Fire Protection Mat: Review & Recommendations

Unfortunately, we are often a little lazy when it comes to spending money on additional security. But especially when it comes to fire protection, buying a fire protection mat can already work wonders. Most house fires are caused by defective and very old household appliances. A fire protection mat can offer a lot of protection for little money, as it can prevent a fire from breaking out. In addition, these heat protection mats are very flexible, so you will always find a use for them.

In our fire protection mats test 2020 we want to inform you in detail about fire protection mats and help you to find the best option for you. We have listed some advantages and disadvantages of the different types and give you general tips for fire protection in your own house.

The most important facts in brief

  • Fire protection mats are a sensible investment for private use. Be it to have additional fire protection for small craftsmen or to have a fireproof base in the kitchen.
  • There are different types of fire protection mats depending on the area of application. Once the area is clear, the right variant is quickly found.
  • Additional fire protection is extremely useful, as a fire once it has broken out can cause considerable damage to your home.

Fire protection mat test: editorial favourites

  • The best all-rounder fire protection mat
  • The best fire protection mat for the kitchen
  • The best fire protection mat on a roll

The best all-rounder fire protection mat

This fire protection mat from The Felt Store comes in three different sizes. It consists of tear-resistant carbon fibres and is supplied in black. The mat is heat resistant up to approx. 980°C. The price varies from the smallest version (30x30cm) from 15€ to the larger version (1.81×0.91cm) for just under 80€. The fire protection mat is described as surface-friendly.

With this product there is the right fire protection mat for everyone. Due to its properties it is very flexible and can be used for all possible shapes. Whether you want to use it as a coaster for the kitchen or candles, or as extra protection when working, is entirely up to you. This fire protection mat is therefore a very good all-rounder.

The best fire protection mat for the kitchen

This heat-resistant fire protection mat from BasicForm is supplied in various shapes and sets. Depending on the set, the number and shape of the coasters varies. With a price of just under 6€, you are definitely not doing anything wrong here. The coasters are made of heat-resistant silicone, so they are also non-slip. Furthermore, these coasters are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning much easier.

With this set of fire protection mats for the kitchen you get good protection for very little money. You can put all sorts of things on them in the kitchen and you don’t have to worry about them anymore. Be it a hot pan, a pot or anything else. If you are not yet in possession of such fire protection mats, you should definitely consider to strike here.

The best fire protection mat on a roll

The fire protection mat from precauti consists of ceramic fibres and is in roll form. It measures 1000×610 mm and comes in either 10 mm or 20 mm thickness, depending on your choice. The price for the thinner version is about 13€, for the thicker one about 19€. Due to the material the fire protection mat is heat resistant up to a temperature of approx. 1400°C. The mat weighs relatively little, has a high temperature resistance and is not toxic. In your own house this fire protection mat can also be used to block doors, should a fire break out.

This heat protection mat on a roll is the right choice for everyone who wants to have protection on a larger surface. It can also be used to provide additional protection for critical areas in the attic or basement. In return, the fire protection mat does not even cost much, so it is good value for money.

Advisor: You should deal with these questions before you buy a fire protection mat

What is a fire protection mat?

Dealing with high heat has become more and more commonplace for us, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom or in our own garden at the barbecue. Most people probably assume that nothing happens. But if an incident does occur, the damage can be considerable.

A fire protection mat helps to effectively protect against various forms of fire damage. As the name suggests, this is a mat made of fireproof material that can be used in various forms. Fire protection mats are used, for example, to protect sensitive pipes from fire.

Electronic wires can also be fireproof insulated by means of fire protection mats.

They are also partly built into walls to make them more resistant to fire attacks. For everyday use, fire protection mats can also be found in the kitchen. Here they can be found e.g. under:

  • coffee makers
  • Kettle
  • Microwaves
  • usw.

to protect the kitchen table and avoid possible fires caused by equipment failure. In the garden under the grill a fire protection mat is definitely also a sensible purchase. Fire protection mats are available in different sizes and shapes for flexible use with all kinds of appliances.

For whom is a fire protection mat suitable?

A fire protection mat is basically suitable for anyone who has to deal with high heat in any way. This does not mean that such a mat is only suitable for people who occasionally weld something together in the garage. It makes sense to get several smaller fire protection mats for the kitchen.

