Goliath Door Intercom: Review & Recommendations

If the doorbell rings, but you are not expecting visitors, it is always a good idea to take a safe look outside before opening the door. Goliath door phones can help you do this. A camera transmits a live image of what is happening outside the door to you inside. So you can take your time to consider whether to open the door or not.

In our big Goliath door phone test 2020 we introduce you to the different products and give you criteria to compare and evaluate them. The most frequently asked questions, whether Goliath door intercoms can be used in apartment buildings and whether they can be controlled via smart home, we answer at the end of the article.

The most important facts in brief

  • Goliath door phones transmit a video image from a camera in the outstation to your home on your indoor station.
  • Three different intercom systems are offered by Goliath: Door intercom with wire connection, radio connection or with WLAN connection.
  • For use in an apartment building, simply adjust the number of indoor stations.

Goliath door intercoms test: Favourites of the editorial staff

  • The best Goliath door phone with wire connection
  • The best Goliath door phone for a two family house
  • The best Goliath door phone with app connection

The best Goliath door phone with wire connection

The Goliath IP video door phone with wire connection is designed for use in a single family home. It has a 32 GB memory card that can store up to 32 hours of video material. The camera has a viewing angle of 150°.

Customers who have already purchased this product especially appreciate the additional functions such as the integration of outdoor cameras, door locks, etc. The comprehensive support from Goliath is also praised. So if you are looking for a wired door intercom, this is the one for you.

The best Goliath door phone for a two family house

The Goliath IP Video door phone has a 10.2 inch LCD full touch screen where you can see the image transmission from outside. A total of three of the indoor stations are included. The intercom system has a video mailbox.

In the customer reviews, a great many buyers report that the device functions particularly reliably. Customer service is also highlighted as positive. So if you want to equip your two-family house with a video door phone, this is the model for you.

The best Goliath door phone with app connection

This Goliath IP video door phone is delivered with two indoor stations and one outdoor station. Through an iOS or Android app, you will receive notifications when your doorbell rings. The modular system makes this product adaptable to homes with up to 25 lots.

This product is primarily appreciated for its high quality and the support provided by Goliath during installation. Customers of this product are consistently satisfied with their purchase. A good intercom system with app connection is therefore this one. If you are looking for one, this would be the best solution for you.

Guide: Questions to consider before buying a Goliath door intercom

What distinguishes Goliath door phones from other manufacturers?

The Goliath door phones are all video door phones. This means it transmits a live video from outside the door to the interior or any device. So you can ensure the security of your home.
Goliath is especially known for its quality and excellence. This is also reflected in the particularly user-friendly menus. So you can easily make the necessary settings.

How does a Goliath door intercom system work?

The door intercoms from Goliath have different modes of operation, which we present to you in the following table:

For further differentiation, the outdoor units in particular can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted. If you are unsure about which of these options is possible for you, it is best to speak to your trusted installer.

Where can I buy a Goliath door intercom?

Goliath have selected sources of supply to sell their door intercom systems. You can buy the door intercoms in the following online shops:


Alternatively, you can use a Goliath contact form to find different contact persons in your area.

At what prices is a Goliath door intercom sold?

The prices vary according to the type of product. In the following we will show you for which door intercom system you have to pay how much:

Goliath door intercom with wire connection: You can buy these models from 700 €. Depending on the equipment and accessories you need, this price can go up to 1300 €.
Goliath door phone with wireless connection: Products with radio connection are sold from about 800 €. Depending on how many indoor and outdoor stations you need, the price can increase up to 3.000 €.
Goliath door phone with WLAN connection: From a price of 1.200 € you can buy a door intercom with WLAN connection. Depending on the equipment package, the prices can also vary in higher ranges.

What alternatives are there to a Goliath door intercom?

Besides the Goliath door phones, there are a few alternatives on how you can find out who is at your door.

Decision: What types of Goliath door phones are available and which one is right for me?

Before buying a door intercom system, you are usually faced with the question of how to connect the outdoor and indoor stations.

To make this decision easier for you, we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of the following products, so that you can find out which one suits you best:

  • Goliath door phone with wire connection
  • Goliath door phone with radio communication
  • Goliath door intercom with WLAN connection

What distinguishes a Goliath door phone with wire connection and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The Goliath door intercoms, which have a wire connection, are very easy and quick to install. This is due to the fact that most of the individual parts are usually already installed. This also has another advantage. You can take over your older intercom system and have a lower installation effort.

