Motorhome Alarm System: Review & Recommendations

Welcome to our large motorhome alarm system test 2020, where we present all the motorhome alarm systems we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best alarm system for your motorhome.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page, which you should definitely pay attention to

The most important facts in brief

  • An alarm system for a motorhome is useful to protect the belongings in your motorhome from burglars.
  • Behind the word “alarm system” are usually hidden door and window alarms or motion detectors to secure your motorhome.
  • An alarm system need not necessarily cost several hundred euros.

Alarm system for a motorhome Test: The Ranking

1st place: tiiwee Home Alarm System Starter Kit

The alarm system of tiiwee is a classic door and window alarm and comes with two sensors and a remote control to activate and deactivate the alarm.

Furthermore, it is a starter kit that can be expanded with up to 40 additional sensors. These can all be easily mounted on windows and doors without drilling.

Customers are convinced of the price-performance ratio and emphasize the good suitability for the motorhome. The manufacturer points out that the system works wirelessly and can be expanded not only with additional sensors but also with motion detectors and sirens.

2nd place: Olympia Protect radio alarm system

The Olympia Protect alarm system is a complete set consisting of four door and window sensors, a motion detector, a siren and a remote control for switching the alarm system on and off.

The individual components of the set communicate via radio, which makes a cable connection unnecessary.

The price-performance ratio is convincing for customers. The alarm system works without problems and is easy to install. It can also be expanded with products from Olympia Protect. For example, additional remote controls can be purchased.

Place 3: CaraWarn alarm system for campers and caravans

The alarm system of CaraWarn works differently than classic alarm systems for motor homes and warns already before the break-in. If a person stays longer than two seconds in the detection range of the sensor, bright LEDs start flashing.

If the burglar has not disappeared after ten seconds, a wake-up call starts inside the caravan.

The manufacturer clearly emphasizes the uniqueness of this alarm system, as well as its almost faultless functionality. Customers are convinced of the idea of having a preventive alarm that does not only warn when the break-in has already taken place.

Guide: Questions to consider before buying an alarm system for a motorhome

How does an alarm system for a motorhome work?

When you buy a motorhome, there are two possibilities: either the motorhome of your choice already has a pre-installed alarm system or it does not have one and you have to retrofit it if necessary.
Existing alarm systems can usually be switched on or off with the ignition key or manually in the motorhome. Alarm systems that you can retrofit to your motorhome are usually switched on or off manually from or outside the motorhome.
No matter what type of alarm system you choose, they all work in the same way. The alarm system records the data inside the motorhome, for example whether all windows are closed.

If the data now change, i.e. if a window is opened without permission, the alarm system is triggered and emits a loud acoustic signal. Ideally, the burglar is deterred and passers-by or the police become aware.

What types of alarm systems are available for motorhomes?

You can decide whether the alarm system should secure the entrances – for example windows and doors – of the motorhome, or whether movements inside the motorhome should be detected.
Here, the word “alarm system” usually means a window and door alarm or a motion detector that is synchronized with a separate device for the acoustic signal. Both types can be easily retrofitted. They can also provide reliable protection against burglary.

What does an alarm system for a motorhome cost?

In theory, you can retrofit your motorhome with a very simple alarm system in the form of a window and door alarm for a few euros. However, you should keep in mind that the quality and reliability of the alarm also increases with increasing price.

Window and door alarm sets for retrofitting cost between 25 and 50 euros. If you decide to buy a motion detector, you can expect costs of 40 Euros on average.

However, if these simpler methods of retrofitting your motorhome are not enough for you, you can also consider adding a full-fledged alarm system later. You can buy such an alarm system with sensor, motion detector and code lock for between 100 and 400 Euros.

Where can I buy an alarm system for a motorhome?

You can buy an alarm system for a motorhome both online and on site in your city. If you decide to go retail, we recommend that you go to a DIY store or electronics store.
Research has shown that the best place to buy an alarm system for your motorhome is here:

Websites of the various manufacturers

Home Depot:

  • Obi
  • Hornbach
  • Toom
  • Bauhaus

electronics store:

  • Saturn
  • Media Markt
  • Expert

Why is an alarm system for a motorhome useful?

Unlike a rental car or your own car, you will most likely store high-value items in your motorhome, or even important things like your wallet that you may not want to take with you when you go for a walk.

For this reason, it makes sense to retrofit an alarm system in a motor home. Even though it may seem at first glance as if the belongings in your motorhome are not of the greatest value, it can be annoying if they are damaged or stolen.

That is why you should think about retrofitting an alarm system. You can choose a model that suits your individual needs.

How to install an alarm system for a motorhome?

