Door Chain: Review & Recommendations

Welcome to our big door chain test 2020, where we present you all the door chains we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information and also a summary of the customer reviews on the net

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best door chain for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page, which you should pay attention to if you want to buy a door chain.

The most important facts in brief

  • Door chains offer you optimum protection against burglary and robbery, whether you are present or absent.
  • Most door chains have a child lock so that the chain cannot be opened by small children.
  • Door chains are a safe Schutzmaβnahme, but can be increased by installing additional safety elements.

Door chain test: Favourites of the editorial team

  • The door chain with the best price-performance ratio
  • The best door chain with cap ring
  • The best door chain with child lock
  • The best door chain with lock

The door chain with the best price-performance ratio

The security chain from top manufacturer TRIXES is particularly popular among buyers.  This classic door chain is made of a high quality and stable metal, which prevents it from being damaged by an electric shock.

In addition, this model is easy to install and does not require professional craftsmanship. Since the Trixes security chain is made of a durable metal, it is suitable for both metal and wooden doors.

The best door chain with cap ring

The ABUS SK89 door chain is ideal for rented apartments, as neither the door leaf nor the door frame need to be drilled. To ensure that you still have optimum protection, the model consists of a hardened steel chain with a cap ring at the end, which is simply hung over the door handle.

Since the door handle chain can be removed at any time without leaving any damage to the front door, it is particularly popular with its buyers.

The best door chain with child lock

A door chain that simultaneously protects you from unauthorized entry and from small children leaving your home. TK75 SB is equipped with a child lock that can only be opened by unthreading the chain with both hands.

Although the model castle guard is difficult to open by small children, it is easy to operate for gröβere siblings. The TK75 SB door chain can also be installed in just a few minutes and requires little manual skill.

The best door chain with lock

In addition to its hardened special chain, ABUS SK78 offers you double security with its additional lock. This model is particularly suitable if you travel a lot and are rarely at home.

The advantage here is that the chain can only be unlocked with the matching key from auβen, while it is operated from inside via an additional rail.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before buying a door chain

Why should a door chain be attached?

If you want to protect yourself from uninvited “guests” in your apartment, the installation of a door chain is exactly what you need.

A door chain is used for three reasons:

It is used for safety in presence and has the advantage of preventing or delaying the opening of a door.

It serves as protection against burglary and robbery. Door chains have the advantage that breaking open the apartment door is more difficult and involves a lot of noise, thus making the burglar flee.

As a third point, it serves as child protection. Children become a high risk, especially when they start walking and curiously explore all the doors. That is why it is especially recommended to use a door chain at the entrance door

May a door chain be installed in rented apartments?

Before attaching a security chain to your door, you should read your rental agreement carefully or even contact your landlord.
Basically YES, unless your rental contract explicitly states a clause regarding the installation of a door chain. Nevertheless, you should get the permission of your landlord, because in rented flats, great importance is attached to a consistent appearance.
Should you, for whatever reason, terminate your tenancy, it is your responsibility to restore the apartment to its original condition.

How much is a door chain?

The exact cost of a door chain cannot be given, as the price depends on various factors. These factors are as follows:

point of purchase
With or without addition
Type of the Schlieβsystems

With a simple door chain without any additional components, you are in the low to medium price range. Which means that both quality and safety suffer.

If you decide on a door handle chain, you should expect a higher price. This type of product is not only safer, but also easier to install without drilling.

If you still feel unsafe despite chain protection, you can additionally equip your apartment with an alarm system.

Which brand manufacturers are there for a door chain?

As with the product color or material, you should also think about the manufacturer. You should first compare products from brand manufacturers, as their quality and safety also make them very good test winners.
To make your decision easier, we have put together a table with the most well-known manufacturers:

Where can I buy a door chain?

Door chains can be purchased in DIY stores, specialist shops or even in online shops. As a buyer you should note that you will only receive a detailed door chain comparison on site. Of course you can inform yourself about the product online in advance. A door chain test by Stiftung Warentest can often help you make the right decision.
If you do decide to buy online, it is important that you choose a familiar online shop.
Here is an overview of your purchasing options:

Specialist dealers like Abus, Burg Wächter and Kreiller
Building and hobby
Online shop like Amazon and Ebay

What alternatives are there to a door chain?

