Shower Squeegees: Review & Recommendations


A shower squeegee is more than just a little help in the bathroom. After using the shower, you can simply pull off the miracle product. This way, neither water stains nor limescale remain. This accessory even helps you against mould. A shower squeegee should therefore not be missing in any household.

If you are looking for a good puller, you have come to the right place. In our Shower Squeegee Test 2020, we introduce you to various products and their advantages and disadvantages. This way you are well informed about shower squeegees and your decision to buy will be easier.

The most important facts in brief

  • A shower squeegee allows you to keep your shower and the tiles in the bathroom clean and hygienic, preventing lime scale and mould.
  • They are particularly suitable for cleaning shower panels as well as porcelain, glass, stainless steel or other smooth surfaces.
  • Shower squeegees usually differ in terms of material, installation, width and length of the rod. They are usually made of plastic and/or stainless steel.

Shower squeegee test: Favourites of the editorial team

  • The best all-round shower wiper
  • The best shower wiper with hanger for the shower door
  • The best shower squeegee with suction cup
  • The best shower squeegee with hanging cord
  • The best shower wiper with adhesive attachment

The best all-round shower wiper

The Ponsey stainless steel shower wiper has a replaceable rubber wiper blade and is suitable for cleaning shower cabins, windows and mirrors. The shower squeegee has a handle length of 14.5 centi

The perfect functioning, the attractive appearance and the high-quality material of the shower squeegee are praised by numerous customers, who also appreciate the easy operation and quick installation. The high-quality workmanship and the flexible rubber lip ensure enthusiasm among buyers.

The best shower wiper with hanger for the shower door

The Nicol 2660300 Kai Shower Squeegee is an elegant shower squeegee, with a wiping width of 22 cm, an included attachment and a use adapted to the humidity.

The Nicol 2660300 Kai shower squeegee has a noble appearance due to its stainless steel material and good workmanship. The handles are partly rubberised and in grey, as is the wiper lip.

The best shower squeegee with suction cup

The stainless steel shower wiper with silicone wiper lip is suitable for cleaning mirrors, windows and in the bathroom. The product has a wall suspension without drilling, as the shower hanger can be attached to the corresponding wall surface with a powerful suction cup. The hanger adheres to tiles, mirrors, glass, steel and PVC.

The shower squeegee’s robust material and high-quality workmanship are praised by numerous customers, who also appreciate the product’s efficient wiping performance and easy installation.

The best shower squeegee with hanging cord

The plastic shower squeegee from Leifheit in white colour is ideal for lime marks on shower walls, tiles and tiles. These provide a dull and dull appearance.

The Leifheit shower panel is made of microfibre. This fact makes it especially handy. The material is very handy due to its lightness. With its 24.5 x 3.2 x 17.8 cm, the Leifheit shower panel is of average size. However, it is particularly light and weighs only 9 g.

The best shower wiper with adhesive attachment

Haceka Kosmos Tec 113838 shower squeegee can be attached to the wall surface with adhesive tape. The product has a shiny chrome and matt brushed surface and is 100% stainless. The Haceka Kosmos Tec shower squeegee ensures lime and streak-free surfaces in the bathroom.

The attractive appearance of the shower wiper and the very good price-performance ratio convince numerous customers. Buyers also appreciate the shower squeegee’s good workmanship and stable material.

Advisor: Questions you should consider before you buy a shower wiper

What is a shower squeegee for?

A shower squeegee is a cleaning utensil. It is used to remove excessive moisture from a material so that it can dry faster. The water is not drawn up or anything else, but is removed from the material with the wiper lip, just like a snow shovel. A shower squeegee is used to clean the shower enclosure or the tiles on the wall of a bathtub.
This cleaning is very important, because with permanent use, residuals on the tiles / walls of the shower cubicle can lead to lime deposits or mould. It is also more hygienic and supports a more pleasant showering experience.

What should I look for in a shower squeegee?

A typical shower wiper consists of a wiper lip and a handle. The handle is what makes it so comfortable and attractive. The comfort can be influenced: By the material of which the handle is made, or by the shape of the handle.
It can be ergonomic or have a simple shape. The material of which the handle is made is dealt with in the following sub-item. The most important point on a shower squeegee is the wiper lip, which determines how well the squeegee works.
The wiper lip is usually made of rubber and in some cases silicone, there is no known advantage of either material. Another difference is the hardness of the rubber, so wiper lips made of hard rubber are suitable for very smooth surfaces and for those who exert more pressure when wiping.
Wiper lips made of soft rubber are particularly suitable for surfaces that are not completely flat, as they adapt better to the surface when wiping.

So that you don’t forget to use the shower squeegee, it can help to buy a shower squeegee with a wall attachment.

What materials are shower squeegees made of?

