Fingerprint Door Opener: Review & Recommendation

Welcome to our big Fingerprint Door Opener Test 2020, where we present all the Fingerprint door openers we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best fingerprint door opener for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. On this page you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to when buying a Fingerprint door opener

The most important facts in brief

  • Fingerprint door openers offer you the possibility to open your front door securely and quickly with just a fingerprint.
  • On the market there are fingerprint door locks with integrated controller, finger scanners with radio cylinder and also models with built-in motor. While scanners with a motor lock require the purchase of a new front door, the other two products can be easily upgraded to almost any conventional front door.
  • Fingerprint door openers with integrated controller are especially suitable for you if you are looking for the most cost-effective model. An electronic locking system with radio cylinder, on the other hand, is much easier to install.

Fingerprint door opener test: Favourites of the editorial team

  • The best fingerprint door opener with memory for 1000 fingerprints
  • The best fingerprint door opener with 5 ways to unlock
  • The best fingerprint door opener with video intercom
  • The best fingerprint door opener with extension to 2 zones

The best fingerprint door opener with memory for 1000 fingerprints

With the F007-EM fingerprint door opener with integrated controller, Sebury offers you a product that is absolutely reliable at a low price, easy to install and has all the features you need.

Also this model of Sebury is, as almost all finger scanners with integrated controller, powered by electricity. This has the advantage that the door can almost always be opened electronically.

Only in exceptional situations, such as a power failure, can the door only be opened manually using an emergency lock.

The best fingerprint door opener with 5 ways to unlock

The Smart WiFi Home door lock from PINEWORLD locks the door automatically after each use. To unlock the lock offers 5 different possibilities: with a fingerprint, via intelligent app, a user password, an RFID card or a mechanical key.

Up to 3 master codes, 100 fingerprints and 100 ID cards can be registered. For an easy and comfortable use a voice control is integrated and the app is available for iOS and Android devices

The best fingerprint door opener with video intercom

The SAC562C-CKZ(1) Fingerprint door opener with integrated controller from Anthell Electronics offers you a reliable, visually appealing device.

Unlike battery-powered models, this type of finger reader has the advantage of always working. In addition, this model does not allow you to mount the device yourself. This is mainly due to the complicated wiring of finger scanner with controller. We therefore recommend that you hire a specialist to install this product.

The best fingerprint door opener with extension to 2 zones

The AE-601Z2 fingerprint door opener with integrated controller from Anthell Electronics offers you a very well made, reliable device for relatively little money.

If you are looking for an inexpensive device that can be upgraded to almost any conventional front door, then this type of fingerprint door opener is for you.

Despite its compact design, this fingerprint door opener is one of the heavier models at 798 grams. You should therefore make sure to install it on a solid surface.

Guide: Questions to consider before buying a Fingerprint door opener

For whom is a fingerprint door opener suitable?

On the one hand, fingerprint door locks are suitable for people who want to make their home even more secure. Burglaries can of course be committed with stolen keys. In such a case no alarm system will help, because it will only be activated if someone tries to enter the house by force.

Intrusion protection
Alarm system

However, a fingerprint scanner can tell exactly whether the fingerprint is that of a registered person or not. The fingerprint scanner therefore makes life much more difficult for potential burglars.

On the other hand, fingerprint door openers are also suitable for people for whom it is simply too complicated to always carry a key in their pocket. You always have your own fingerprint with you, no matter where you are.

How secure are fingerprint door openers?

In contrast to conventional locks, fingerprint systems are considered to be very secure because they cannot be “cracked” so easily. The fact that a key is not available also contributes to this. Among the three types of fingerprint door locks, however, the model with built-in motor is considered the most secure, as it locks itself with several bolts after the locking process.
Meanwhile, the software programs are even so far that a scanner can distinguish between a real and a silicon finger. For this purpose, the lowest skin layer of the finger is scanned by high-frequency technology. For this reason, even small wounds or dirty fingers are no longer a reason for the scanner to refuse access.