A particularly stable alternative to a door chain is an armoured bolt. Also called a cross bolt or cross bolt lock.
Armoured deadbolts are mounted horizontally on the front door and are connected to the wall next to the door via a fixed lock. Thus the door has a second lock. This type of door protection is particularly stable and therefore requires a lot of

Another alternative are box locks. This locking method is screwed onto the door from the inside. There is a rotary knob on the inside and a Auβenzylinder on the Auβenseite. Rim locks are therefore particularly effective and offer more security within your own four walls.

How can a door chain be used elsewhere?

In addition to its main function as burglary protection, a door chain also has the ability to serve as child protection.
Since small children are particularly curious, there is a risk that they will be alone on their way to drauβen. To prevent this from happening, the installation of a door chain is an effective and inexpensive security protection.

Please make sure that the door chain is mounted high enough so that small children cannot get up but gröβere siblings can still open the door.

Door chains fulfil their purpose as burglary protection and at the same time as effective protection against children running away.

How is a door chain attached?

You don’t have to be a professional to install a door chain, but you should have some craftsmanship and knowledge.
Here we distinguish between a door chain with and without drilling. If you own a rented flat, you are advised to install a door chain without drilling.
A good alternative is the door handle chain – where the chain is attached to the wall next to the door. It is not necessary to drill holes, because the chain has a loop that you simply put around the door handle.
In this video you get the opportunity to see for yourself how easy and fast a security chain can be attached.

Decision: What types of door chains are there and which one is right for you?

A door chain is to be sensibly attached both when you are absent and when you are present in your own home. Therefore it is especially important that you choose between the following models:

  • Door chain with retaining ring
  • Door chain with lock
  • Door chain with alarm
  • Door chain with child lock

If you or your friends already have children, you can sit back and relax, as a door chain is also particularly suitable for child protection.

What is the function of a door chain with collar and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The simplest variant is the door chain with a retaining ring. Here you don’t have to drill a hole or screw a screw through the front door, but fasten everything to the brickwork.


suitable for rental apartments
always removable
No drilling of the door leaf
easy Monday


may be severed
constant rubbing of the door chain damages the door leaf
not comparable with door chains with lock

To ensure that it can withstand a break-in, the door chain with locking ring consists of a hardened steel chain. Furthermore, these models have a chain length of 270 mm which gives you the possibility to open the entrance door only a little bit and decide whether to invite the guest in or not.

This variant is particularly suitable for doors with narrow frame profiles and people who live in a rented apartment.

As a tenant, you should choose this model, as it can be removed at any time without leaving any residue.

What function does a door chain with lock have and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Do you like to go on long trips during the holiday season but don’t want to leave your apartment unattended? No problem. The right solution: Burg Wächter VTK90. A door chain with lock that is particularly practical, even in times when you are not at home.


may be completed
gröβerer mechanical resistance
high burglary protection


Mounting without drilling not possible
not suitable for rental apartments
permanent carrying of lock key

The special feature of the VTK90 model is that it has a security lock in addition to the chain. This safety lock can be opened from the inside as well as from auβen and abschlieβen. Furthermore, it has a rail that can be operated from the inside to lock your own apartment door.

What is the function of a door chain with alarm and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Although you have bought a door chain, you still do not feel safe in your own four walls? Then you should go one step further and get a door chain with an alarm.


audible warning of intrusion
easy to install
can be used for windows and doors
warns other residents of burglary as well


False alarms can be perceived as annoying by the neighbours
act as a deterrent but cannot prevent a break-in
can be stopped by the burglar at the push of a button

Due to its acoustic warning, the opening of your front door is prevented even during the break-in. The door security with alarm is especially confident when you are not at home, as other neighbours are also warned by the loud alarm sound.

Although your door security system is equipped with a high-quality function, it is particularly simple and can be installed in just a few minutes.