The most common materials for shower squeegees are stainless steel, zinc, or plastic. At the same time the puller lip is made of rubber or silicone. The handle, on the other hand, can be made of different materials, such as metal, plastic, silicone or partially rubberized handle.
Metal shower squeegees look good, but are somewhat impractical because they are usually heavier. They are also more slippery. The plastic or silicone shower squeegees are a bit more practical, but the best for working with “wet” hands are the shower squeegees with partially rubberized handles.

For which materials is a shower wiper suitable?

The shower squeegee is suitable for various surfaces. Especially for smooth, firm surfaces of glass, plastic, wood and metal. Also for tiled and tiled surfaces, excluding the joint areas. Another suitable area of use is sealed cement floors.
Here we have a few more ideas for the use of your shower squeegee, as it can also be used outside the bathroom.

Where can I buy a shower wiper?

You can buy shower squeegees in many places. Bathroom accessories are available in specialist shops, DIY stores, retail outlets or online. Of course it is always an advantage to inspect purchased products personally. Nevertheless, you can often get good quality for a lower price on the Internet.
Websites such as or are suitable for this. However, you must distinguish between business and private sellers. The latter try often enough to get rid of their used products for a good price.

How much is a shower squeegee?

The price of shower squeegees ranges from about four to almost 60 euros. So you can see that quality and functionality play a decisive role.

In addition, the price depends on the channel of purchase. The different prices are also due to the material used and the degree of workmanship. For a good solid shower squeegee you should plan on about 15 euros.

What alternatives to a shower squeegee are there?

There are now electronic window vacuums, with these devices the cleaning agent is applied first and then vacuumed off with the window vacuums.
The window vacuum cleaner looks like a large window wiper and basically works like a hand vacuum cleaner. However, these devices are in a higher price range than the normal window wipers.

Decision: What is a shower squeegee and which one is right for you?

Basically one can distinguish between two types of shower squeegees:

  • Classic shower squeegee
  • Rectangular shower squeegee

Shower squeegees have the purpose of protecting your shower screen from unsightly water stains. You are probably familiar with the classic T-shaped squeegee. However, the manufacturers now offer you a wider choice in this area as well.

In the following section we will go into more detail about the types of shower squeegee mentioned above. With a list of the advantages and disadvantages, we try to help you make a decision.

What is a classic shower squeegee and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

This is the best known and still most common variant. The vertical side is the handle, while the horizontal side is fitted with a rubber to pull off the shower.

Basically, this puller is very simple and uncomplicated to use. You can buy a very simple model made of plastic, or a model made of metal.

Also in the handle length you can choose from different options. Adjustable models are particularly suitable for very high shower walls, or if you have not grown so tall.

There are different hangers for all pullers, which you can use for stowing. This means that the shower squeegee does not have to be placed on the shower floor. You can choose a simple version with a suction cup or a hanger that is firmly anchored in the wall.


Easy handling
size adjustable


Clunky design

What is a rectangular shower squeegee and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

This variant is becoming more and more popular as it is a real eye-catcher. Here the rubber for removing the glass pane is usually attached to an edge. But you can also choose a model that is made entirely of rubber.

The rectangular shower squeegee is visually more attractive, but is not comparable to the classic T-shaped squeegee in terms of handling. The mounting options are limited and the size of the puller cannot be adjusted.

These shower squeegees are therefore less suitable for small people or very high glass walls. However, if you want to install the rectangular shower squeegee in your shower, it is the more space-saving option.




Not size adjustable
Restricted mounting

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate shower squeegees based on these factors

In the following we would like to show you the factors you can use to compare and evaluate shower squeegees. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular model is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Material
  • Design
  • Size / Dimensions
  • Mounting
  • Functions
  • Use in damp conditions

In the following paragraphs you can read what the individual purchase criteria are and how you can classify them.


In most cases, shower squeegees consist of several materials. For example, they consist of a wiper lip made of rubber or silicone and a holder or handle made of plastic, metal, rubber or a mixture of these. Each of these materials

Models made of plastic usually have a low weight and can therefore sometimes fall down without breaking anything. Some models, however, need to be pressed a little harder to effectively remove water residues.

The plastic handle models are perhaps visually unattractive. Nevertheless, they are cheaper. This also means, however, that the complete puller may have to be bought new if the lip shows signs of ageing.

A metal handle is sometimes perceived as too slippery. If it falls off, it can damage things. Accordingly, a secure suspension or perhaps a strap for around the wrist is particularly important.

Rubberized handles are particularly popular. They provide a pleasant feeling in the hand and reduce the risk of slipping. They also slightly reduce the risk of damage.


If you value the interior design of your bathroom, then it makes sense to get a higher quality stainless steel product. Not only do these look elegant, but they are also usually better made and are shipped with a hanging system.

