WLAN Camera: Review & Recommendations

Welcome to our big WLAN camera test 2020, where we present you all WLAN cameras that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best product for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. You will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a WLAN camera.

The most important facts in brief

  • WLAN cameras can also provide a certain amount of security, as their presence may also deter burglars from their plans. The apparent surveillance that is suspected may result in fewer incidents.
  • Because the WLAN camera, as the name suggests, is connected to the WLAN at home, it is possible to keep an eye on everything while on the move. So the living room, the garden or the complete house or building where the cameras are installed can be monitored. This can be done via an app or online via PC.
  • There are many different WLAN cameras from different companies, but there are also different types of WLAN cameras, all of which have different characteristics or all of which have different capabilities. By a sufficient research or also a detailed information which functions you need, you can also choose from different price sectors. For example, if you need a WLAN camera with fewer functions, it is possible to choose a slightly cheaper one.

WLAN camera test: Favourites of the editorial team

That best Outdoor WLAN camera

The best outdoor wireless camera you can buy at Amazon includes night vision features, smartphone and PC compatibility, and has a motion detector and alarm.

The storage with this surveillance camera is done via an SD card, which can have up to 64GB. The WLAN camera is suitable for ceiling mounting and weighs only 600g.

The set for the attachment is already included. Due to its robust construction it can withstand temperatures from -10° to 50° Celsius. Its resolution includes an image quality of HD 1280*960 and a 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor.

Please note that the WLAN camera cannot be used by Apple PCs.

But if you have a Windows PC and are looking for a good price-performance ratio, this is the place for you. Because the WLAN camera of SV3C is at a price of only 39,99€ and is thus for us on place 1.

That best Indoor WLAN camera

Since not only properties or houses must be guarded, but possibly also dogs, children or simply the interior of the house, there are also the indoor WLAN cameras.

Here the WLAN camera from KAMTRON offers a suitable product. This surveillance camera offers a service ranging from compatibility with a smartphone, night vision, a baby monitor up to 350°/100° swivel.

The white WLAN camera weighs about 600g and has cloud storage. The camera is connected by means of a power cable.

The motion sensor is ideally suited as a baby monitor and a two-way audio system is integrated.

Who decides for this WLAN camera does not only pay a price of 42,99€, but also has at the same time a small surveillance camera for everyday life, but even when nobody is at home, some important rooms can be observed on the smartphone.

The best wireless WLAN camera for outdoor and indoor

You can find them on Amazon from Ctronics. This WLAN camera includes a 1080P lithium-ion battery, a motion detector, which is used to send push messages, night vision is integrated and can be used in all weather conditions.

If you are now wondering how often you have to charge the battery. The answer is: every 4-6 months this is only necessary.

The camera weighs approx. 540g and is easy to mount to the ceiling or other places, as you have the choice between magnetic or metal mounting.

In addition, the WLAN camera can be used with the iOS operating system but also Android and controlled by an app.

Special feature of this WLAN camera is the integrated PIR technology system.

This causes the WLAN camera to detect weather conditions and accordingly does not send erroneous messages when it rains or snows, because it recognizes that the movement is due to the weather and no person or anything else is in front of the house.

The surveillance camera is available at a price of 89,99€.

Advisor: Questions to consider before you buy a WLAN camera

Why do you need WLAN cameras and how do they work?

WLAN cameras are a small surveillance tool to ensure a little more security in case of absence. They help with the surveillance of private properties both indoors and outdoors.

Depending on the type of WLAN camera, it works with a SIM memory or a cloud memory. In all cases, the WLAN camera must be connected to the home WLAN router in order to work.

The installation with the WLAN router is carried out without any problems using the operating instructions provided with the respective WLAN-K

With a WLAN camera you always keep the overview.

But how does the whole thing work? WLAN cameras work like this after setup: If you are not at home, for example on vacation or at work for a longer period of time and you are worried about your beloved home, the WLAN camera will be used.

It usually monitors the entrance area or apartment unnoticed, depending on the location.

It is only necessary to attach it to the place to be guarded and you feel safer, because now you have the possibility to watch your home whenever you want.

The video material that the WLAN camera can deliver can then be called up either on the mobile phone or PC.

How much does a WLAN camera cost?

Since there are different types of WLAN cameras, the price for a particular WLAN camera will also vary.
But you should be aware in advance which model is really needed for your home or the place to be monitored. Is a small mini WLAN camera enough, for example?
Or do I want to have the whole area monitored? Do I accordingly need a WLAN camera with a higher range or image resolution? These are all criteria that will ultimately determine the price.

Specifically, one can say that WLAN cameras can be obtained in a price range of 5.95€-10,000€.

Is a WLAN camera suitable for home surveillance?

The WLAN camera is perfect for home surveillance. Not only the front garden can be monitored, but also the garage or garden, as well as the indoor area.

Live broadcasts are also possible.

Through the WLAN connection, everything is stored and live transmissions are possible, making the WLAN camera the perfect way for the insecure to have everything and everywhere at a glance.

But even in an emergency, the WLAN camera can be a useful helper to call out alarms directly if something should happen.