Norbert ReichertHow secure are fingerprint door openers?
The Fingerprint door opener can distinguish between a real and an artificial finger. Even in the event of injuries to the finger, a person stored in the memory can still be recognised.
(Source: schlü

Can I retrofit my front door with a fingerprint door lock?

Especially the fingerprint door openers with built-in controller or radio cylinder can be easily mounted on almost all doors.
Retrofitting is somewhat more difficult with the model with integrated controller, however, because the door also has to be wired so that the scanner and controller actually communicate with each other properly. This problem does not arise with the model with radio cylinder, as the scanner is controlled by radio.

Due to the robust construction of the housing, it can be easily mounted outside, especially in flush-mounted or surface-mounted applications. However, if you decide on the version with built-in motor, it is advisable to have a new front door installed immediately, as the conversion is complex and expensive.

What does a fingerprint door lock cost?

The cheapest Fingerprint door openers are already available for around 100 euros. However, these offer relatively little comfort and are usually poorly manufactured. Such quality flaws are often already noticeable on the case.
However, if you place value on higher quality, you have to calculate with 200 to 300 Euros for a mid-range scanner. These are often much better processed, offer additional functions and are partly even equipped with a radio cylinder.
However, if you want to buy an absolute premium product, you should be aware that these models can cost up to 700 Euros. However, this leaves nothing to be desired, as these scanners have an integrated motor and also have a camera or door intercom installed.

Door opener
Video door intercom system

Where can I buy a Fingerprint door lock?

There are basically two ways to acquire a fingerprint door opener: in a DIY store or specialist shop or via the Internet.
On the one hand, many different models are available, for example, in DIY stores or electrical stores. These have the great advantage of having trained personnel who can help you choose an electronic locking system on site and give you the best advice.
Online shops, however, often have the advantage of offering a larger selection at a lower price. However, you may have to rely on reviews from other users when choosing your product and you may not be able to take a closer look at or test the system.
Fingerprint door locks are sold primarily through the following online retailers:

Furthermore, Fingerprint door locks can be purchased in the following hardware stores, among others:

  • Hornbach
  • Obi

Decision: What types of Fingerprint door openers are there and which one is right for you?

In general, three different types of fingerprint door openers can be distinguished:

  • With integrated controller
  • With radio cylinder
  • With motor lock

Each version has different functions, which in turn have individual advantages and disadvantages. In the following sections, we will help you choose the version of a fingerprint door opener that best suits your needs.

How does a fingerprint door lock with integrated controller work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Compared to the other two models, the fingerprint door opener with integrated controller is very inexpensive to purchase. Furthermore, this locking system is suitable for any conventional front door due to its easy conversion.

However, the fingerprint door lock with integrated controller is a very uncomfortable keyless locking system. This is because the front door does not lock automatically, so you cannot completely do without a key.


Cheap to buy
Conversion possible without problems


Inconvenient solution
No automatic locking
Wiring necessary

It is also necessary to connect the controller to the scanner with several cables. This procedure requires some technical understanding and should ideally be done by a locksmith to save time and especially nerves.

Furthermore, it is very important that the scanner as also the pertinent controller is not mounted in one piece outdoors. If this should be the case, it is relatively easy to manipulate the lock by a targeted short circuit. Therefore it is advisable to install the controller inside the front door.

How does a fingerprint door opener with radio cylinder work and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

The radio cylinder is, so to speak, an extension of the conventional cylinder and is comparatively inexpensive. Since the control element of this model communicates with the fingerprint scanner via radio, no wiring is necessary.

This model is also available for any type of door. So you do not need to buy a new front door if you want to use this type of door opener. However, it is important to make sure that a spring is installed in your front door. If this is not the case, we recommend that you install a spring afterwards, otherwise the front door will not close automatically.


Cheap to buy
Applicable at every door


Opening procedure cumbersome

The biggest disadvantage of this system is the opening process. Because the lock is only activated by radio. To open it, you have to manually operate a knob. In addition, the front door does not lock automatically, so you have to lock it yourself after opening.

