Ring Video Door Bell: Review & Recommendations

Thanks to our modern technology it is possible to equip apartments and houses with video doorbells and adapt them to the individual home. Ring’s video doorbells offer a variety of features and are not only an eye-catcher for any entrance area, but also really deliver what they promise: 100% security.

In our big Video Doorbell Test of Ring 2020 we want to show you the different possibilities of Video Doorbells. In this guide you will find important information about the product and the factors you should consider before buying. The guide is there to make the purchase decision easier for you.

The most important facts in brief

  • The manufacturer Ring offers a variety of potential video doorbells. They differ in price range, appearance and equipment.
  • With “Protect”, burglars and also unwanted guests no longer have a chance. You have the possibility to watch recorded videos in certain time windows and have an overview of what is happening outside your door.
  • If motion sensors of the cameras are activated, you will immediately receive a notification on the connected device. You can immediately see who or what is in front of your house and even talk to the person.

Ring Video Doorbell Test: Favourites of the editors

  • That best Allrounder Ring Video Doorbell
  • The Ring Video Doorbell with 720p HD quality
  • The Ring Video Doorbell with 1080p HD quality

That best Allrounder Ring Video Doorbell

The video doorbell contains a door bell and a transformer. A motion detector and an intercom function are also integrated in the purchase. The videos are recorded in 1080p HD and the device can be connected to WLAN.

This product convinces with the video system and the offered replacement of the device in case of theft. Customers are enthusiastic about the combination of bell and surveillance camera.

The Ring Video Doorbell with 720p HD quality

The Ring Video Doorbell includes an intercom function and a motion detector. The device can be connected to WLAN. Videos are recorded in 720p HD. The product can be purchased in Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronze.

This product inspires with the included accessories, drills and screwdrivers. The operating instructions are easy to understand and the app is easy to connect to the bell.

The Ring Video Doorbell with 1080p HD quality

The product contains a motion sensor and an intercom system. Videos are recorded in HD (1080p) and are connected to the WLAN. The video doorbell can be purchased in satin nickel colour.

Customers are enthusiastic about the easy installation and easy setup of the app. Customers also have more control over their own home by purchasing the product.

Advisor: Questions you should consider before you buy a Video Doorbell from Ring

In what price range is a Ring Video Doorbell?

The manufacturer Ring offers different types of video doorbells. A distinction is made between:

Video Doorbell
Door View Cam
Video Doorbell 2
Video Doorbell Pro
Video Doorbell Elite

The Ring company is headquartered in the USA and specializes in home security technology.

The products differ in price, equipment and appearance. In the decision section we will go into more detail about the different video doorbells and especially about the different features of the articles to give you more detailed information about the products.

Thanks to the variety of Ring it is possible for everyone to find the right video doorbell for the individual home.

So that you can get an overview of the individual models and the prices we have summarized all details in the following table:

What makes a Ring Video Doorbell different from other providers?

The special feature of ring video doorbells is that the manufacturer attaches great importance to not losing track of his own home. No matter which product you choose, all Video Doorbells send notifications to your tablet, smartphone and PC when someone rings the doorbell or the motion sensor is triggered.

With Ring products you can always take a look at your home, wherever and whenever you want.

You respond to the notifications and can hear, see and even talk to your visitors. And this is also possible on the other side of the world, in the supermarket or from the attic.

The manufacturer Ring offers an additional feature: “Protect”. This feature is designed to allow you to watch videos recorded with the video doorbell at home in peace and quiet, giving you more control over what happens during the day.

A timeline allows you to view moments at a specific time. For this feature you can take out a monthly or annual subscription, which varies in price depending on the features.

Where can I buy a Video Doorbell from Ring?

You can buy the video doorbell from Ring in different ways. On the one hand you have the possibility to buy the doorbell online and have it delivered to your home. On the other hand, you can also buy a Video Doorbell in department stores as well as in specialized shops. The company itself also offers you the opportunity to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer.
We have gathered information for you and listed the possible shopping portals:

Media Market

How you purchase your video doorbell from Ring is clearly up to you. Nevertheless, you should inform yourself about the product and its advantages and disadvantages.

What types of Ring Video Doorbells are there and what distinguishes them?

