Jockel Fire Extinguishers: Review & Recommendations

Whether at home or at work, a fire can happen in any lifetime. It is important to recognize the incident early enough to take countermeasures or to flee. With the help of a fire extinguisher you can save your belongings in a few seconds and prevent a worse fire.

Such an extinguisher can either be hung on the wall as a portable model or you can use a mobile extinguisher, which is particularly suitable for the trade. However, each device consists of a container with extinguishing agent and a control element which you can use to, for example, apply the foam to the fire.

With our Jockel fire extinguisher test 2020, we would like to introduce these products to you. You will receive from us the most important information you should know before buying, as well as about the different types. With the help of this article you should be able to find your right Jockel fire extinguisher.

The most important facts in brief

  • Fire extinguishers from Jockel offer you protection in case of fire, whether at home or at work.
  • Essentially, a distinction is made between portable and mobile models. The extinguishing agents are basically the same, but the areas of application differ.
  • When buying a fire extinguisher, you should pay attention to the volume of the container, the extinguishing agent used and the extinguishing capacity of the extinguisher, so that you know for which area it is suitable. In addition, you should also pay attention to the area of application in which your model can be used.

Jockel fire extinguisher test: Favourites of the editorial team

  • The best Jockel fire extinguisher for the home
  • The best fire extinguisher for the trade

The best Jockel fire extinguisher for the home

The Jockel continuous pressure foam fire extinguisher S6LJM BIO is the ideal fire extinguisher for your home. With its 6 litres of foam extinguishing agent, this extinguisher is also able to extinguish more intense fires if you ever get into such a situation. This portable fire extinguisher comes with a wall bracket and can be refilled after use.

If you are looking for a slightly smaller and portable fire extinguisher, this model is the best we can recommend.

The best fire extinguisher for the trade

The Jockel fire extinguisher SK 50 JW is the best fire extinguisher for your warehouse or factory building. With its 10 m long hose, you can reach higher or more distant sources of fire and extinguish them effectively with the foam filling. With its 50 litre tank this mobile fire extinguisher is very suitable for larger areas and fires.

If you are looking for a mobile fire extinguisher that can extinguish your commercial premises in an emergency, we can warmly recommend this model.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy a fire extinguisher from Jockel

What does a Jockel fire extinguisher cost?

Fire extinguishers from Jockel are available in different shapes, for different applications and therefore have different price categories. However, the extinguishing methods and the size of the fire extinguishers are important for pricing.

Since fires can occur in many different places and the materials set on fire are different at each location, the extinguishing procedures must also be adapted accordingly. Whether in the kitchen, warehouse or server room, the right fire extinguisher can save lives and minimize damage.

In the following table we list the common fire extinguisher models from Jockel and show you the price range so that you have an approximate overview of the costs.

Where can I buy Jockel fire extinguishers?

You can find Jockel fire extinguishers at your local hardware store. The staff there can advise you on the right fire extinguisher for you.
There are also numerous online shops that offer Jockel fire extinguishers. We have studied this in detail and have found the following online shops for you:


What distinguishes Jockel fire extinguishers from other manufacturers?

The German market for fire extinguishers is highly competitive. Many companies offer extinguishing agents for fire fighting. In addition to effective extinguishing methods, manufacturers should not neglect sustainability. Jockel has made it its business to save energy and resources in its entire production in order to protect the environment.

For example, Jockel has been able to greatly reduce the amount of fluorine in the production of foam extinguishers.

In addition, Jockel attaches great importance to regionality and tries to promote the local economy. For this reason, Jockel produces in the small German town of Remscheid, thus securing many German jobs.

What alternatives are there to Jockel fire extinguishers?

As mentioned in the upper section, there are different types of fire extinguishers. However, foam extinguishers are the most common, along with powder and CO2 extinguishers. However, there are also alternatives to conventional fire extinguishers, which also have the task of fighting fire and smoke.
Alternatives to fire extinguishers in fire protection are

fire blankets. This fire protection product is especially suitable for smaller fires and often hangs in corridors or passages.
Fire extinguishing sprays. This mobile fire protection solution is also suitable for smaller fires and works in principle in the same way as a fire extinguisher.

Decision: What types of Jockel fire extinguishers are available and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

If you want to buy a fire extinguisher from Jockel, there are 2 different options you can choose between.

  • Portable fire extinguisher
  • Mobile fire extinguisher

The difference between these two types lies in the filling quantity of the extinguishing agent. Not every fire is the same and can therefore have different sizes and dimensions. This is why some fires require more extinguishing agent than others.