How does a fingerprint door lock with built-in motor work and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

The fingerprint door opener with built-in motor is the only model among the fingerprint scanners that locks itself automatically after closing the front door. A key is therefore really superfluous with this model, except in emergency situations.


Automatic interlock
Extremely safe
Motor is supplied with power


New front door required

Before you get to grips with the fingerprint door opener with motor lock, it is important to know that with this model the conversion is relatively complicated and expensive. Therefore it is best to invest directly in a new front door with a built-in motor to save money.

The door is automatically locked with several safety bolts and is therefore considered particularly secure. The system is powered by electricity from the socket, so there is no need to change batteries.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate Fingerprint door openers based on these factors

In the following section, we will introduce you to criteria that you can use to better evaluate and evaluate fingerprint door locks. […]

In summary, these criteria are as follows:

  • Optics / Dimensions of the control element
  • Power supply
  • Possibility of self-assembly
  • Material
  • Weather resistance
  • Authentication options
  • Storable fingerprints
  • Emergency opening

In the following paragraphs we explain these criteria again in detail and explain how you should take them into account in your decision making.

Optics / Dimensions of the control element

The appearance of the product or its dimensions should play a not insignificant role in the decision-making process. If you attach importance to a visually appealing entrance area, the appearance of the control element is of particular interest to you.

This is because it is often installed as close as possible to the front door in the outside area and includes the fingerprint scanner, among other things.

To be able to operate it optimally, it is important to ensure that it is easily accessible and is not hidden behind several covers. In addition, the dimensions of the control element should also be included in your decision.

Make yourself familiar with the dimensions of your front door or entrance area before you buy in order to find a model that is “suitable” in terms of size.

Power supply

There are two different ways in which a fingerprint door lock can be supplied with power:

  • Network operation
  • Batterien

Batteries are mainly used for fingerprint door openers with radio cylinder, as they communicate wirelessly with each other. An advantage here is that the fingerprint door lock can continue to be used without problems even in the event of a power failure. However, it is necessary to replace batteries regularly.

If you choose a battery powered model, be sure to include an emergency lock. Otherwise, nobody will be able to enter the house if the batteries run out.

Fingerprint door openers with integrated controller and motor lock are the most common types of door openers that use mains power. Compared to the battery-powered model, this type of power supply has the advantage that no batteries need to be changed.

To save power it is advisable to select a fingerprint door lock that has a built-in power saving mode.

Possibility of self-assembly

If the product is suitable for self-assembly, the work steps to be carried out are described and explained in detail in the operating instructions supplied. Some manufacturers even support the installation with short instruction videos that you can find on the Internet.

With a little craftsmanship and technical understanding, the assembly is successful without any major problems. Fingerprint door openers with radio cylinder cannot be installed quite so easily, however. With these models, the old cylinder must first be removed from the front door.

Only then is the new radio cylinder inserted. Since the installation of this cylinder involves some difficulties, it should ideally be carried out by a locksmith. You should therefore also make sure that you take into account any possible costs for craftsmen and/or necessary accessories.


Also note the material used for the housing of the Fingerprint door opener. Its robustness plays a central role. A housing made of stainless steel protects the fingerprint reader much better against external influences, such as the effects of violence, than a housing made of plastic.

In addition, you should make sure that the material can also be connected well with that of your house wall to ensure a stable installation.

In most cases, we recommend that fingerprint door locks are made of metal or stainless steel. Due to their robustness, these appear to be of a much higher quality than their plastic counterparts.

Weather resistance

One of the most important criteria for selecting the optimal Fingerprint door opener is weather resistance. This is especially true for models with a metal housing. Since your control is normally installed outdoors, it is exposed to rain or snow, for example. However, these should never endanger the usability of the system.

With many Fingerprint door openers you will also come across the term “IP”. This indicates the weather resistance and the different values mean the following:

In this case, weatherproof fingerprint door locks are a remedy. However, these are somewhat more expensive to purchase than normal keyless locking systems.

