Shower Booths 75×90: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our large shower enclosures 75×90 test 2020, where we present you all 75x90cm shower enclosures that we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the web.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best 75x90cm shower enclosures for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page, which you should pay attention to if you want to buy 75x90cm shower enclosures.

The most important facts in brief

  • The 75×90 shower cubicle is a 90cm long and 75cm wide partition alternative for the shower room.
  • A distinction is made between shower cubicles with or without threshold. Your personal taste determines which type of shower cubicle suits you best.
  • Threshold shower cabins are economical and provide you with a wide choice. Shower cabins without a threshold offer you a comfortable use and score points with their aesthetics.

Shower cubicle 75×90 Test: Editors’ favourites

  • The best shower enclosure 75×90 with threshold
  • The best shower enclosure 75×90 without threshold
  • The best shower enclosure 75×90 with sliding door

The best shower enclosure 75×90 with threshold

The shower cabin Royalux Neo 90x75cm from Duschmeister has a height of 195cm and uses glass as shower wall material. Duschmeister offers you profile chrome look and 6 mm tempered safety glass. A solid stainless steel rod handle is included. The shower tray must be purchased separately.

The safety glass has been tested according to EN 12150 and is of high quality. Sliding doors are hinged and have an easy-clean function and magnetic seal. The bar handle is manufactured according to industry standard 304, with a hole spacing of 145mm. You are offered a durable 16 roller system made of a zinc alloy.

The best shower enclosure 75×90 without threshold

The shower cabin Ravenna05K by Mai & Mai is equipped with a revolving door made of 8mm ESG safety glass and has a height of 190cm. Panes are made of clear glass. It is possible to install the shower cabin at ground level

The glass has a beading-off effect due to the lotus coating. The revolving door can only be opened to the outside and closes magnetically. A threshold is not required for floor-level installation. Stabilizers are made of stainless steel.

The best shower enclosure 75×90 with sliding door

The i-flair shower cabin offers you shower walls made of 8mm thick safety glass with nano coating. The sliding doors are equipped with a magnetic lock and rubber seals. You have an adjustment range of 15mm at your disposal. A detailed assembly instruction, as well as assembly material will be sent to you including.

Due to its extensive attributes the i-flair shower enclosure is a very good corner solution for your bathroom. If you want to mount the shower cabin on sloping walls, this is absolutely no problem. In order to eliminate watertightness at the bottom, you will also be supplied with an aluminium baseboard.

Guide: Questions you should consider before buying a 75x90cm shower enclosure

What is a 75x90cm shower enclosure?

A shower enclosure is a watertight construction that is separated from the bathroom by several walls. It has a drain and a door for access to the interior.

Our presented specimens have a length of 90cm and a width of 75cm. They thus offer you a space-saving possibility for the need of a shower.

The design of the shower cabins is very versatile and has something for every taste.

How much is a 75x90cm shower cubicle?

Depending on the quality and characteristics of the shower enclosure, its price range can vary greatly. Inexpensive models are available from as little as €150, while high quality, custom-made shower enclosures can have a retail price of over €2000.
The price range is mainly calculated based on quality class, function and design.

On the one hand you can buy shower cubicles with threshold for a relatively low price of 150 €, on the other hand there are exquisite shower cubicle copies for which you have to pay up to 1000 €. The offer is very wide, which means that it is easy to find a fair price with your individual buying criteria.

The production of shower enclosures without a threshold is resource-intensive. In addition to the desirable appearance, the risk of accidents caused by the edge of the cabin is also eliminated. Quality has its price. Shower cabins without threshold have a market value of at least 500 €. Depending on the model, this can rise up to 2000 €.

Where can I buy a 75x90cm shower enclosure?

75×90 shower cubicles are available at your local DIY store, department store, furniture store and specialty shop.

The most convenient and recommended option is to buy in our online shop.

With this list you have an overview of online shops that have extensive offers in their assortment.

All products on this page are linked to Amazon. If a model has aroused your interest, you can strike immediately.

Why should I buy a 75x90cm shower enclosure?

The main advantages of the shower enclosure are its compactness, waterproofness, easy maintenance and aesthetics.
With a length of 90cm and width of 75cm, the shower cabin is also suitable for smaller bathrooms. Due to its compactness, the shower enclosure offers efficiency in using the available space.

During installation, great care is taken to ensure that the shower enclosure is watertight. No water should get into the bathroom through the shower construction. Unnecessary wiping and the potential danger of slipping are minimized.

By drying the water on the surface of the shower cubicle quickly, you give little chance of mould growth. The maintenance of the shower cubicle is easy. Often you only have to wipe the water off the windows with a rubber wiper for a short time and the work is done

Shower cubicles stand out due to their minimalist and fashionable design. They look aesthetic and give the bathroom a clean, stylish touch.

What alternatives to the 75x90cm shower cubicle are there?

Shower with curtain: The shower area is separated from the rest of the room by a waterproof curtain. The shower with curtain is probably by far the cheapest alternative to the shower cabin.
Shower with swing door: With the shower with swing door you enter the shower area by opening the door. The swing door can be swung inwards and outwards.
Shower with trap door: In principle, the shower with trap door is a walk-in shower where you can open and close the folding shower panel as required.
Walk-in shower: As the name suggests, the walk-in shower allows you to simply walk under the shower head without creating an obstacle in the way. Walk-in showers usually only have a protective screen that catches water splashes.

Decision: What types of 75x90cm shower enclosures are available and which one is right for you?

What distinguishes 75x90cm shower cabins with threshold and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Shower cabins with threshold can be purchased from a price of 150 €. On average, this type of shower cubicle costs about half as much as a threshold-free model with similar attributes.

The barrier gives the shower enclosure the best possible protection against leaking water. It keeps the water used in the shower within the construction. This minimizes the outflow into the bathroom to a large extent.

The range of choice of different shower enclosure models with threshold is huge. You can determine the criteria for quality, functions and design yourself, and on the basis of these criteria you will be able to choose a model that is suitable in terms of price.


Complete sealing
Large selection


Risk of tripping

The threshold represents a potential risk of accident. It is possible to trip over the barrier and injure yourself. Through direct contact with water and personal care products, the threshold can become an exchange platform.

Since the barrier is constantly in contact with moisture, it can act as a reservoir for germs and bacteria. Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain a well-tended shower enclosure with threshold.

The appearance of the threshold is a thorn in the side for some people. The clean, simple appearance of threshold-free shower cabins is often preferred.

What distinguishes 75x90cm shower cabins without threshold and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Handling the thresholdless shower cubicle is remarkably comfortable. Not only does the somewhat annoying crossing of the barrier, including the risk of accidents, disappear, but maintenance times are also kept very low.

With the threshold-free shower cubicle you have the prospect of an individually made-to-measure shower. You can have the model completely adapted to your taste, which leaves you a lot of freedom.

The appearance of the threshold-free shower cubicle is popular and trendy. It impresses with its elegant, minimalist aesthetics.


Made to measure


Complex mounting
Susceptibility Density

The price range of thresholdless shower cabins is 500-2000 €. Custom-made products, high-quality materials and special functions drive up the price.

The duration and complexity of the installation of models without thresholds is much higher than that of shower cabins with barrier. As a rule, the installation should be carried out by professionals.

Due to the absence of the threshold and because of the aesthetic prioritization of the shower enclosure components, it is possible that in certain cases small amounts of water flow through the construction into the bathroom.

Purchase criteria: With these factors you can compare and rate 75x90cm shower enclosures

  • Gestaltung
  • Door type
  • Shower panel material
  • Height


In general, square and round designs are available when choosing shower enclosures. Square models are divided into rectangular (three-sided) and five-sided designs. Round models include U-shaped and quarter-circular shower enclosures.

Square shower enclosures are distinguished by the number of partition sides. Thus, rectangular and five-sided models have 4 and 5 partitions respectively.

In the round shower cabins, the U-shaped model has the contour of a semicircle. Quarter-circle models are installed in the corner of the bathroom. A single rounded partition wall is installed to divide the room.

Door type

There are 4 door types with different functions available. The different door types include: Sliding door, trap door, swing door and the revolving door.

The sliding door is opened and closed again by moving it to the side. Before buying, make sure that the sliding door allows a gliding, uncomplicated use.

With the folding door, the door elements are folded to the side before using the shower cubicle. Some folding doors can fold away inwards and outwards.

In this video you can see how folding away the glass elements works practically:

Thanks to its swing door hinges, the swing door can be opened in both directions. This comes in handy if you have your hands full and still want to enter the shower cubicle without further ado.

Pull the revolving door to gain access to the shower cubicle. To leave it again, you have to push outwards. Unlike the swing door, the swing door can only be opened in one direction.

Shower panel material

Synthetic glass made of plastic or real glass is used to manufacture the shower panel. Shower panels made of plastic are much cheaper to buy than those made of real glass. Even when repairs are due, plastic panels are much cheaper than glass panels.

Cleaning the shower screen requires about the same effort for both variants. Furthermore, you can count on a similar amount of limescale removal for all 2 types of pane.

If you attach great importance to stability and scratch resistance, the glass shower panel is clearly the better alternative. The disadvantage of this type of shower screen is that in rare cases it can shatter if the pressure is too high.

Discs made of plastic have a very diverse range of products. However, if an exclusive design is more important to you, the glass shower panel is recommended.

Opaque shower walls are mostly available in synthetic glass. Only in a few cases are frosted panes made of real glass.


For smaller people a 185cm high model is completely sufficient. Large adults should rather choose specimens that are over 195cm high.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about shower enclosures 75×90

What operations are carried out when installing a 75x90cm shower enclosure?

By and large, the mounting can be divided into 4 steps:

    Preparatory work
    Mounting shower enclosure components

If you want to install a shower cubicle in your bathroom, make sure that it is suitable for the space in question. You should also make sure that the shower walls will fit on your shower tray. Make measurements to define suitable sizes of shower enclosure components.

The following video shows you how to make a sw

During the preparatory work, remove silicone sealants from the old shower device and analyse joints and tiles. Ask yourself whether you need to get new tiles and whether certain shower enclosure components can be reused.

Once you have completed the preparatory work, you will come to the actual mounting. Install wall brackets and shower panels. Then install the shower door.

The last step of shower enclosure installation is the sealing. Intersections of the shower enclosure with the wall and floor should be sealed with silicone.

In order to achieve the best possible results when installing a shower enclosure, a professional installation is recommended.

How do I maintain a 75x90cm shower enclosure?

We will give you tips on how best to clean shower cubicle doors and walls made of glass or plastic. You will learn which agents, lime and mould prevent or combat. It is also important to keep an eye on less apparent areas of the shower cubicle to optimize hygiene.

Glass panes are best cleaned with vinegar or rinse aid. Plastic windows are best maintained with plastic or vinegar cleaner.

To efficiently counteract limescale and impurities, it is best to use the rubber wiper on the shower cabin windows after showering. Lime and dirt formation is thus minimized. The best remedies against mould are vinegar essence, alcohol or yeast.

The cleaning of inconspicuous areas such as corners or tiles is often forgotten. To keep corners clean, it is best to use a small brush. Tiles can be repaired by using baking powder

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