Many house or kitchen fires are caused by a fault in the appliance, e.g. coffee machine or kettle. If these appliances become too hot, the high temperature can ignite the kitchen table below. A fire protection mat under the appliance can prevent this, as the heat cannot pass through the mat. A fire protection mat is also extremely practical as a candle base.

Fire protection mats are also practical for additional fire protection throughout the house. It can be useful to install several such heat protection mats in the attic, even if an attic is already protected against fire during construction.

Fire protection mats are therefore a useful purchase for professional and amateur craftsmen as well as for the average consumer.

What does a fire protection mat cost?

The price of a fire protection mat depends entirely on its size and the corresponding area of application:

So as you can see, it is definitely smart to know exactly where to use such a mat before buying it.

Where can I buy a fire protection mat?

You can buy a fire protection mat online or on site. Online you have the advantage that the mat is delivered to your door. If you buy it in a local shop, you have the advantage that an employee can advise you on what can be useful when it comes to fire protection.
Online retailers where you can buy a fire protection mat include
Website of a fire protection provider such as Würth or Hilti

If you would rather shop locally and would like to be advised again, the large hardware stores are recommended here:

  • Obi
  • Hornbach
  • etc.

Whatever you decide, in the end you should use both options to find the right fire protection mat for your purposes.

What are the alternatives to a fire protection mat?

In terms of fire protection, there are several alternatives to a fire protection mat. Note, however, that there is no real alternative to using a fireproof mat as a base, for example.
Here you can find some fire protection alternatives:

As you can see, if you simply want to have a fireproof base for your electrical appliances or similar, there is no useful alternative to a fire protection mat. The other types are more for craftsmen.

Likewise, the fire protection types mentioned are usually more expensive than a simple fire protection mat. So if you have not planned any constructional undertaking, you are in good hands with a heat protection mat.

Decision: Which type of fire protection mat is the right one for you?

In the following we want to show the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of fire protection mats. Basically, of course, they all fulfil the same function, only the individual properties differ partially, which has an influence on the quality of the user.

After you have looked through the various pros and cons, it should be no problem for you to find the right fire protection mat.

Advantages and disadvantages of a fire protection mat on a roll

As the title suggests, the fire protection mat is supplied in the form of a roll. So you can individually determine how much fire protection mat you want to use at the moment.


Can be cut to size, therefore perfectly dimensionable
Usually you get more mat for your money
Flexibly applicable


Not so practical for kitchen appliances
Partly a lot of unused material can be left over

Fire protection mats on a roll are frequently used, especially in industry, because they are so flexible in use and are very large for their price. They are also very light under normal conditions. Some of these mats are up to 2 metres long, but cost only a few euros. For industrial use they can also be considerably longer.

Advantages and disadvantages of a self-adhesive fire protection mat

Self-adhesive fire protection mats are more suitable for the trade or construction. They are most often used to insulate fire-sensitive raw materials. Electrical cables or similar can also be protected from high heat with these fire protection mats.


Adapts perfectly to the pipe
No waste produced
easy to process


Use rather only for the trade
Consultation may be necessary before use

Self-adhesive fire protection mats now exist in various materials.

If such mats have not yet been installed in your house, especially on the pipes, a subsequent purchase is definitely advisable. It is best to consult an expert for more information.

Advantages and disadvantages of a fire protection mat for electrical and kitchen appliances and others

The fire protection mat here is in the form of a conventional blanket or cloth as we know it. Depending on the size, the mat can fulfil a different function, as already described above.


Flexibly applicable
no installation
Available in many sizes


Fire resistance varies according to product
can be easily laid

This heat-resistant mat can also be used as a fire blanket depending on the size. So having at least one at hand does not hurt.

Purchase criteria: With these points you can compare and evaluate fire protection mats

In the following we would like to show you some points that should make it easier for you to find the correct fire protection mat for your purposes. In general you should clarify the points for yourself:

  • Application area of the fire protection mat
  • Size
  • Material
  • Fire resistance

These points will be dealt with in more detail below.