What distinguishes a portable Jockel fire extinguisher and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

When you think of a fire extinguisher, you usually immediately think of a mobile fire extinguisher. These are the ones that hang on the wall in certain places where they are clearly visible. These fire extinguishers are particularly suitable for incipient fires and are intended to be used as an emergency solution in extreme cases.

Portable extinguishers have the advantage that even laymen have no difficulty in fighting the fire in extreme cases.

Additional environmental measures, such as saving fluorine in foam extinguishers, also protect the environment. However, the portable fire extinguishers have a comparatively small tank with a maximum of 15 litres and therefore limited extinguishing agent.


Can be found everywhere
Suitable for inexperienced users
Environmentally friendly


small tank

What distinguishes a mobile Jockel fire extinguisher and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Fire extinguishers are not only important in residential areas or in smaller offices, but also in larger companies with warehouses, server rooms or the like. Logically, a larger quantity of extinguishing agent is also required, which means a larger container and heavy weight. However, mobile fire extinguishers can easily be transported and operated by one person thanks to their attached support wheels.

By means of a flexible high-pressure hose, fires can be easily fought even in places that may be difficult to reach.

However, before using this device for the first time, you should already be trained and know how it works in order to be able to delete efficiently in an emergency.


Large tanks
Can be used by one person
Flexible high-pressure hose


Not suitable for amateurs
Larger and heavier than mobile extinguishers

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate Jockel fire extinguishers based on these factors

In the following we will show you on the basis of which aspects you can decide between the multitude of possible Jockel fire extinguishers.

The criteria that you can use to compare the extinguishers include

  • Volumen
  • Content
  • Extinguishing agent performance
  • Field of application

In the following paragraphs we explain to you what is important.


Each fire extinguisher has only a certain volume of extinguishing agent available. Depending on the application for which you need a fire extinguisher, you should also consider the size of the volume. It makes a difference, for example, whether you need an extinguisher for your home or for your warehouse.

Usually, common mobile fire extinguishers have a volume between 6 and 9 litres, but mobile fire extinguishers can have a volume up to 70 litres.


Contrary to the opinion of most people, fire extinguishers are not toxic.

As already mentioned in the cost section, there are different types of extinguishing agents which are also used in different areas. We have dealt with this in detail and have summarized all extinguishing agents once again:

  • Foam extinguisher
  • Powder extinguisher
  • CO2 extinguisher
  • Fat fire extinguisher
  • Water extinguisher

This list applies to portable fire extinguishers; for mobile fire extinguishers Jockel only offers foam, powder and CO2 extinguishers.

Here a video how to use a foam extinguisher:

Extinguishing agent performance

Since nowadays almost everything runs under standards, fire extinguishers are also standardized. In order to simplify the classifications for the normal consumer, so-called “extinguishing agent units” (LE for short) were introduced. These should show the buyer the performance of the fire extinguisher in a simplified way.

Under the following table you can read out the approximate square meters of area suitable for the respective extinguishing agent unit.

Field of application

Not every fire extinguisher is suitable for every application. Or would you now know which fire extinguisher is suitable for fat fires? No? No problem, we are happy to help you.

For smaller fires or emerging fires in the household or even in the office, powder and foam extinguishers are particularly suitable.

The specially developed grease fire extinguishers are suitable for kitchens and similar rooms, as they work without water and can make all the difference, especially with hot fats and oils.

If you have a server room or a similarly sensitive room, you should consider a CO2 extinguisher, as this extinguishes particularly carefully.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the Jockel fire extinguisher

If you already own a Jockel fire extinguisher, the following can help you

Where are Jockel fire extinguishers manufactured?

Jockel attaches great importance to regionality. Therefore Jockel products are exclusively produced in Germany, in the town of Remscheid. This secures jobs and allows individual customer wishes to be implemented more quickly.

What other products does Jockel offer?

In addition to fire extinguishers Jockel also offers numerous other products for fire fighting and prevention. Here is a list of other products:

  • Smoke detector
  • Fire container
  • RWA (smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems)
  • Extinguishing systems
  • Fire blankets

Is Jockel an expert in fire protection?

The Millikeur certificate means that the fire extinguishers can be used for a lifetime

The German company has been gaining experience in Germany for more than 40 years and has proven itself to be one of the most important manufacturers in fire protection to date.

The advantage of Jockel is that they are not only experts in fire protection, but also have expertise in other safety areas. Thanks to years of international experience, this provider offers you just about everything that is currently available in the fire protection sector.