Shower Booths 90×90: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our large 90×90 cm shower enclosure test 2020, where we present all 90×90 cm shower enclosures that we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the web.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best 90×90 cm shower enclosure for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. On this page you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a 90×90 cm shower enclosure.

The most important facts in brief

  • 90×90 cm shower cubicles are available in a wide variety of designs and shapes so that they can be adapted to the conditions in your bathroom.
  • In principle, 90×90 cm shower cubicles are sold as free-standing cubicles or as corner showers. The conditions in the bathroom usually decide which of the two types can be used.
  • A 90×90 cm shower cubicle can be equipped very extensively. Rain showers, light effects and shower radios can bring a wellness feeling to your home.

90×90 cm shower cubicle test: Favourites of the editors

  • The best affordable 90×90 cm quarter-circle shower
  • The best frameless 90×90 shower enclosure
  • The best 90×90 shower cabin with revolving door
  • The best freestanding 90×90 shower enclosure

The best affordable 90×90 cm quarter-circle shower

This affordable quarter-circle shower can be purchased with or without shower tray. It is also available in the dimensions 80×80 cm, 90×90 cm and 100×100 cm with a height of 185 cm. The shower cubicle is fully framed and fitted with 6 mm thick glass. The doors can be opened with a sliding mechanism.

The customers are enthusiastic about the good quality despite the low price. The installation is easy for hobby craftsmen to handle. According to the buyers, the doors are easy to open and close and cleaning is also uncomplicated.

If you prefer a 90×90 cm shower cubicle for the corner of your bathroom and do not want to spend a lot of money on it, this is certainly the right choice.

The best frameless 90×90 shower enclosure

This 90×90 shower cabin is an optical highlight for every bathroom. It is available in numerous sizes and has 8 mm thick safety glass. The corner entry with the swing doors is barrier-free accessible when installed at floor level.

The nano-coating makes cleaning the doors very easy. On the wall, a difference of up to 15 mm can be compensated with the panes.

The customers are enthusiastic about the quality and the high-class design of the shower. Above all, the visual appearance, but also the easy installation score points with this 90×90 shower enclosure.

Should a noble cabin without edges become an eye-catcher in your bathroom, then this is certainly one of the best on the market.

The best 90×90 shower cabin with revolving door

This affordable 90x90x190 shower enclosure is designed for corner installation. The 5 mm glass, which is partially framed, can be purchased transparent or frosted. Access to the cabin is via the corner entry, in the shower there is a hand shower and a rain shower. The customers especially appreciate the easy assembly with the help of the very detailed assembly instructions.

If you prefer a 90×90 shower cabin with a revolving door and two showers, this is certainly a very good choice.

The best freestanding 90×90 shower enclosure

This 90x90x185 cm freestanding shower enclosure can be purchased with 6 mm thick clear or textured glass. The doors have a magnetic lock and can be easily removed and cleaned thanks to the Click & Clean system.

The customers appreciate the good price-performance ratio of the 90×90 shower enclosure and were able to handle the installation well with the detailed instructions. It looks very stable and noble and is a real eye-catcher in a slightly larger bathroom.

If a free-standing 90×90 shower cubicle should fit into your bathroom, it is certainly one of the best.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before buying a 90×90 cm shower enclosure

How do I correctly measure what dimensions my shower should have?

Measuring shower enclosures can sometimes be a little confusing. You can watch this video as a first step. It explains how to measure your bathroom correctly and how to find the right shower enclosure for it later.

What shape should a 90×90 cm shower enclosure have?

Shower cabins measuring 90×90 cm are available in many different shapes. Basically, 90×90 cm shower cabins are sold in quarter-circle form, as pentagonal cabins and as square shower. Of course there are many other shapes, but these three are the most common.

Each of these forms has different advantages, which allows them to be adapted to the most diverse conditions in the bathroom. In the following table, we illustrate the characteristics of the three forms of the 90×90.

In addition to these three forms, there are also U-shaped shower cubicles, semi-circular showers, shower doors for niches or even showers with bath tub tops.

How should a 90×90 cm shower enclosure be equipped?

The equipment of the 90×90 cm shower can vary according to your requirements. There are special wall mountings, which are especially advantageous for frameless shower cabins, as they seal the cabin better and thus prevent water from leaking.
The glass is one of the most important components of a shower cabin. There is also a wide range of glass available, which should be easy to care for in the first place, so that you can enjoy beautiful glass for a long time. Besides clear glass, there are also tinted glass, mirror glass, frosted glass, milk glass, etc.
Here you can decide according to your preferences and decide for yourself what fits best in your bathroom.