Do WLAN cameras also work outside?

Yeah, wi-fi cameras work outdoors, too. There are now WLAN cameras designed specifically for outdoor use that are more robustly built to withstand all weather conditions.
For these weather conditions, such as rain, storm, snow or particularly high temperatures, they are made of materials that can be exposed to exactly that.

In addition, WLAN cameras for outdoor use are usually designed to have a night vision function but also a higher range and image quality, since all this can be influenced by weather conditions.

Where can I buy a WLAN camera?

You can buy a WLAN camera in any store that offers digital products and technology. In order to have everything at a glance, a small listing follows:

Camera Express

But the WLAN cameras can not only be purchased in online shops or building houses, but one can also decide on a brand in advance and order it directly from the manufacturer.

What alternatives are there to the WLAN camera?

One can say that one does not have many options. Either you have a wireless camera or you don’t have one. One option is a fake surveillance camera.

Intrusion protection
Camera dummy

This is a very cost-effective alternative, especially for those people who see the value of a WLAN camera in the fact that it acts as a “deterrent object” on the house.

WLAN camera dummies can usually be found at Amazon and are available from a price of 1.99€.

Nevertheless, the note remains: Dummies are no substitute for WLAN cameras. WLAN cameras are objects that are not only there to deter burglars.

Decision: What types of WLAN cameras are there and which one is right for you?

Basically one can distinguish between four different types of WLAN cameras:

  • Outdoor surveillance cameras
  • Network-based surveillance cameras
  • Domekameras
  • Mini surveillance cameras

These four types are characterized by very different functions. And to help you decide which one to choose, the next section describes the advantages and disadvantages of each type of WLAN camera.

What distinguishes an outdoor surveillance camera and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

WLAN cameras for outdoor use have been built especially for these circumstances. In order for them to withstand all weather conditions, they are made of a robust material that can withstand cold and heat as well as snow and rain.

In addition, there are these WLAN cameras extended with different ranges. Some can cover an entire area, others only the entrance area or similar.

In addition, the WLAN cameras are equipped with a night vision lens, since most burglaries happen at night, as perpetrators often find themselves in safety through the darkness.

With the night vision of a WLAN surveillance camera this error can be counteracted.

In contrast, the WLAN camera for outdoor use unfortunately has a few disadvantages. Due to its usually many functions and quality, this type of WLAN camera is often more expensive to purchase.


robust against weather conditions
adaptable to different ranges
Day and night monitoring possible


expensive to buy
potential hacker attacks
blind spots with minimal misalignment

Because it is a WLAN camera and it is connected to the home network, the danger of hacker attacks at this point cannot be avoided. The following applies here: Observe protective measures!

Care must also be taken with the independent attachment. It is important that the camera is mounted at the correct angle to avoid blind spots in the ideal case, as not all WLAN cameras designed for outdoor use can turn their lens everywhere.

What distinguishes a network-based surveillance camera and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Network-based WLAN cameras include many new features that make it even easier to fully utilize the surveillance camera to meet different needs.

Advantages of this type of WLAN camera are that it normally has a high resolution and this resolution is visible during digital observation. On your mobile phone or PC you have a clear view of what is happening.

Of course, remote access is possible with this type of WLAN camera. From anywhere you can access the content to be viewed on the move. In addition, this WLAN camera works without cables and runs on a lithium-ion battery, which is very durable.


High resolution
Remote access possible
Function without cable


expensive to buy
Technical understanding required for installation

In terms of disadvantages, this means that this type of WLAN camera is also more expensive to purchase, as it is not possible to use a WLAN camera in the same way. […]

A little technical understanding on the part of the person who applies it should be present in the best case, so that everything can run smoothly.

What distinguishes a dome camera and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Dome cameras differ from the types of other cameras mainly in their appearance, because they look like a small hemisphere or dome, as the name suggests.

These dome cameras come in different sizes, so they are relatively unobtrusive in smaller sizes. It is also possible to take night shots with these cameras. The biggest difference and advantage of this WLAN camera is the fixed and varifocal lens.

This camera is able to move its lens in all directions and capture almost everything that is 360° around it. By positioning it correctly, it is possible to have everyone in view.


Night vision possible
Fixed and varifocal lens
high range or mobility


expensive to buy
Technical understanding required for installation

WLAN cameras are normally not cheap, hence the disadvantage of the expensive purchase. Usually the materials and functions are so high that an expensive price is also reasonable.

In addition, with this WLAN camera it also depends again on the correct fixation. That is why technical understanding is also required here in order to be able to use everything to your advantage.

What distinguishes a mini surveillance camera and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

As the name suggests, the Mini Surveillance Camera is characterized by the fact that it is very light and small in shape and size – perfect for intentionally unobtrusive surveillance. It is especially handy in its form and can be positioned anywhere.

An additional possibility is the integration into smoke and motion detectors. This combination makes monitoring even more inconspicuous.