In our opinion it is nevertheless more sensible to invest in a weatherproof product. Especially if you place your control element unprotected on the wall of your house and do not have a large canopy for protection.

If you do not choose a weatherproof fingerprint door opener, there are still other ways to protect the finger scanner from the weather.

For example, some manufacturers offer suitable accessories in addition to the actual Fingerprint door locks. For some models, for example, there are small fenders that can be attached directly to the device.

Authentication options

The various options for authentication should also play a central role in the decision-making process. In addition to the fingerprint scanner, some devices offer additional functions to open the front door.

Did you know that each person’s fingerprint is individual?
Even in the case of identical twins, so far only similarities but no matches could be found.

In addition to the classic opening by fingerprint, you can unlock your door with a numerical code or with an RFID transponder. A few manufacturers have even combined all three possibilities in their models.

Such a model with a numerical code is particularly suitable for you if your fingerprint is not sufficient for burglary protection and you want to protect yourself additionally with a self-selected combination of numbers.

For example, models with a built-in RFID reader are suitable for people who hold events in their home. To avoid having to store every guest in the access system, the RFID transponders supplied can be easily distributed among the guests. As a result, they have no restrictions and can enter undisturbed.

At the end of the event, the transponders are collected and you save yourself the time-consuming deletion of fingerprints that are no longer needed.

Storable fingerprints

The number of storable fingerprints varies from model to model. Some devices offer around 24 memory locations. These seem to be sufficient at first glance. However, if you plan to store more than one fingerprint per person, you may find that you are running out of space.

Other devices already offer considerably more capacity with up to 900 storage spaces and are therefore particularly suitable for front doors of family homes

A storage capacity of 80 to 120 fingerprints is sufficient to store a complete family.

Please note, however, that a higher number of stored fingerprints can delay the opening process by several seconds. This is because the scanned fingerprint must be compared with a larger number of fingerprints stored in a database. Only then is the door released.

Did you know that modern fingerprint systems can recognize and store fingerprints from the age of 6 years?
For children under 6 years of age, fingerprints are not yet sufficiently developed to be scanned.

Emergency opening

Fingerprint door locks that are connected to the power supply of the house will no longer function in the event of a power failure. Especially such models should therefore

But even battery operated fingerprint door openers should have such a lock. Because if the batteries are empty, it is also impossible to enter without an emergency lock. The matching keys are supplied directly by the manufacturer and should be stored in a safe place outside.

In our opinion you should definitely use a model with an emergency lock. Because then it is not necessary to order a locksmith to open the front door if the locking system is no longer functioning properly.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about fingerprint door openers

Can I install a fingerprint door lock myself?

The installation of a Fingerprint door opener requires a lot of tact and technical understanding. If you do not have this, we advise you to hire a locksmith to install it. This saves time and above all nerves.

If you still want to do the installation on your own, the product comes with a detailed instruction manual. As a tip, we recommend that you search the Internet for installation videos from the manufacturer. These will show you exactly the individual work steps and eliminate misunderstandings.

How does a fingerprint door lock behave in case of a power failure?

If there is a power failure in your house or the surrounding area, you will no longer be able to operate the finger scanner. However, the front door can then be easily opened with a normal key via an emergency lock.

You should therefore deposit such a key somewhere in a safe place outside. If the power fails during the night, this is not a major problem as the door remains locked as before.

Can I take out insurance for a Fingerprint door opener?

If you want to install a fingerprint door lock and thus replace the existing locking system, you should definitely report this to your insurance company. They will then discuss further details with you and decide whether they recognise your electronic access system as a locking system and will actually pay in the event of a break-in.

It is particularly important that the door is always locked. Should your house be broken into and the front door was not locked, the insurance company will not pay. This is especially important for fingerprint door openers with integrated controller or radio cylinder, as these must be locked subsequently.

In this case, you can play it safe if you use a finger scanner with a built-in motor, as the front door of this model locks automatically with several bolts.

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