The ideal height of a shower cubicle is 190 cm.

Usually shower cabins are sold in 175, 185, 190 and 200 cm height. For very tall people, showers are also made in 220 cm height. Here, attention should also be paid to what the structural conditions allow.

A so-called nano-coating, which allows dirt and water to roll off the glass of the shower cubicle, facilitates cleaning.

The shower head is also very important in the equipment. A hand shower is the most common of all shower heads. It can be hung on a bracket and can also be held in the hand if required.

A head shower is mounted on the ceiling and lets drops fall from numerous nozzles. A combination of both is often installed. More about this in the next chapter.

There are also various lighting, massage jets or even shower radios. There are no limits to the equipment possibilities.

What types of shower heads are there?

Even the selection of a suitable shower head can certainly increase the comfort in a shower. In the following table we show you which shower heads are available and what functions they have.

Which entrance is best suited for 90×90 shower stalls?

Barrier-free access to the shower is particularly important for people with disabilities. Without a shower tray, i.e. when the showers are level with the floor, access is normally possible even with a wheelchair. There is also a wide range of equipment available.
In certain structural conditions, access to the shower should also be considered. Swing doors are often a suitable solution here, as they can be opened inwards and outwards. If radiators, the toilet or cupboards are located next to the shower cubicle, doors with fixed side panels or even pivot doors can be used.
Particularly space-saving are folding doors that can be folded up against the wall. Sliding doors are also very popular where space is limited, as they allow wide access.

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Especially the over 50 year old Germans like to turn up the temperature control in the shower. Only three percent shower only cold. Also regular alternating showers are in Deut

What does a 90×90 cm shower cubicle cost?

The price of a 90×90 shower cubicle can vary greatly due to the different equipment options and differences in quality. The cheapest models are available for about 280€, in the middle price range the shower cabins in the dimensions 90×90 are available for about 500€ and very expensive models cost about 2.800€.

Where can I buy a 90×90 cm shower enclosure?

90×90 shower cubicles are generally available wherever sanitary facilities are available. However, shower cabins are also sold in some DIY stores. Many suppliers specialise in bathroom furnishings, so you will probably get the best advice from these retailers.
When choosing your 90×90 cm shower enclosure, you should know manufacturers such as Hoesch, Reuter, Koralle, HSK, Hüppe, Kermi, Sprinz or Duscholux.
There is also a large selection of 90×90 cm shower enclosures available online. Dealers like, or sell many different models. Also DIY stores like OBI or Hornbach sell 90×90 shower cabins.

What alternatives are there to 90×90 cm shower cubicles?

The 90×90 cm dimension is the standard dimension for shower cabins. Of course there are also larger or smaller models for the different conditions of each bathroom. Shower trays are usually offered from 70 to 200 cm long and 60 to 180 cm wide. In addition to the standard size, 80×80 cm showers are often in demand.

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In addition, as an alternative to a shower cubicle, there would also be the bathtub with shower curtain, which combines bathtub and shower. This is above all a very cheap solution compared to a shower cubicle, but the comfort and appearance of a shower cubicle are much higher.

Decision: What types of 90×90 cm shower enclosures are available and which one is right for you?

But if you want to buy a 90×90 cm shower enclosure, there are two alternatives to choose from:

  • 90×90 cm showers for corners
  • Freestanding 90×90 cm showers

The handling and use of the two different 90×90 cm shower cabins brings
each has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you prefer and what you want to use the shower cubicle for, a different type is suitable for you. Through the following
section should make your decision easier.

What distinguishes 90×90 cm showers for corners and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Shower cubicles designed for corners are especially advantageous in smaller bathrooms. They take up little space, but are still spacious. There are quadrant, square and pentagonal shower cabins. Each of them convinces with its elegant form and can become an eye-catcher in many bathrooms, depending on the circumstances. All types of doors can also be used for corner shower cabins.


Need little space
Every door can be used


Fully framed showers are visually less attractive
Head shower less suitable for use

What distinguishes free-standing 90×90 cm showers and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Freestanding showers are particularly impressive with their appearance. If the space in the bathroom allows it, such showers are available as a cabin or as a walk-in shower. The cabins are usually square, with the walk-in shower a glass pane is usually parallel to the wall and level with the floor. There are also different versions available.


Barrier-free access
All types of showers can be used


Walk-in model has no splash guard
Heat is lost without a cabin
Assembly can be difficult

Purchase criteria: With these factors you can compare and rate 90×90 shower enclosures

Before you buy a shower enclosure 90×90 cm, you should know what criteria you should consider. These are the priority:

  • Glas
  • Entry
  • Tür
  • Frame
  • Formular


According to the law, all showers must be equipped with safety glass so that the glass pane does not break when damaged, but shatters into many small, harmless pieces. As a rule, shower cabins are offered in 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm thick glass.

For larger doors and glass walls we recommend a minimum glass thickness of 6 mm.

Stronger glasses are more expensive due to the higher material intensity, but are very solid in use. With some models, even with a 10 mm glass thickness, it is possible to dispense with the holding stabilizers.

Glass showers made of clear glass create a special expanse. But if you want a little more privacy, you should choose a glass that is partially or completely frosted. Coloured or printed glass is also available.

Special films with different motifs or simply with a frosted glass effect can be stuck on clear glass. In addition, there are showers with mirror glass, droplet decoration, Carré or Chinchilla glass.

Most shower cabins are equipped with a nano-coating. This coating ensures that the water drops roll off and less dirt sticks to the walls. Lime can also be more difficult to deposit and cleaning is easier.


As a rule, you can enter a 90×90 cm shower cubicle via a corner entrance or a side entrance. The choice of the door and the conditions in the bathroom are decisive.

If the toilet or a cupboard is in the way, you should choose a door that does not require a swivel range. Usually 90×90 cm shower cubicles with corner entry are sold, but if the circumstances in the bathroom require it, a side entry is a good choice.


There are different types of doors that your 90×90 shower enclosure can be equipped with. In the following table we will show you which doors are available and what features they have.

When choosing the door, the entrance should also be taken into account, as not every door is suitable for corner or side entry. Here too, you can decide according to your visual ideas.

It is important to plan where the toilet, cupboards or radiators will be located and whether sufficient swivel range is available for opening the door.


There are three types of frames for 90×90 shower enclosures: fully framed, partially framed and frameless. The price usually increases in this order.

  • Fully framed models are particularly impressive with their high degree of impermeability, they are also easier to assemble and are stable thanks to the frame. Unfortunately, they are visually less attractive and the entrance usually does not allow barrier-free access.
  • Partially framed 90×90 cm shower enclosures are the best-selling models. They convince with their simple appearance and easy installation. Most showers with partial frames have a good price-performance ratio.
  • Frameless 90×90 cm shower enclosures are mounted on the walls with fittings. They are often optically the most attractive model, if the glass is thick enough it is also stable. However, they are usually expensive and if the walls are uneven, installation can be problematic.


When choosing the form of a 90×90 cm shower cubicle, the bathroom with its conditions is usually the determining factor. The decisive factor is whether the shower should be in a corner or free-standing.

Showers that are to be placed in a corner are usually quarter-circular or pentagonal. However, rectangular showers are also suitable for the corner of the bathroom, if space permits. Here you can choose according to your own ideas and the characteristics of your bathroom.

Freestanding showers are in most cases square. Walk-in showers tend to be larger than 90×90 cm, as water splashes that occur during showering can often reach up to two metres in width. Of course the shower does not have to be that big, but with an available size of 90×90 cm, showers with a cabin are generally more recommendable.

Trivia: facts worth knowing about 90×90 cm shower enclosures

How do I clean my shower enclosure?

You should clean your shower regularly to enjoy it for a long time. As soon as dirt and lime have settled in the shower walls and in the joints, the harder it is to get rid of them.

Although glass is a very robust material, it should not be cleaned with floorcloths or brushes. Scouring milk or scouring powder is also not recommended, as it can leave fine scratches in the glass. Cleaning agents containing chlorine or bleach are also not suitable for cleaning v

A vinegar cleaner or a diluted vinegar essence is an excellent way to make lime residues disappear. Afterwards you can simply rinse with water and the glass should be clear again.

Special glass cleaners are also recommended for shower walls. It is best to wipe the walls with a glass wiper after each use of your shower, so that lime residue cannot form in the first place.

Are alternating showers really that healthy?

According to some research results, alternating showers are really beneficial to health. By constricting and expanding the blood vessels and also the muscles, the body is stimulated and the blood circulation is enhanced. Even migraines can be relieved by the effect of alternating cold and warm water.

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The temporary narrowing of the blood vessels with subsequent vasodilatation promotes blood circulation throughout the body. This not only strengthens the immune system, but also stimulates the circulation, the nervous system and the metabolism. It also revitalizes the body. (Source:

How do I install my 90×90 cm shower enclosure?

The installation of a shower cubicle is in most cases relatively easy for somewhat more experienced craftsmen. Detailed installation instructions are normally always included in the delivery. Many dealers also offer installation for an extra charge.

But if you want to install your new shower cabin yourself, you can watch in this video how it works with a complete shower from Roth.

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