Application area of the fire protection mat

Basically it is very easy to find the right mat for the individual purposes:

  • Would you like to have a fireproof base to put them on, for example, in the kitchen, in front of the fireplace or under the grill? Then a fire protection mat in conventional cloth form would be the right option for you. Such a mat can also be used for smaller manual work.
  • Do you want to protect certain parts of your house from fire, e.g. walls, pipes, cables or even furniture? Then a fire protection mat on a roll or a self-adhesive mat might be the right thing for you.

The choice will be easier if you know where to use the fire protection mat. For handicraft or generally large-scale fire protection precautions the mats on the roll are more suitable, sometimes also those with self-adhesive function.


As already described above, this purchase criterion depends strongly on the area of application. It makes little sense to place a small 30x30cm fire protection mat under a large grill. It also makes little sense to place a 1 metre long fire protection mat under the toaster, of course it protects anyway, but simply looks unnecessarily complicated.

The correct size for the fire protection mat is important.

Here again: If you know where the fire protection mat is to be used, you will find the right size. If in doubt, you can also simply measure the area to be protected before buying and then compare it with the offer.


Fire protection mats can consist of many different materials. Of course, all materials are resistant to very high heat and thus prevent fires from breaking out. So you don’t really have to worry about choosing the right material, because you won’t be wrong.

Generally speaking, one speaks of a refractory material if it can withstand temperatures above 600°C.

But here is a small overview of the main non-metallic, inorganic materials from which fire protection mats are also made

In addition to the materials listed above, there are many other chemical compositions of which fire protection mats can consist. However, the three types of fibres always serve as a basis. For domestic use a heat resistance of up to 600°C should normally be sufficient.

Ceramics or ceramic fibres are used, for example, mainly in industry, where very high temperatures are used. Ceramics are also used as heat protection in space travel.

Often things in everyday life are also called “fireproof”, although they are not fireproof in the scientific sense (can withstand temperatures above 600°C). Most of the time the things are only heat-resistant or heat-resistant and not so heat conductive.

Fire resistance

Almost all commercially available fire mats are fire resistant, but may differ in the time they can withstand the fire or high heat.

In order to distinguish this, we generally speak of fire resistance classes. These are regulated according to the DIN-4102-2 standard and are therefore officially tested. It should be noted here that this standard applies to all fire-resistant building components, not only to fire protection mats.

In this table you will find the different fire resistance classes:

If you want to be on the safe side, simply check whether your fire protection mat has one of these classifications.

This video shows you once again how fireproof such a fire protection mat can really be:

Here you will find some more points about fire protection in general.

The beginnings of fire protection

In Germany, official fire protection was first mentioned in 1772. This concerned the prevention of a fire in the house in connection with domestic fireplaces such as stoves or fireplaces.

Thus, wooden chimneys could no longer be built and wooden hoses could no longer be installed. Also no more stovepipes were allowed to be directed out of the window.

Tips for fire protection at home

Finally, we would like to give you some small tips on general fire safety. For a more comprehensive explanation, please consult a fire brigade and/or the Internet.

Not only do people die in house fires, they also cause great damage, sometimes in the millions. Much of this can be avoided by following a few simple instructions.

  • Tips for cellar rooms: Cellar doors should be fire-retardant and should always be locked. Connection rooms for gas, electricity and water should be marked. Cellar corridors should be kept clear, there should be no mess in the cellar and flammable materials should be stored safely. Cellar corridors should also be illuminated electrically and not by open light.
  • Tips for living rooms: The main causes of fires in living rooms are usually the use of outdated or defective electronic household appliances. These appliances should always be repaired by a specialist. Flammable objects should be kept away from heat sources and burning objects (e.g. candles) should never be left unattended. Flames should always be extinguished using a pot lid, and burning oil should never be extinguished with water (otherwise a grease explosion will occur).
  • Tips for attics: The most common reasons for fires here are negligent or intentional arson. For example, children go to the attic to “burn”. The doors to the attic should therefore always remain closed. Never smoke or generally start a fire in the attic. Never block or obstruct stairs to the attic.

In general, there should always be a fire extinguisher in the house and all heat sources should be regularly maintained.

Smoke detectors can provide additional safety, especially in multi-storey family homes.