Another advantage is the transferability of the image to the mobile phone via an app. So it is possible to see who is standing in front of your door, no matter where you are.


Quick and easy installation
Transfer to mobile phone via app possible
Old intercom system can be taken over


Not the latest state of the art
Indoor stations stationary
Extensive assembly for new installations

A disadvantage of the wire connection is that this is not the latest state of the art. This means that today there are faster and more reliable types of connection.

Furthermore, the indoor stations are fixed in place by the wire and cannot be moved in space. To open the door or to see who is standing in front of the door, you must first move to the indoor station.

If a door intercom system with wire connection is to be installed without the presence of a previous, older system, this is associated with greater structural expenditure.

What distinguishes a Goliath door phone with wireless connection and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

To install a door intercom system with radio connection, no cable work is necessary. This means that the installation effort is rather low.

The radio connection is characterized by its high reliability and its low dependence on other factors. So you can be very sure that you will always get a picture when you need it.

Another advantage is that the indoor stations are flexible and can be carried around the room. This means they are independent of location and you can take them with you wherever you want.


No cable work necessary
reliable radio connection
Independence of location


Previously existing intercom system cannot be taken over
Radio connection necessary
Not the latest technology

In contrast to intercom systems with wire connection, the components of the older system can usually not be taken over. This means they have to be bought new and installed.

To ensure the functionality of this door intercom, a radio connection is necessary. Although this is very reliable, it can also fail.

Even the door intercom with radio connection does not represent the current state of the art. This means that these models will not be improved in a shorter time.

What distinguishes a Goliath door phone with WLAN connection and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Similar to the model with the radio connection, the indoor stations here can be operated independently of location, i.e. they have no fixed place.

With the Goliath door intercom with WLAN, the house can be entered conveniently via RFID technology. This means that a door opener/lock is also integrated here. The person entering must identify himself via RFID.

The latest technology for door intercom systems is the WLAN connection. So you can be sure that this type will be available in the future and spare parts can be supplied.


Independence of location
Access to the house conveniently possible through RFID
Latest technology


WLAN connection required
Highest error susceptibility
Highest price

A WLAN connection is required to put this door intercom system into operation. If it fails or is faulty, your intercom will not work. Because of this, this function is also the most error-prone.

Since the latest technology is used, you have to expect the highest purchase costs for this type of product.

Purchase criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and rate a Goliath door phone

In this section you will learn about different aspects that will help you compare different door intercoms.

These are the following criteria:

  • Remote access via App
  • Alarm function
  • Connection of cameras
  • Image storage function

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.

Remote access via App

Some Goliath door phones have the ability to transfer the image to your smartphone via an app.

You have to differentiate here whether you can only call up the picture in your home environment or whether you also have remote access. This means that no matter where you are in the world, with an Internet connection you know who is at your door.

It can be helpful if you spend a lot of time travelling.

Alarm function

If you have an alarm system for your home, there are some models where you can connect the intercom to it.

So you can directly integrate two different systems into one. This makes operation easier and at the same time increases security, as you can use the front door cameras.

You can find out how best to connect these two systems in the manufacturer information.

Connection of cameras

Similar to an alarm system, you can also connect additional cameras to your door intercom system.

You can also call up the pictures of this camera via your indoor station of the Goliath door phone. The maximum number of cameras is not defined.

This means that you can also cover other places around your house by using the door intercom.

Image storage function

The door phones from Goliath have among other things the function that you can save pictures.

This can be useful, for example, in situations where you do not know the person in front of the door and do not open the door. You can then use the saved picture to show relatives whether they know the person.

For the exact use of this function, please refer to the manufacturer’s information.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the Goliath door intercom

Is control via smart home devices possible?

Smart home devices, i.e. products that can be controlled via voice assistance systems such as Alexa or Google Assistant, are becoming increasingly popular.

For this reason, the question of whether I can open the door with a Goliath door intercom also via voice input, is obvious. However, this function does not yet exist at the moment.

Nevertheless this aspect is expected for the newer Goliath models.

How does a Goliath door phone work in apartment buildings?

Justifiably, the question arises as to whether these door intercoms can function in apartment buildings.

The answer to this question is “yes”. In apartment buildings, there is a field station. Different indoor stations are installed in the individual apartments.

That means it works the same as usual. The bell is rung at the bottom and the image is transferred to the corresponding indoor station. The other flats don’t notice it.