Theft Protection For Mobile Phones: Review & Recommendations

Our mobile phone is an everyday companion. We use it at every hour and if it is not within reach, we quickly start looking for it. Especially in smartphones we like to store important data. In addition, the latest smartphones are also very expensive and thus a popular prey among thieves. An effective mobile phone theft protection is therefore an absolute must.

In our mobile phone theft protection test 2020 we want to show you the different types of mobile phone theft protection. You will be introduced to some pros and cons and you will also get some tips on how to generally take better care of a valuable mobile phone. We will also tell you about theft protection insurance so that you can find the best protection option for you in the end.

The most important facts in brief

  • There are several ways to make life more difficult for mobile phone thieves. Which one is right for you depends on a few factors. The condition of your mobile phone and the data on it also play an important role.
  • Before you take out theft protection insurance for your mobile phone, you should find out exactly what the conditions are.
  • Once your smartphone is stolen, the chances of getting it back do not look too good. However, you still have some options to do something after the theft.

Anti-theft protection for mobile phone test: Editors’ favourites

  • The best bag for mobile phone theft protection
  • The best lock for mobile phone theft protection
  • The best cover for mobile phone theft protection

The best bag for mobile phone theft protection

The Yonder Premium Fanny Pack is with its height of 20mm not only very flat, but also very light with 118 grams. The bag is made of nylon, so it is quite resistant. With a price of 13,50€ it is quite cheap. Your mobile phone is protected against thieves by a zipper. Because the bag is worn close to the body, thieves have virtually no chance of snatching your smartphone unnoticed.

Because of the low weight you will hardly notice the bag. You can wear it either around your belt or around your chest. The belt is made of tearproof material. The bag is the ideal companion for everyday life. With it you do not have to worry about your mobile phone.

The best lock for mobile phone theft protection

The I3C cable lock is with 15€ also quite inexpensive. The lock is glued to the back of your smartphone and a cable made of resistant galvanized steel is attached to the other end. The lock can also be used for laptops or tablets. With a weight of 222 grams you will hardly notice it when using it. The cable lock comes with two keys.

Here you will find a good alternative to a mobile phone cover or bag. Especially if you are not on the road a lot, the lock is a good choice, because the fastening leaves no chance for thieves.

The best cover for mobile phone theft protection

The EOTW IPX8 smartphone waterproof mobile phone case can store mobile phones up to 6.5 inches in size. The case is made of transparent plastic so you can use your camera even when it is protected. The smartphone cover is carried by a 60cm long braided Paracord rope. The material is therefore very tear-resistant. With a weight of 59 grams you will not notice the cover and with a price of 9€ you will definitely not do anything wrong.

This mobile phone cover is the right thing for everyone who wants to have good protection against theft as well as against other external influences for little money. The cover can be worn around the neck. Therefore thieves have almost no chance. This protection is also ideal for holidays or days at the beach, as photos can still be taken while your mobile phone is protected.

Advisor: These are the questions you should consider before you buy a mobile phone anti-theft device

What exactly is a mobile phone theft protection?

It is impossible to imagine everyday life without our mobile phone or our smartphone. Since the purchase of a current smartphone has become more and more expensive over the last few years, our mobile phones have an immense material value in addition to their personal value. Therefore it is of course very important to us to protect our mobile phone against theft.

An anti-theft device can provide exactly that. As the name suggests, this is generally a precaution that is designed to make it very difficult for thieves to steal your smartphone. Such a precaution is available in various forms, which will be discussed in more detail later.

General rule for you: If your mobile phone is very important to you, you should think about getting a theft protection, such as a special cover, a lock for your mobile phone or an insurance policy, where even cheap purchases of this kind can be useful.

For whom is a mobile phone theft protection suitable?

An anti-theft device for a smartphone is basically suitable for everyone. Do you, for example:

important data
your calendar with important dates
sensitive account information

on your cell phone, an anti-theft device is useful. In addition to your important personal belongings, it is quite possible that your smartphone has a high monetary value.

Depending on the brand of your mobile phone, e.g. iPhone or Samsung, you may have invested around 1000€ for your smartphone.

Such an investment is definitely worthwhile to protect against thieves. Nowadays every citizen knows about the price of the newest mobile phones on the market and once the phone is stolen, there is hardly any chance to get it back.

For many people the purchase of a current mobile phone represents a large sum of money. If you are not in the happy position, where money is no longer an issue for you, the purchase of a mobile phone theft protection is worth considering.

How secure is a mobile phone theft protection?

How secure your individual protection against theft finally is, depends entirely on your chosen form. Your own behaviour always plays a major role. If you like to leave your smartphone lying around unattended somewhere, even the best protection won’t help.

Popular forms of anti-theft protection usually ensure that your phone is always close to your body. This variant is pretty much the safest when it really comes to not being stolen. If your mobile phone is close to your body at all times, it is very difficult to steal it from you unnoticed.

Insuring your mobile phone against theft is more of a passive form of protection. Just because your insurance company replaces your phone in case of theft does not stop the thief from reaching his destination. At the end of the day, you will still be without your mobile phone.

Special software has a similar importance in terms of security as insurance. Here too, direct theft is not prevented. Even if mobile phone software can make it difficult for the robber to exploit your data, he often does not know about the software. In retrospect, he may be annoyed by the unworthy loot, but you are also annoyed by your loss.

How much does a mobile phone theft protection cost?

Again for you: The price of the smartphone theft protection depends on the chosen form. Depending on the shape, the price can also vary considerably. This is often due to the additional functions that an option offers. For example, a cover for your phone may have a built-in GPS function.
Here is a small overview of the prices:

The advantages and disadvantages of the different options are discussed below. Before you make a purchase, you should take a close look at them.

Where can I get a mobile phone theft protection?

You can buy an anti-theft protection for your smartphone online, but you can also buy it on site. If you are interested in a secure theft protection cover or a lock, you can find them online at e.g:

If you prefer to buy a case or lock directly in the shop, you can also look in large technology markets or at mobile phone providers. Here are a few examples:

  • Saturn, Mediamarkt
  • T-Mobile, O2 Store
  • Apple, Samsung Store

If you would like to take out theft protection insurance, the best way to find out is online. You will find a lot of providers here.

Tip: Read carefully the conditions of the respective insurance contract

Even mobile phone providers, with whom you can take out a normal contract for your smartphone, sometimes offer you additional insurance against theft. It is best to ask directly at the branch.

If you want to install an app to protect your data, you can find out about apps on the Internet first and then download them.

  • For iPhone owners: In the App Store
  • For Android users: In the Google Play Store

Since the smartphone market is now huge, you’ll find ways to keep your phone from being stolen at every turn.

What alternatives are there for mobile phone theft protection?

If you do not choose one of the types of theft protection already mentioned, the alternatives basically look very limited. If you don’t buy any form of additional protection, it’s up to you to make sure that your phone isn’t stolen.

So there is no alternative to anti-theft protection or the alternative is actually called: no theft protection. Of course, you can also choose to do so, but if you do, your mobile phone will be gone without any chance of backing up your data or getting your money back.

Decision: What types of mobile phone theft protection are available and which one is right for me?

Even if you already have a rough overview of the different types of theft protection, we will go into more detail here. Basically, you have four options available to you in the section Theft Protection:

  • Smartphone cover: An anti-theft cover is not so much about preventing your phone from breaking when it falls off, but rather that it cannot be easily taken along. Instead, these cases usually have a strap or other means of attaching the phone to your body (e.g. hanging around your neck).
  • Smartphone lock: A lock is usually connected to your mobile phone via a cable. Here you can attach a locking mechanism to your mobile phone, which can only be opened with a key. Then you attach the other end of the cable to a solid object such as a table leg or even to your trousers when you are on the move.
  • Smartphone Anti-Theft App: Here you can choose from many different apps that you can install on your phone. The apps usually aim to additionally encrypt your data (e.g. by password). Some apps also have the option of locating your phone after the theft, blocking your data afterwards or even allowing you to access your phone remotely.
  • Smartphone Theft Protection Insurance: Of course you can also take out additional theft insurance for your valuable smartphone. Contrary to what is often believed, home contents insurance does not cover a stolen mobile phone (unless it is stolen during a burglary). The purpose of a theft insurance policy is to return money to you in the event of a stolen mobile phone so that you can buy a new one. Exactly how much money you get depends on the insurance company.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different species?

In the following we want to introduce you to some advantages and disadvantages of each species. Which type of theft protection is the best for you in the end is largely due to your own preference or how important your smartphone really is to you.

Mobile phone theft protection by cover

If you would like to protect your smartphone from theft quite simply with a cover, this is the classic option.

The mobile phone is firmly anchored in the case and a strap or carabiner is placed around your neck so that nobody can simply snatch your smartphone from you.


Because of the attachment your phone is always with you
The cover provides additional protection against damage
usually reasonable price
safer than your pocket


Mobile phone cover can be disturbing (if e.g. around the neck)
if worn openly, it can be snatched by force
Quality of the casings varies

In addition, some providers offer smartphone sleeves that have their own GPS tracking function. Some robbers don’t think about this and are therefore detectable even if they have switched off their mobile phone.

Mobile phone theft protection by lock

A lock for your mobile phone offers you similar protection as the cover. Please note that there are not as many different options as with the smartphone cover, as the market for this product is smaller.


Mobile phone can only be released with a key
is more deterrent than a mere shell
can often be used additionally for tablets or laptops


no protection against e.g. fall damage
more unwieldy than a shell
Key can be lost

Even if a lock via cable looks very secure at first, this variant is unfortunately very inflexible. However, since our smartphone has become a flexible companion in everyday life, you should carefully consider whether this variant is suitable for you. Usually the locks are delivered with two keys.

Mobile phone theft protection per app

Over the last few years, more and more apps and security software have been developed to protect the sensitive data on our mobile phones. Finding the “best app” has become very difficult. Basically, the mobile phone apps are trying to recover your phone by tracking it in case of theft or at least block or delete the data.


The thief does not know about the app
Additional backup of your data
Mobile phone tracking also helps if it has been misplaced


Mobile phone must be switched on for App
Even the best app is not hack-proof

Even if the mobile phone providers offer tracking services on their own initiative (e.g. iPhone Finder), it can make sense to install additional apps. By the way, in case of theft the police will not use the tracking function of your mobile phone. The provider is also not allowed to track your mobile phone for you for data protection reasons. Of course you are free to do this yourself.

Android users can additionally protect their data via their Google account by only being logged in to personalized services such as WhatsApp. Mobile phone tracking, for both iPhone and Android smartphones, is possible on a laptop as long as the phone is turned on and tracking services are active.

Mobile phone theft protection by insurance

As already mentioned, homeowner’s insurance is often not enough to additionally insure the mobile phone. If you own a particularly expensive smartphone, it can be a good idea to take out extra theft insurance.

Here you should read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy carefully before taking it out. If you are very negligent, e.g. if you leave your mobile phone somewhere, the insurance company will in most cases not be liable.


Refund money if the phone is stolen
Is always effective as long as the insurance runs
Partial extra services like display repair etc.


Some with long terms to maturity
Not always clear when exactly the insurance pays
not necessarily favorable

You can always take out theft insurance for your mobile phone. Please note, however, that the insurance cover is usually lower for older mobile phones, as your device has already lost some of its value due to its age. For example, a two-year-old mobile phone has lost about 40 percent of its value. Therefore, the refund in case of theft would only be 60 percent of the purchase price.

You should therefore consider whether you want to insure your new device when you buy it.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and evaluate types of mobile phone anti-theft protection based on these factors

In the following section we would like to show you some criteria that will help you choose the right mobile phone anti-theft protection

  • Cost-benefit ratio of species
  • Features of the insurance
  • Condition of your mobile phone
  • How important is your phone

Cost-benefit ratio of species

Each of the mentioned species offers of course its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is best for you depends on your individual situation. With the following table you can find out what the price-performance ratio of the individual mobile phone anti-theft protection variants is.

When you take out insurance, you also enter into a longer-term commitment. You can replace or remove a cover, a lock or even a security bag at any time. Therefore, these options are much more flexible in their use than insurance.

Features of the insurance

If you have just bought a new and above all expensive mobile phone and would now like to take out extra theft insurance, there are a few things to consider first. Online you will find a lot of different providers of mobile phone theft insurance, so you can easily lose track.

As a rule, you should read the terms and conditions of the respective insurance policy carefully before you take out this policy. You should pay special attention to this:

  • Duration of insurance: In general, most theft protection insurance policies have a minimum term of 12 months. Others have a term of 24 months. From time to time there are also those that can be cancelled daily. Those with longer terms sometimes also offer more services, such as the replacement of chargers etc. To what extent the insurance is cancelable, you should take a close look before you sign the contract.
  • Amount of the excess in case of theft: Depending on the insurance, you may have to pay part of the damage yourself. This will be handled differently depending on the case. Some insurance companies, for example, want a 10% excess for damages, others do not want one or more. Some will reimburse you for the full costs after a common theft, others only for a part.
  • Maximum sum insured: This is about how much the individual insurance finally pays for. Usually the details vary between 1000€ and 5000€. The more expensive theft protection insurances usually pay for a higher sum. Some insurances do not give any details here. You should also consider how expensive your mobile phone is. With cheaper devices (< 500€) the insurance will be cheaper.
  • Basic insurance coverage: Since theft protection for mobile phones is not yet standard among insurance companies, the basic coverage varies greatly. There are those that cover fire and water damage, those that cover vandalism and burglary and those that cover operating errors. Here there are many more variations. For detailed information, you should read the insurance of your choice carefully.

If you have theft protection insurance, you should really be clear whether this is worthwhile for you.

In the end, insurance companies will always try everything to avoid having to pay for the damage. If this is not clearly regulated beforehand, some disputes may arise.

However, if your mobile phone is ever taken out of your pocket, this type of theft protection can also be very good, as you can get a new device without a large deductible.

Whether a theft insurance policy is ultimately the right thing for you is entirely at your own discretion.

Condition of your mobile phone

When it comes to choosing the right anti-theft protection for your smartphone, the condition of your mobile phone is a factor not to be neglected. If you have a device that is already three years old, it is virtually no longer worth taking out insurance. Not only because you will hardly be reimbursed in case of theft, but also because the lifetime of a current mobile phone is hardly longer than four years.

If you insure an already old mobile phone, it can happen that the phone no longer works, but you still have to pay for the theft protection insurance.

So if your phone is older, you should rather use an anti-theft cover, a lock or a cheap app

A combination of cover/lock and security app can be useful.

If your mobile phone has already suffered some property damage, for example if it has been dropped, a cover can provide additional protection. For example, if you have already bought a used mobile phone and it is an outdated model, this may be enough “theft protection”. Light-fingered people tend to look for new models.

How important is your phone

As a final purchase criterion for mobile phone theft protection, you should ask yourself how important your smartphone is for you at the end of the day.

  • If your mobile phone contains a lot of important, sensitive data, from photos to account information, the best form of anti-theft protection can be useful.
  • If you’ve just bought the latest iPhone or Samsung phone for over $1000 and know that you’ll be using it for all sorts of things for the next four years, a combination of protection options can also make sense.
  • If your phone is important to you, but you always take good care of it and have no sensitive information on it, a cheap anti-theft cover may be sufficient.

These are just some of the incentives for your decision. At the end of your consideration you must know for yourself what the best mobile phone anti-theft protection is for you. You may also decide not to go for any of the options, as you never really have a fear of theft. Just be warned that at any time in public, your phone could find another owner.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about mobile phone theft protection

General tips for mobile phone theft prevention

Even if the aforementioned mobile phone theft protection variants are sensible investments, we would like to give you some tips on how to secure your smartphone.