Small and unobtrusive
Can be integrated into smoke and motion detectors


Only suitable for small rooms
Mostly lower image resolution
For indoor use only

The disadvantage of this small mini WLAN camera is that it is usually only suitable for small rooms and has a slightly lower resolution due to its compact nature, as it is no longer technically feasible due to its size.

It is also advised to use these mini surveillance cameras exclusively for indoor use, as the materials are not made for outdoor use.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate WLAN cameras based on these factors

In the following, we will show you which aspects can be used to decide between the multitude of possible purchase criteria for a certain type of WLAN camera. These are as follows:

  • Data protection
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Material
  • Visibility
  • Image resolution/night vision
  • App Control

The following paragraphs will now explain what these individual purchase criteria involve.

Data protection

The subject of data protection has a high priority for this digital WLAN camera.

Just like other digital devices, it is possible to hack the camera, but there is also a data protection problem if, for example, the house is too close to a public road or is filming it.

It is therefore important that guidelines are followed. No recordings may be published without the consent of the recorded person.

In addition, the stored recordings must not be stored for too long and must only be handed over to the police, for example, for security purposes.

You may only film on your own property.

It is best to install your WLAN camera in such a way that the recorded area that the camera captures does not exceed the area of your own property, and above all, you should never install your WLAN camera in rooms that are too private, such as bedrooms or bathrooms.

The WLAN camera should also have its own firewall installed to deter viruses and Trojans.


The weight of a WLAN camera plays a major role in that it either makes installation more difficult or easier. The heavier the camera, the more secure the installation must be.

WLAN cameras weigh between 70 grams and 1.5 kg.

It is also easier to find suitable positions for the camera if the camera has a lighter weight. How much WLAN cameras weigh varies greatly. This range is approximately from 70 grams to 1.5 kg.


The same applies roughly to the size of the WLAN camera. The smaller the camera, the easier it should generally be to install, but here another point is a decisive factor.

Small cameras are more discreet.

Because the smaller the camera is, the easier it is to remain undetected by burglars, because you can either hide it intentionally or it can also remain more inconspicuous due to its size.

The mini surveillance camera is particularly suitable for this purpose, if you want to install it indoors.


Those who focus on the quality of the camera will in most cases choose a WLAN camera made of materials that promise higher quality.

Many rely on WLAN cameras, which have an aluminium cover and contain few plastic parts.

This then has an influence on the price to be paid, but often it is of higher value, especially for outdoor WLAN cameras, to buy a higher quality WLAN camera once, so that it can withstand more extreme weather conditions.


When it comes to visibility, it is especially important to know in advance where the WLAN camera is to be placed so that a WLAN camera can be selected that will reach the desired target in terms of visibility.

This information is always directly visible at the time of purchase and thus serves as a decision maker.

Image resolution/ night vision

The most important thing of a WLAN camera is usually the quality of the lens, because without a sharp image it is still difficult to detect burglars, for example, or to fully recognize the content.

This criterion is also important for indoor applications, for example when the WLAN camera is used as a baby monitor.

Furniture & Equipment
Baby monitors

Furniture & Equipment
Baby monitors with camera

This also includes the night vision function of a WLAN camera lens. Without this, it remains difficult at night, in the supposedly most important period, to have an overview.

It is also important to select a camera with this function, but which also has a high pixel count.

App Control

Many people want to be able to see what is going on in front of their door at all times, even when they are on the move. To do this, it is important to select a WLAN camera that supports app control or to install a separate app for this purpose.

It is necessary to obtain detailed information beforehand, as not all of them support this function, but many only offer online monitoring, which must be called up with the PC.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about WLAN cameras

You want to learn more about WLAN cameras? In our trivia section we have collected some interesting information about surveillance cameras.

How do I connect my WLAN camera to the Fritzbox?

Since setting up a WLAN camera is not always the easiest thing for everyone, here is a short visual guide on how it works:

How do I operate my WLAN camera with my mobile phone?

In order to operate your WLAN camera with your mobile phone or to make a surveillance visible on your mobile phone, it must be ensured that the WLAN camera you have purchased is also capable of this, which is the case in most cases.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

    First of all, the corresponding app must be downloaded to your own mobile phone. This is possible for both Android and Apple. Please read the user manual to download the corresponding app.
    After downloading the correct app, you will be asked to add the WLAN camera to the app. You will be asked if you want to add this IP camera, where you should answer “Yes” to this question.
    The last step is just to select the right WLAN camera, click on it and go to the live broadcast.

If all these steps have worked out, you now have the possibility to easily follow the transmission of the WLAN camera and, if you have a sufficient internet connection, you can watch it on the road.

Consequently, other settings are also possible, such as motion alarms that send push notifications to the mobile phone or the possibility of intercom through the loudspeaker to possibly deter possible intruders.

Nevertheless, the note remains: A WLAN camera does not protect against burglars. It can only show burglaries to the owner and possibly deter burglars by its appearance. But it is no guarantee that no burglar will find his way into the house.

How do I integrate my WLAN camera into my smart home system?

Anyone who owns a smart home system can further benefit in terms of practicality by integrating their WLAN camera. Enclosed you will find an example video to give an introduction to an example system: