there is an adhesive strip on the back of the unit. The window alarms are simply pressed against the window and after a few seconds the job is done.

How do I know if the window alarm is on?

This depends on the model. A window alarm with LED is always lit when it is switched on. A window alarm with a switch, on the other hand, must be in the ON position.

This is different with a window alarm that works with a remote control. In this case you have to look at the remote control.

Where should I install my window alarm?

When installing your window alarm, please note that it is installed on the frame of a door or window. In addition, there must be contact with both the inside and outside frame of the window or door.

To make you feel even more secure in your own four walls, in addition to your window lock, we have selected a video with the best gadgets against burglars for you. This video shows you how to use and install various window locks.