Shower Toilet: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our big shower toilet test 2020, where we present you all shower toilets that we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the web.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best shower toilet for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a shower toilet.

The most important facts in brief

  • Shower toilets are hygienic and environmentally friendly. Your intimate area will be fresh and clean without toilet paper or wet tissues.
  • Shower toilets are suitable for all people. Thanks to the shower toilet, especially people with limited movement can do their business autonomously and with the highest level of hygienic safety.
  • There are two types of models among the shower toilets: the complete system and the shower toilet attachment. Whereby the attachment offers a cheaper alternative than the complete system.

Shower Toilet Test: The Ranking

1st place: SSWW Flush rimless Taharet WC

The high-quality shower toilet from SSWW has a beautiful design and combines all the important functions of a WC and bidet. With a stainless steel nozzle on the side, you can adjust the pressure of the water jet.

The lid can be closed smoothly with the SoftClose function. For extra hygiene this shower toilet has a coated ceramic, which prevents the formation of bacteria and germs and makes cleaning easier.

2nd place: BERNSTEIN shower toilet PRO+ 1104 in white

This more luxurious version of a shower toilet comes with many features that make the toilet extra comfortable and pleasant. In addition to the Podusche, a ladies shower is also integrated.

The water temperature can be adjusted and the water jet even has a massage option. There are also functions such as a hairdryer and odour extraction. These and many other functions can be easily adjusted using a remote control.

3rd place: vidaXL Taharet Deluxe Bidet Attachment

This shower-toilet attachment is not only easy to install, but contains many functions that come close to a complete system.

With a stationary control panel mounted on the side you can adjust the water temperature and water jet. A seat heater is also integrated in this model and even a self-cleaning function.

Guide: Questions to consider before buying a shower toilet

What is a shower toilet?

A shower toilet combines the two functions of a normal WC and a bidet. It offers a compact and space-saving solution that can be installed in any bathroom, no matter how small.

After going to the toilet, you can clean your bottom and intimate area with water instead of toilet paper. At the touch of a button, a targeted jet of water is released that cleans everything without chemicals or rubbing.

Are shower toilets useful?

In short, yes. The use of a shower toilet is

Environmentally friendly

Environmental friendliness

Since less or no toilet paper is needed for cleaning after the toilet session, this reduces waste and consumption. It also replaces the need for moist intimate tissues, which is another environmental factor.


With pure water, without the addition of soap or other agents, the bottom and intimate area becomes clean and fresh.

It is the most skin-friendly, safest and even the most hygienic way to clean up after going to the toilet. This is also recommended by doctors and supported by science.

What are the dimensions of a shower toilet?

The dimensions vary depending on the model and design, but shower toilets are hardly larger than conventional WCs. On average, shower toilets are about 39 cm wide and 55 cm deep when closed.

Where can I buy a shower toilet?

Shower toilets can be bought mainly in DIY stores and selected furniture stores. But you can also order shower toilets in many online shops. Here we have a list of online shops that offer a wide range of shower toilets:

All shower toilets that we present on our site have a link to at least one of these shops. So you can strike right away when you see a shower toilet that you like.

How much is a shower toilet?

In general, shower toilets are not exactly cheap. There are many models in different price ranges, with hardly any upper limit. The more extra functions, the more expensive it gets. So if you are looking for a simple shower toilet, you will find the cheaper versions.

What are the alternatives to a shower toilet?

We have found the following alternatives to a shower toilet for you:

Travel shower toilet


With DIY we mean here a simple container with water, which you fill with fresh water before your log walk. You can use for example a watering can or a glass or plastic bottle. How this works exactly you can see in the following video.

Travel shower toilet

The travel shower toilet is a small compact device that you can easily stow in your handbag or backpack. So you are not dependent on toilet paper when you are on the road. And your bottom is fresh and happy all day long.

Decision: What types of shower toilets are available and which one is right for you?

Among the shower toilets there are two types you can choose between:

  • Shower toilet complete system
  • Shower-toilet attachment

Both model types offer similar functions, but differ in how they are mounted.

What distinguishes a complete shower toilet system and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The complete shower toilet system combines all functions of a conventional WC and shower WC in one form.

The complete system is ideal if you are in the process of redesigning or renovating your bathroom. Especially if you own a home, this investment is worthwhile.


Environmentally friendly
Beautiful unobtrusive design
Models with many extra functions


More expensive to buy
More complex installation
Rather unsuitable for relocation
Depending on the extra functions many connections are necessary

If you attach great importance to luxury and comfort, then you will find what you are looking for among the models of the complete shower-toilet system.

What distinguishes a shower toilet attachment and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A shower-toilet attachment is mounted on a normal toilet bowl where the seat is otherwise. The attachment is more compact than a complete system, but can keep up with its functions.


Environmentally friendly
easier installation
Can simply be taken along when moving
Cheaper than a complete system


Fewer extra functions than for complete systems
Some models have visible cables
Comfortable models cost almost as much as complete systems

The attachment is an excellent solution if you already have a WC and do not want to have any tear-out and major assembly and construction work. Even if you live in a rented apartment, the attachment is the better option, because you can simply attach it to it and remove it when you move.

Purchase criteria: You can compare and rate shower toilets based on these factors

In the following we will show you which criteria you can use to decide between the many possible shower toilets. The criteria you should pay attention to are:

  • With or without power connection
  • Extra features
  • Montage
  • Maintenance

Power connection and extra functions

Depending on which extra functions are important to you, some models of shower toilets, whether complete or top-mounted, need an electricity connection in addition to the water connection. The extra functions offer more comfort and make the toilet a real experience.

In the following we have compiled all functions in a table for you at a glance.


In general one can say that the installation of a complete system is more complex than that of a shower-toilet attachment. Moreover, the more functions you want to have in your shower toilet, the more extensive the installation will be.

Because in addition to a water connection, an electricity connection and sometimes other pipe systems must be laid.


Shower toilets with purely mechanical functions, which do not require a power connection, are easier to clean than the technical versions. In addition, you can often solve mechanical problems yourself with a little skill.

What you should definitely do regularly with technical and mechanical shower toilets is to decalcify the water jets. Especially if the water in your area is very hard, it is recommended to decalcify your shower toilet at least twice a year.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about shower toilets

Can I have the shower toilet financed by my health insurance?

In some cases, the health insurance company will cover all or part of the costs of a shower toilet. Up to now, this has been possible mainly for older people and people with limited motor skills.

Can I upgrade or retrofit the shower toilet?

In principle yes, it depends on how big your budget is and how much effort you are willing to put into it. Changing from a conventional toilet to a complete system is a bit more complicated and costly.

Can I take the shower toilet to my next apartment?

A shower-toilet attachment is easy to remove and take with you to your next home, where you can easily put it back on. You can usually do this easily yourself and do not need a specialist.

For complete systems, however, it is very costly. Because of the size and technology, the involvement of a specialist is advisable here.

What is the water consumption of a shower toilet?

Most shower toilets use about 0.5 litres of water per application. Of course, this can vary a little in relation to your own preferences.

But you don’t need to be afraid of a massive water bill (or electricity bill) as it doesn’t make much difference over the year. Also keep in mind that your use of toilet paper and damp tissues will decrease. So under the cut you can say that you will not incur any extra costs.

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