What is the child safety function of a door chain and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Their main task is to protect you from burglary and robbery. But door chains have another function as well and they are excellent for child protection.


to protect children from leaving the house unsupervised
can be used afterwards as a simple door protection
Press button can only be released with both hands and a lot of pressure


may cause bruising of the fingers or hand
an incorrect installation or door chain length prevents older siblings from opening the door

When purchasing, you should make sure that the door safety device is equipped with an additional bolt next to the door chain. This serves to ensure that the door is firmly and completely closed and at the same time provides protection to prevent your child’s fingers and hands from being crushed. The length of the chain also plays a special role here groβe, because if the chain is much too long, the child has the opportunity to squeeze through.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate door chains based on these factors

So that you also attach the correct burglary protection to your door, you should consider the following purchase criteria:

  • Assembly & Mounting
  • Schlieβsystem
  • Manufacturer and quality
  • Parental lock
  • Chain length

Assembly & Mounting

You don’t have to be a master craftsman to install your door protection correctly. Nevertheless, you should have some manual skills and knowledge. Because only a firmly attached door chain is also a reliable door chain.

For the assembly you can distinguish between the following variants:

Locking system

Basically you can choose between three variants: Door chains without and with Abschlieβ or key function.

A door chain without additional Schlieβfunktion, it is the usual door handle chain model. It secures the entrance door directly to the door handle.

On the contrary, a door chain with lock function can only be unlocked with the appropriate key. Here is the advantage that your entrance door is abschlieβbar from the inside as from auβen.

The third variant is as we all know it a classic door chain with Abschlieβ function. In this case, the door is locked without a key and can provide maximum protection due to its engaged chain. The advantage here is that it can simply be attached to the frame when not in use.

Manufacturer and quality

Quality knows its manufacturer. Especially when it comes to Sicherheitsmaβnahmen in your own four walls, you should choose the best manufacturer and the highest quality.

An unknown manufacturer often offers inferior door chains that do not meet safety standards and are cut with conventional tools.

In comparison, products from brand manufacturers such as Abus, Burg Wächter or Trixes are tested accordingly to provide effective protection. You will also come across these manufacturers in your Internet research, as they have years of experience in the area of quality and safety.

Parental lock

You have already thought about child planning or you often get visits from friends who have small children? Then you should consider when you buy a door chain with additional child safety lock would not be the ideal solution for you.

The manufacturer’s Groβteil already offers a door chain with child safety lock. Whereby not every model serves its purpose.

When purchasing, please note that the rail is equipped with a spring-loaded catch or even with an additional latch. This serves to ensure that the door is really firmly closed and thus the fingers and hands of the small child do not become

Especially popular are the models SK66 and SK69 of the manufacturer Abus. They are not only the No. 1 manufacturer but also test winners at Stiftung Warentest.

Chain length

An optimal chain length plays a particularly important role groβe, since a chain that is much too short or much too long can prevent safe protection.

Especially with a door handle chain it is very important that you choose the right chain length, otherwise you may not be able to place the ring on the door handle.

An exact Längenmaβe of the chain does not exist in this sense, but it should be short enough so that you can take a look at your front door, but a burglar or toddler cannot squeeze through the crack of the door.

The secure fastening and the correct length of the chain is what counts! Only then can the door chain do you a good service.

Trivia: Facts worth knowing

How do I attach the door chain correctly?

Basically there is no right or wrong here, the only important thing is that the door chain is firmly attached to the masonry or door. Loose fastening means that the door chain is easily and quickly torn out of its anchorage if an attempt is made to break in.

A little tip: chains made of steel are especially reiβfest and keep somi your apartment door safe from burglary.

How is the correct removal of a door chain done?

The removal of a door chain is quick and easy, as is the installation. If you have chosen the door chain with a collar, you only need to remove the screws from the masonry and fill in the holes in the wall.

If you have decided on a door chain with lock or Abschlieβfunktion, you have no choice but to change your entrance door as well. Since the burglar protection is drilled directly into the door with screws, it leaves many assembly marks when it is dismantled.