As we have already mentioned above, you can choose from several Ring Doorbells. In this part of the guide we will go into more detail about the individual products to make your purchase decision easier.
The Video Doorbell has an internal battery and can be used in any home. The camera records video in HD (720p) and also has night vision. With the Video Doorbell you can watch all the action at a 180 degree angle. The customizable motion detection lets you adjust the sensitivity of your motion sensors. You can purchase this in matt nickel or in Venetian bronze.
The Ring Video Doorbell 2 has a replaceable battery and can be used in any home. The videos are recorded in HD (1080p) and it also has night vision. The motion detection can be adjusted and with this camera you can watch all the action at a horizontal 160 degree angle and a vertical 90 degree angle. This model is available in matt nickel or Venetian bronze.
The Ring Door View Cam is compatible for houses and apartments that already have a door viewer. The videos are recorded in HD (1080p) including night vision. With this product you can connect Alexa. The camera offers you knock detection and privacy zones, with which you can digitally disable areas in front of the door. With this camera you can view all events in a horizontal 155 degree angle and a vertical 90 degree angle. This model is available for outdoor use in matt nickel or for indoor use in white ring.
The Ring Video Doorbell Pro can be connected to an existing bell line and the Ring Camera guarantees a continuous power supply. Videos are recorded in HD (1080p), can be viewed live and in night vision mode. Customizable motion detection allows you to create and customize your own motion zones. With this camera you can view all the action at a 160 degree angle. This model is available in matt nickel, pearl white, Venetian bronze or black.
The Ring Video Doorbell Elite will use Power-over-ethernet (PoE) for a secure connection to the Internet and as a reliable power source. This means that one power supply cable can be saved. The camera is perfect for converted or completely new apartments and houses. Videos are recorded in HD (1080p), can be viewed live and in night vision mode and the model has user-definable motion detection. With this camera you can view all events in a horizontal 160 degree angle and in a vertical 90 degree angle. This model is available in matt nickel, pearl white, Venetian bronze or black.
In the following table we have summarized all important information:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a ring video doorbell?

Besides the simple and universal design and the easy installation of the Video Doorbell, there are also important disadvantages that you should consider when buying it.
Ring inspires with its perfect networking with tablets, smartphones and PCs. You can also connect Ring to voice-controlled devices like Alexa.


Fast messaging system
Easy mounting
All devices work with WLAN connection
Networking with tablets, smartphones, Alexa and PCs


For Protect Feature must be paid
Customers are dependent on cloud of the manufacturer
You’ll have to dig deep into your wallet for these devices

What alternatives are there to a Video Doorbell by Ring?

The company offers a wide range of security products. Besides video doorbells you can also choose between security cameras and stick up cams. Ring increases not only comfort but also security at home with its security products.

The other products are just another way to make your home safer. The Security Cams can be installed inside and outside. With the Stick Up Cam you have the possibility to cover every corner with the camera, you see almost everything in your house.

Purchase criteria: Using these factors you can compare and rate Video Doorbells by Ring

In the following we will show you, based on which criteria you can decide between the different Video Doorbells by Ring. To make the decision easier for you, this part of the guide is intended to help you make the right purchase. In this paragraph we will explain to you what is important for the individual purchase criteria.

With these criteria you can compare the individual models with each other and thus decide more easily on an end product:

  • Modell
  • Equipment
  • Compatibility
  • Akku


In the decision section we have listed in detail which features speak for each individual product and what makes the models so unique. The manufacturer Ring offers you five different types of video doorbells, which are special in their own way and stand out from the other models.

The variety of devices speaks for itself. With the large selection you will find the perfect security camera for your individual home.


The various products differ not only in price and appearance, but also in their features. Depending on what you value and which camera is best suited for your home, Ring will not let you down with its product diversity.


If you buy a Video Doorbell you can operate it with Apple and Android devices. The requirement is that your Apple device must have iOS 9.3 or higher or your Android device must have version 5.0 or higher.

When linking computers, it works the same way: Apple devices require version 10.11 and Windows devices version 1709 or higher. These are the only computer and smartphone manufacturers you can pair your Ring products with.


Some models of the Video Doorbell series contain internal batteries. If your video doorbell is used normally, you will need to charge it after six to 12 months. Some Video Doorbells come to your home with necessary components so you can install your new video camera on the existing wiring in your home.

The included rechargeable batteries have to be charged for four to ten hours until they are fully recharged to give you full performance again. When your device runs out of power, you’ll receive a notification from the app and you’ll also receive an email when the battery power is low. You can monitor the battery status permanently on the app.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about Ring Video Doorbell

In this part of the guide you will find more information about Video Doorbell. You will also learn about the topic “Stolen equipment” and how to install a Video Doorbell. Have fun reading!

What happens if someone steals your device?

Should your product be stolen, the company Ring offers you a free replacement. You must be the original buyer and cannot pass this opportunity on to anyone else. The theft protection will only replace one product for each Ring product you have purchased.

The device will only be replaced if you bought it directly from Ring and not from a third party. After the theft you have 15 days to initiate the process.

How do I mount a Video Doorbell by Ring?

To make sure you don’t have any problems with the monday of your new security camera, we have linked a helpful video for you. This is the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.