As with a normal house, the biggest weak points of a motorhome are the doors or windows. The small sensors of a door and window alarm are fixed either with adhesive strips or small screws, depending on which option you choose when you buy.
A motion sensor can be installed either superficially or invisibly in the wall, provided your motorhome allows this. For both types of installation, however, screws are required to ensure secure mounting.

What alternatives are there to an alarm system for a motorhome?

If you want to secure your motorhome, you have no other alternatives than an alarm system. Of course you can choose to attach a dummy or a sticker with a warning of burglary as a deterrent. However, in most cases this is not very reliable.

An alarm system for a motorhome is basically nothing else than an alarm system for a car or a house.

When making your decision, keep in mind that you can choose between different types of alarm systems. You can choose the type that is right for you and your needs.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and evaluate alarm systems for a motorhome based on these factors

Below you can find a list of aspects that you can use to distinguish between the different types of alarm systems for your motorhome. The criteria that you can use to compare alarms for a motorhome include

  • Installation
  • Operation/handling
  • Type of drive
  • Volume

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.


When installing the alarm system you have to decide between retrofitting to windows or doors and a motion detector. A window and door alarm can be fixed with screws or adhesive tape. Adhesive tape is the simplest and also more common method.

If you choose the variant with screws, you should consider that the window and door alarm cannot be removed without damage in case of doubt. However, it cannot be torn off by a burglar as easily as with a piece of adhesive tape.

A window and door alarm is usually very easy to install and does not require professional assistance. The situation is usually different with a motion detector. You can install a motion detector on the surface or in the wall, as long as your motorhome allows it.

Regardless of which option you choose, it is recommended that you get help from a professional when using a motion detector. The reason for this is not only the installation, but also that the motion detector must be correctly set and synchronised so that it triggers when movement is registered.

Of course you can do this without help, but in some cases it can turn out to be very complicated. To give you an idea of what the installation of an alarm system in a motorhome can look like, we have selected a video for you.


Both a window and door alarm as well as a motion detector function automatically as soon as they are switched on.

The window and door alarm has already integrated the alarm system, which emits an acoustic signal when triggered. With a motion detector you need a separate device that emits the signal that is synchronized with the motion detector.

For switching on and off, you can distinguish between four types of operation: with key switch, with pin code, with remote control and with App.

In the case of a device with key switch, the alarm system is switched on and off with the corresponding key. This way, the handling is kept quite simple and is not prone to errors. However, you should keep in mind that you must always have the key with you and can lose it.

In the case of an alarm system with a pin code, a usually four- or six-digit code must be entered when switching on or off. The advantage here is that you don’t have to carry a key around with you where there is a risk of losing it. However, there is the possibility that you might forget the code.

The alarm system with remote control has two buttons to activate and deactivate the alarm. There is no need to remember a code, but remember that you must carry the remote control with you when you leave the motorhome, just like the key switch.

Finally, there is the possibility to switch the alarm system on and off using an app. This option is particularly practical for a motorhome, as you carry your smartphone with you most of the time.

Type of drive

A door and window alarm is usually battery operated. These devices are very small and therefore batteries are simply the best choice.

With a motion detector, the situation is different again. A standard motion sensor must be connected to the power supply in most cases. However, there are also modern devices that work with batteries.

If you decide to use battery power, you should keep in mind that an unwanted standby mode can occur if the batteries run out. However, today’s devices are designed to be very energy efficient, so it will take a long time for the batteries to run down.


In most retrofit devices, the volume reaches between 100 and 120 dB (decibel). […]

If you decide on a cheaper alarm system, for example in the form of a door and window alarm, the volume is usually not sufficient to make others aware of the break-in. However, it can be helpful to scare off the burglar.

The more money you invest in a professional alarm system, the more options you have when it comes to volume in normal circumstances. For this reason it is advisable to consider investing a little more money.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about the alarm system for a motor home

How do I install my alarm system in my motorhome?

Here it depends on the type of alarm system you have chosen and the installation option.

Either you have to attach your alarm system with screws and connect it to the power supply in your motorhome. Or you have decided to buy an alarm system that you only have to attach with adhesive tape.

Basically, the more complicated the assembly seems to you, it is always better to get the help of a specialist before you irrevocably damage your motorhome.

How do I switch my alarm system on or off for my motorhome?

To switch your alarm system on or off, it depends on which operating mode you chose when you bought it.

You have the choice between a key switch, a code lock, a remote control and an app. All work in a similar way. But if you are looking for more information, you will find more background information in the purchase criteria.

Where can I find the operating instructions for the alarm system for my motorhome?

Normally, an operating manual is supplied with every alarm system. However, if you lose or damage the manual of your alarm system, you have a few options.

You can either contact the manufacturer of your alarm system and ask for a new manual. You can also use Google to see if the manufacturer has made the manual available online. Sometimes you can also find your manual in forums, as others may have the same problem as you.