Whether you go to a café, go to the cinema, go on holiday and lie on the beach or go dancing, your mobile phone is usually always with you. Of course, you don’t want to worry about the safety of your valuable mobile phone all the time. However, you should avoid general negligence in handling your mobile phone.

Do not leave the phone unattended anywhere

We all know it: You sit in a café or in a snack bar, look at your mobile phone and the next moment you go to the toilet while leaving your smartphone quite carefree on the table.

One little inattention in public can be enough to cause someone to tamper with your phone and the chances of getting it back, even with the best apps, are pretty slim.

It’s really better to make sure you keep your phone close to your body for effective theft protection, no matter where you go. This also includes a short walk to the toilet. Sitting at the table with a good friend who can take care of you is another story.

Just remember: Your mobile phone is very valuable, and in many cases the people around you know that. It is therefore worth taking good care of it.

Screen lock and SIM card PIN

Fortunately, it has now become standard practice for every smartphone to require a PIN so that it can be operated at all. Modern devices also work with fingerprint, face recognition and PIN code. The code varies in length between 4 and 6 numbers. Android devices like to work with a pattern code.

So be careful who you tell your PIN code to. Sometimes we are very negligent about this, e.g. if someone asks you at the party because they want to turn on another song on your mobile phone. If you don’t know the person well, you should always unlock your smartphone yourself.

You can also additionally secure your SIM card with a PIN. This is also possible later on with a new SIM card. Also make sure that there are no smears on your mobile phone screen that could give hints about the code. Just keep the display as clean as possible.

Stow your mobile safely

If you are in a crowded subway, on a crowded dance floor or in any other place where there are many people in a small space, the risk of theft is particularly high!

In a situation like this, make sure that your phone

  • Best in an inside pocket on the body is (or in a theft protection cover)
  • Not in a backpack on your back or anywhere else where you can’t see
  • Not in the back pocket is

Even if you have your mobile phone in a zippered jacket pocket, you should not turn your attention away completely, especially in crowded places. For experienced pickpockets, it is easy to steal your smartphone unnoticed (even from a zipper).

Personalise your phone

Nowadays many people own the same model of mobile phone. How many people do you meet at a big party who all have the new iPhone in black? in the worst case many also have the same protective cover. At this point it can really become a problem if you find your phone in the turmoil

To avoid someone else plugging in your mobile phone or you accidentally take the wrong model home with you, you should customize your phone as much as possible. This can take the form of

  • unusual covers
  • Stickers
  • Individuals Gravures

be. Think of something so you can recognize your device in all cases.

In general, you are advised not to store cash card PINs or other important passwords on your phone.

It’s also smart to somehow remember the IMEI number of your smartphone. The IMEI number is the individual identification number of your device. Every phone has its own number, so it can be identified exactly by the IMEI.

On an iPhone, you can find the IMEI either engraved on the back of the phone, or in the phone’s settings under “Information”. Android users can find their IMEI number on a sticker under the battery, or in the settings.

Anti-theft protection for mobile phones in cars

Unfortunately, if the mobile phone is stolen from the car, in most cases the normal household insurance does not pay. Here the rule (especially for the insurance) that valuables should not be left in the car applies. Your mobile phone should therefore never be left in the car while you are not in it yourself.

Mobile phone stolen anyway – What now?

If your mobile phone is stolen despite all precautions, your first action should be to go to the police to report it. If you have installed additional security tips, you can try to locate your phone using their function or block your phone or delete important data.

If you have memorized your IMEI number and can prove it to your mobile phone provider, the provider can also block your phone for you. However, the smartphone must be switched on and still operate on the same network. If the thief has switched off the phone or changed the SIM card, this is unfortunately not possible.

Since most cell phone thieves know about these things, you will often not be able to do much. So it is really important for you to take enough precautions to prevent theft in the first place.

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