If you buy your shower squeegee for purely useful reasons, so do the functional plastic shower squeegees, which can be easily stored in a cupboard or hung up with a cord.

Size / Dimensions

The size of the shower squeegee plays a decisive role in the purchase. As already mentioned, the range for ordinary shower squeegees extends from 20 to 35 centimetres.

Because the width of the puller varies between the models. And it would be annoying if you had to start again just because of a narrow remaining strip. On the other hand, you might not be able to reach narrow places with a too wide rubber lip.

A large wipe width means less effort, unless you have twisty spots that you can get to awkwardly with a large wipe width. For shower cabins with nooks and crannies, shower squeegees with a small wiping width are a good choice. You should therefore ask about the wiping width of the shower squeegee.

he width of the shower or bathroom should not be too large either, as there are areas in the shower or bathroom that are difficult to access or curvy.

The handle length of the shower squeegee also counts. You can ask yourself the question whether you want to clean mainly surfaces at body height. Or do you also intend to reach the floor or high places? Nowadays there are many shower squeegees with adjustable handles.


Of course you can easily store the shower squeegee with the other cleaning accessories. But isn’t it more convenient to simply place it decoratively near its place of use?

There are three different methods of attachment. In each case this also depends on the specific conditions in your bathroom.

Suspension cord

This allows the puller to be hung directly on a hook, a suitable door handle or on the shower fitting. However, you should take care that the cord does not slip off easily.

This can damage the shower or bath tub under certain circumstances. In case of this risk, you should at least choose a light plastic article.

Wall Mount

Depending on the model, a single hook or a double hook is particularly suitable. There are different forms of wall mounting such as hooks for screwing, gluing or with vacuum system. The choice depends in particular on the desired effort and on the survival time of the mount.

In addition, you may want to leave as few traces as possible. Then you should consider the hooks for screwing last. If you have a matching shower enclosure or door, you can simply attach a mounting for your shower wiper to it.

This saves space and is visually appealing. Some manufacturers supply a suspension system at the same time. So you can be sure that it has the right size.


In addition to the adjustable handle and wall bracket, there is also the difference between fixed and rotating wiper heads. These may influence the cleaning process, either positively or negatively.

Perhaps you would like more flexibility. Or it’s just annoying that the wiper head doesn’t stay in the same position. This means that you should pay close attention to the reviews of the product before buying it.

Use in damp conditions

You should bear in mind that you will probably use the shower squeegee most of the time after showering, which means you will have to deal with wet hands and a damp environment.

Especially with shower squeegees made entirely of stainless steel, this variant can prove to be impractical, as their surface is particularly slippery when damp and these are usually heavier than shower squeegees made of plastic. The most suitable shower squeegees are those that have an ergonomic handle.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about shower squeegees

Why do I need a shower squeegee?

You can use a shower squeegee multifunctionally. First and foremost, you should pursue three goals with the bathroom cleaner:

  • Strip-free peeling
  • Reduction of lime stains
  • Reduction of water stains

All these properties can be achieved on different surfaces (tiles, glass, mirrors, acrylic). You clean walls or shower cabins with a short handle and floors with a long handle. There are also special scrapers for round cabins.

The correct use of a shower squeegee

In most cases, the windows of the shower cubicle are surrounded by a rectangular frame. Place the wiper horizontally or vertically in an upper corner and pull the wiper parallel to the frame to the end of the glass.

Then repeat this process by placing the wiper a few centimetres overlapping the area already wiped. Finally, wipe again along the edge at the “end of the glass”.

Which cleaning agents are best suited for shower squeegees?

So if you want to clean a glass cabin or a mirror, use a glass cleaner. If it is the back wall of the shower, you probably choose a tile cleaner.

Multifunctional vinegar cleaners are best suited for floors. You can get all these products in simple supermarkets. On the other hand, specialist retailers or the Internet also offer extensive inspiration in terms of care products.

Ammonia has proven to be a proven cleaning agent for window panes. It should be applied warm, as this is the best way to dissolve the dirt.

If you still have particularly stubborn lime residue, cold vinegar water is suitable, simply spray it onto the window pane and wipe it off with a window wiper.

Which accessories should be considered for shower squeegees?

On the one hand, the quality of the puller lip plays an important role, because this is how you ultimately clean the substrate. It should therefore be neither too soft nor too hard and should not contain any interruptions or the like.

Many manufacturers also supply a replacement lip. […]

Nowadays many shower wipers have a long handle that can be unscrewed. This allows the product to be used multifunctionally. Rotatable wiper heads and folding handles can also make the cleaning process more flexible.

Hooks, brackets and wall hangers are very popular. These make it easier to clean up after cleaning. You can easily mount your shower squeegee near the shower enclosure without it looking unattractive.

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